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Unit 8. Environmental Changes & Unit 9. Ecosystem
1. Understand the changes in the environment and their impacts. Score
2. Know that different populations living together interact with the
physical factors around them to form an ecosystem.
3. Define and mention about carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.
4. Name the characteristics of ecosystem and mention its examples.

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I. Cross (X) the one best answer of these B. soil, light, and water
questions! (10 x 1 point = 10 points) C. air, food, and water
1. A natural phenomenon that becomes harmful
D. air, water, and light
due to pollution is _____
7. Which two processes are common to all living
A. global warming
B. ecological balance things?
C. greenhouse effect
A. flying and breathing
D. desertification
2. The pollutant responsible for ozone depletion B. migrating and reproducing
is ____ C. using nutrient and growing
A. carbon dioxide C. carbon monoxide
D. eliminating waste and hibernating
B. oxygen D. CFC
3. These are the examples of good environmental 8. A lion does not eat veggies or fruits. They do
changes, except_____ not eat plants or grass. They eat only meat.
A. selective planting C. deindustrialization
This kind of animal is called
B. covers crops D. deforestation
4. Changes in the ______can be slow or rapid. A. herbivore C. omnivore
A. air C. ozone layer
B. decomposer D. carnivore
B. environment D. soil
9. In food chain, there are decomposers,
5. Landslide, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, and
consumers, and producers. In a food web that
earthquakes are examples of
has grass, hawks, grasshoppers, and snake, the
________environmental changes.
third level consumers is _____.
A. good C. slow
B. rapid D. bad A. grass C. hawk
6. Which three things do animals need from B. snake D. grasshoppers
their environment in order to survive? 10. Temperature, light, air, water, soil, and climate
A. soil, water, and food are all ________ parts of the environment.

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A. Biotic C. Boreal 3. Growing__________ _____________reduce
B. Abiotic D. Living soil erosion and improve soil fertility.
4. An ecosystem is made up of a
________________ of living organisms that
II. Complete the sentences below!
(10 points). interact with one another and with their
1. Having more carbon dioxide in the air traps
__________________ __________________
more _________________in the air, and 5. Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams are
results in global warming. ________________ ecosystem in which the
2. _________________is the reduction in the
water has a very low _______________
amount of industrial activities in an area.

III. Complete the diagrams below! (10 x 1 point = 15 points)

Environmental changes

Good ________

Example: Example:

Benefit: Effect:

2. Field food web

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