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Polymeric emulsion based Concrete Curing Compound

MASTERKURE 343 is a ready to use, curing compound Use MASTERKURE 343 as supplied without dilution.
based on selected polymeric emulsion, which when Stir well before use ( rolling drum containing the product
applied on to freshly placed concrete surfaces provides is an effective method ) It should be applied after the
an efficient curing membrane with excellent non final finishing operation as soon as the concrete or
yellowing properties. Complies with ASTM C 309 and mortar surface has hardened sufficiently to prevent
AASHTO M 148. marring.
Delaying the application until the next day will allow
RECOMMENDED FOR substantial loss of moisture reducing the effectiveness of
the curing membrane.
MASTERKURE 343 is recommended for curing freshly For best results, apply an even coat by a low pressure
placed concrete and mortar, both indoors and outdoors, Spray equipment (knapsack sprayer) or a wide short nap
such as; roller, or brush. With all methods, take adequate care to
• concrete floors prevent marring of concrete surface.
• slipformed concrete Apply the curing compound evenly on all exposed
• repaired patches concrete surfaces.
• Pre cast concrete
• bridge abutments ESTIMATING DATA
• exposed architectural concrete
Actual coverage depends upon the method of
FEATURES AND BENEFITS application, the texture and porosity of the surface. As a
guide, coverage on a smooth dense surface will be
Greater moisture Facilitates more efficient approximately 7 m2/L, while for a porous, rough surface
retention in mortar hydration of cement for it will be approximately 5 m2/L.
and concrete greater strength and superior
wear resistance.
Non staining Suitable for exposed MASTERKURE 343 is available in 205 L drums.
architectural concrete. MASTERKURE 343 can be stored in tightly sealed
Seals surface Protects concrete from original containers for 12 months from date of
staining especially in early manufacture at constant temperature.
Health : MASTERKURE 343 is non toxic but can cause
Supply form : liquid irritation to persons with sensitive skin if exposed and
respiratory reaction if inhaled.
Colour : White Safety : Wear eye protection, gloves and mask while
handling the product. Wash thoroughly after handling.
In case of accidental eye contact wash with copious
amount of water and seek medical help.
If ingested drink a glass of water and do not induce
vomiting. Consult doctor immediately

Fire : Not flammable.

For detailed Health, Safety and Environmental

Recommendations, please consult and follow all
instructions on the product Material Safety Data Sheet.
I MKURE343/03/030510

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