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to all our members, staff, board members,
donors and volunteers who contributed
to another successful year at the
YMCA of Greater Brandywine —
we couldn’t have done it without you!

$3.5 million More than

in direct financial assistance was
awarded to 11,915 individuals $2.4M
and families. was donated in
direct operating
$396,612 support from
was received in program 3,283
support through
38 secured grants. individuals,
2,421 and foundations
children served through
our childcare programs. in 2017.
tweens found mentorship
and healthier habits
through our 7th Grade

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE makes the Y available for those who need us the most.
Thank you to our members and community for supporting the Y’s annual campaign, which
funds financial assistance and helps people of all ages and from all walks of life to be healthy,
confident, connected and secure.

4,041 1,750
children explored and kids learned life-saving skills at no cost
played during camp. through our SPLASH! Safety Around Water
Letter from
LEADERSHIP A Promise to Transform Lives

Every day at the YMCA, people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities,
backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities come together, exemplifying what our
community stands for. No matter who you are, you have a place at the YMCA.
And no matter what you want to accomplish, there is always someone at the Y
willing to help you do it. We are a community that stands united.

Every day at the YMCA, children are learning how to be safe in and around
water through our Splash program. Cancer survivors are finding support
through our LIVESTRONG program. Adults at risk of developing diabetes are
learning how to slow and possibly even stop the disease’s progression through our Diabetes Prevention
Program. Families are growing stronger through our Family Fun Nights. Seniors are forming new friendships and
maintaining their health and independence through activities such as pickle ball and the Senior Fashion Show.

Across the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, amazing transformations are happening—and it is

your support that makes it possible. By giving generously, you ensure that no member of our
community is ever turned away from the YMCA due to an inability to pay. By volunteering to
coach YMCA programs like youth sports, Girls on the Run and STRIDE, you help thousands of
kids discover their abilities. By organizing food drives, donating Christmas gifts and making
Thanksgiving baskets, you improve the lives of countless individuals.

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your commitment
to our community. We couldn’t do it without you!

With Gratitude,

Kenneth M. Goddu Denise L. Day

Board Chair President & CEO 3
E very day, the YMCA of Greater Brandywine works to strengthen the foundations of our community.
A better us starts with a better you, and in 2017, with the help of you—our members, donors,
sponsors and volunteers—we made an incredible impact in our community.

KEEPING KIDS WARM “The residents are so appreciative that our volunteers are
doing something for them, but it’s almost just the presence
Through our partnership with the Auto Dealers CARing for and the visit that’s more rewarding,” Jennersville YMCA
Kids Foundation, more than 4,000 kids in our community Volunteer Coordinator Rose Abbott said. “There’s that sense
stayed warm when the temperatures dipped in the winter. Staff of community and fellowship.”
members from every YMCA branch picked up and loaded coats
from delivery trucks, and later connected the coats with kids The volunteer planning committee has also partnered on
in our communities who needed them the most. several community projects with Lighthouse Ministries, Young
Moms and PennDOT.
HOLIDAYS OF GIVING Building a stronger community takes all of us—and when we
In November, Thanksgiving food baskets were prepared for come together, the impact we can have is inspiring and makes
784 people in our community thanks to the generosity of our a significant difference to the members of our communities.
members. In December, YMCA members and our community
provided gifts to more than 2,000 children and families in
need through our Angel Tree program. “The residents are so appreciative that
our volunteers are doing something for
them, but it’s almost just the presence
Twelve blood drives were held across the branches of the YMCA
of Greater Brandywine with more than 600 YMCA members and the visit that’s more rewarding.
donating blood that aided over 1,200 area hospital patients. There’s that sense of community
TOGETHERHOOD and fellowship. ”
- Jennersville YMCA Volunteer
Volunteers are the backbone of our mission. Every year,
thousands of you generously volunteer your time and talent Coordinator Rose Abbott
by reading to children in our childcare programs, running food
drives, coaching youth sports, serving on our boards and
committees and more.
At the Jennersville YMCA, the Togetherhood volunteer program
has taken flight. “Togetherhood is a program that connects
people from all different backgrounds together to plan
volunteer projects,” Jennersville YMCA Executive Director
Aaron Karpas said. “We put it out there and people
show up. There are a lot of good people in our
community that can really help a lot of people.”
The Jennersville YMCA Togetherhood volunteers
have visited nearby Luther House, an independent
living community primarily for seniors, where
they brighten residents’ days by helping with
maintenance and cleaning projects. At least twice
a year, volunteers will also prepare a luncheon,
to which all residents and volunteers are invited.


Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation

ne of the many ways that the Auto Dealers CARing
for Kids Foundation shows the community how its
members are “More Than Auto Dealers” is by ensuring
that children who need coats during the cold winter months
receive brand new coats. The Foundation knew the coats
would provide warmth and boost self-esteem, but it faced
an unexpected hurdle when it began distributing them.

“Logistically, it’s hard to give out 50,000 coats in one year

to those who need them,” Foundation President and David
Dodge Chrysler Jeep owner David Kelleher said. “However,
the Y knows who needs the coats and helped us bridge that
gap. It’s a perfect partnership.” The Foundation and the
YMCA have partnered for the last several years with YMCA
team members and every Y association in the five-county
region of Philadelphia to ensure that new coats get to those
who need them most.

“ We want these kids to feel good,

and say to themselves, ‘This person
cares about me.’ That can have a
profound impact, it might just
change the course of their life. ”
The Foundation has provided more than 315,000
new coats since 2008, and for Kelleher, there’s no
better feeling than personally putting them on
kids’ backs. “Once I saw the kids, it all changed for
me. The same goes for my fellow dealers. We are
so engaged in this program. We help make the
deliveries of the new coats as well as assist with
the actual distribution of them. We want these
kids to feel good and say to themselves ‘This
person cares about me.’ That can have a
profound impact, it might just change the The Service to Youth Award recognizes
course of their life,” says Kelleher. individuals and organizations whose dedication
and effort have made a significant and positive
Annually, the Foundation also supports all difference in the lives of children in our community.
29 local area YMCAs, specifically sponsoring
the Y’s Annual Healthy Kids Day Events.
For their impactful efforts on the youth
in our community, the YMCA of Greater
Brandywine is honored to recognize the
Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation
with the YMCA Service to Youth Award. 5
Robert Shope

hen Bob Shope first moved to the Philadelphia
area, a friend invited him to a YMCA breakfast.
When attendees were asked to talk about their
experiences with the Y, Shope almost passed. “My first
initial thought was, ‘none’, so luckily, I didn’t go first,” he
says with a chuckle.

“But then I thought back to when my children were growing

up and how we were involved in the program at the Y that is
now known as Adventure Guides. The program gives parents
and kids a chance to bond through group activities. I also
taught myself to swim at the Y, and the experiences of other
swimmers in the pool telling me, ‘you know what, you’re
getting better,’ was powerful. For me, the Y was the place
that was welcoming and warm.”

After the breakfast, Shope was asked if he would

consider becoming more involved with the YMCA. He
said yes and never looked back. “Wherever I can go and
do good, I will,” says Shope. “In life, I believe you do the
right thing, work hard and are good to people.”

“ For me, the Y was the place that

was welcoming and warm. ”
Since then, he has taken on several leadership roles
within the YMCA, participating in the Upper Main
Line YMCA’s merger with the YMCA of the Brandywine
Valley, the development of a Strategic Plan for the
newly merged organization and the completion of
facility upgrades that benefit our members such
as the 50 meter pool at the Upper Main Line
The Distinguished Service Award recognizes YMCA and renovations that included the Family
the effort and achievement of the YMCA’s Fun Pool.
most special friends and emphasizes the need
for community service by all our citizens. “I’m so proud to be able to go out in the
Recipients of this award have set a standard community and talk about what we do at
of leadership that others follow. the Y,” Shope said.

Shope recently ended a two-year term as

Chair of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine’s
Board of Directors, but he will continue
to serve as a board member for several
years. “Bob is dedicated to the YMCA
and our mission. By sharing his expertise,
lending his leadership and giving generously
of his time and talent, he has enabled the
YMCA to reach new heights. It is our honor
to present him with the Distinguished Service
Award,” said Denise Day, President and CEO.
Cathy Owens was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2015;
and in October of that same year, her husband, Jim, was
diagnosed with tongue cancer. After both completed treatment,
Cathy saw a flier for the YMCA’s LIVESTRONG program. The
program was established in partnership with the LIVESTRONG
Foundation to assist those who are living with, through or
beyond cancer to strengthen their spirit, mind and body.

Those enrolling in the program need to have permission to

do so from their doctor. When Cathy asked her doctor, her
doctor immediately reached for her pen to sign off on it,
already very much aware of the program’s health benefits.
The 12-week program includes cardiovascular conditioning,
strength training, balance and flexibility exercises, as well
as support sessions. Research from the Yale Cancer Center
and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institutes confirmed that
LIVESTRONG at that YMCA participants experience improved
fitness and quality of life as well as significant decreases in
cancer-related fatigue.

“What was good for me was learning all of the options that
we have here at the Y,” Cathy explained. “I found out that
there are a lot of things that I can do that are fun, and it’s
not intense. It’s a gentle way of learning lots of options to
stay healthy and get healthy again.”

For Jim and Cathy, that meant trying out TRX, weight
lifting, yoga, Zumba and Pilates in a group setting. That
varied exercise, coupled with working out with fellow cancer
survivors, gave them something to look forward to every week.

“The thing I appreciated the most was sharing with other

people who had cancer, particularly the women who have
had breast cancer,” Cathy said.

“The camaraderie and intimacy of the group was very

compelling and helpful,” shares Jim. The staff is very
dedicated to wanting people to get better. They cared for
us personally and created a very strong community that
empowered us all to build our strength and well-being
physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

“ The thing I appreciated the most

was sharing with other people who
had cancer, particularly the women
who have had breast cancer. ”
The LIVESTRONG program is offered at both the West
Chester Area YMCA and Kennett Area YMCA. 7
Every year, more than 2,000 children attend childcare and preschool programs at the YMCA of
Greater Brandywine. Preparing children for success in school begins during these formative years.
Every day, it is our privilege to witness children building their confidence, discovering their talents
and growing socially, emotionally and physically. Let us share just a few of these stories with you now.


When three-year-old Lucia Amador Yamada began in STEAM Academy at the Upper
Main Line YMCA (UMLY), she spoke very little English. She was fluent in both Spanish
and Japanese, as her dad is from Spain and her mom is from Japan. The teachers at
UMLY’s STEAM Academy worked with Lucia, and within a few months, she became fluent
in English. Her teachers report that they can see Lucia’s mind working hard to process
all of her subjects, including science, technology, engineering, math, arts, music, theater
and language arts, in her new language. And Lucia’s mom, Kyoko, reports that Lucia now
says English is her favorite language!

When Alex Serocca began in the Montessori program at the Kennett Area YMCA
four years ago, he didn’t want to let go of his mom, Jo Ellen. Today, however, Alex
has no qualms when his mom drops him off for preschool and he looks forward to
seeing his friends.

“Alex’s teachers have continually encouraged him,” shares Jo Ellen. “When he was
struggling to adjust, they just kept working to find something he liked to do at school.
Alex feels safe in class and the teachers work to bring out each child’s individual
personality.” Jo Ellen shares that she likes how Alex’s teachers are preparing him for
first grade, which he will begin this fall. “He’s grown socially, his sentence structure
ALEX has improved and his handwriting is really coming along.”

Last fall, Jakhi Christmas-Thomas began kindergarten at the Oscar Lasko YMCA. Led by
teacher Ms. Samantha Ryder, Jakhi, just like all the children in the class, is provided with
customized instruction as he develops his social, academic and emotional skills.

Since the beginning of the school year, Jakhi’s standardized test scores have doubled and
he has gone from knowing just five letters to all 26! He’s also learned to write sentences
and is doing addition up to 10. Perhaps most exciting of all is that in the beginning of the
school year Jakhi never wanted to participate in class, but now raises his hand for almost
every question! “Ms. Ryder has helped him a great deal,” says his mom, Nikema Adger.
“She is patient and has given him so much support, while building his confidence.” JAKHI


Safeguard Business Systems

he YMCA has long been an important part of Wendy
Jones’ life. For close to 20 years, she’s been a member
at the Kennett Area YMCA. Her children were heavily
involved in the Y—first in school age child care, camp and
sports, and later, when both of her daughters were on the
swim team, Jones and her husband volunteered.

Last summer, Jones and her daughter, Avery, were part

of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine’s service trip to Peru.
Avery always wanted to go on a mission trip and this was
something she and her mom could do together. “It was
amazing to see things outside of our bubble,” says Jones.

Jones has shared her passion for the Y’s mission with her
employers, first at Precision Printing, and now in her current
role at Safeguard Business Systems which provides custom
solutions such as print materials, promotional items, logoed
apparel and more.

“Safeguard allows me to be involved with all of the activities

that the Y does. And when those at Safeguard listened
to the stories and heard the mission from the staff, they
wanted to be involved too.” Safeguard is now a corporate
sponsor of the YMCA’s STRIDE program. Team members at
Safeguard also attend some of the Annual Dinners hosted
by the branches of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine,
with Jones attending all six every year.

Jones’ support for the Y and its mission comes from

her belief in it. “If we could all live by even some
element of the YMCA’s core values—caring, honesty,
respect and responsibility—the world would be a
better place,” she says.

“ Safeguard allows me to be involved

with all of the activities that the Y The Community Partner Award recognizes
does. And when those at Safeguard an organization or group that has demonstrated a commitment
to the YMCA’s mission and values and has partnered
listened to the stories and heard with or supported the Y in outreach initiatives that strengthen
the foundations of our community.
the mission from the staff, they
wanted to be involved too. ”
The YMCA of Greater Brandywine is proud to honor
Safeguard with its Community Partner Award. Jones’
dedication to the cause has been a major driving
force behind her company’s contributions,
particularly with her unrivaled passion and enthusiasm. 9


Statement of Activities
in thousands
(years ending December 31) 2017 2016 Operating Income and Support
Operating Income and Support 2017
Contributions 2,405 2,870
Membership dues 24,790
Membership dues 24,790 25,178
Childcare 7,218 7,361 Revenues 8,977
Program service fees 8,977 9,255 Childcare 7,218
Financial assistance (3,572) (3,814) Contributions 2,405
Government grants 1,584 1,607 Government grants 1,584
Rentals and sales to public 604 601 Rentals and sales
Investment income/other 68 37 to public 604

Total operating revenues and support 41,979 43,099 Investment income/

other 68

Operating Expenses
Salaries and related expenses 25,858 26,812
Program and operating expenses 10,504 10,837
Operating Expenses
Interest expense 1,543 1,583
Depreciation and amortization expenses 4,176 4,264
Fundraising expenses 281 293
Total operating expenses 42,362 43,789 Salaries and
related expenses 25,858
Change in net assets from operations (26) (690)
Program and
Non-Operating Changes operating expenses 10,504
Investment gains, net 1,178 416 and amortization
Other 224 865 expenses 4,176
Interest Expense 1,543
Total non-operating changes 1,403 1,281
Fundraising expenses 281
Total changes in net assets* 1,020 591
*Total change in net assets does not reflect SWAP valuation adjustment.

Statement of Financial Position

in thousands
(years ending December 31) 2017 2016 Assets
Assets 2017
Cash and cash equivalents 6,022 7,187
Receivables, net 1,147 899 Land, buildings and
bond proceeds, net 67,226
Prepaids and deposits 317 393
Investments held
Investments held as endowment 8,375 7,576 as endowment 8,375
Land, buildings and bond proceeds, net 67,226 66,569 Cash and cash
Total assets 83,087 82,623 equivalents 6,022
Receivables, net 1,147
Liabilities & Net Assets Prepaids and deposits 317
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 2,335 1,942
Deferred revenues and custodial accounts 1,867 1,584
Notes payable 36,820 38,620
Total liabilities 41,023 42,147
Total Net Assets 42,064 40,477
Total liabilities and net assets 83,087 82,623
2017 figures are unaudited at the time of publication.


THANKS TO OUR DONORS The Y is accessible to everyone.
In 2017, 3,283 individuals, organizations and foundations made donations to the YMCA totaling $2,405,000 in direct operating support.
The YMCA of Greater Brandywine gratefully acknowledges the following annual campaign donors who supported the Y with a “roundtable”
level contribution (gifts of $1,000 or more) between January 1 and December 31, 2017. Thank you for investing in our community.
PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Close John and Wiggie Featherman
Connoisseur Travel Mr. Michael Ferrie
$50,000 + The Daniels Family Fund First Resource Bank
Anonymous Dansko, Inc. Fischer Cunnane & Associates
Believe and Achieve Foundation The Dansko Foundation Helen M. and Richard K. Flanders
Lasko Family Donation Dave’s Automotive Repair Enterprises, LLC Fox Rothschild LLP
United Way of Chester County Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frey
YMCA of the USA DNB First G.O. Carlson, Inc.
DIAMOND The Edgar-Mahon Family Eric and Terry Gibson
Patricia Faidiga Kenneth and Candra Goddu
$25,000 to $49,999 Gawthrop Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. George C. Gower
Blue Yak Foundation Goshen Mechanical, Inc. Graham Partners, Inc.
Chester County Community Foundation Ronda Hamilton The Jane and Sean Hagerty Fund
Communications Test Design, Inc. William Harral, III Ms. Carol Hanson and Mr. Dennis Wallace
Lasko Group, Inc. Health Partners Plans, Inc. Herr Foods, Inc.
Marshall Reynolds Foundation Estate of William C. Hewson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Hertrich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNeil Hostetter Grain, Inc. Ms. Gail A. Hoffman
Nemours - A. I. duPont Hospital for Children Hostetter Learn To Swim Endowment Fund Tom Hogan and Victoria Silbey
Precor, Inc. IHS Markit Jim and Betty Horn
PLATINUM Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William Hostetter
Jennersville Regional Hospital J.P. Mascaro & Sons
$10,000 to $24,999 Robert B. Jones and Family Jenners Pond, Inc.
Anonymous (3) Bill and Brit Kay Jerrehian Foundation
Mr. Vince Anastasi Key Financial, Inc. Jester Family Chiropractic, PC
ArcelorMittal Charles and Sandra Knapp Ms. Janet Johnston
BB&T Kramer+Marks Architects, P.C. Aaron and Ericka Karpas
Brandywine Health Foundation Caren S. Lambert Harold and Donna Keiser
Cabot Kjellerup Foundation Lasko Family Foundation Keough Electric, Inc.
Calvary Chapel Southern Chester County Mrs. Vivian S. Lasko Charles and Sandra Knapp
CCRES Life Fitness Knox Equipment Rental, Inc
Chester County Eye Care Associates Mr. and Mrs. Richard Luzzi Krapf Bus Companies
The Ciccarone Family Meridian Bank La Difference Salon & Day Spa
Denise L. Day Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Moran Longwood Veterinary Center
Delaware Valley Childrens Charity Oxford Plumbing and Heating Will and Lynn Majarian
Desmond Hotel Penn Medicine Managed Care Consultants, LLC
Ernst & Young, LLP Pfizer Foundation David and Emily Meyers
Exelon Generation Co. Phillips Mushroom Farms Kreischer Miller
Fulton Bank The Michael & Nancy Pia Foundation John and Kate Murphy
Genesis HealthCare QVC, Inc. Kate Manchester and Doug Nakashima
Chad M. Gobel Drs. Razaullah Khwaja and Pamela Scott Mr. and Mrs. Frank Owen
Independence Blue Cross Sartomer, an Arkema Group Pancoast & Clifford, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kuperschmid Seifert-Ohnjec Family Jim and Laura Paro
M & T Bank Servpro of Kennett Square/Oxford Christine and Michael Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McAssey Shreiner Tree Care Specialists Phil and Michelle Patrone
NSM Insurance Group Star Roses & Plants PECO
Leo and Maryanne Parsons Dr. William J. Stegeman Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Philadelphia Insurance Companies Stewart Huston Charitable Trust Perna & Abracht, LLC Law Offices
Mr. Jim Porter and Ms. Deb Grubbe The Judge Group Pete’s Produce Farm LTD
Public Health Management Corporation The Tri-M Group, LLC Donna and Chris Phillips
Bob and Karen Rigg Daryl E. Thomas ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing
Safeguard Business Solutions Ufberg Dental, P.C. Main Line Commercial Pools
Robert and JoAnna Shope United Way of Delaware Tocqueville Society Rigg Family Foundation
The Leon and Helen Weiner Foundation United Way of Greater Philadelphia Linda and Peter Riondet
The Philadelphia Foundation and Southern New Jersey Rothwell Document Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wallitsch, Jr. Ms. Carol Ware Ruppert Landscape, Inc.
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. The Wells Fargo Foundation Frederick Smith
Witmer Public Safety Group John and Carol Zillmer Dan Strassner
WSFS Bank The Mushroom Festival, Inc.
Andrea Youndt SILVER The McLean Contributionship
GOLD $2,500 to $4,999 The Rigterink Foundation
Anonymous (2) Tyler and Bridget Therriault
$5,000 to $9,999 Betty Angelucci Chris Thompson
Anonymous (2) Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Truist
AFC Urgent Care Kristen and Tom Brooks Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Angelee Clean Burns Architectural Products United Electric Supply
Applestone Foundation, Inc. John Serock Catering Donna and Tom Urian
Laura J. Armstrong CDW Vanguard Community Fund
The Bellwoar Family Citadel Vertex
The Bill and Janet Lasko Foundation Colonial Electric Supply Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Viscuso
Dave Bloom Daylesford Crossing-a Sage Senior Living Community Adeline Wachman
Brandywine Hospital Dane Decor Mr. and Mrs. Sean Walker
Amanda Cabot and Peter Kjellerup Duke and Melissa Scott Family Foundation Tim Walsh
Jeff and Christopher Carver Exelon Corporation Matching Gifts
Chatham Financial 11
Steffani and Jonathan Witmer Mr. Thomas Groshans Ms. Marilyn Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Woods In Memory of Ellen Gunning Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Patukas
Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Gupta Mr. and Mrs. Marc Pelletier
BRONZE James Hamilton PeopleShare, LLC
$1,000 to $2,499 LaKeisha Harris Mr. and Mrs. James Perella
Anonymous (9) Mr. Michael He Ms. Angel Leigh Peralta
212 Advertising Mr. and Mrs. James M. Herr Mr. Michael R. Perna
20/20 Financial Advisers of Delaware Mr. Edwin Herr Mr. and Mrs. Steven Petchon
The Abbott Family Mr. and Mrs. David Hesler Vince Keidel and Kathy Pfaff
Jake and Kristie Abel Mr. William Hieb Ms. Kimberly Phelps
ADP Maynard and Mary Ellen Honesty Mr. Frank A. Piliero
AKT Development, LLC Mrs. Anna O. Hopkins Daniel and Caroline Rachfalski
Mr. David Aloisio Mr. Howard F. Horne Brian and Lindsay Raicich
Mr. Glenn Ammons Jeff and Carol Horton RDS Vending
The Angstadt Family Christopher and Melissa Howe Dr. Rajesh Reddy
Mr. Michael D. Appleby Iacocca Law Rick and Kelly Reigner
Autism Speaks, Inc. If It’s Water, Inc. Rendin Alarm Company
Drs. Andrew and Priya Baraniak James Terry Funeral Home The Ringer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bedwell Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jarmuz Dr. Charmaine Rochester
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Fox & Roach Realtors Jo Jo Sport Fishing Rick and Lori Roger
Mr. Ken Blackburn Doug Jones & Sharon Humble Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bonds Ronald and Wendy Jones and Family Rumsey Electric
Mr. Andrew Braun Craig and Donna Jordan The Ryan Family
Breneman Company Sharon M. Journey Ms. Caitlin Ryan
The Broberg Family The Jurich Family Dr. and Mrs. James Sauer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brozonis JW Levin Management Partners LLC Beth and Greg Sayler
Brumbaugh Wealth Management Mr. Leonard Kane Randall Schauer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Buck Paul and Maureen Kempinski Mrs. Laura Schofield-Pierson and Mr. John Pierson
Mary Burns Kennett Run Charities, Inc. Jill and Craig Schroeder
Buzz’s Barbecue Chicken and Catering Kimberly Clark Foundation Ms. Stephanie Schuetz
Tim and Kerin Caban Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schuster
Mr. Stanley Cairns Karen and Richard King Mr. and Mrs. Duke Scott
The Caligiuri Family Stephen and Wendy Kirschner Mr. Patrick Shannon
Cameron’s Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Klingenberg Mr. Robert Leon Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Campbell Charles Kochka Mr. and Mrs. Christian Siemer
Mr. Daniel Carbery and Mrs. Shelly Hunt The Krall Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Sifer
Ed Carpoletti Dallas and Di Krapf Mr. and Mrs. Ted N. Skiadas
Dan and Ronnie Carrone Arnie and Nelda Kring Kristin and Tim Smith Family
CCI Compass Lamont Coffee & Tea Company Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith
Charles M. Shenberger Plastering, Inc. Ms. Susan L. Latimer Ms. Gwen Smoker
Chester County Hospital Foundation Nic Legere Christopher and Miriam Sperber
Jesse and Wayne Chmielecki Les Mills United States Trading, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. John L. Stefano
Comvest Partners Denise and Paul Lindsay Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Connolly Longwood Rotary Club Sulpizio, Inc.
Tim and Joey Conway Ms. Nicole E. Lyddane Summers & Zim’s, Inc.
Tom and Paula Corcoran MacElree Harvey, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Tascione
Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Manito Abstract Co., Inc. The Cozen O’Connor Foundation, Inc.
Sharon and Jerry Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mannion, Jr. The Rigg Darlington Group
Alice A. Deck Shannon Maroney-Garrett and Nigel Garrett The Victory Bank
Mr. Charlie Delp Aaron & Jean Martin Fund The Whip Tavern
Mr. Timothy Dever Deb Marx- Keller Williams Angie Thompson-Lobb and Frank Lobb
Ms. Kirstan G. Dolinger Mastercraft Sports Flooring Mr. and Mrs. James H. Thornton
Ms. Katie Doochack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mauri Mr. and Mrs. Gunard C. Travaglini
Kathy and Dean Dougherty Fund Maverick Construction Management Services, Inc. Travelers Bond & Specialty Insurance
Downingtown Country Club Ms. Lois McCaskey Trion Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Drach Randy and Laing McCullough Mr. Timothy P. Trout
Don and Alex Draper Mr. and Mrs. John McCutcheon Donald M. Tuohey
Martin and Amy Duffey Tim and Sheree McDermott UMLY Swim Team Parents Committee
Jack and Susan Edmonds Ms. Beth Ann McGettigan United Way of The National Capital Area
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards Ms. Laura McGinty Mr. Roberto Valera
Elite Group McGlocklin Construction, Inc. Mr. Gary Varney and Dr. Wendy Wallace
Emerson, Reid & Co. The McKeon Family Mr. and Mrs. David Velazquez
Marianne G. Famous R. Bruce McNew Mr. and Mrs. Mark Verbanas
Craig and Cynthia Fenimore Ms. Ashley Melton Veritiv Operating Company formerly Xpedx
Fenstermacher & Company, LLP Jim Mercante Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Voss
Dr. and Mrs. Donald V. Ferrari The Meshon Family Ms. Melynda Wagner
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. David R. Meyers, Jr. Wallworks, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Flicker Eric and Donna Miller Mr. Robert T. Walters, Jr.
Robert, Amy, Isabel and Myles Foley Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Wawa, Inc.
The Franciscus Family David and Stephanie Mills Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Weldon
Mr. Thomas E. Gavin Mr. Thomas Morello Wells Fargo Community Support
GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ivan S. Morris, Jr. Marjorie Wentz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Genereux Michael and Jill Mullen West Chester Downtown Foundation
German, Gallagher & Murtagh, P.C. Bill and Karen Musselman Ms. Amy White
Gilbane Building Company Mrs. Bonnie A. Musser Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wiedemann
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Ms. Michelle Nedved Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilcomes
Google, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David Nibouar Willis Towers Watson
Mr. Gregory T. Graham, Sr. Octane Fitness Workday
The Granger Firm Mary Ellen and Michael O’Donnell Worldwide Travel Associates, Inc.
Keith and Tina Grant Office Basics, Inc. Ms. Sandra Yeager
Holly and Rich Graver Mr. Frank Pancoast, III Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Green Paoli Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zuber
Ms. Claudia Parsons Beth and Marc Zurcher
The Triangle Society recognizes those individuals and foundations that have committed to support the Annual Campaign at a level
of $5,000 or more over three years. Those listed below are Association-wide YMCA of Greater Brandywine Triangle Society members.
Founders ($25,000 - $49,999) Patricia Faidiga Denise and Paul Lindsay
Tom Hogan and Victoria Silbey Will and Lynn Majarian
Vince Anastasi Shannon Maroney-Garrett
Denise L. Day Jim and Betty Horn
Daryl E. Thomas and Nigel Garrett
Chad M. Gobel Donna and Tom Urian Randy and Laing McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Luzzi The McKeon Family
Doug Nakashima and Kate Manchester
Leo and Maryanne Parsons Members ($5,000 - $9,999) Managed Care Consultants - Evans Pancoast
Robert and JoAnna Shope Anonymous Jim and Laura Paro
Andrea Youndt Drs. Andrew and Priya Baraniak Christine and Michael Parsons
Dave Bloom Vince Keidel and Kathy Pfaff
Benefactors ($15,000 - $24,999) The Broberg Family Donna and Chris Phillips
Kristen and Tom Brooks Brian and Lindsay Raicich
Laura J. Armstrong Jerry and Sharon Crosby
The Edgar-Mahon Family Rick and Kelly Reigner
Dane Decor Randall Schauer
William Harral, III Charlie Delp - Delp Financial Corp. Frederick Smith
Charles and Sandra Knapp Tim Dever Dan Strassner
Caren S. Lambert Don and Alex Draper Tyler and Bridget Therriault
Helen M. and Richard K. Flanders Donald M. Tuohey
Edward McAssey Thomas E. Gavin
Michael and Nancy Pia Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Viscuso
Kenneth and Candra Goddu Steffani and Jonathan Witmer
Mr. Jim Porter and Ms. Deb Grubbe Holly and Rich Graver Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Woods
Bob and Karen Rigg Ronda Hamilton Beth and Marc Zurcher
LaKeisha Harris
Patrons ($10,000 - $14,999) Jeff and Carol Horton
Aaron and Ericka Karpas
The Bellwoar Family
Paul and Maureen Kempinski
Amanda Cabot and Peter Kjellerup Kirschner Family

LEGACY CIRCLE | Leading us to the future

Joining the Legacy Circle endowment fund ensures a personal legacy to support the Y’s mission in perpetuity. For
details, contact Laura Armstrong at 610-643-9622, ext. 2110.
Legacy Circle Members**
Anonymous (4) Joseph and Suzanne Freney Mr.* and Mrs. Oscar Lasko Mrs. Elizabeth H. Spackman
Laura J. Armstrong Jody Giardina David H. and Kathleen Long, III Kurt Strauss
Joseph W. Bellwoar Chad M. Gobel Madeleine Long, MD Elizabeth and Joseph Strode*
Pat and Arthur Bernardon Mr. Gregory T. Graham, Sr. Becca Mack and Family Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas Swett
Bob* and Barbara Borst William and Harrison Grant Mr. Aaron J. Martin Dr. Charles E. Swope*
Mr. Nicholas F. Bruno* Linda and Gary R. Green Shirley and George Mason Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Tankle
Lee Bunting Mr. Arthur Hall* Mr. and Mrs. Ivan S. Morris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Tyler
Mary Burns Kimberly Hall Mr.* and Mrs. W. Thomas Musser Jean Stuart Van Deventer*
Richard T. Byrnes, Sr.* Margaret and Robert Hall Doug Nakashima Joseph and Debra Viscuso
Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup Ronda Hamilton Zack Nowosad Tim Walsh
Anne Patrice Castellan* LaKeisha Harris Michelle and Phillip Patrone Stephanie Walsh Beilman*
Mr. and Mrs. Ross T. Causey, III Alexandra Hawkins* Mrs. Audrey Kain-Pedrick* Robert T. Walters, Jr.
Norma* and John Ciccarone Mrs. Agatha Hellenthal* and Mr. Ronald Pedrick Carol E. Ware
Ann and Alan Clark* Dr.* and Mrs. William C. Hewson Linda and David Petrecca Mr. John H. Ware, IV*
Neil and Elizabeth Cullen Mr. and Mrs.* J. Irvie Hoffman, Jr. Bob and Karen Rigg Hal Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Dannenberg Priscilla and Kevin Holleran Estate of Anna L. Roberts* Jenny Watson*
Ms. Denise L. Day Ms. Mary T. Holleran and Mr. David Proctor Charles Robinson* Marion E. and Herman L. Whiteman*
Leonard Deininger* James T. Horn and Elizabeth T. Horn Jim and Carolyn Ryan Christopher G. Wiseman
Theresa Edgar Bill and Missy Hostetter Mr. John Schmiechen Steffani and Jonathan Witmer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jackson Leslie B. Schramm and Cecilia Schramm* Cathy and James Witter
Mr. and Mrs. Henson M. “Duke” Evans, Jr. James Jefferis Rosalind Schwebel* Marcia and Paul Woodruff
John and Wiggie Featherman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jess Robert and JoAnna Shope Robert M.* and Suzanne Yahres
Mr. and Mrs. W. Chad Fenstermacher Dr. and Mrs. Craig W. Jester Ted Skiadas Andrea Diane Youndt
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fenstermacher, Jr. Virginia Johnson* Mr. and Mrs. Norman Skillman* Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Young
Tom and Joanne Fillippo Bob (Robert) and Debbie Jones Mary Ellen and Frederick Smith
Helen M. and Richard K. Flanders Mr. and Mrs. L. William Kay, II Mr.* and Mrs. Richard D. Smith, Sr. * Deceased
Mrs. Thomas Francis Arnie and Nelda Kring W. Robert and Priscilla Smithson* **List as of December 31, 2017

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these donor lists. We apologize if you name is missing or does not appear as you wish.
Please contact the Mission Advancement Office, 610-643-9622, ext. 2110. 13


Theresa Stringer - Chair Dan Sifer - Chair Richard King - Chair
Courtney Allen Howard Buck Jeremy Abelson
Gordon Bassett Charlie Delp Andy Baraniak
Denny Bement Robert Foley Alexis Barsamian
Joe Brozonis Mary Franciscus Diane Bieberbach
Albert Fuller Rebecca MacLean Leah Gower
Sonia Huntzinger Michaela McCormick Jim Harris
Stephen Kirschner John McCutcheon Chip Horne
Janine Lion Tiffany McPeak Melissa Mannion
Amber Little Dave Meyers John Meadows
Michael Maxwell Christopher Nelson Jim Mercante
Eric Miller Lawrence Redmond, Jr. Clint Norris
Teresa Salinas Lori Roger Phil Patrone
Christine Zaccarelli Teresa Rougeaux Marc Pelletier
Diane Singley Jim Porter
LaKeisha Harris Nicholas Slamon, MD Melissa Scott
Executive Director
Tom Smithson Mariane Stefano
Vincent Sun
Aaron Karpas Lisa Tascione
Executive Director
Mike Utley
Jennifer Voss

Doug Nakashima
Executive Director


Leon Shelton - Chair
Donald V. Ferrari Tom Gavin - Chair
Joseph Fraim David Aloisio YMCA OF GREATER
Carol Hanson Vince Anastasi BRANDYWINE ASSOCIATION
John Kane Jason Britton
Andrew Braun Robert Shope - Chair
James Logan Kenneth M. Goddu - Vice Chair
Ashley Melton Tim Caban
Thomas Ciccarone, Jr. Daryl Thomas - Treasurer
Kristina Mickens Amanda Cabot - Secretary
Michael Mummert Jen Courtney
Tim Dever Joe Viscuso - Past Chair
Maryanne Parsons Miguel Alban
Randy Schauer Craig Fenimore
Holly Graver Joseph W. Bellwoar, Jr.
Matthew Smith Patricia C. Brennan
Timothy Trout Carly Knoll
Tim Krall Trish Faidiga
Carolyn Urbanovich Tom Gavin
Nicole Lyddane
Ed McAssey Chad Gobel
Richard Reigner
Executive Director Tim McDermott William Harral, III
Scott McKeon Tom Hogan
UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA David Mills James T. Horn
Randy McCullough - Chair Bill Musselman Paul Kempinski
Jake Abel Paula Norsoph Richard King
Tom Aichele Viktor Ohnjec Sandy Knapp
Chaka Allen Christine Parsons Richard Luzzi
Kurt Angstadt Brian Stephenson Randy McCullough
Kristen Brooks Gary Varney Donna Phillips
Amy Duffey Michael Pia
Marianne Famous Terri Edgar Bob Rigg
Eric Gibson Executive Director Leon Shelton
Brook P. Hunt Dan Sifer
Doug Jones Steffani Witmer Theresa Stringer
Director of Branch Operations
Denise Lindsay Bridget Therriault
Oscar Lasko YMCA
Mary Ellen O’Donnell Donna Tuohey
Evans Pancoast Donna Urian

Helen M. Flanders
Senior Executive Director EXECUTIVE STAFF
Denise L. Day - President
and Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Youndt - Senior Vice President
and Chief Operations Officer
Ed Keys - Chief Financial Officer
Mary Burns - Senior Vice President
and Chief Development Officer

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