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The application for the Masters ASERI are now

ASERI 2018

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In the past years, INPS awarded Managing Regione Marche
partial or full scholarships for International Discover the scholarship awarded
Italian candidates for the ASERI Relations for Regione Marche: get more
Masters (Master in Middle Eastern Applications for the 2018 edition information on the scholarships
Studies, Master in International of the Summer school "Managing here.
Relations and Master in International Relations" are now
International Cooperation and open!
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Also this year we have requested
the eligibility for our Master
courses starting in January 2019.

Follow the publication of the

outcome on the INPS website and
find out if the ASERI Masters have
been deemed eligible again this

Prof. Parsi at Prof. Parsi presenting his Prof. Parsi at Tg3 speaking
speaking about Siria new book "Titanic. Il about Siria
naufragio dell'ordine
April 15th, 2018 April 14th, 2018
See the video here See the video here
April 15th, 2018

See the article here

Intesa necessaria con Parigi Il rischio guerra e l'Europa. Iran, i rischi per il presidente
(e Berlino). Un «nucleo» per Nella Penisola arabica ci sono Rouhani
l'Europa troppe armi. Ecco perché
January 9th, 2017
January 11th, 2017 October 10th, 2017
The opinion of prof. Parsi on Panorama
The opinion of prof. parsi on Avvenire The opinion of Prof. Caruso on Avvenire.

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