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What exactly is a Plan B? 3

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The five biggest threats you face today 7
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How to build your offense 13
Three strategies to legally reduce your tax obligation 13
Grow your wealth by Investing outside the mainstream lens 17

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This is an information paper only and does not constitute tax advice. Please review all of the
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ing any of the steps outlined below to ensure it is a good fit for your own personal financial

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We insure what we can’t afford to lose: Our health. You’re making a high-stakes bet that everything in that one . solitary country is going to be OK. invest. bank. And some people are just fine with those odds. It’s not outside the realm of reasonable possibility that the economy could tank. and you can think of it as your customized insurance policy. our property. our sav- 3 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. your assets. And it probably will be.. then you are putting all of your eggs in one basket.. work. Fortunately. own a business. there are a number of simple. Some things in life are not worth insuring. And a Plan B is an insurance policy you need. logical steps you can employ to protect yourself. But most of us don’t like playing Russian Roulette if we don’t need to. There’s a good chance that nothing catastrophic will happen to you in your lifetime. And that’s all it could take for you to lose everything—your money. or a keystroke error might happen in some random office at the IRS. no matter what happens in the world. and hold your assets in the same country of your citizenship. We call this building a Plan B. A natural disaster could hit. your family. and possibly. and your assets from such risks.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B What exactly is a Plan B? If you live. even your freedom. the political system could go into tur- moil.

their lives. It makes sense regardless of what happens to your job or busi- ness. What makes for a good Plan B? 1. social security default. It makes sense regardless of whether a litigious neighbor moves in next door. you will be OK.. but to protect yourself so that no matter what happens next in the financial or political . And the goal of your Plan B is not only to insure yourself against such pre- dictable scenarios. and not just sur- vive. or a neighborhood kid falling in our pool. but even thrive. capital controls. or a disgruntled customer taking us to court over a dispute. It makes sense no matter who is in office. Some people insure even more than this -.their jobs. and loss of freedom all are worth protecting against but don’t have default “insur- ance”. inflation. Your insurance against these risks is a good Plan B.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B ings are things we insure against potential risks such as hitting another car or person when we drive. banking collapses. 4 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. But there are some things you can’t buy insurance policies for: Taxation. and their kids. It makes sense regardless of what happens (or doesn’t happen) next The hallmark of a great Plan B is that the steps you take make sense no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen)..

which will help you no mat- ter what happens. You have to have both. you want to make sure your other Plan B steps make sense no matter what.and will achieve . Likewise. Good offense.over your lifetime is safe. It has a good defense and offense Think about offense and defense the way a sports team does. In this case. should be legally reducing your tax obligation and diversifying your investments.. Hav- ing some cash on hand makes sense in any scenario. The two most important parts of your offense. you’ll never be worse off for holding some physical cash. even if you never need it. It ensures that everything you have worked for .com . 2. They’ll help you if you need them and will either help (or at least won’t hurt you) if you don’t. It means increas- ing your prosperity. no matter what. think about defense as safeguarding what you already have. This includes risk prevention and increasing your freedom.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B For example. opening up more opportunities and growing your wealth. positions you for gain. on the other hand. Nobody wins a championship only with good defense or offense. 5 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan.

com . However. it makes sense to take steps before a crisis hits to protect your- self against such highly probable threats.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B How to build your defense No one likes to pay for insurance. there’s one huge threat to our livelihoods that very few insure themselves against: financial disaster. financial panic is far more predictable and frequent. because paying small amounts over time feels a lot better than having to write a huge check when you’re at your worst. If you don’t smoke. This is a likely threat that should not be ignored. They can be diagnosed ahead of time. For example. given that the average business cycle lasts about 6 years. And unlike a heart attack. financial crises don’t just appear out of nowhere. most people will see at least 10 recessions over their lifetime. In comparison to your house suddenly bursting into flames. Especially when the average cost of insuring against just catastrophic health incidents can take up about 4% of your income. 6 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. if you go to the gym regularly. But you do it anyway. So while we might not know the exact day or month that a recession or other financial crisis will hit. we know it’s coming. Knowing this. it just might not seem worth it. and if you generally eat well.

And now. where businesses and individuals found themselves frozen out of their accounts overnight. the faster they print. with rock-bottom interest rates and sky high debts. The problem is— this time. INFLATION For a government deep in debt there’s nothing more tempting than printing money to pay the bills. destroying the currency and eating away at the value of people’s savings. where income taxes alone can amount to more than half of one’s . BANKING COLLAPSE The financial system is in even worse shape than it was in 2008. They may buy more time by pushing back the retirement age or reducing benefits.. the government is likely to step in to prevent people from taking their money out of the system. with government debt at record high levels across the Western world. but eventually there will be nothing left to pay out. Social Security will be insolvent in less than 20 years.. just to pay their taxes. it’s already happening. CAPITAL CONTROLS To prop up a failing banking system.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B The five biggest threats you face today TAXATION Americans spend nearly 5 months of the year working.. SOCIAL SECURITY DEFAULT By the US government’s own estimates. 7 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. The more indebted they become. It’s even worse for many in Europe. This threat to your income and savings is not only highly probable. This is exactly what happened in Cyprus just a few years back. governments will lean on taxation even more heavily to stay afloat. the Treasury and the Fed are running out of tools to ‘save’ the system.

8 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. CAPITAL CONTROLS Physical Precious Metals. Second Passport. Value Investing etc.) Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Physical cash. Offshore LAWSUITS Trust. Physical Precious Metals. SOCIAL SECURITY Offshore Real Assets.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B The solutions to counter these threats Though this is by no means an exhaustive list of tools. Offshore Bank Account. Real Assets. Physi- BANKING COLLAPSE cal Precious . Domestic and/or Foreign LLC. Self-Directed Retirement Structure etc. (We explain all of these in detail regularly to our subscribers. PEOPLE CONTROLS Foreign Residency. etc. NATURAL DISASTER Insurance. Self-Directed Retirement Structure. etc. etc. Personal Resilience Measures. Offshore Bank Account. etc. etc. it demonstrates that for every threat to your livelihood and wellbeing. easy-to-implement solutions. TAXATION Domestic and/or Foreign LLC. Currency INFLATION Diversification. there are multiple. etc. Physical Cash.

Purchase Precious Metals While physical cash is a great hedge against short-term problems in the banking system. 2. Keep a portion of your savings in physical cash This is one of the most critical strategies for your Plan B -. systemic challenges in the monetary system. keeping precious metals is a long-term hedge against more serious. we won’t go into the great detail on every potential strategy. 9 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. you are not going to be worse off for having some physical cash. To ensure you are protected. With current interest rates nearing zero. as a crucial hedge against emergency situations. If something happens in the banking system. take out and store at least two months’ of ex- penses in physical cash. but we do want to highlight a few important ones. and all of your money is trapped in the bank (or on some digital ledger). your savings effectively be- come worthless.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B Five strategies to build your defense As this guide is meant as an introduction to this topic. and it is a complete no-brainer given the state most western banking systems are in. There is almost no cost to doing .and also one of the easiest to implement. 1.

you will own real assets that will protect your purchasing power. conservative bank in a country that is backed by governments with no debt.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B If governments continue printing money to the point of serious inflation (as witnessed in Venezuela. See. most major banks in the US and across Europe are poorly capitalized. it very quickly becomes clear that having 100% of your assets in one place isn’t the safest strategy. . You can learn more about why and how to do this in our free Ultimate Off- shore Banking Guide. highly sol- vent. You should also consider storing your precious metals offshore to protect yourself from confiscation. frivolous litigation and social unrest. they hold less than 3% of customer deposits in cash. 10 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. Protect a portion of your savings in a strong. Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic). well- capitalized foreign bank When you examine the financial system. In most cases. Consider moving a portion of your savings to a highly liquid. these banks would have to start fire-selling assets in order to stay solvent. That means if just 3% of customers went to the bank and withdrew their funds.

Of course. But if you’ve had the good fortune to have parents. you might be entitled to citizenship based on ancestry. Germany. This means you can get a second passport in a very short time. a second passport also confers many other benefits: It can protect you from travel and people controls. England. That way. It all comes down to the fact that having more than one option means you don’t belong to a single government. you will have an escape plan ready. if that’s not possible. France. obtaining a second passport requires either a lot of time or a lot of money. from Italy. give you more visa-free travel and potentially even reduce your tax obligations. open up more internationalization options. Usually. a second residency. legally and effectively take yourself and your family out of harm’s way. when things go south. and at very 11 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. Ireland. or in some cases. You can immediately.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B 4. And even if you don’t make use of a second passport right now. you can go north. for example. which we’ll discuss below). a sec- ond citizenship can generally be easily and inexpensively obtained. Poland. Try to obtain a valuable second passport through ancestry The ultimate insurance policy that you can have is a second passport (or. Portugal or Estonia. If you have ancestors. . even great-grandparents from the right place in the world.

how to take advantage of these ances- try-based second passport programs.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B low cost. Members of our Sovereign Man: Confidential service have access to intelli- gence reports showing. . One of the easiest places to obtain residency in is Panama. It gives you the same benefit of always having a place to go. 12 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. Obtain a second residency If you are not eligible for a second passport through ancestry. you can learn more about this option in this article. step-by-step. the next best option is to obtain a second residency. and it can even potentially set you up to obtain a second passport within a few years through naturalization.

It is just not worth it. no-brainer tax strategies. Three strategies to legally reduce your tax obligation Legally reducing what you owe in taxes may lead to the greatest return on investment you can get. move abroad to a country with a territorial tax sys- tem. Move abroad and earn up to $200. please let me stress that you should never try to avoid paying what you owe. Examples 13 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. considering the penal- ties. just because you have engaged in a few completely legal. creating more prosperity and growing your wealth. for example. That means it does not tax you on your worldwide income. easy. In this guide. tax- free You reduction and investments outside of the mainstream lens.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B How to build your offense The offense side of your Plan B is all about positioning yourself for gain. 1. Imagine being able to add an additional 30% per year to your pocket.000 per year. But before we . legitimate tax strategies are available to you. and knowing how many simple. totally legitimate. we are going to focus on the two most important ones .

passed a number of attractive tax incentives to attract foreigners. 2. you are NOT required to pay US federal taxes on income you earn in Puerto Rico if you meet certain criteria (with official residency there).com . you can take advantage of this using the For- eign Earned Income Exclusion. and you’ll pay only 4% while accumulating the prof- its. which provide for a corporate tax rate of just 4% for companies exporting services outside of Puerto Rico. Year after year. As an American living abroad. Citizens of most other countries. desperate to jump- start its economy. never once paying a dividend to yourself back in the United States. This means you can set up a Puerto Rican company that provides services to customers worldwide. as well as a full exemption for individuals on taxes on most types of investment income. Slash your tax bill to nearly 0% by taking advantage of Puerto Rico’s incentives Over the past few years. Since Puerto Rico is a self-governing US territory. Malaysia and Singapore. won’t be taxed on any of their income. the government of Puerto Rico.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B include Panama.000 in income tax-free. 14 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. which allows you to earn up to $200. you generate profit. Among these are Act 20 and Act 22. including dividends. Hong Kong. who are not taxed based on their citizen- ship.

Afterwards. It increases the limit to $2. Start your own insurance company and legally slash your tax bill up to $1. Because as long as you follow some basic rules to obtain and maintain offi- cial residency. or to the Puerto Rican government.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B After a few years. you can head right back to the US in the following tax year having legally paid no tax on your gain. but recently a new limit was signed into law. 3. You can learn more about this strategy in this article and download our free guide to Puerto Rico. It’s at this point that you can pick up and move to Puerto Rico to take ad- vantage of the second incentive. Here is how you can take advantage of it: 15 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan.2 million each year Under the US tax code is an interesting exception for “small insurance com- panies” that slashes their corporate tax rate to . you may find that there’s a substantial treasure trove of cash that has never been distributed.2mn in total premi- ums per year. 2017. What is a small insurance company? At the time of publication it was de- fined as any insurance company that collects up to $1. you’ll then be able to pay out ALL of the profits to yourself without paying a dime of tax—either to the IRS.2mn starting January 1st.

From the revenue generated you deduct legitimate expenses. employee theft. you are investing the entire $1mn and generating a return on that. and so on). This means your medical practice is not paying 35% corporate tax on them: Insurance expenses are legitimate expenses. but it is important to note that you generated a return on the full $1mn. and the fact that you own the insurance yourself does not matter. 16 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 . You are still taxed on the $100. deducting the premiums as expenses. which is either 15% or 20%.000. let’s say you are a physician and have a medical practice.2mn in premi- ums ($2. Let’s say your medical practice paid $1mn in premiums and your insurance company is investing that amount and generating a 10% return . At this point your insurance company can do what insurance companies do . Your medical practice pays these premiums to your own insurance compa- nies. you start your own captive insurance company to fill the gaps in your medical practice’s insurance (such as cybersecurity. The captive insurance company can then pay out dividends.000 investment return. such as rent. On those you have to pay a dividend tax.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B For example. In this case. Instead of investing $650.invest the premiums conservatively to generate a profit.000 (after paying 35% tax on the $1mn) and generating a 10% return on that.2mn in 2017). Since your captive insurance company receives less than $1. it is considered a “small insurance company” by the IRS and you are subject to a tax rate of 0%. salaries and insurance. depending on your tax bracket.$100.

com . and you had to generate high levels of income to take advantage of it.2mn effective Janu- ary 1st. for example.but you have many more benefits above and beyond that. This is not a loophole. If you are a Sovereign Man: Confidential member. your expected investment return would be 17 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. we will be able to set these up swiftly and tax effectively to reduce the upfront and ongoing cost. In the future.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B This means.The aim is to make this a no-brainer for a lot more people. you are reducing your taxes by 15% -- from 35% to 20% -. I always look for smart investments that have high risk-adjusted returns. since they re- cently increased that premium limit from $1. and you had a 99% chance of losing your money. Setting up a captive insurance company used to be very expensive. but something that is right there in section 831 of the internal revenue code. Imagine. worst case scenario. but we are currently working with our tax attorney to change that. In the meantime. you can check out our video library for more information on this topic. And it has been officially blessed. that someone offered you an investment deal that was fraught with risk. you will be the first to hear about this development. 2017. Grow your wealth by Investing outside the mainstream lens When it comes to investing.2mn to $2. In the small chance that it worked out.

audited. To me. In conventional finance. the real definition of risk is the likelihood of a permanent loss of capital. it seems like the only sensible approach. And Investment B’s risk-adjusted return is dramatically higher than Investment A’s. Your money would be fully backed by multiple assets. Which would you choose? Clearly 15% is higher. And the best way to mitigate that is to buy: (1) High-quality assets. only carried a return of 9%. That’s what we call a ‘risk-adjusted return’. (2) Managed by competent people of integrity.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B 15%. when prices of assets swing wildly one way or another. Then someone else offered you another investment deal that had an ex- tremely low chance of loss. But the 9% return carries so much less risk. This second investment. Risk really has nothing to do with volatility. those are merely opportunities to buy or sell. you’ll often find risk defined as a function of vola- tility. In fact. This is an absurd way to measure risk. and guaranteed by creditworthy institutions who put collat- eral on the . however. 18 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan.

1. it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent yield. Earn a 12% return while taking minimal risk With interest rates at zero or lower. at very low risk. and much more. you can sell the assets and get your principal and interest back. This has become extremely difficult in today’s markets. liquid asset. I want to introduce you to an opportunity to make a significant return of 12% per year. There are a lot of high-quality assets out there— great. What is the collateral? 19 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. But their prices are astronomical. And finding great bargains has be- come much more difficult. But in this guide. Outside of the conventional options is a whole world of opportunities in agricultural real estate. at least among conventional options in finance.000 worth of assets as collateral. This means that if you are giving out a loan of $100.000. profitable companies.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B (3) At prices that are at/below intrinsic value. or beautiful pieces of real estate. private equity. Companies are selling for huge multiples of their earnings and net asset . by making a peer-to-peer loan backed 3-to-1 by a high–quality. I want to focus on two options that I encourage you to consider. you are getting $300. If the borrower is unable to make the quarterly interest payments or return the principal at the end of the period.

This is essential when using it as collateral. you want to be able to sell the collateral in a matter of days rather than months-. Maybe there’s no market to buy their assets. because if the borrower defaults. But they’re unable to sell assets. which makes the market very transparent and relatively liquid. and people need to raise cash. This opportunity is provided by our agent in the UK. Or maybe it would simply take too much time to arrange a deal. cash-poor” is a reality. Maybe the stocks are down and they don’t want to take a loss. who arranges the loan between borrowers and lenders. The most universally accepted benchmarks at any given time are those quoted on The London Interna- tional Vintner’s Exchange.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B Investment-grade wine. And just like the S&P500. and real estate that they have very little cash left Why would “rich people” borrow money at 15%? Often times even the very wealthy have liquidity problems. There is a significant global market for top end wine. Yes. you read that right. Maybe there would be a big tax bill if they sold.and get back both your principal and interest. Liv-Ex: https://www. They invest so much of their money in stocks. Maybe the bank is simply unwilling to accept their asset as . pass 12% on to the lender and keep 3% for themselves. These are the S&P500 of wines.liv-ex. They charge the borrower 15% interest. Sometimes an investment opportunity comes up or life deals a blow. The phrase is “ 20 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. they have live quotes in London and are widely traded. bonds.

This idea of making higher-yield investments that are generously backed by strong assets isn’t unique to wine. you can lend. It’s also important to note that the wine is held in the name of the lender. 6% might not be as strong a return as what some people are making in overinflated “technology” stocks that are selling near their all-time highs. not the agent. 21 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. typically backed at a 2:1 margin. Again.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B The risk-adjusted returns on this opportunity are incredible. $ . In other words. If something goes wrong and the borrower doesn’t pay. The minimum investment amount is $100. the lender has substantial collateral to ensure his/her investment is made whole. say.000. but we were able to arrange the ability to invest as little as $5. but you are earning a very generous return in today’s environment. But on a risk-adjusted basis.000 earning a strong return while your money is backed by $100. Our colleagues at Silver Bullion. the most advanced bullion depository in Singapore. at rates up to 6%.000 into this opportunity to members of our Sovereign Man: Private Investor service. because you have a very low chance of losing your capital. the lender will be made whole. So no matter what happens to the agent.000 of gold and silver. these types of investments are very strong per- formers and make sense for anyone to consider. have created a peer-to-peer lending platform where investors can loan funds against gold and silver.

com . However. 22 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. Even worse. With such heavy manipulation from central banks and large investment banks. your annualized rate of return would have been a paltry 1. with stocks in many markets trading near all-time highs. it’s clear to me that the system is strongly rigged against the little guy. Deep Value Investments I’ve not made it a secret that I’m no fan of the stock market.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B 2. it’s really hard to find any compelling opportunities. On a risk-adjusted basis. and then sold in February 2016. there’s money just sitting there in the corner.38% per year. I’m happy to take that deal. deep-val- ue opportunities. There are corners of the market where you can find some fantastic. your long-term rate of return improves dramatically. So. as Jim Rogers says. There are just too many factors that I can’t control in the stock market.38% really worth it? Like I said at the beginning. when you start buying at multi-year lows. even though I’m in principle averse to the stock market. If you had bought US stocks at their all-time high 15 years ago. it’s very hard to make money buying anything at its all-time highs. was 1. on the rare occasions when. after taking into account both federal capital gains taxes and inflation.

75 at a 31% discount to its cash backing. like the Australian dollar or 23 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. By purchasing a well-managed. Capital Appreciation.50 per share in cash. there’s a very strong chance that you’re buying near the bottom. In this strategy. even if it returns just to its intrinsic value. You can buy companies in foreign currencies. For example. So this means that there are several different ways you can profit from this strategy: 1. the company is traded on the stock market for just $3. Sometimes you can even find companies that trade for less than the cash they have in the bank. The second way you can make money with this strategy is with currency appreciation. but due to the market’s irrationality. you can expect the share price to increase dramatically. you purchase stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic value… meaning the entire market cap of the company is lower than the value of the tangible assets of the company. a company might have $5. Currency Appreciation. 2. We have a great article called 50 years of data prove Value Investing to be the most profitable investment strategy that I encourage you to check out. growing company that trades for less than its intrinsic value or even cash balance. . which reduces your risk significantly.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B This is the strategy that Warren Buffett has used to become one of the most successful investors of all time.

com . which focus primarily on purchasing companies that are trading for less than cash.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B British pound. significant upside opportunities. 24 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. as well as this one. And if these currencies do nothing more than return to their historic aver- age. This is an exceptional investment strategy: you’re taking on limited risk while exposing yourself to multiple. as well as an actionable newsletter called The 4th Pillar. We also have an educational value investment newsletter called Price Val- ue International. then you will also make money on the currency appreciation. that are trading near multi-year lows against the US dollar. I encourage you to learn more about this strategy. A great start is this article. This substantially reduces the downside risk. and far below their historic averages.

is invested. you ment account by taking ad- can go even further to pro. as a doctor you pendent income. With record-low bond yields. your location. Your profes- sion.000 in While malpractice insurance earned income tax-free. bank account to move a portion of your savings to It can even come with fantas- a stable. etc. As an added bonus. overseas. ing abroad could enable you investments. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. where you are in life. through non-conventional some point in your career. your Plan B should be designed to fit your situation. vantage of a self-directed or tect yourself and everything tablishing foreign residency. even extraordinary IRA could you’ve worked for by setting you can put yourself on track give you much greater con- up a foreign corporation to to getting a second passport trol over where your money protect your personal assets down the line. liquid bank tic tax benefits. and efforts. to take up to $200. Restructuring your retire- is an important start. Here are a few examples of the strategies people in different situations might want to take: EXAMPLE #1: CASE STUDY #2: CASE STUDY #3: DOCTOR REMOTE WORKER MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE Despite your best intentions If you have location-inde. 25 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. . then taking the only way to really build are highly likely to be sued advantage of Foreign Earned your retirement savings is for medical malpractice at Income Exclusion and liv.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B Plan B Examples Your Plan B is very personal. by es. all play a factor in determin- ing your best plan. Instead. for dramatically as well as opening a foreign higher returns. You should also consider setting up a captive insurance company to legally reduce your tax obligation.

highest impact items first. we’ve put to- gether a list of the top solutions you’ll want to consider implementing. well-capitalized bank in a safe jurisdiction. But it does require re- sources (time. Purchase some physical precious metals as a long-term hedge against a weakening . Start small and build on it as you go on. or both). $10-50K Consider all of the above.000.. Consider moving abroad to take advantage of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion to dramatically reduce your tax burden and start yourself on the path to a second passport through naturalization.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B Strategies for every level of wealth Implementing your Plan B doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you have $10. Don’t worry if you can’t fill out the perfect Plan B just yet. as a crucial hedge against emergency situations. 26 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan.. plus.000 in liquid assets or $10. Thus. Meanwhile. Look into your ancestry to see if you have a shortcut to a second passport. we always recommend you start by ticking the boxes on the highest probability. money. If you have: $5-10K Take out and store at least two months of expenses in physical cash.000. open an offshore bank account in a highly liquid.

... employ a number of tax mitigation strategies including setting up a captive insurance company. begin to hold at least a portion of your precious metals in a secure offshore facility and to invest in safe value investmentsYou may also want to establish a domestic LLC or foreign LLC for tax benefits and asset protection. plus. $100-250K Consider all of the above. maximize your investments by establishing a self-direct- ed retirement structure. plus. plus. set up a foreign trust.. plus. which is one of the best strategies available to protect your assets against government seizure and to keep your wealth intact as you pass it on to your children. Invest in private equity and foreign real estate. $500K & MORE Consider all of the above. Seek higher-yield offshore banking alternatives (which typically come with higher minimums).com . 27 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan.. $250K-500K Consider all of the above... Invest in productive agricultural properties.SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B $50-100K Consider all of the above..

SETTING UP THE PERFECT PLAN B Conclusion Unlike your typical insurance policy. Bonus Plan B Checklist As an additional bonus you can find a Plan B Checklist on the next page.. work. Plus. they more than cover the cost of the ‘premium’. And with benefits like these. 28 Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. most strategies in a Plan B can provide tremendous benefit to you. as well as see what solutions you have yet to take advantage of. and do business. By moving abroad.has become your Plan A. but you can also put yourself on the path to a second passport. You won’t be worse off for storing a portion of your savings in a highly liq- . this can often come with the added benefits of higher interest rates. well-capitalized bank. and better service. but it can also expand your world of opportunities in terms of where you can live. This is not only the ultimate insurance you can have against an oppressive government.. you might soon find that your Plan B. not only can you instantly benefit from dramatically reducing your tax burden. With it you’ll be able to check off the strategies you’ve already implemented. whether or not crisis ever strikes. the ability to hold multiple currencies. By opening you up to new opportunities and enabling you to save a fortune on your taxes.

highly liquid Expand your investment opportunities and hold your bank account outside of your home country protected from investment capital in safer brokerages overseas. bankrupt governments and financial crises. SECOND PASSPORT SELF-DIRECTED IRA Prevent any one government from having total control over Take control of your retirement funds and invest them much your freedom of travel . Employ numerous strategies to legally minimize. auto. defer. INSURANCE TAX PLANNING Life. advantage of the numerous investment opportunities worldwide. stable. health. or but it pays to have some protection just in case. and keep out of hot water. home. giving cryptocurrency a major role in a well-diversified basket of savings in the future.the best insurance policy there is. FOREIGN RESIDENCY SAFE VALUE INVESTMENTS So that you always have a place to go -. food. Perfect Plan B Guide © 2016 SovereignMan. PERSONAL RESILIENCE OVERSEAS REAL ESTATE Take some basic steps to ensure your water. even eliminate what you owe in taxes. CRYPTO-CURRENCY The world is quickly moving away from centralized currencies. disability. OFFSHORE GOLD STORAGE GLOBAL INVESTMENTS Keep your gold and silver protected in a safe and solvent Invest in public companies worldwide that offer a superior jurisdiction overseas where your home government can’t touch risk/reward ratio to overvalued Western markets. etc. and mutual funds. abuse. it. make Allocate a portion of your capital to investments in private sure you protect your digital life from unauthorized access and companies that can yield you multiples of what you put in. thriving place overseas. and energy Trade your overvalued dollars for a beautiful tangible asset in a security. OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT(S) INTERNATIONAL BROKERAGE ACCOUNT A portion of your savings in a safe. and can even go to the moon. more profitably by eschewing plain vanilla options of stocks. men alive by investing in capital preservation and steady growth without taking huge risks.if you need to -. COMPLIANCE Follow the law. PRIVACY & SECURITY PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTMENTS With so much of our lives and assets in digital form. bonds. You may never need . fill out the proper forms.and Use the strategy that made Warren Buffett one of the richest you can take advantage of living and doing business overseas. ESTATE PLANNING / OFFSHORE TRUST Ensure that you protect and stay in control of what happens to your assets after you pass away.PLAN B CHECKLIST Defense Offense PHYSICAL CASH & PRECIOUS METALS FINANCIAL EDUCATION Two months of expenses in cash AND two months of Become financially sophisticated so that you can take expenses in precious metals.