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Hitachi Command Suite VSP Gx00 Discovery

Command Suite can be used to connect to, and manage, your Gx00 array. The first step to being able to manage your
array is discovering the SVP.

If the initial discovery of the SVP results in an error, a number of steps have been identified to resolve these issues and
allow for successful SVP discovery.

• Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) version 8.0 or higher
• VSP Gx00 and VSP Fx00 (VSP Gx00), HM800, DW800
• Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G200, G400, G600, G800

1. If Microcode on the array is current, 83-03-xx and above, HCS version is required to be 8.4.1 or later.

2. Most SVP discovery issues are port related. Ensure the following ports are open by using telnet:

From the HCS server:

telnet <SVP> 443
telnet <SVP> 1099
telnet <SVP> 51099
telnet <SVP> 51100

From the SVP:

telnet <HCS Server> 443
telnet <HCS Server> 1099
telnet <HCS Server> 51099
telnet <HCS Server> 51100

3. Restore array certificate to default settings.
Updated: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:34:17 GMT
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Follow these steps to restore a Gx00 certificate to default settings:

On the HCS server:

1. Remove the affected Storage Systems from HCS. (HCS > Administration > Managed Resources >
Storage Systems)
2. Stop all HCS Services

On the SVP:
1. Ensure all Storage Navigator Sessions are closed.
2. Execute C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet\MappApacheCrtInit.bat from the command line with
Administrative privileges to create the default certificate
3. Reboot the SVP
4. Once the SVP boots, ensure Storage Navigator is accessible

On the HCS server:

1. Start all HCS services
2. Re-add the affected array on the ‘Add Storage Systems’ panel (HCS > Administration >Managed
Resources > Storage Systems)
3. Link-n-launch should now work (HCS > Resources > Storage Systems > [Storage ] > Ports/Host
Groups OR External Storage System GUI)

Additional Information
Deviation from these steps (skipping certificate recreation, not stopping/starting HCS, or not removing/re-adding
Array) all can cause the process to fail and not resolve the problem.
Updated: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:34:17 GMT
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