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We Design, Fabricate and Supply of Demineraised (DM) Water Treatment Plants for various applications: The process in which ions ae exchanged (adsorbed) on resin from water is called ion exchange, This process occurs inion exchange resin Intl resin is loaded with hydragen H+) ion for Cations and hydroxide (OH) ion for Anions Ac water passes through the resin, the contaminant ions in the water dlsplace the loaded ions from the water on the resin. Typical Treatment Steps: 1 Raw wate collection tank Special Features: ati Operations UPver pining Mutpor vanes "Pressure Sand fiter- Removal of suspended sls * Activated Charcoal fier (Optional) Removal of Organ Matter, Color & Odor. 1 Cation Resin Bed - Removal Of psitvely charged lons called Cations 1 Online Flow / Conductivity meter 1 FRO/ SRL Vessels Construetions 1 Anion Resin Bed - Removal Of negatively chorged ons Meet desired output quay nd quantity syn Operation Standard Models: ~ i i i 1 MB Resin Bed (Optionall~Forpoishing effec. ' | a eM=ninieoM-0s, 15,30, 50. 8, 100, i i M1 Applications: 1 Laboratories 140, 180, 260, 440, 730, 1040, 1350, et, = Boiler Feed water 1 BazteryAepl = Chemical Industries Pharmacetial industries ENVICARE. DINVL NoU2aTI0> waLyM MWe INV >INVL |NIsoG ®NIsoa any DNL IBvuOUs wavMwa = TOY a SdINnd aly Me ¥waL3AMOd aaa aaa sy NOINY NOILW> waa Noo aaVD!ANa 9D (wa)