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‘You say goodbye, and say hello, From the song "Helo, Goodbye" by the Beaties 1 GRAMMAR verb be: /and you a Rewrite the sentences with contractions. 1 1 Lam Lisa. mis 2 Youare not inclass 3, Youaren'tinclass3. 3 Lamnot Henry. 2 4 Youarenot ateacher. 5 5 1am Maria, 6 6 Youare inmy class > 7 Tamin room 4. 5 8 You arenot Carlos. © Complete the dialogues. b 1A Excuseme. Aryou 2 A Hello, I'm Jessica, 3 A Andy? B Hi, I'm _ Steve. B No, _Lmnot_.t'm Nice to meet you, B Tony. 5A Hello. Lisa 6 A Hi Ben, 7A Gomez? B Hi. Rob. B Yes, Niceto B 'b_ Write negative [=] sentences or questions(2} T'minclass 2.) mnotin clase You'rea stadent.[2) _Are you a student? V'mSam.E] You're in my class.) minroom 4.2) You're Liz.[7) Tima teacher. =} You're in class +.[7] Hi, Linda. 4A Excuseme. in Are you Henry? number 8? No, TmMax. B Yes, rm ‘Anna jones. Excuse me 8 A Excuseme Lin room 7? ry teacher? No,___.You'rein. Yes, Vm Peter room 8 Wilson, 2 VOCABULARY numbers 0-10; days of the week a Order the letters to make numbers. 1 RUFO four 2 NET tien 3 INNE a e 4 BON ° e 5 TEREH © e 6 OWT t ° 7 GITHE e t 8 xis s x 9 ENVSE. s n 10 OZRE 2 ° 11 VIEF fl e 1b Write the next word, 1 Friday Saturday Sunday 2 Sunday Monday Tuesday 3 Tuesday Monday Sunday 4 Tuesday — Wednesday Thursday 5 Friday ‘Thursday Wednesday 6 Monday Tuesday Wednesday 7 Thursday Wednesday luesday Monday 3 PRONUNCIATION word stress; /hi, av, and /i/ ‘a Underline the stressed syllable. excuse hello number pholto repeat b §QERED Listen and check. Then listen repeat the words. © Write the words in the chart. Henry nice me right meet L a house bike Henry again and helo 4 STR Listen and check. Then listen again and repeat the words. 4 LISTENING AGRE Listen. Check (7) the sentence you hear. 1 ___a Hello, 'm Tony. > Hi,!'m Tom. You're in my class. b Youaren't in my class a Tmnota student. b ma student b Are you in number 5? Are you in number 9? Excuse me, what's your name? b_ Sorry, what's your name? 6 ___a Youaren'tinclass 10. b You're inclass 2 USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES: Learn these words and phrases. hello /he'low hi tha Tm jum) Niceto meet you. (aus tu mit yu What's your name? vats yor nem Excuse me? aye mi Sorry. sor Seeyousoon, si yw sun goodbye ‘Ask not what your country can do for you~ ask What you can do for your country. John :Konmody, US Prosident | B=Where are you from? 1 VOCABULARY countries a Complete the crossword. Cluesacross=> 2 CluesdownW — rarRtaZpT TE I 1b Complete the sentences with a country 1. She's from London, She's from England He's from Lima, He's from P I'm from Lisbon. I'm from P- You're from Miami. You'ee from th Un Se She's from Toronto, She's from He's from Hanoi. He's from V 'm from Seoul. I'm from So K ‘You're from Santiago, You're from 2 GRAMMAR verb be: he, she, it a Complete the sentences. 1 Shes fromthe 2 _I's_ from China, United States. 3 fromSaudi 4 Arabia from Japan, > tromMexico. 6 from Canada from Korea fromSpain. 8