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2 Writing worksheet

Favorite things 2 Complete the sentences with the correct

possessive pronouns.
1 Circle the correct words in the text.
1 Hi, I’m a new student. My name is
Hi, I’m Stefanie. (1) My / Her 2 These are Jack’s sneakers.
bedroom is big and cool. My sneakers are cool!
(2) brother / brother’s bedroom is 3 You are from Spain. nationality is
small. (3) My / your bed is awesome.
It’s big and new. (4) My / Their new
sneakers are under my bed. 4 The cell phones are Ella’s and Francesca’s.
cell phones are expensive.
My friend Clara’s room is small, but
it’s great. (5) Her / His TV is big and 5 You and Ben are in Class 1.
(6) its / their screen is big, too. Right teacher is Mr. Evans.
now, we’re in Clara’s bedroom. Clara’s 6 This is Maria’s bedroom. bedroom
game console is white and (7) its / is awesome.
my game console is red. (8) His / My
game console is cheap, but (9) her / 3 Write sentences with possessive pronouns.
your game console is expensive. Use the words in parentheses.
1 My mom loves TV.
(favorite show / American Idol)
Her favorite show is American Idol .
2 My brother has a lot of music.
(favorite song / Billionaire)

3 I have a lot of sneakers.
(favorite sneakers / pink)

4 Paulo is hungry.
(favorite food / chocolate)

5 Tina and Lucy are in their room.
(favorite things / books and magazines)

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