Teacher Appreciation Verses Poems

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Because you're special (Mrs White) This card is handmade, not bought I wasn't always well behaved But I was always so well taught I will miss you.. ..And thank you ________ To Teacher, when pupil is leaving (or use present tense if still there) I know I wasn't the best behaved That you've ever taught. I know I got distracted Much more than I ought And I didn't pay attention Every minute of the day, And admittedly, my favourite time Was going out to play Yet determinedly you taught me Putting me to the test,

Encouraging my efforts As you made me do my best. Some lessons were a challenge And you taught me how to cope, Each day I grew in confidence, Ability and hope. I really now appreciate You made me learn thro' fun. Thank you very very much (Miss Giles) For all you've said and done. © Jon Bratton Teacher Appreciation Verses Poems Pupils never forget a teacher Whether good or bad, that's true But it's with the fondest of affection That I'll remember you © Jon Bratton _________ Thanks, coach, not only for what you did.. ..but for making me feel that I was worth it! ______ Now that I am leaving I can tell you how I feel; My heartfelt appreciation Is deeply felt and real. You're a really great teacher That's what we all say And as a Thank You for all your help I'm giving you an A On second thoughts that's not enough For helping all of us. So from me you get this THANK YOU, As well as this A PLUS

No, that's not enough either For the teacher that you are You get this Thank You, an A+ As well as this GOLD STAR © Jon Bratton I wish all my teachers had been like you. I will remember you my whole life through; Thank you so much Teacher Appreciation Verses Poems With a special gift for learning And with a heart that deeply cares, You add a lot of love To everything you share, And even though you mean a lot, You'll never know how much, For you helped to change the world Through every life you touched. You sparked the creativity In the students whom you taught, And helped them strive for goals That could not be bought, You are such a special teacher That no words can truly tell However much you're valued For the work you do so well. Thank you so much for being So very nice, kind and good; I like you so much, (Miss Giles) I'd stay here if I could I always loved your class; Your teaching helped me see, That to have a full and happy life, Learning is the key. ______ Whose child is this?" I asked one day Seeing a little one out at play

"Mine", said the parent with a tender smile "Mine to keep a little while To bathe his hands and comb his hair To tell him what he is to wear To prepare him that he may always be good And each day do the things he should" "Whose child is this?" I asked again As the door opened and someone came in "Mine", said the teacher with the same tender smile "Mine, to keep just for a little while To teach him how to be gentle and kind To train and direct his dear little mind To help him live by every rule And get the best he can from school" "Whose child is this?" I ask once more Just as the little one entered the door "Ours" said the parent and the teacher as they smiled And each took the hand of the little child "Ours to love and train together Ours this blessed task forever." Thank You (Miss Giles) for your part in our joint venture Teacher Appreciation Verses Poems Thank you (Miss Giles) for all you've done For teaching all I need to know I'll all remember you most fondly No matter where I go. ___ Thank you, (Miss Giles) For teaching me to be Bigger, stronger, fitter Academically. Teacher Appreciation Verses Poems brought to you by... and with.... Imag-e-nation

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