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About ControllerMate

ControllerMate is a system that you can use to configure buttons, axes, and hatswitches
on HID devices to perform keyboard, mouse and Finder actions. These actions can include
any mixture of typing, keyboard key combinations, clicking, dragging, AppleScripts and

ControllerMate actions are built from individual building blocks, each building block
performs a specific task. ControllerMate v4 now includes 50+ different types of building
blocks that can be used to build sophisticated actions.

System Requirements
ControllerMate v4.4.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer.

What's New?
ControllerMate v4.4.2 contains several changes:

[ NEW ] Added compatibility with a number of X-keys devices from P. I.

[ IMPROVED ] Controls for all devices except keyboards and mice are now sorted by
name in the Palette window.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a memory leak in the helper application.

ControllerMate v4.4.1 fixes a bug that prevented building blocks for the very last control
on some devices from working correctly.

ControllerMate v4.4 contains several improvements:

[ NEW ] ControllerMate now includes a 64-bit driver for use when running Mac
OS X 10.6 with the 64-bit kernel enabled.
[ IMPROVED ] The helper application now runs as a launchd process and can be found
in /Library/Application Support/ControllerMate
[ FIXED ] Fixed a driver bug that could cause a kernel panic in certain situations.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that could prevent the helper from properly running the
user's programming after quitting the ControllerMate application.

ControllerMate v4.3.11 contains a minor change to allow installation under Mac OS X 10.6.

ControllerMate v4.3.10 contains several additions and improvements:

[ NEW ] Controller Configurations may now turn off each pointer and scrolling
axis independently of the others. This allows horizontal scrolling to be
turned off while retaining vertical scrolling.
[ NEW ] A Cursor building block may now position the cursor relative to any
corner of the active window. Previously, all window-relative positions
had to be defined relative to the window's top-left corner.
[ IMPROVED ] Application building blocks and application-specific groups can now
detect when running an AppleScript that has been saved as an
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented custom names for controls on virtual devices
from being saved properly.

ControllerMate v4.3.9 contains three improvements:

[ NEW ] Added compatibility with the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse.
ControllerMate can control the mouse resolution as well as the LED
color, intensity, and pulse rate.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that caused excessive CPU use by the helper application in
certain situations.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented ControllerMate from properly applying
mouse or keyboard customizations in certain situations.

ControllerMate v4.3.8 contains one specific fix:

[ FIXED ] Fixed a general performance issue with the background helper

application for users running Mac OS X 10.5.

ControllerMate v4.3.7 contains several improvements:

[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented a Controller Configuration from working

correctly after its device is unplugged and reattached.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented ControllerMate from correctly distinguishing
between two identical Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers.
[ IMPROVED ] Decreased the load time of pages that contain a large number of
building blocks.
[ IMPROVED ] Decreased the load time of Controller Configurations that contain a
large number of controls.

ControllerMate v4.3.5 contains two fixes:

[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented ControllerMate from properly interpreting an

AppleScript that contains non-ASCII characters.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that caused ControllerMate to become unresponsive when a
Number Exchange building block was configured with certain values.
ControllerMate v4.3.4 fixes a bug that prevented ControllerMate's interface from being
used via Synergy.

ControllerMate v4.3.3 contains several improvements:

[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug that prevented ControllerMate from starting up correctly if

an AppleScript with errors is found in an AppleScript building block.
[ FIXED ] Prevents log output from appearing in system.log in Leopard. Less
output is written to logs.
[ IMPROVED ] Added 512 x 512 icon art for Finder Coverflow in Leopard.

ControllerMate v4.3.2 contains several improvements:

[ NEW ] Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

[ IMPROVED ] Mouse Button building blocks may now simulate more mouse buttons.
[ IMPROVED ] Beep building blocks may now use sounds in a user's Sounds folder.
[ FIXED ] Fixed an issue that prevented new building blocks from being dragged
from the Palette window in some cases.

ControllerMate v4.3.1 fixes an issue that prevented iTunes (and perhaps other
applications) from being correctly recognized by Application building blocks and
application-specific groups.

ControllerMate v4.3 contains several improvements:

[ NEW ] The AppleScript building blocks are now able to store scripts internally
and operate independently of script files.
[ NEW ] ControllerMate's virtual mouse and keyboard can be disabled in the
Preferences window. Disabling the virtual mouse will eliminate a
conflict with the trackpad on laptops when the "Ignore trackpad when
mouse is present" setting is enabled in the System Preferences.
[ IMPROVED ] New options have been added to the Axis, Button and Hatswitch
building blocks to control how they combine with modifiers.
[ IMPROVED ] Additional F-Keys have been added to the Keystrokes Palette. F1-F17
are now available.
[ IMPROVED ] Single Key building blocks can be created by dragging directly from the
Keystrokes Palette. Holding modifier keys while starting the drag will
pre-configure the Single Key blocks with those modifiers.
[ IMPROVED ] The Keystrokes Palette can be configured to have an ANSI (U.S.), ISO, or
JIS layout.
[ IMPROVED ] The Single Key building block has been modified to perform
continuously or one-time.
[ IMPROVED ] The Delta (Integer) building block can now be configured to ignore
certain inputs.
[ IMPROVED ] New options have been added to Pages to reset their building blocks
when the Page is enabled, disabled or both. A "Reset" button has also
been added to the Page's Inspector window.
[ FIXED ] Fixed improper behavior in the 1:2 Selector (Number) building block.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug which prevented registration keys from "sticking" after
quitting ControllerMate.

ControllerMate v4.2 contains several changes:

[ NEW ] 11 new types of building blocks have been added.

[ NEW ] Controller Configurations for mice may now disable the cursor and
scrolling axes.
[ IMPROVED ] Range, Value Selector, and Pulse building blocks are now more
compatible with scroll wheel axes.
[ IMPROVED ] Cursor building blocks may now move the cursor to a location that is
relative to the frontmost window.
[ IMPROVED ] Added the ability to open multiple Palette and Inspector windows.
[ FIXED ] ControllerMate now writes less information to log files.

ControllerMate v4.1 contains two changes:

[ NEW ] Added the ability to download and import Controller Type information
that improves ControllerMate's compatibility with some devices. See for the controller
information that is currently available.
[ IMPROVED ] The installer now allows the ControllerMate mouse and keyboard drivers
to be omitted from the installation.

ControllerMate v4.0.6 contains several fixes:

[ FIXED ] Fixed the LED building block which was broken in v4.0.4.
[ FIXED ] Fixed compatibility with the new 64-bit Mac Pro.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a bug which would occasionally cause the background helper
application to stop working after a sleep/wake cycle on a PowerBook

ControllerMate v4.0.4 contains several changes:

[ IMPROVED ] Improved compatibility when using Bluetooth devices with the built-in
Bluetooth hardware in Macintosh MacBooks/PowerBooks.
[ NEW ] Added an "Auto-scroll" button to the list of controls in Controller
Configuration panes.
[ IMPROVED ] Reduced the startup time of the background helper application.

ControllerMate v4.0.3 contains one addition and two fixes:

[ NEW ] A "Rate" building block has been added. This is similar to the Auto-
Repeater, except it turns ON and OFF at a rate specified at its input
value. For example, if the value at its input is "5", it will turn ON and OFF
five times per second.
[ FIXED ] Fixed a "Master Enable" bug that would prevent the Helper application
from running, but would allow the ControllerMate application to behave
[ FIXED ] Fixed a Pulse building block bug that caused it to pulse its output at
certain times when it shouldn't.

ControllerMate v4.0.2 contains one fix:

[ FIXED ] Fixed a Controller Configuration bug that would allow a keyboard key to
act "stuck" in certain circumstances.

ControllerMate v4.0.1 contains two additions:

[ NEW ] Universal Binary for compatibility with both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
[ NEW ] A LED building block has been added to control LEDs on devices that
provide standard interfaces to their LEDs.

ControllerMate v4 contains several additions and improvements. The major changes are:

[ NEW ] Addition of Virtual Mouse and Virtual Tablet devices for smooth and
seamless control of the cursor on the screen.
[ NEW ] Addition of Virtual Joystick devices with programmable axes, buttons,
and hatswitches.
[ NEW ] Addition of Controller Configurations which allow keyboard and mouse
devices to be customized without using building blocks. Mouse devices
can be assigned custom acceleration curves. (Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
[ NEW ] Addition of Controller Types which allow users to customize how
ControllerMate displays devices. Custom names can be given to devices
and controls. Undesired controls can be hidden.
[ NEW ] 22 new building blocks including new logic, math, and timing blocks.
[ NEW ] Added the ability to import and export programming to files.
(Registered version only.)
[ IMPROVED ] ControllerMate now does a much better job at handling multiple
identical devices.
[ IMPROVED ] The Palette window now automatically scrolls to display the last used

Installing ControllerMate
Double-click the ControllerMate installer package and follow the instructions that appear
to guide you through the installation process.

For More Information

For more information about using ControllerMate, open ControllerMate and choose Help >
ControllerMate Help, or visit

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