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How To Disqualify Your Judge VB96

it's five down 425 to go and I will take
them down the line if I have to go
through 425 judges that's exactly what's
going to happen dr. Richard fine is
looking for one honest judge to nullify
the order that put him in jail for 18
months under what we call California
Code of Code of Civil Procedure Section
4 7 3 D is and dog a motion can be
brought at any time to set aside a void
judgment that's the motion that I have
been bringing since August of 2010 he
was jailed for not complying with Judge
David yaw fees order to pay a forty
seven thousand dollar penalty fee which
dr. fine insists a fees judgment was
void the reason that the judgment is
void is because judge Yaffe was on the
take no he took set I think it's eight
hundred and sixty thousand dollars of
money from LA County who was a party to

fine has been trying to get a fair 01:56 hearing in the Superior Court for judges 01:59 so far have found a variety of reasons 02:01 to stop him we asked him what is the 02:04 current status of his case suddenly we 02:07 have this new judge judge Kuehl judge 02:11 Kuehl then comes out with an order 02:14 saying that note that all judges are 02:17 .the case that makes his judgment void it 01:16 was a bribe under ordinary circumstances 01:19 he would have been thrown out of office 01:21 under a case called the Adams case in 01:24 which they threw judge Adams out of 01:26 office and then judge Adams was 01:28 prosecuted by the feds under the 01:30 intangible right to honest services that 01:33 conviction was upheld I believe he ended 01:35 up going to federal prison that is what 01:39 should have happened to judge Yaffe but 01:42 what should have happened didn't happen 01:45 what was the result every order that 01:47 judge yeah he made was void because of 01:50 the fact that he took that bribe and so 01:54 dr.

fine gave us a copy 02:45 of judge Carroll and kuehl's order so 02:48 consequently we'll put it up and let the 02:51 world see what craziness and stupidity 02:55 these people are now acting with why are 02:59 the judges going to such lengths to 03:01 prevent dr.elected officials and no elected 02:19 official can overrule or decide what 02:22 another elected official is done well 02:24 that's total craziness number one there 02:27 is no law that says that this is 02:31 something that you either made up in her 02:33 head or it is something that the judges 02:37 are tending to use when they don't want 02:39 to make a decision in fact it is even 02:42 against the law dr. fine from nullifying judge a 03:04 fees order they know that the orders 03:09 that any order by a judge who has 03:13 accepted illegal money or any money from 03:18 a person who is likely to appear in 03:21 front of them is void now what that 03:24 means is that any money that any judge 03:29 took from LA County where LA County is 03:34 .

either a party before them or LA County 03:38 is a witness before them or LA County 03:43 was likely to appear before them is 03:46 going to be void this statement has 03:51 wide-ranging consequences that means 03:54 that every case where any of these 03:58 possibilities happen 04:00 you have void orders and void judgments 04:05 and when you have a void judgment there 04:09 is no time limit as to when that case 04:15 that void judgment can be set aside so 04:19 it is up to the lawyer or the individual 04:24 to come in and have it set aside we 04:28 asked him does that mean that anyone who 04:30 has found themselves on the losing end 04:32 of a case in LA County can come back to 04:35 court and move to have that order or 04:38 that judgment set aside wiped clean 04:41 erased nullified that is correct and I 04:44 am putting the word out right here and 04:46 now and encouraging every person to use 04:51 their rights and go forward and do this 04:55 and to ask their lawyers to do it and if 04:59 .

the lawyers don't do it the lawyers will 05:01 be violating their duty to their client 05:05 to adequately represent their client 05:09 that means if someone has been forced to 05:12 pay a fine the county must refund that 05:15 money no matter when the fine was 05:17 imposed or no matter how much money was 05:20 involved once the the decision is voided 05:25 is their restitution well once a 05:29 decision is voided that means that the 05:30 decision never took place 05:32 and so consequently if somebody got you 05:36 know the money or the county got money 05:40 from a person you know the county is 05:43 going to have to give that money back 05:44 because they don't have a right to that 05:45 money because the court never had 05:47 jurisdiction to make the award dr. Fein 05:51 is leading the charge to restore 05:53 integrity to our judicial system he says 05:56 it's up to us as shown by his particular 05:59 case nobody else is going to do it the 06:02 responsibility is now going to fall on 06:05 .

fines sent appeals to 06:15 all levels of the court and law 06:17 enforcement to stop the corruption all 06:19 to no avail 06:21 it's now up to us to reclaim our justice 06:24 system so as much as our government 06:27 officials have decided to lay back and 06:30 do nothing and shall we say scratch each 06:33 other's backs and stick it to the people 06:37 the method is there for the people to do 06:41 things and if we the people go forward 06:45 and exercise our rights sooner or later 06:48 we're going to win dr. fine is offering 06:52 his guidance to help everyone who's been 06:55 victimized by the California Court every 06:58 person who has been the subject of avoid 07:01 judgment can now come in under CCP 07:05 section 4 7 3 D and asked to have the 07:10 order or the judgment set aside we asked 07:15 him if he would make his filing 07:16 available as a template here on our 07:19 .the individual people because we've had 06:09 a total failure of government during his 06:12 incarceration dr.

website to make it easy for people to 07:21 file to have their case nullified 07:23 absolutely it's a model now someone 07:27 could go in and use it as a format and 07:31 go in and do it once again he emphasized 07:35 that everybody who has lost a case in 07:38 the LA Superior Court in the last 20 07:41 years can file to have their case 07:43 nullified you're talking about every 07:46 case where LA County is involved from 07:50 eminent domain cases to cases where the 07:55 county is a plaintiff or a named 07:57 plaintiff or a defendant to family law 07:59 cases where they're using County people 08:03 with respect to children you know to 08:06 decide custody of children where they 08:08 have the county being evaluators because 08:10 title for money goes into the county and 08:13 you have the county being intimately 08:16 involved in these custody decisions and 08:19 child support decisions you know all the 08:22 way into criminal cases because you have 08:25 the county coming in you have got the 08:28 .

Sheriff's Department coming in and 08:30 testifying in the criminal cases he has 08:33 shown the way to reverse the corruption 08:35 for the last 20 years all people need to 08:38 do is follow his example people will 08:41 have a path to follow then people who 08:47 want to follow that path 08:49 and who really want change we'll be able 08:52 to exercise their rights and take that 08:57 change no it's the old thing that you 08:59 can lead a horse to water you can't make 09:02 the horse drink all people who sincerely 09:06 want to have change will do something 09:09 about it 09:11 hopefully my contribution is that I have 09:16 shown them a path to be able to get 09:19 around the intransigence of the judges 09:24 the intransigence of the Attorney 09:27 General and our local US Attorney's the 09:32 intransigence of the jerry brown's 09:35 who've been the state attorneys generals 09:38 and the coolies who are the district 09:40 attorneys all these people have stymied 09:44 .

fine 10:41 explains the simple process of how to 10:43 use his template you go to the county 10:47 you get the amount of money that the 10:49 judge has received you plug it in and 10:53 away you go 10:55 it's as simple as that doctor fine is 10:58 continuing to implement his own template 11:01 to further his case 11:03 I just file a notice of resetting the 11:06 .us but that hasn't stopped us and my 09:49 contribution is to show the path now 09:53 that path is available for people to 09:58 take it and if they want to take it and 10:02 if they want change and sincerely want 10:07 change it is now easy to accomplish 10:11 there is no longer the excuse oh it's 10:15 too hard what are we going to do I can't 10:18 afford the attorney or the attorney 10:20 won't do it those excuses are gone now 10:26 we have a very simple way of doing it 10:30 you bring a motion to set aside avoid 10:35 judgment and the reason for the motion 10:38 is the judge was on the tape dr.

hearing and I will reset the hearing in 11:12 Department 85 because I've been informed 11:14 that Department 85 illegally never moved 11:20 the file to department 1 so I'll reset 11:25 it in department 85 and I will demand 11:28 that it be heard by a judge who has not 11:31 received any money from the county if 11:34 they give me a judge who's received 11:36 money from the county I'll immediately 11:38 have him disqualify him or her 11:40 disqualified and we will just keep going 11:42 you know and I'll just knock them off 11:44 judge by judge by judge by judge sooner 11:47 or later we'll we're at 425 now sooner 11:50 or later we will be down to zero you 11:53 know it's as simple as that 11:54 I mean just it's it's mathematics now 11:57 you know it's just a question of how 12:00 long is it it'll take but in the end no 12:04 I will prevail and we will prevail but 12:08 the judges aren't just going to roll 12:10 over and give in to doctor fine so they 12:13 have an interest in a very very major 12:16 .

fine has been fighting the 13:27 judges for 10 years they have destroyed 13:30 his finances taken away his livelihood 13:32 .interest for both their jobs their 12:21 financial security and their freedom to 12:26 do everything they possibly can to stop 12:33 me from enforcing the law and getting 12:38 judge yeah fees void order set aside 12:43 doctor fine is playing hardball with the 12:46 judges who are among the most powerful 12:48 people in our society it's a wonder that 12:51 he is so optimistic about his chances of 12:53 getting the judges to relent I have no 12:56 doubts 12:57 sooner or later I will prevail it's just 13:00 a question of how long I live and how 13:02 long they stay in office okay that that 13:07 is really the clock that we're dealing 13:08 with and my father died of 96 in his 13:12 sleep I'm 71 13:15 I've got 25 years to go I don't think 13:20 they've got 25 years left is any of 13:22 these judges have 25 years left on the 13:24 bench dr.

by dis barring him and jailed him for 18 13:36 months in the solitary coercive 13:38 confinement in the notorious Los Angeles 13:41 County men's Central Jail as shown by 13:44 every appeal he filed while in jail the 13:47 corruption seems to infect every level 13:49 of our justice system all the way up to 13:52 our US Supreme Court that is what dr. 13:55 fine is opposing on the other side you 13:58 have little old me who is going to keep 14:01 coming if you go back to Butch Cassidy 14:05 the Sundance Kid 14:06 and they keep looking at the people that 14:08 were coming after them and they say who 14:10 are these guys I'm those guys I will 14:15 keep on coming and keep on coming and we 14:18 have 430 judges we've knocked off five 14:23 of them it's five down 425 to go and I 14:30 will take them down the line if I have 14:32 to go through 425 judges that's exactly 14:37 what's going to happen he ended his 14:39 interview with a meaningful analogy as 14:42 far as the judiciary is concerned it's 14:45 .

no longer a dying animal it is a dead 14:48 animal is just a question of removing 14:51 the carcass 14:54 full disclosure will provide you with 14:56 the contact information where you can 14:58 find out how much your California judge 15:00 has been taking from LA County and if 15:03 you decide to disqualify your judge and 15:06 no and void the judges order in your 15:09 case please send a copy of what you 15:11 filed with the court along with the case 15:13 number to full disclosure at the address 15:16 below so we can follow your case please 15:20 let us know what you think is it time 15:22 for the citizens to join with dr. fine 15:25 and hold the judges accountable please 15:28 be sure to leave your comments below .