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Distributed to: John Sweet, Matisse Gohlar

Required Action Responsible Parties Date for

Completion/Completed on
Installation of lighting at permanent Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Maintenance Prototype completed by 01/31/2011
trailer sites to ensure employee Manager, Safety Coordinator Installations complete by
safety 03/31/2011
 As of 06/29/2011 four of ten
trailers have been equipped
with additional lighting,
Director of Special
Operations will work with
Transportation Department
and Maintenance to equip
remaining trailers by
 Based on meeting
conducted on 08/30/2012 10
additional trailers will need
to be equipped with lighting
prior to the end of the year.
Additionally, better
coordination is required
between the ACC and
Transportation Departments
to ensure that the equipped
trailers are dedicated for
specific use at the donation

Develop procedures and standards Director of Special Operations, Director of Retail Operations, Policy or procedural communication
to ensure that there is adequate Transportation Manager, ACC Regional Manager, Safety Coordinator draft is required by 12/31/2012.
space in donation trailers for
attendants to complete tasks
without risk of tripping or falling
Standardize equipment for all Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Safety Review and evaluation of existing
locations including equipment used Coordinator equipment due 03/31/2011
to move heavy furniture and other Establishment of equipment
large donated items. Evaluate inspection procedures 02/28/2011
current equipment for effectiveness  As of 06/29/2011furniture
and establish regular inspections moving equipment has been
for all equipment used by ACC staff standardized in all locations
with the implementation of a
DX Set-up list with the
exception of new ramps.
Fabrication of ramps and
survey of all sites needing
ramps is to be completed by
06/30/2011 and
implemented by 09/30/2011
 As of 08/30/2012 ramps
have been implemented at
all applicable DX’s, however
training for employees
working at DX’s using pallet
jacks must be included as
part of the new hire
orientation and training.
Training material and plan
are required by 10/31/2012.
Establish Best Practices for use of Director of Special Operations, Director of Retail Operations, ACC 03/31/2011
blue rolling bins emphasizing Regional Manager, Safety Coordinator  During assessment of rolling
employee safety and implement bins, a determination was
into ACC staff training material made that wheel locks for
the lift gates on Goodwill
trucks will help to reduce
injuries due to bins rolling off
the back of trucks.
However, the Director of
Retail Operations did not
approve the expense for
implementation. It is
recommended that the cost
for implementation be
included in the budget for
 As of 08/30/2012 wheel
locks on the trailers were
not included in the budget
for 2012, however wheel
locks or chalks for the blue
bins will be included in the
budget for 2013.
Additionally, a red tag
program for defective blue
bins must be reviewed and
revised by the ACC and
Departments. Outline of
program is due by

Evaluate ACC locations to ensure Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Safety 04/30/2011
sites have equipment for inclement Coordinator, Director of Asset Protection  ACC Regional Manager will
weather including flashlights, wet work with the Safety
floor signs etc. standardize Coordinator to ensure that
equipment at all ACC locations. all sites have sufficient
Develop department disaster plan emergency lighting and/or
addressing emergency procedures operable flashlights
and establishing contingencies for available for use in the
site closures including relocation of event of a loss of power. All
ACC staff at closed sites other equipment has been
 As of 08/30/2012
rechargeable flashlights for
all DX locations will be
included in the 2013 budget.
Review of all applicable laws and Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Director of To be completed annually by 03/31
ordinances regarding ACC Human Resources, Director of Asset Protection  ACC Regional Manager will
operations, and revise existing complete by 07/31/2011
policies to ensure compliance.  As of 08/30/2012 this task is
Establish training material for ACC completed annually in the
staff regarding handling of first quarter.
hazardous materials, customer
dumping and employee conduct to
ensure compliance with company
policies and applicable laws,
ordinances and regulations
Review of MSDS material to ensure Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Safety 06/30/2011
all ACC locations have correct Coordinator, Director of Asset Protection  Assessment has been
information regarding cleaning completed for 2011
products used to maintain regarding all MSDS
housekeeping standards, include updates.
MSDS procedures in New Hire  Assessment completed for
Orientation. Train ACC staff 2012 regarding all MSDS
regarding procedures for receipt updates.
and storage of hazardous materials  As of 08/30/2012 company
as indicated in ACC Procedural has established an IFS
Manual Program to address all
potentially hazardous
materials donated at
Goodwill stores and DX’s.
Procedure will be revised to
include sharps materials
and prescription medication.
Revisions will be completed
by 12/31/2012

Review and revise policies Director of Special Operations, DX Supervisor To be completed Annually by 03/31
regarding ACC operations including  Review of ACC Procedural
those addressing employee Manual is in progress and
conduct, safety and loss revisions will be complete by
prevention. Enforce policy and 07/31/2011.
procedural compliance through  As of 08/30/2012 revisions
employee training and disciplinary to the ACC Procedural
action in the event of employee Manual and employee
non-compliance. policies are completed in the
fourth quarter of each year
Evaluate the viability of installing Director of Special Operations, Director of Asset Protection Effective 01/01/2011
CCTV and burglar alarms systems  To date CCTV systems
as countermeasures for external have been installed in all
and internal loss in all ACC new DX locations as well as
locations. Install surveillance existing high volume
systems in all new locations as per locations. All new DX
CEO/Presidents approval locations will have CCTV
systems included in their
construction budgets and an
evaluation of existing sites
will be conducted to
determine the need for
CCTV surveillance and will
be installed upon renewal of
occupancy leases.
Evaluations will be
completed by 08/31/2011.
 As of 08/30/2012 budgetary
considerations were given in
the budget for 2012 to
retrofit existing DX’s with
surveillance systems based
on volume and external
factors. Additional funds
have been requested in the
budget for 2013 to retrofit
additional existing locations
with surveillance systems.
Burglar alarm systems are
also included in the new DX
set-ups based on
demographics and criminal
activity of surrounding
Establish procedures for ACC staff Director of Special Operations, ACC Regional Manager, Safety 06/30/2011
to report incidents of infestation by Coordinator  Safety Coordinator is in
insects or other pests at facilities progress of developing
and procedures regarding the procedures for the reporting
receipt and quarantine of infested and resolution of infestation
donations to be includes in issues at ACC and Retail
employee training material locations and will work with
ACC Regional Manager in
developing and distributing
policy by 09/30/2011
 As of 08/30/2012 no policy
or procedural
communication has been
generated. Draft of policy
for stores and DX’s
regarding pest infestation is
required by 12/31/2012

Completed By:_______________________________________ Date:______________

Director of Asset Protection

Approved By:_________________________________________Date:______________
CEO/ President

Received By:_________________________________________Date:_______________
Department Director/Manager