Prologue: Kanye-ed. So ok, 2009 is already a long shot from now.

But that was the closest thing to describe what happened on stage tonight. ³What the hell was that freak thinking?´ Lilith, my ever-so-patient-but now irritated manager, was talking five miles per minute on her phone. The limousine was my sole haven as of the moment since I have to deal with everything after tonight.

Chapter 1: Paparazzi Jungle-Andrew, the entourage Chapter 2: Reconciliation- Clint, the Kanye Chapter 3: Tip off- Tiffany, the bitch Chapter 4: Three sixtiesSeason 1 Ep 1 Meet Holly (FM Static¶s Next Big Thing)

19 year-old Manhattan-born Megan Douglas decides to give her mother a heart attack by saying she wants to be a personal assistant to celebrity. With her feisty attitude and life savings at hand, she heads west to Sunny LA to pursue her dream career but she soon found out that all that glitz and glam isn t at all what they seem to be in TV. A blessing then comes forth in the form aspiring actress Holly McCarthy. Not only does Megan find herself a job, she also finds herself a best friend. Meanwhile, Megan s mother recuperates and asks her brother Alex to bring her back. Not knowing that Alex is about to pursue his career as well, Mrs. Douglas loses both Megan and Alex to Tinseltown.
Ep 2 All in a day¶s work (It¶s a Hard knock life) Megan¶s first day as personal assistant officially starts. Holly¶s crew toured her around the compound and met some of the personalities. Some of these are Andrew McCain, Tiffany Christianne, and Zane Quintin. Andrew is Holly¶s stage boyfriend and is forced into her schedule. Megan is to make sure that every public appearance is together and even paparazzi shots are to be ensured that they are together. Due to the network¶s politics, childhood friends Tifanny Christianne and Holly had to bicker publicly. Zane Quintin is the intern. His family has been in the film industry as far as history can tell. Even so, they stay behind the cameras. After a long day, Holly¶s family dined out and met Alex on the street. Megan tried to evade him but he held her arm. He gave her the message her mom gave him but she also informed her that he is to stay in Tinseltown. Ep 3 I got Kanye-ed It is the first major event that Megan had to assist Holly, Awards Night. The whole entourage runs around to make sure that the event goes well. Make-up artists to chefs had their directives arranged a day ahead and Megan was not spared. She was to be with Holly but not to be seen in photographs together especially at the red carpet. The night goes on smoothly. The best of it was when Holly was given the award of up and coming actress of the year. But it turned sour when Clint Blair goes up the stage and steals the microphone from Holly¶s hand. A classic Tinseltown moment. Ep 4 Paparazzi Jungle (Lady Gaga¶s Paparazzi)

Megan met Joe Larocca in one of her day offs. He offered to tour her around the city without the glitzy entourage of Holly. They went to the different sights from Malibu to Venice. They exchanged numbers and kept tabs with each other. Little did Megan know, Joe tapped her phone to pinpoint the locations of Holly¶s most visited establishments and residential estates she stays? Joe is a hired paparazzo of local tabloid that had a reputation of destroying every celebrity in Tinseltown. The pictures start flying and rumors start spreading«the crew then gets busy to get to the bottom of the mess. Ep 5 Selling out Alex sets out to find an agent and auditions for various roles. He gets an agent and lands minor roles in various TV shows. He even gets to make an appearance on Holly¶s show. Through Megan¶s circumspection, she finds out that Holly has a crush on Alex. Andrew steps in to save his so-called clique with Holly but Tiffany gets to it first by asking Alex out on a formal date. With all this chaos happening, the network secretly films the set and streams the footage live. The rating surged to an all time high and the network decides the reality show to go mainstream and primetime but Megan, Holly, and, Alex calls out. Despite the huge amount offered, Megan and Alex stood their ground. They promised not to be swayed by the Tinseltown politics. The reality goes on but without Megan and Alex. Ep 6 In the band 5 Silver Coins is a band formed by Joe¶s brother, Adam. They are in dire need of a lead guitarist and back-up vocal. While they take five, Alex accidentally wonders into the studio and picks up the guitar. He starts playing few songs and gets lost into it. He didn¶t notice the band slowly entering the studio and joined him in his acoustic session. Alex is startled and comes out of his trance. Adam offers him the spot as the lead guitarist but the band insists on giving him the back-up vocals. When Alex was about to accept the offer, Megan gives out an SOS. She was again trap in paparazzi jungle headed by none other than Joe. Alex offers Adam a deal. Joe gets off Megan¶s back and Alex becomes the lead guitarist and back-up vocals. Adam accepts and gives Joe a phone call. Whatever was said over the phone conversation, it was Tinseltown secret. Ep 7 Internet Famous Weeks have passed and Mrs. Dina Douglas was able to track her children. To her disbelief, they are successfully climbing the social ladder without her help. She heard of all the rumors and believes in every single one of them. She hires a private detective but her kids discover her plan. They both went on the internet in hope that a good talking might change their mother¶s mind. They filmed their daily lives and talked to her as if she was with them. Their videos not only caught their mother¶s attention but also the whole country. It started with a mere 50 following and it ballooned to hundreds of thousands. Megan and Alex suddenly become web stars and get invited to various gatherings around Tinseltown. From film to web, the twins are making their way globally. Ep 8 Fashion Wars If there is one thing that is a staple in Tinseltown, that is Fashion. Holly and Tiffany are publicly seen wearing the same outfits on the same events. The press exaggerates the story and starts comparing who the best dresser is. Holly coolly handled the situation, added a unique touch to her gown, and enjoyed the night. On the other hand, Tiffany bad mouths the designer and says it was clearly a set up. The press bites the scoop and escalates the whole situation. Both actresses were called in to make an appearance in a fashion TV show to settle things as to who the best dresser is. They both accepted it and show up on the show the day after the call. The host asks them to dress themselves without the help of their stylists with a time limit of 10 minutes per outfit. Holly emerges victorious as Tiffany

looks distressed by the fact that her stylists couldn¶t help her. Little did everyone know, Megan filled in Holly with the latest fashion trends fresh from New York. Ep 9 The Entourage The reality show broke down without Alex and Megan on the show while their web videos soared high day by day. Alex and Megan¶s followers called themselves the entourage. The entourage hates everyone Alex and Megan dislike and loves everyone Alex and Megan like. Their mass followers demanded more of them over the internet than their real lives. They both decide to use this advantage to boost both of their careers. 5 Silver Coins concerts sell out as much as Holly¶s career soars. But this got crazy when some of the fans got hold of some personal information and held it against Alex. Megan tried patching up things but she couldn¶t. Alex only resolution was to quit taping his daily life and called on to the entourage to see him as he is with his band. The entourage supports Alex¶s decision. Admittedly, the twins said they were not ready for Tinseltown¶s prowess. Ep 10 Reconciliation After a month¶s time, Clint Blair issued a public apology. Holly accepted his apology on the same show with poise and grace. Meanwhile, Megan waits at the lobby of the set and comes across the undercover Joe. Megan catches him and asks him to hand his equipment. Joe did so and asks forgiveness. Megan was hesitant after all the things he put her through but she gave in after he promises never to do it again. He even unwires the tapping device on Megan¶s phone. After the show, Alex calls Megan and asks her to meet him at LAX. Megan felt anxious about the place. She fears that he might go back to NY. To her surprise, she sees her brother talking to her mother at a café. Her mother decided to let Tinseltown take her twins. If and only if they were managed by someone trusted by her. The twins agree so and arranges to meet their managers. Mrs. Douglas is set out to travel the world and promises to keep posted by doing her own web videos. Ep 11 You¶re Such a Fan girl After such a busy week, Holly gives Megan a day off. She decides to watch her brother perform live. Alex gives her front row tickets and a back stage pass. The show starts and Adam pulls Megan up to the stage not knowing she is Alex¶s sister. Alex accidentally blurts out, ³Dude! That¶s my sister you¶re hitting on!´ in the middle of the song. The line becomes the new line on their song and instantly becomes a hit. Adam writes an improvised song for Megan and publicly asks her out. Adam apologizes privately to Megan and Alex for the stint that happened on stage. They both brushed it off and said it was just a part of the show. They laughed it off and the concert continued. After the concert, Adam approaches Megan and seriously asks her out. She kidded around and said the public would be waiting for a scoop but she gladly accepted his offer. Ep12 Tip-off A fellow paparazzo tips off Joe and gets his taste of his own medicine. Megan saves him. Joe falls in love with Megan. Ep 13 Sorority Row (horror movie making) Alex and Holly get cozy. Ep 14 Finding Memory Lane The gang goes on a mission to find memory lane. Confessions Ep 15 Downhill The gang starts falling apart. They can¶t get over the confessions.

Ep 16 Keeping up with the Joneses There¶s a new kid in town. Ep 17 Best Friends Holly and new comer become best friends. Megan is hurt. Ep 18 Mix-up DJ Megan parties and meets a trainee DJ. Ep 19 Miss by a hit Alex gets into a fist fight with Andrew and Zane saves him. Ep 20 Ryan A famous host interviews the PA-turned-celebrity Megan Douglas Ep 21 Three Sixties Part 1 (Miserable At Best by Mayday Parade) Adam and Megan separate lives. Ep 22 Three Sixties Part 2 Alex and Holly separate lives. Ep 23 Three Sixties Part 3 Megan and Holly separate lives. Ep 24 Sweet Goodbyes ³Goodbye is such as sweet sorrow.´ Megan looks up to the Hollywood sign and wonders what happens to her after her decisions.

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