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The Art of Liberty Foundation

Team: The Art of Liberty Foundation– A new think tank and public policy organization focused on
Foundation President exposing inter-generational organized crime’s control of the government and media while
Etienne de la Boetie2 simultaneously providing the healthy alternatives of voluntaryism/libertarianism. The
Director of Development foundation will create and promote books, visualizations, infographics, and videos designed
Kirk D. to expose “The System” and effectively disseminate the content in innovative ways that
Webmaster & College circumvent organized crime’s control of the MainStreamMedia, social media, and Internet
Ambassador / Students of search. The organization will, ultimately, be New Hampshire-based and focus 50% of its
Anarchy Founder effort on educating both NH residents on Liberty & a peaceful and orderly secession from
Jason R. Washington, DC. We believe that success in a single state will garner the greatest possible
ROI in positive media and, when successful, serve as a template for other US states and,
ultimately, other countries.
Industry: Voluntaryist Think
Tank & Public Policy The Pain: Most people have been indoctrinated by mandatory government schools and
Organization media propaganda into a pseudo-religion, Statism, which they have accepted into their
501 (c)3 Tax-Exempt hearts and world-view. Most other liberty solutions fail to address this reality or expose the
Organization techniques being used or the involvement of organized crime in government and media. If
the problem is inter-generational organized crime using classic, textbook, unethically
manipulative cult-indoctrination techniques on the population then the solution must be:
Large-Scale Cult Deprogramming.
Number of team members: 3 “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” - Confucius

Amount of Financing Sought: Pain Point #2: Starting with the release of the DARPA internet, accelerating rapidly
in May 2018 and visibly uncloaking in October 2018 there has been censorship on
$50,000 Seed Round voluntaryist, libertarian, (honest) conservative, truth movement journalists and media
Uses & Proceeds: platforms that has seen hundreds of YouTube channels deleted, content creators
-Media PR Campaign demonetized, twitter users “shadow banned”, search results manipulated, social media
-Kick-Starter Campaign subscribers “unsubscribed”, and 251 Facebook accounts and 559 FB Pages deleted in
-Series A Fundraising Campaign October alone. Supposedly by ostensibly private companies like Google/YouTube,
-Socializing/Refining idea in NH Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Meet-Up, and Disqus. There is overwhelming evidence
that some of these companies were funded surreptitiously by the organized crime
$500,000 Series A Round government (Google/YouTube) and many others are openly working with the
Uses & Proceeds Detailed in the intelligence agencies today (Amazon ($600M a year for AWS currently, about to get
document up to $10B), Facebook). These companies are censoring voluntaryist and libertarian
ideas and evidence of the government and media staging false flag terrorist events
Current Investors: and hoax mass shootings in what appears to be a coordinated campaign to bring in
Etienne de la Boetie2 $20K incremental gun control, police state measures, and in the case of the hoax Boston
Donor#1 $20K Marathon bombing, beta testing locking down entire cities, searching homes without
warrants, and deploying armored vehicles and militarized police. The last wave of
Board of Directors: major censorship in October came just before the midterm elections which saw
Etienne de la Boetie2 – Chairman massive evidence of election rigging and new gun control measures being rolled out
TBD nationwide including confiscation in Maryland under new “Red Flag” laws and a
TBD federal ban on “bump stocks”. As the censorship continues and intensifies the need is
TBD urgent for a large-scale effort to distribute evidence of government and media
criminality on uncensorable, and potentially viral, data DVDs and flash drives.

Pain Point #3: Because voluntaryists/libertarians are in the minority we don’t have
enough “boots-on-the-ground” to effectively communicate or organize an effective
social and political resistance. Except in New Hampshire!
The Art of Liberty - Voluntaryist Think Tank / Public Policy Organization
The plan and the goal: Create a think tank and public policy organization focused on exposing inter-
generational organized crime’s control of government and the media with a combination of respectable
scholarship, innovative dissemination and effective tools for easy activism.

Innovations: Benefits:
Voluntaryist Philosophy & Approach “No Masters, No Slaves” The only non-partisan
- Peace, tolerance “political” solution that is fair for all. Once people are
- Non-Aggression Principal exposed to the inherent illogic and illegitimacy of
- Agorism, Counter-Economics “Gov’t” they rarely return to the belief.
Focus on Exposing Inter-Generational Organized Once people realize that there is a “man-behind-the-
Crime (vs. purposely undescriptive terms like curtain” in the
“Globalists”, “Elitists”, “New World Order” or MainStreamMedia/Google/YouTube/Twitter/Disqus
“Deep State”) and their creation & control of the and/or that Statism is an artificially indoctrinated &
existing propaganda and political system and propagandized pseudo-religion, those weapons lose
#1weapon: Statism. their power.
Focus on effective dissemination of truth & liberty Uncensorable, hard-copy publications, Low-cost
material in effective ways that get around flash drives, and other effective ways that get around
organized crime’s social media & search engine internet censorship and social media shenanigans.
Focus 75% of the effort on freeing a single state, New Hampshire is unique with the largest network
New Hampshire where, we believe, success would of voluntaryist/libertarian social and political
be impossible to ignore and spread to other states. networks to both help and absorb new voluntaryists.

About the Founder
Etienne de la Boetie2 is the nom de guerre of a voluntaryist/libertarian
technology entrepreneur. He is the author of Understanding Our Slavery, the
foundation’s innaugral publication. He owns a consultancy where he helps
organizations improve their ability to collaborate using visual collaboration
technology including video-enabled unified communications, interactive
video walls/whiteboards, and best-practice agile methodologies, large format
visualization, “big visible charts” and visual project management. He has
consulted for multiple Fortune 500/100/25 companies and has worked on
Wall Street building networks for market-data and trading floor technology.
He has been an operating executive and board member of a technology start
up. In his youth he ran a successful 3rd party political campaign and worked
at one of the “Big 4” think tanks in DC. He is willing to reveal his identity to
potential funders and partners and will work publicly under his own name once his children are out of the
government school system. The nom de guerre is a refererence to the original Etienne de la Boetie, a French
political philosopher writing in the 16th century who was one of the first to catalog the techniques that
“monarchs”, the mafia bosses of the time, used to instill obedience and fealty in the Discourse of Voluntary
Servitude where he argued that “men are not so enslaved as they enslave themselves”. Boetie also observed that
there were always a few who would not bow.

Mr. Boetie2 has dedicated Understanding Our Slavery to “The Few” and is seeking their help to finance exposure of
organized crime’s hidden curriculum in their mandatory schools and a peaceful revolution in New Hampshire,
then the US/world.
Background Current Status & Publications & Information Warfare
The Art of Liberty Foundation has been in stealth development since early 2017 when Mr. Boetie2 began writing
Understanding Our Slavery to explain to his children the hidden curriculum of Statism and obedience in the
government school system. The first version of the book was “rapidly proto-typed” and initially shared with
select members of the Liberty community at the Nexus Conference in Aspen in Sept 2017. Based on crowd-
sourced feedback and input from some of the leading lights of the community the 2nd edition of the book was
profesionally edited and fact-checked and the project attracted its first major donor who sponsored a limited
production run of 300 copies and a book tour that included The Liberty Forum, Anarchapulco, Anarchaforko,
LibertyCon, and Voice & Exit. Based on feedback from that tour the book and contents on the Liberator were
further improved and refined. The current edition of the book has a new cover, new sub-title, 7 new “one-
pagers”, and an improved Solutions section.

The most important lesson learned on the tour was the book failed to cover how voluntaryism, a free market,
and a stateless society would provide protection, courts, justice, roads, and other good currently provided by
monopoly government using violence. Promotion of the book was paused while we figured out how to address
these deficits. Even with minisule promotion the book has been read 2000+ times on our website and 2150+
times on Scribd as of January 17th 2019 not including downloads from the Liberator dropbox, flashdrive
distribution or emailed copies none of which we can track.

Understanding Our Slavery – How Organized Crime Runs the Government and
Media with Easy Solutions for Real Freedom (Link: 12MB PDF -Download)
-Book – Low-Cost Hardcopy & Free PDF with Links Our first book exposes
organized crime’s control of government and media and makes the case for
voluntaryism in an image/infographic-rich format that expands the percentage of
people that will engage with any book while improving comprehension and time-to-
insight for visual learners. Provides and encourages easy solutions for resistance.

Innovations: Benefits:
“Picture Book” with historical images, Pictures/Infographics/Meme/Blurb format expands the
infographics, short blurbs and Executive audience vs traditional book (~30-40% engagement vs
Summaries BUT with links to more 10-15% est.) , improved comprehension, retention and
authoratative research and scholarship time-to-insight for visual learners
Hard copy by design + Free PDF with links “Undeleteable” and the best format for someone to
spend the time with a complex subject. Uncensorable
hand-to-hand distribution
Visualizations expose historical patterns and Human beings are inheriently “pattern recognition
artifical / unnatural distribution of organized machines” and exposure of patterns reveals
crime’s front groups in media and gov’t artificiality of “The System”, monopolizations,
CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral/S&B/ control structure, etc.
Bulk Copies Promoted by Design Designed for mass distribution
Moving to Low Cost Magazine Format Designed for mass distribution
Free PDF & ability to print non-commercially Designed for mass distribution
Meme Arsenal that Promotes Viral Memes teach aspects of voluntaryism/libertarianism
Distribution and arm new activists for the culture war in a way that
encourages viral promotion of the website/book.
New Book in the Works: Voluntaryism-How Real Freedom Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All

Future printed editions of Understanding Our Slavery will feature a second book titled: Voluntaryism – How Real
Freedom Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All! The new book will explain how the free market delivers all the
legitimate, non-redistributive services of monopoly government without the violence, mandatory indoctrination,
unfair and inefficient monopolies, and the fraud of the State. Similar to Understanding Our Slavery the book will
be rich in images, infographics and memes to expand the readership over a traditional text-only book. The book
will be printed “upside down and backwards” as a “Swiss flip” where the “back cover” of Voluntaryism is the front
cover of Understanding Our Slavery.

How Real Freedom Leads to
Harmony and Prosperity for All

Innovation Benefits
2-in-1 Book - The book will be printed as a “Swiss The book will now present the problem and the
Flip” with Understanding Our Slavery where the cover solution! This strategy will also allow us to promote
& contents of UoSlavery will be printed upside down each book individually tailored to two different
so the “back cover” will actually be the front cover of audiences that are then exposed to the other side of the
UoSlavery to create 2 books-in-1 message. Each book will be marketed separately
Dual Data DVD Liberators – Each side of the 2-in-1 The Data DVDs preserve and widely distribute content
book will have its own data DVD with positive content that is being deleted off YouTube and unindexed by
such as The Conversation, The Philosophy of Liberty, Google. If we don’t get it out in a hand-to-hand,
and Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty on one virally-replicable way then it might be lost forever!
DVD with the content exposing organized crime’s
“propaganda matrix”, false flag terror, and hoax
shootings on the 2nd.
Image and Meme Rich – Similar to UoSlavery, In addition to dramatically expanding the audience,
Voluntaryism will be image, infographic, and meme- using image and infographics improves comprehension
rich to expand the audience that will engage with a and retention. The meme’s become an arsenal that can
book from ~10-15% to an estimated 30-40%+ be screenshot from the PDF version and used on social
Low Cost Magazine Format – The book is being I’m “In-It-To-Win-It!”. The book + DVD combo is
designed to be printed in a low-cost magazine format designed for mass distribution in New Hampshire in a
for mass distribution campaign to expose the organized campaign designed to drive tens of 1000s to town hall
crime system and share the alternative of liberty. meetings and to the social & political networks set up
by the Free State Project.

Example Content from the Draft Table of Contents of Voluntaryism
The Basics
You Are Free -You Own Yourself, The myth of authority, The fraud of elections
Natural Law-Only one law, Do No Harm, everything else is tyranny, Positive vs Negative Rights
Spontaneous Order- The world organizes itself,
Whatever You Are Scared of.. Government Makes It Worse!
Crime & The Courts-Police now steal more than private thieves, courts are inefficient and tyrannical
The Free Market Alternatives: Private Protection Agencies, Arbitration
Monopolies -Government is the biggest monopoly, A dominant market position isn’t a monopoly
The Free Market Alternatives: The Free Market!
Protecting the Environment - US Government is the biggest polluter on earth, Incentive to pollute,
Free Market Alternatives: Privately protected places
Drug Use and Abuse - The war on drugs is a war on people, understanding victimless crime
The Liberator – Our solution to search engine manipulation, monopoly media companies and social
media shenanigins: Available from Dropbox, as Data DVDs, and a credit card-sized flash drive that anyone can
carry in their wallet to easily share with friends and colleagues! The content is a mix between exposing the
organized crime system AND providing an understanding of the the peaceful alternatives of
The Liberator – 8GB Data DVD /
Dropbox / “Flashdrive of Freedom”
- Includes the book in PDF
- 8GB of evidence of Government
criminality & Liberty content
- Short Videos, Documentaries,
Books in PDF, Truth Music, Dank
Liberty Memes

Innovations Benefits
Credit Card-sized wafer drive Liberty activists can always have a copy with them at all times
(or Dropbox / Data DVD) and easily share with friends.
Censorship-proof design “Sneaker-net” solution as search engine, YouTube, and social
media censorship accelerates or if organized crime tries an all-
out censorship of the Internet
Comprehensive “Library of Provides both evidence of government criminality from 9-11 to
Liberty” trillions missing from the Pentagon AND the best in Voluntaryist
thought: Larken Rose to Murray Rothbard in both books & video
Sticker Templates to Make More Label templates so anyone can make more data DVDs or Flash
Drive Liberators using readily available Avery sticker paper

The Poster for High School and College Classrooms
Every Liberator includes an overview poster formatted for the
interactive whiteboards in most American high school and university
class rooms. The poster lets one-awake student or one honest teacher
take a classroom full of students through a high-level overview of the
techniques that the US, Nazi Germany, East Germany and the Soviet
Union used to indoctrinate their populations with Statism while
revealing the historical pattern. The poster also features Larken Rose’s
“5 Questions” which expose the illogic and immorality of “Government”
and the inability to delegate rights you don’t possess yourself to others.

Innovations: Benefits:
One Glance Overview of 9 Techniques Even shorter than a picture book but detailed enough
to explain the concept & see pattern.
Designed for Interactive Whiteboards Novelty. No one has ever smuggled info into a
classroom on a USB drive destined for the interactive
whiteboard in the classroom.
Touch-Screen Interactive On an interactive whiteboard the menu on the far
right of the chart opens the individual “one-pagers”
from the book.
Larken Rose’s 5 Questions – A challenge to Opens a classroom dialogue on the illogic,
teachers and professors that support: immorality and illegitimacy of statist mythology.
Five & The (upcoming) V% Movement

In New Hampshire we encourage participation in the Free State
Project’s established and ubiquitous on-going series of meet-ups and
affiliated Liberty-organzations. Outside of New Hampshire we are
proto-typing Five.
Five is our upcoming organization, advice, and movement for an end
to the tax slavery and mental slavery of Statism. Our philosophy is
simple: Resistance is the difference between being a slave and being

Multiply by Five – Simply recruit 5 high-quality friends who have, or
are in the process of, unshakling their minds from the mentally slavery of Statism, nationalism and
obedience/fealty to government.

Get Active x Five – Agree to get together and take some kind of action in support of the Liberty movement
at least Five times a year or devote 5% of your time, study and effort to Liberty.

Give Five – Donate V% of your treasure or time to Liberty, a free market charity, or to volunteering in your
own community. If you are reading this then you are probably already doing it. Thank you if you are!

III% is cool, but V% is Better!
Powerhouse by ourselves but stronger with our Brothers!

In many ways the V% movement is an homage and invitation to
the existing III%, Appleseed and Oath Keeper movements. For the
uninitiated, the III% movement, Appleseed, and the Oath Keepers
are the largest identifiable organizations of men and women with
the courage and military training to challenge the existing corrupt
power structure in Washington DC. The III% is a reference to “the
few” in 1776 with the courage to take up arms and fight in the
revolutionary war. The Appleseed Project trains rifle-owners to
become riflemen, and the three percenters and oath keepers, are
veterans and currently serving who have pledged to honor their
oaths to the Con-stitution.

Our goal is to educate all these groups on who the real criminals are and especially educate our brothers in
the three percenter and Oath-Keeper movements on the legal theory of Fraud in the Inducement where
they are relieved of any oaths, secrecy letters, etc. because organized crime’s mandatory schools, police and
military training and propaganda system presented an artificial false narrative on the legitimacy,
desirability and necessity of “Government” itself.
The Plan – Seed Round & Single Community Test of Large-Scale Cult Deprogramming

The Art of Liberty Foundation is seeking an initial $50,000 seed round to finish Voluntaryism and raise a $500,000
series A round of funding to establish itself as an on-going research and public policy organization including a
$150K test exposing organized crime’s hidden curriculum of Statism in the govt’s mandatory schools and their
mandatory vaccines linked to neurological issues in a single community in New Hampshire that will be
independent of, but designed to benefit the Free State Project and affiliated Liberty organizations in the State.

Uses and Proceeds
$50,000 Seed – will fund three month PR and Kick-starter campaign to finish Voluntaryism and get Understanding
Our Slavery into the market of ideas. Print & mail hard copies of the book to mostly voluntaryist/libertarian
journalists, bloggers, Vloggers, podcasters in support of a $25,000 Kick-Starter campaign to create a lower-cost
“magazine” version of the book and fund the travel to fundraise the A Round.
$350,000 Series A - Establish office and broadcast/podcast studio in New Hampshire and hire initial staff from,
ideally, Free State Project participants or turn the right candidates into new movers.
$150,000 Series A– Large-Scale Cult Deprogamming Test in New Hampshire. Plan, Costs, and Goals Below.

Initial Staff
President & Founder – Etienne de la Boetie2
Full-time Scholar – TBH- Focused on researching and tracking inter-generational organized crime’s control of the
government and media and publishing scholarly books, monographs, visualizations and reports.
Digital Media Producer – TBH- Video and Podcast Producer and Editor to translate scholarship and findings into
video and audio content tailored to a variety of individual preferences on the widest # of platforms.
Webmaster & Researcher – Jason R - Design & update websites and contribute to research
Part-time Graphic Designer – Create visualizations and graphics
Part Time Director of Development – Kirk D – Voluntaryist and seasoned business executive

Initial Projects
Update, expand and connect key visualizations exposing organized crime’s front groups and secret societies
including the following:

2017 Swiss Propaganda Research Visualization 2011 F.R.E.E CFR-Bilderberg-Trilateral Chart
- Updated and Expanded for Trump administration
Updated and Expanded for 2019 - Add: Rhodes Scholars, Berggruen Institute, Bohemian
Club, Group of 30, Pilgrim Society, and more!
2006 National Entertainment State Visualization

Updated for 2019 to reflect further consolidation (Walt Disney + Fox Entertainment, ATT + Comcast, etc.)
- Add Major Internet Properties
- Connect with data from CFR-Bilderberg-Trilateral Chart (Organized Crime’s Front Groups) and add interactivity

Follow the Money-Tracking Your Tax Dollars Into Organized Crime’s Pockets – Planned Visualization
Example 1 – Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) “Bailout” funds recycled to politicians & PR

An Example of the type of data that we would like to study, compare with political donations to the key politicians
who created and supported the TARP, TALF and “Bailouts” to create visualizations that intelligent layman can
easily understand that explain the size and scope of the theft which makes control of the political puppets and
MainStreamMedia propaganda system not just possible but, essentially, “The Marketing Budget”!

Example #2 - $38 Billion in foreign aid / military assistance to aparteid state Israel over 10 years compared to
political donations to American politicians and lobbying expenses of AIPAC and other Israeli PR efforts.
The Pre-State Project
The New Hampshire Free State Project
Opportunity & Test Bed

Our goal is to test exposing the organized crime system, their use of Statism in
the schools and their control of the media in a large-scale effort that would
distribute 15,000 copies of Understanding Our Slavery/Voluntaryism, Liberator
flash drives and DVDs, and copies of the vaccine-safety documentary Vaxxed in
a targeted mailing and town hall meeting campaign in a single school
district in New Hampshire in support of the Free State Project. A “Pre-Stater” is what Free State Project
members call existing New Hampshire
Background residents who are or become supporters of
The Free State Project is an effort to move 20,000+ freedom-oriented FSP’s liberty goals.
libertarians, voluntaryists, and other liberty-lovers to a single low-
population State where those activists and the broader liberty movement could concentrate their resources and
activism. The project started with a paper written in 2001 by founder Jason Sorens without a specific State in mind
and a selection process focused on States with sub 1.5M populations and a propensity and history of individual
liberty. In September 2003 a vote was taken and New Hampshire was selected.

The participants signed a Statement of Intent promising to move within 5 years of when the total membership of
the group hit 20,000, and once there, “exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the
maximum role of civil government is the protection of individuals' life, liberty, and property.” but “Early Movers”
began moving immediately and having an immediate impact. The group hit the 20,000 particpant mark in
February of 2016 triggering the move.

Current Statistics & Situation on the Ground

Currently, as of August 2018, the group has:
• 24,155 Signers
• 4,392 “Free Staters” on-the-ground that are a combination of participants that have moved (majority) and
existing residents of New Hampshire (“Pre-Staters”) that are aligned with the groups liberarian and
voluntaryist goals
• The group has elected 45 State Representatives to-date with 20+ currently serving in the legislature with
another 100 legislators that the group identifies as being pro-liberty but not “publicly” identified with the
project. I.E. Some free-staters are using reverse Fabian tactics to get themselves elected as Rs or Ds
• Free Staters have started 120+ businesses and invested an estimated $250M in real estate

Most importantly Free Staters have built the political organizations, independent media capabilities, and social
network infrastructure to absorb thousands and even 10s of thousands of new libertarians and/or voluntaryists in
the State, educate them on Liberty and put them to work in their provenly effective activism. The members host
over 560 liberty-oriented meet ups a year in every corner of the State of various sizes including major conferences
that attract major Liberty speakers and attendees from around the world. Major Conferences include:

The Porcipine Freedom Festival – June 19th-24th Lancaster
The Freecoast Festival – Sept 7th-9th - Portsmouth
The Liberty Forum – February 7th-9th Manchester
Free State Blockchain - October 10th-11th Portsmouth
Political Organizations Include:
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire - highest # of due’s paying members per “The fastest and most cost-
capita in the country effective way to grow the
New Hampshire Liberty Party
Free State Project is by
NHexit – Organization organizing and promoting NH independence.
Foundation for New Hampshire Independence – 501 (c) 3 educating NH
converting the libertarian-
residents on the benefits of seccession. leaning that are already in
the state. The fastest way to
Independent NH-based Liberty-Oriented Media – Partial List! convert libertarian-leaning
Free Talk Live – Nationally syndicated radio talk show run by FSP members is to expose the organized
The Ridley Report – NH-based FSP Vlogger crime system”– EdlB2
FPP Radio –NH based freedom-oriented talk radio
Free Keene – FSP Liberty oriented bloggers an vloggers operating from Keene, NH

Social Networking Infrastructure – Partial List!
Meet-Ups – On-going regularly scheduled meet-ups in every corner of the state: The North Country, Lakes, Upper
Valley, Free Coast, Merrimack Valley, Upper Valley, Monadnock
Human Action Foundation – 501(c) 3 Foundation focused on growing Liberty in Portsmouth and “Freecoast”
The Praxeum – Co-working & Community space run by Human Action Foundation for Liberty community
The Quill – Liberty-oriented community space and private club in Manchester
FSP Housing Search – Active housing board to help FSP movers find housing before they move
Granite Logic – Objectivist reading club that stocks liberty-oriented book exchange mini-libraries in public places
FSP Jobs Board & Rent-a-Porc – Active jobs boards to help FSP movers and potential movers find work in New
FSP Welcome Wagon – Welcomes new movers to NH and even helps them unload and unpack!

The Test Bed – Plan and Goal We want to test Large-Scale Cult Deprogramming and a mass vaccine safety
education campaign by mass mailing 12,000 copies of our book, Liberators, and DVD copies of the documentary
Vaxxed in an effort that would be independent of the Free State Project for political reasons but would benefit them
and every liberty group in the state by osmoisis. The mailings would target the following populations and promote
a ½ day town hall event and a petition campaign to the local school board demanding an end to the use of Statism,
obedience techniques and mandatory vaccinations in the schools.
Why Vaxxed and vaccine safety education? – We believe that vaccine safety is the
ideal companion issue for a number of reasons:
1. We believe that the government’s knowledge and cover up of the link between their
mandatory vaccines and neurological damage is some of the strongest evidence of our
thesis that organized crime interests are debilitating the population using “Diet,
Injections, and Injunctions” that Bertrand Russell discussed in 1953.
2. We believe the award-winning documentary Vaxxed would get the attention of many
who might be leery of material contradicting their 12,000 hours of government
indoctrination and whose credibility then reinforces the need to examine our evidence of
Statism, MainStreamMedia propaganda, hidden obedience curriculum, etc.
3. We believe that the parents of vaccine damaged kids are an army waiting to find a
productive outlet for their justifiable wrath.
4. We believe that our petition demanding, among other demands, an end to mandatory
vaccinations would be strongest individual reason why concerned residents and parents
Vaxxed exposes the govt’s of vaccine-damaged kids would actively petition and participate.
cover-up of the link 5. We hope that our campaign helps educate parents on the real dangers of the
between vaccines & autism government’s mandatory vaccinations and prevents thousands of potential injuries.
Test Bed Overview and Campaign Goals

Goals: Total attendance at events: 1500-2000+ Grow FSP supporters and affiliated Liberty organizations by 15%-
20% +/ 675- 1000+ new “Pre-Staters” by converting existing sympathetic NH residents into FSP supporters by
exposing the government’s criminality, use of the pseudo-religion Statism, obedience techniques, and
neurologically harmful vaccines in the mandatory public school system. The campaign would further introduce our
targeted audience to the existing network of liberty-oriented social and political organizations that would be
encouraged to host tables at the ½ day town hall event and whose websites and contact information would be
included in the mailing.

Test Bed Mailing Packages
4000 Free State Project Members – State-wide mailing to every identifiable member of the Free State Project with two
copies of the book, Liberators, and DVDs of the documentary Vaxxed so that each member can keep one copy and pass
one copy along to the friend or neighbor they believe would be most receptive to the information. Goal: 25-35%+
conversation rate with friends whom FSP members have a personal relationship with.
- 2 Hard Copies of Understanding Our Slavery & One Liberator Wafer Drive & One Liberator Data DVD & Two
copies of Vaxxed DVD
- Introduction Letter and Invitation to Town Hall Event
- Petition to Local School Board to stop use of Statism and Prussian obedience techniques in the schools
Cost Per Mailing (including material/postage/mailinghouse = $16.55 = $66,200

3,500 – Single Community/School Board Test – Targeted community mailing to high school students and their
parents in a single school district with demographics identified to be most amenable to our message cross-matched with
the strongest liberty-oriented political and social networks to absorb new in-state members.
- Single Copy of Understanding Our Slavery & Liberator Data DVD & Vaxxed DVD
- Introduction Letter and Invitation to Town Hall Event
- Petition to Local School Board to stop use of Statism, Prussian obedience techniques, and mandatory vaccines
Cost Per Mailing: $7.20 x 3,500= $25,200

500 – New Hampshire Influential – Targeted mailing to press, bloggers, liberty-oriented elected “officials”,
- Single Copy of Understanding Our Slavery & Liberator Wafer Drive & Vaxxed DVD
- Introduction Letter and Invitation to Town Hall Event
- Petition to Local School Board to stop use of Statism and Prussian obedience techniques in the schools
Cost Per Mailing: $9.20 x 500 = $4600

Total Mailing Costs $96,000
- Includes $12,000 donation/royalty payment to Vaxxed! ($1 per DVD in addition to duplication/cover printing)
- Ideally, this payment would encourage the Vaxxed team to supply a speaker to attend the event as well.

Example Event Overview, Schedule & Suggested Speakers & Example Topics

Overview: ½ day event on a Saturday in a venue capable of hosting speakers with an expo area for the FSP and local
Liberty-oriented organizations to exhibit and table. The event will be recorded for those unable to attend and a template
for others interested in replicating the idea in their states and communities.

Town Hall Event Attendance Goals: A conservative 8-15% response rate would yield an estimated 280-1250+
attendees depending on the mix of parents (0-2) and students (0-3+) + an estimated additional response rate of 3-8% (
200-500+) from the FSP list depending on the location of the community test (given state-wide mailing) and mix of
Example Town Hall Event Schedule & Ideal Speakers
9:00 – Doors Open – Coffee, Danish, Networking, Exhibit Area for FSP & Local Liberty Organizations
10:00 -11:00 – Statism, Obedience and Tax Slavery - The Hidden Curriculum of the Govt’s Mandatory Schools
- Etienne de la Boetie2, Author of Understanding Our Slavery, Founder The Art of Liberty Foundation
11-11:50 – The Free State Project & The Liberty Alternative
- TBD Free State Project Speaker & Brief Overviews of other NH Liberty Groups
11:50-12 – Break
12:00 – 1:00 Vaxxed – From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
- Del Bigtree – Producer of the documentary Vaxxed
1:00 – 1:30 Wrap Up & Calls-to-Action
1:30 Lunch & Networking in the Expo Area

Example Mailing and Event Schedule
4 Weeks before Town Hall – Mail Books, Invitation, Liberators, and Vaxxed DVD
1 Week Before Town Hall – Mail Reminder Postcard
Town Hall Event – Saturday – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
- Next Day – Sunday Afternoon – Scheduled Petition Drive 4:00-6:00 PM & Social Dinner Event for Petitioners
1 Week After Town Hall Event – Saturday Night - Public Sceening of the vaccine-safety documentary The Greater Good
- Next Day – Sunday Afternoon – Scheduled Petition Drive 4:00 – 6:00 PM & Social Dinner Event for Petitioners
2 Weeks After Town Hall Event – 2nd Town Hall Event for School Board & School Personnel

Calls-To-Action & Follow Up Campaign

1, Petition campaign to end the use of Statism, obedience techniques, and mandatory vaccinations in the
government schools.
- Petition campaign expands the total number reached by the campaign by turning each participant into a
potential petitioner and giving each participant an easy task. Also begins to popularize the concept of Statism,
obedience techniques in the schools

2. Promote and attend a public screening of the award-winning vaccine safety documentary: The Greater Good
- 2nd Bite at the Apple & 2nd event for parents that couldn’t make 1st event OR weren’t interested until positive
word spread from 1st event and/or learned about it from petitioners. Reinforces Vaxxed!
- More Books and DVDs distributed after event

3. Attend delivery of petitions & 2nd Town Hall Meeting with local school board and public school personnel
- 3rd Bite at Apple & 3rd event
- Books and DVD distribution to school board, teachers, and new/return parents
Free The State – Campaign to Mail/Town Hall – Top 12 Communities
100K Mailing + 3-4 community events per month x 4 months
Budgetary Estimate - $1 Million Dollar Campaign
Assuming the test campaign is successful then the cost to mail 100,000 pieces drops the cost per package significantly to
between an estimated $7.04 and $8.33 per package. New Hampshire has approximately 126 high schools in 90 towns in
10 counties. A significant portion of the high schools could be covered with 12 events in the key towns of: Bethlehem
(2), Concord (4), Dover (4), Dublin (2), Exeter (3), Franklin (2), Goffstown (2), Keene (1), Laconia (2), Littleton (2),
Manchester (9), Merrimack (2), Milton (2), Nashua (5), Portsmouth(2), Sunapee (2) , Tilton (2) Wilton (2), Wolfeboro
(2), Woodsville (2)

Estimated Costs:
100,000 mailings @ $8.33 per mailing(incl. $100K donation/royalty to Vaxxed for their speakers/travel)$833K
95K Reminder Postcards @ $0.17 (non-profit) + $5K postcards+mailhouse $22K
12 x 3X Community Events (Town Hall/Documentary Screening/Petition Presentation) @ $7K per town $85K
- $1000 Venue including insurance x 3 (town hall/petition presentation/movie theatre ), Speaker/staff
travel/lodging ($500), food/beverage x 2 Petition Drives $200 and 2 Events (Town Hall/Petition Presentation)
$1000 + Misc $1100
Event Planner and Assistant + Expenses for 6 Month Campaign $60K
Total for the Campaign $1M