Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics)
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Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics)
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Have you heard of all of those devices? I haven't.

Apple 3 (1980) When you’re looking for a home computer that will probably overheat and catch fire, look no further than the Apple 3. The successor to the hugely popular Apple 2 (see what they did there), this was a huge flop. Also, a genuine fire hazard.


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Apple Lisa (1983) The Lisa was actually pretty groundbreaking for its time – it was one of the first personal computers to utilise a graphical user interface (ie: on screen icons), came with a mouse, and could multi-task across programs. All very impressive for 1983. The $10 thousand price tag was considerably less impressive. In today’s terms it equates to approximately $22 thousand. Ouch.



this feature was less reliable then your weed dealer. Then and Now (204 pics) Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Cups (79 pics) Russian drunk yoga (10 pics) The Most Beautiful Smith in the World (32 pics) Funny picdump (89 pics) Strange People (100 pics) Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun Costume (6 pics + video) MOST ACTIVE USERS Apple Newton (1993) The original iPad. Also. Unfortunately. Anyway.very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics) Normandy 1944. Crapsticks. it cost $1000 bucks..9/9/2010 Videos Celebs Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) Flash Games Daily Mix Girls Cars Find us on Facebook acidcow Like 992 people like acidcow S lobodan M arcin Robert Bruce M ariusz M ichał N ev ena P arskająca F acebook social plugin TOP 5 OF YESTERDAY Acid Picdump (134 pics) Photo Fakeouts (34 pics) Inside A Cruise Ship During Rough Seas Redhead Day 2010 (34 pics) Then and Now (2 pics) Macintosh Portable (1989) A portable Mac! Sweet. Released in 1993. take notes and other relevant stuff. store your clients’ details. the Newton was an all-in-one portable office that could send faxes (remember those?). its man claim to fame was its ability to read handwriting (via stylus input). splutter out emails. TOP 10 OF ALL TIME Dead Flies Art (15 pics) Russian W all-E Case Mod (110 pics) Elly . Wait. why do I have these crippling back pains? Maybe it’s because this laptop weights over seven kilos and is larger than a briefcase..com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 2/8 . acidcow.

A QuickTake camera was easy to use.9/9/2010 salsapopo Total comments: 5987 Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) 2fuzzy Total comments: 5134 Ty Webb Total comments: 4639 khannibal Total comments: 3847 Jinxaruny Total comments: 2853 Louie Total comments: 2682 Macintosh TV (1993) If you’re going to release a computer that can display TV signals on the monitor than you wanna make sure it can actually do so. nico Total comments: 2185 the_dado_666 Total comments: 2122 tapatio Total comments: 2002 adzhoe Total comments: 1914 SEARCH ARCHIVE « Sep 2010 1 6 7 8 2 9 3 » 4 5 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 September 2010 (247) August 2010 (778) July 2010 (845) June 2010 (870) May 2010 (752) April 2010 (808) QuickTake (1994) The QuickTakes were some of the very first digital cameras available on the market. had a .3 Megapixel resolution (which isn’t bad for 1994). which again points to Apple’s uncanny knack for meeting needs that consumers don’t yet know they have. and ranged in price from $600 to $750. acidcow.com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 3/8 . The Macintosh TV was a bit of a shambles and watching TV on it was slightly less satisfying poking yourself in the eyes with a stick.

selling fewer than 45 thousand units internationally. Apple partnered with Japanese entertainment giant Bandai and somewhere along the way things got lost in translation. this was a bit of a mess from the get-go.com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 4/8 . Released around the same time as the original Playstation. this quickly sank without a trace. acidcow. Charging nearly $8000 for some pointless ‘special features’ and a new casing? Not so much. 20th Anniversary Macintosh (1997) Creating a deluxe version of your computer to mark 20 years in the business is all good and well.9/9/2010 p ( ) Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) Show whole archive Apple Pippin (1996) A mutant PC/games consoles hybrid.

com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 5/8 .9/9/2010 Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) Apple USB Mouse (1998) One button? What the hell am I supposed to do with one button? What about right cluck? Nuts to this… acidcow.

It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the Acidcow.html Embed: <a href="http://acidcow.9/9/2010 Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) Do you like it? Like 3 people like this.com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 6/8 . Please visit our main page to see other great pictures and videos! Sportsmen on WW2 Frontline Facebook… Literally What Happens When Animals Behave Like People? 9 Logos with Hidden Messages Banned Cheerleader Team Mind Blowing Picture Celebrities Without That Explains Everything Makeup Latest Collection The Magic Of Photoshop What Girlfriends Have to Deal With?! Feel free to share Link: http://acidcow. Part 3 (25 pics) acidcow.com/pics/13070-apples-greatest-fails-10-pics Email this link Similar Posts: Playing With Apple's Apple.com/pics/13070-apples-greatest-fails-10-pics. Be the first of your friends.com.

Part 2 (30 pics) Apple iPad Portraits of Celebrities (19 pics) Playing With Apple's Apple (9 pics) What It's Like to Own an Apple Product (6 pics) №1 Author: Kendaleros (Today. 05:44) Total user comments: 62 I wonder if there is some way to emulate those SO's as the old windows SO's too 0 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] acidcow. only to hire him back 10 years later and not have your own built-in jokes. 03:19) Total user comments: 1914 junk +1 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] №5 Author: capitanqueso (Today.com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 7/8 .9/9/2010 Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) Playing With Apple's Apple. 02:25) Total user comments: 1574 0 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] №4 Author: adzhoe (Today. 02:11) Total user comments: 830 You can't expect to fire your company's founder. 01:44) Total user comments: 41 muy interesante !! 0 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] №2 Author: Jimmy Johnson (Today. +1 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] №3 Author: fluorescentG (Today.

wendt (Today.com Smileys by Kolobok About | Privacy Policy | Copyright | Terms & Conditions | Advertising acidcow.9/9/2010 Apple's Greatest Fails (10 pics) №6 Author: raymond.com/…/13070-apples-greatest… 8/8 . They would NOT accept scanned e-mail! A computer company!!! 0 Activity rewards: Profile | Send a message [Reply] [Report spam or abuse] Submit Clear AcidCow. 07:40) Total user comments: 311 remember fax's? I had some warranty work done on an Asus and had to fax in some paperwork.com © 2009-2010 contact@acidcow.

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