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Rizal’s Place /
Educational History Interlude – His Notable Works Important Events
Age Country
 At age of 3, he learned alphabet  June 19, 1861 – Rizal is born.
from his mother  June 22, 1861 – Rizal was
 Rizal has private tutors; Maestro baptized by Rev. Rufino
Celestino and Maestro Lucas Collantes
8 years old and Leon Monroy. Biñan /  At age of 5, while learning to
(1861-  He was taught by Maestro Calamba, None  Sa Aking Mga Kababata read and write, he showed
1869) Justiniano Aquino Cruz. In Laguna inclinations to be an artist.
academics, Rizal beat all Biñan Pencil drawings and sketches,
boys. Surpassed them all in and moldings of clay.
Spanish, Latin and other  He excelled in Spanish, Latin
subjects and other subjects.
 Rizal entered in 1872 at Ateneo
De Municipal established by the
 He belonged to the class
composed of Spaniards,
 Mi Primera Inspiracion  His mother was becoming blind
Mestizos and Filipinos.
(My First Inspiration) during this time and the yo9ung
 His teacher was Fr. Jose Bech.
 Through Education Our man decided to specialize in
 He was considered as inferior
Motherland Receives ophthalmology.
and was placed at the bottom of
Light and The Intimate  February 17, 1872 – the
the class.
Alliance Between Religion execution of GOMBURZA – the
11-16  By the end of the month he and Good Education martyrdom of GOMBURZA truly
years old became the emperor and Manila,
Segunda Katigbak  Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo inspired Rizal to fight the evils of
(1872- received a prize, a religious Philippines
(In Memory of My Town) Spanish tyranny and redeem his
1877) picture.
 Al Niño Jesus (To the oppressed people.
 To improve his Spanish, Rizal Child Jesus)  Before June 1872 – Doña
took private lessons in Santa
 A La Virgen Maria (To The Teodora was suddenly arrested
Isabel College.
Virgin Mary) on a malicious charge that she
 During his 4th year in Ateneo he
 San Eustacuio, Martir (St. tried to poison the latter’s
received 5 medals and perfidious wife.
Eustace, the Martyr)
graduated as sobresaliente.
 March 23, 1877 – Received a
Bachelor of Arts degree in 1877
at the age of 16 with high
 After graduating, he continued
his education at UST.  Rizal found the atmosphere at
 He finished a year in Philosophy the UST suffocating to his
and Letters sensitive spirit.
 He decided to shift to a medical  At age of 19, Rizal writes a
course poem for a competition where
 Remained loyal to Ateneo  La Juventud Filipina (To
he should have won first prize.
participated in extracurricular However, he was not given the
the Filipino Youth)
17-22 activities in Ateneo and  Barcelona / Leonor Valenzuela prize due to discrimination.
 El Consejo de los Dioses
years old completed a course in surveying. Madrid (1878)  Rizal created the
(The Councils of the
(1877 –  As a Thomasian he won more  Singapore Leonor Rivera commemorative medal in wax
1882) literary laurels to Colombo (1878-1890) for the Royal Economic Society
 A Filipinas
 During his first term in 1877- of Friends in centennial
 Abd-el-Azis y Mahoma
1878 in UST, he studied celebration
Cosmology, Metaphysics,  In June, St. Tomas University
Theodicy and History of realizes Rizal is nowhere to be
Philosophy. found and threatens to take land
 It was during the school term away from his father has no idea
1878-1879 that Rizal pursued of his whereabouts
his studies in medicine.
 November 3, 1882 he enrolled in
Universidad Central De Madrid
 May 3, 1882 he boarded
taking up two courses:
Salvadora bound for Singapore
Philosophy and Letters and
where he was the only Filipino
 June 21, 1844, he conferred the  Amor Patrio (Love of
Country)  Rizal has his secret mission was
degree of Licentiate in Medicine
 Sunny / to observe keenly the life and
23-25  Unfortunately, he was not able to  Diariong Tagalog
Barcelona / culture, languages and customs,
years old submit the thesis neither Consuelo Ortiga y  Los Viajes (Travels)
Madrid industries and commerce of the
(1882- required for graduation nor paid Perez  Revisita de Madrid
 Singapore European nations.
1885) the corresponding fees. With (Review of Madrid)
 Paris  Rizal received a sad news about
that, he was not awarded his  A La Señorita C.O y R (To the cholera that was ravaging
Doctor’s Diploma Miss C.O y R) Manila and the provinces among
 He was awarded the Degree of
according to Pasciano’s letter.
Licentiate in Philosophy and
 March 1883 – Rizal joins the
Letters by the Universidad
Masonic lodge Acacia in Madrid
Central de Madrid June 19, 1885
with the rating of excellent.
 Rizal went to Paris and Germany
 The break winter of 1886 in
to specialize in ophthalmology.
Berlin was Rizal’s darkest winter
 On February 3, 1886, after
because no money arrived form
gathering some experience in
Calamba and he was flat broke
ophthalmology, he left Paris and
 April 22, 1886, he wrote the
25 years went to Heidelberg, Germany.
 A Las Flores de poem because he was
old  He worked at the University Eye  Heidelberg,
None Heidelberg (To the fascinated by the blooming
(1885- Hospital under the direction of Germany
Flowers of Heidelberg) flowers along the Neckar River,
1886) Dr. Otto Becker.
which was the light blue flower
 August 14, 1886, Rizal arrived in called “forget-me-not”.
Leipzig. There, he attended
 He used the newly invented
some lectures at the University
ophthalmoscope to operate his
of Leipzig on history and
own mother’s eye.
 1887, Rizal’s first novel was
published in Berlin
 February 21 – Noli Me Tangere
was published
 March 21 – Noli Me Tangere
came off the press
  March 29 – in token of his
26 years  He completed his eye Austria
appreciation and gratitude, gave
old specialization course at the  Switzerland None  Noli Me Tangere
Viola – Rizal’s great friend the
(1887) University of Heidelberg.  Italy
galley proofs of the Noli carefully
rolled around the pen that he
used in writing it.
 June 23, 1887 – Rizal and Viola
parted ways – Viola returned to
Barcelona and Rizal continued
the tour to Italy
 February 8, 1888 – Rizal arrived
in Hong Kong and stayed at
27 years Victoria Hotel
 O-Sei-San
old  He continued to travel to practice  February 18, 1888 – Rizal,
 Hong Kong  Gertrude  Noli Me Tangere
(1887- medicine and write. accompanied by Basa, boarded
1888) the ferry steamer for Macau /
witnessed a catholic procession,
in which the devotees were
dressed in blue and purple
dress and were carrying
unlighted candles
 February 20, 1888 – Rizal and
Basa returned to Hong Kong
again. By February 22, Rizal left
Hong Kong again. Rizal called
Hong Kong “is small, but very
clean city”
 April 28 – Rizal docked at San
Francisco and stayed at Palace
 Rizal has bad impression in US
“America is the land par
excellence of freedom but only
for the whites”
 Rizal called America as “big
 La Solidaridad
 Dr. Rizal’s article, “Los
* A La Defensa
Agricultores Filipinos” (The
* La Verdad Para Todos
Filipino Farmers) was published
* Vicente Barrantes
in La Solidaridad which was the
* Una Profanacion
28 years  Manila, official newspaper of the Filipino
 He completed his eye * Verdades Nuevas
old Philippines  Suzanne Propaganda Movement in
specialization course at the * Crueldad
(1888-  Calamba, Jacoby Spain. La Solidaridad was
University of Heidelberg. * Deferencias
1889) Laguna organized by Filipino reformists
* Inconsequencias
who advocated for socio-political
* Lianto y Riasas
reforms in the Philippines and
* Ingratudes
representation of the Philippines
* Los Agricultores Filipinos
in Spanish Cortes.
 Letter to the Young
Woman of Malolos
 Left Paris for Brussels as he was  Historian,  Sobre la Nueva Ortografia
29 years preparing for the publication of Gregorio F. de la Lengua Tagala was  Rizal was the first to advocate
 Belgium
old his annotations of Antonio de Zaide, states published in La the Filipinization of its
(1890) Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas that Rizal had Solidaridad ortography
Filipinas (1609) “his romance  To my Muse
with Suzanne
Jacoby, 45, the
petite niece of
his landladies.”
Belgian Pros
believed that
Rizal had a
romance with
the 17-year-old
Suzanna Thrill
as his other
liaisons were
all with young
 Dr. Jose Rizal’s second novel,
El Filibusterismo, was published
in Ghent, Belgium
 Rizal challenges Wenceslao
Retana to Duel
 El Resumen  Rizal received a letter from
 La Epoca Lenor Rivera announcing her
 El Filibusterismo upcoming wedding to an English
 Makamisa man and asking for forgiveness.
30 years  He completed his eye
 Madrid,  Nellie  Dapitan  Unfortunate rivalry of Rizal
old specialization course at the
Spain Boustead  A la Nacion Española between Del Pilar for
University of Heidelberg.
 Sa Mga Kababayan supremacy. Because of this, the
 La Mano Roja Filipinos were divided into two
 Constitution of La Liga hostile camps – the Rizalistas
Filipina and Pilaristas
 March 29 – he finished the
manuscript El Filibusterismo
 May 30 – revision of the finished
manuscript of El Filibusterismo
was almost complete
 August 6 – the printing of his
book had to be suspended
because Rizal could no longer
give the necessary funds
 September 18 – El filibusterismo
came off the press
 Rizal organized the La Liga
Filipina in Tondo, Manila. One of
the founders of the La Liga was
Andres Bonifacio who was to
 His exile in Dapitan gave Rizal become a revolutionary hero.
the opportunity to put into Three days after the La Liga
practice his medicine, pursued was formed, Rizal was arrested
scientific studies, continued his by Spanish authorities. Eight
artistic and literary works, days later, he was deported to
widened his knowledge of Dapitan in Mindanao where he
languages, establish a school for remained for four years.
boys, promoted community  Draco Rizali  Rebellion fomented by the
development projects, invented  Racophorus Rizali Katipunan, a militant secret
a wooden machine for making  Aphogonia society, had become a full-
bricks and engaged in farming  Hymn to Talisay blown revolution, proving to be a
years old  Dapitan,  Josephine
and commerce.  “Procured from Abroad” nationwide uprising.
(1892- Mindanao Bracken
 Rizal found Mindanao a rich  Sulpukan  Rizal and Josephine left Dapitan
virgin field for collecting  Mi Retiro on August 1, 1896, with letter of
specimens. With his pupils, he  The Song o the Traveler recommendation from Blanco.
explored the junglesand coasts, Adios Dapitan  Rizal was arrested en route to
seeking specimen of insects, Cuba via Spain and was
birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, imprisoned in Barcelona on
shells, and plants. He sent these October 6, 1896. He was sent
specimens to Dresden Museum back the same day to Manila to
in return the European Scientists stand trial as he was implicated
sent him scientific books and in the revolution through his
surgical instruments. associations with members of
 December 30, 1896, Dr. Jose
Rizal was executed by firing
squad in Bagumbayan Field.

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