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Lesson Plan

Focus skill : Grammar

Date : 7 August 2018

Time : 10:20a.m - 11:20a.m (1 hour)

Class : 4B

Number of pupils : 34

Theme : World of Knowledge

Unit : 13

Topic : Our Country, Our Pride

Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able
to use different word classes correctly and appropriately.

Learning Standard : 5.1.8 Able to use adverbs correctly and appropriately:

(b) time

Behavioural objectives : By the end of this session, students will be able to show
good understanding of adverbs of time by writing at least 5
sentences with 5 different adverbs.

Thinking Skills : Inference

Multiple Intelligence : Verbal- linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Moral Values : Self-confident, Living in Harmony

Teaching aids : flash cards, each with a different adverbs of time (e.g. quickly,
slowly, loudly, quietly, calmly, energetically, fearfully, strongly)

Previous Knowledge : Students have learnt to identify the past, present, and future
tenses before.

1. Oral Conversations 1. Teacher asks pupils Multiple

SET INDUCTION questions and lead them Intelligence:
(5 minutes) Sample Question: to speak about things Verbal-
“Have you had your they do today, things linguistic,
breakfast just now?” they did yesterday and interpersonal
Expected answer: things they want to do and
“Yes, we had our tomorrow. intrapersonal,
breakfast just now.” 2. Teacher writes those
answers from pupils on Thinking skills:
Sample Question: the whiteboard in a mind Identifying
“What are you doing map.
yesterday after school?” 3. Teacher circles the words Teaching aids:
Expected answer: that are adverbs.
“Yesterday I play 4. Teacher tells pupils that Rationale: To
football at the field.” the adverbs (yesterday, grab students’
today, tomorrow) tells attention and
Sample Question: the time of the sentence to give them a
“Will you come to and when something prior insight
school tomorrow?” happens. of what they
Expected answer: 5. Teacher explains to are going to
“Yes, we will come to pupils that we can use learn.
school tomorrow.” adverbs to describe time.
6. Today’s lesson will be
2. Reveal learning topic. about how to use
adverbs in sentences.

Teacher introduces a list 1. Teacher tells the Multiple

PRESENTATION of adverbs of time to pupils to read the Intelligence:
(10 minutes) pupils. adverbs. Verbal
2. Teacher asks pupils to Linguistics
Position of adverbs of raise their hand if they
time at the end of do not understand Thinking skills:
sentence. certain adverbs’ Remembering
For example: meaning.
I’m going to clean my 3. Teacher makes sure Teaching aids:
house tomorrow. pupils understand the Whiteboard
meaning of the adverbs
For example: by explaining to them. Rationale: To
Today, we waved the 4. Teacher tells the pupils introduce
flags. that adverbs of time adverbs of
We today waved the often work best when time to
flags. placed at the end of students and
We waved the flags sentences. how to create
today. 5. Teacher tells pupils can their own
change the position of an sentences
adverb of time of a
Swapping Adverbs Multiple
WHILE 1. Teacher divides pupils Intelligence:
(25 minutes)  Find the adverbs in into 6 groups. Verbal
the sentences. 2. Teacher distributes Linguistics,
 Replace with sentence papers to interpersonal
suitable adverbs. the groups. and
3. Teacher asks the intrapersonal
groups to read and
find the adverbs in Thinking skills:
the sentences. Analysing and
4. Pupils need to replace Applying
the adverb with
another suitable one. Teaching aids:
5. Each group takes Mahjong
turns to answer their Paper
answer by reading it
aloud. Rationale:
6. Teacher corrects them To enhance
if need to. the students’

Exercises 1. Teacher distributes the Multiple

POST Sample questions: task sheets to every Intelligence:
(15 minutes) pupil. Verbal
We go out for Japanese 2. Teacher asks them to Linguistics,
food complete it within the Intrapersonal,
________________. time given which is 10 Interpersonal
A. Willingly minutes.
B. Normally 3. Teacher discusses the Thinking skills:
C. Weekly questions with the Analysing and
D. Perfectly pupils. Applying

Have you done your Teaching aids:

homework Task sheet
A. Now Rationale: To
B. Then measure the
C. Yet pupils’
D. Still understanding
of adverbs of
Do you time
_______________ work
at the bank? Teaching
A. Still Methods:
B. Never In-class
C. Grudgingly Performance
D. Happily

Would you rather drive

sometimes or take the
train ______________?
A. Still
B. Never
C. Every day
D. To the beach

The patient is
___________ waiting to
see the doctor.
A. Still
B. Never
C. Every day
D. Sadly
1. Teacher recaps the Teaching
CLOSURE Moral value lesson by telling the Method:
(5 minutes) usage of adverbs of time. Reflection
: be loyal to our country 2. Teacher asks pupils to
speak the adverbs of CCE:
time that they Thinking Skills
remember. (Evaluation)


Moral value:
be loyal to our
Exercise sheet

Q1 Q4
_________, we went to Merdeka to watch We have to sing National Anthem
the parade. __________ Monday morning?
A. Today A. Still
B. Tomorrow B. Never
C. Weekly C. Every
D. Last week D. Soon

Q2 Q5
We coloured our flags _________ we draw Ali is ___________ drawing a poster to
them. celebrate Independence Day
A. Now A. Still
B. After B. Never
C. Yet C. Just now
D. Still D. Soon

Q3 Q6
We will celebrate National Day We learnt the Jata Negara ___________.
_______________ . A. Still
A. Still B. Never
B. Never C. Every day
C. Yesterday D. Yesterday
D. Tomorrow
Adverbs of time always tell us when something happens.






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