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A natural grid head of a water turbine have been used for power
generation,where the construction of our Dam is infeasible.we work on the
power generation from the flow of water through canal system.we use the
velocity and forced energy of water flow through canal.In our India the energy
crisis is increases day by day

Hopefully this project help to minimize the same problem.our project can
convert into energy having excellent quality.stable source of power meet to
required the cost of having new commercial power converter.the powercanal
was major factor in industrial revolution in England in 19th century.

Project based on this concept design

 Base load power supply
 Minimal power required
 Low infrastructure cost
 no environmental effect
 easy installation and almost no maintaince

Definition of problem
The power shortage is a major hurdle India had to face. For the country's
economy to sustain, electricity is the artifact of it. Especially in places lagging
grid connection, such as rural side of the country micro hydro power is an
important resource in which electricity is generated by converting the potential
energy of water. In this century hydro power had marked a place in electrical
energy production around the world. These small hydro plants consume less
space, reliable and cost effective then the fossil fuels .

Many area in India have not yet know the use of electricity,approx 32million
houses are in dark and they completely relay on nature for irrigation
purpose.these micro hydro project can help solve this problem.

Huge number of sites with high potential and greater demand for electricity
have been identified use of such potential sites is important .

According to head, turbines are classified as

a) Low Head (upto 40 m) – Propeller and Kaplan Turbine.

b) Medium Head (40–100 m) – Francis, Pump as Turbine, Cross Flow and

Pelton Wheel.

c) High Head ( > 100 m) – Turgo and Pelton Wheel.

Even though lot of research work on hydro power plant design had been
reported , most of them are confined to either medium or large hydro power
plants. Since the present study is focused on micro hydro power project and no
study has been reported for turbine that are used for micro hydro power plants,
if a suitably low rated turbine were to be readily available in the market, then
the operational cost of micro power generation would be considerably lower.

Due to its salient features it pays a path in establishment and development of

small sized hydro plants in the country rather than the mega hydro projects that
occupies more space.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the use of micro hydropower
using canal system for the generation of cheap electricityfrom the steam line
water flow.As Pakistan has one of the largest canal system in the
world,therefore these method of electricity generation can provide an efficient
mean to provide sufficient amount of electrical power for local use.

Fig 1 schematic of a micro hydro power project by canal system

Work plan
In this project,first of all proper design of all the component is done by using a
software. After doing experiment on two different types of blades

Fig.2 prototype of a) straight blade b) twisted blade

A. Straight blade.

B. Twisted blade.

On the basis of calculation twisted blade, with curves produces more potential
speed as compare to straight blade with curves
Fig.3 flow chart depicting the various stages involved in designing the
stream line electricity generation unit