GRAND DORSETT LABUAN HOTEL 462 Jalan Merdeka, 87029 Labuan F.

T Telephone: (60-87) 422000 Facsimile: (60-87) 422222 ROOM RATE DELUXE City View Harbour View EXECUTIVE ROOM City View RM550.00++ (RM605.00 nett) RM450.00++ (RM495.00 nett) City View RM390.00++ (RM429.00 nett) N/A Harbour View RM560.00++ (RM616.00 nett) RM460.00++ (RM506.00 nett) Harbour View RM400.00++ (RM440.00 nett) N/A


RM450.00++ RM460.00++ (RM495.00 nett) (RM506.00 nett) RM325.00++ RM335.00++ (RM357.50 nett) (RM368.50 nett) City View Harbour View


RM290.00++ RM300.00++ (RM319.00 nett) (RM330.00 nett) RM270.00++ RM280.00++ (RM297.00 nett) (RM308.00 nett)


TERMS & CONDITIONS * Rates are on single occupancy. Extra charges of RM25.00 + 10% services charge apply for additional person (s) sharing room. * Rates are subject to 10% service charge. * Reservations are held until 4.00 pm unless the hotel is notified of guaranteed late arrival. * Rates are subject to change withour prior notice. * Rates are valid from 1 January to 31 December 2008.

show rooms. We will hold the reservation until 6:00 pm (Local Time) * CANCELLATIONS Notice of cancellation must be made two (2) days/forty eight (48) hours prior arrival.00 RM388. : 1501 . a compulsory deposit will be collected upon checking-in. one (1) night charge will be imposed base on the agreed rate(s). If payment made by credit card.00 RM462. unless prior biling arrangements were made. we would require details such as type of card.0010280 .BETA SERVICE APARTMENT C/O Financial Park (Labuan) Sdn Bhd Lovel 3.00 TERMS AND CONDITIONS * ROOM RATES AND ROOM AVAILABILITY All rates quoted are nett in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and prior reservations must be made.00 RM588. expiry date and name printed on card. Financial Park Labuan Complex Jalan Merdeka. *TERMS OF PAYMENT As a policy. security code.00 RM50. card no.00 RM488. .00 PROMOTION RATES RM215.00 RM50.00 RM398. Advance payment can be made through our bank account as stated below: Name of Company : Financial Park (Labuan) Sdn Bhd CIMB Bank Account No.50 RM312. 87000 W.05.00 RM312. Confirmation of room is subject to room availability * CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT TIME Check-in time is at 1:00 pm and check-out time is at 12:00 noon.P Labuan Tel: 6 087 453333 (2 Lines) Fax: 6 087 453355 ROOM TYPE 2 Rooms Standard 2 Rooms Grand Deluxe 3 Rooms Standard 3 Rooms Deluxe 3 Rooms Grand Deluxe Extar Bed PUBLISHED RATES RM268.4 Kindly fax the details/bank -in slip for verification to 60-87-453355. failing which. Main Office Tower. Payment can be made by either cash or credit card. *GUARANTEED RESERVATION Please take note that all guaranteed bookings are subject to one (1) night charge based on the agreed rates should there be any no.00 RM378.

We would require the approval Local Purchase Order .We would require the approval Local Purchase Order prior to check-in .Local Purchase Order .

50 nett RM365.00 nett CORPORATE RATES RM200.00 ++ RM462.00 ++ RM320.00 ++ RM352.00 ++ RM220.00 ++ RM308.00 nett RM320. 87015 Labuan F.00 nett RM245.TIARA LABUAN HOTEL SDN BHD Jalan Tanjung Batu .50 nett RM410.00 ++ RM245.O.00 ++ RM451. P.T Tel: 087 .410195 ROOM TYPE Deluxe Room 1 Bedroom Suite King 1 Bedroom Suite Twin PUBLISHED RATES RM280.00 ++ RM423.414300 Fax: 087.00 nett 2 Bedrooms Suite King & Twin Premier Suite Honeymoon Suite RM420.00 ++ RM269. Box 80537.00 nett .

00 . * Check out time : 12. Jalan Tg.418822 or Fax 087 .00 RM160.00 noon * Rates are subject to change without prior notice * Reservation please call Tel: 087 .00 RM120.O.00 RM160. Purun.MARINER HOTEL LABUAN 2 Star Hotel U0368.418811 RATES (RM) RM100.P. Labuan Tel: 087 418822 (10 Lines) Fax: 087 418811 ROOM TYPE SINGLE Standard SINGLE Deluxe DOUBLE Standard DOUBLE Deluxe EXECUTIVE Deluxe FAMILY * All rates quoted are nett. Box 80063 87010 W.00 RM110.00 RM170. P.

Mini Bar. Labuan Malaysia Tel: 087 418111 Fax: 087. * Extra bed is chargeable at RM55 nett inclusive with breakfast for one person * Rooms are subject to availability upon confirmation. IDD Telephone. * Room Rates are inclusive with complimentary breakfast.00 RM390. . 87000 W.00 RM550.00 pm * Check-out Time 12 noon.00 RM620.00 PROMOTION RATES RM398. Jalan Wawasan. ASTRO and in-house video.00 RM238.00 * Contract Rate valid till 29th February 2008 TERMS AND CONDITIONS * Room Rates are inclusive with 10% Service Charge. Coffee/Tea Making Facilities and Safe Deposit Boxes. Separate Shower and Bath. * Hotel Service & Facilities 24 Hours Room Services/Coffee House/Sunset Bar/Spacious Outdoor Swimming Pool/GYM/Outside Catering on Request/Daily Newspaper/Round the Clock Security/Foreign Currency Exchage/Guest Laundry/Internet Services * Room Features Rooms overlooking Pool/Sea and Park View.00 RM360.00 RM288.00 RM550.00 RM198.P.00 RM228.00 RM188.413468 TYPE OF ROOMS Executive Suite (Double Bed) Junior Suite (Double Bed) Studio Pool View (Double Bed) Studio Park View (Double Bed) Deluxe Superior Sea/Pool view (Doulbe/Twin Bed) Deluxe Park View (Double/Twin Bed) Deluxe Pool View (Double/Twin Bed) ROOM TARIFF RM910.WATERFRONT LABUAN 1.00 RM248.00 RM580. Air condition. * Rates are subject to change without prior notice * Check-in Time 3. Hair Dryer.

*Accept Credit Cards Card * Master Card * American Express Visa .

O. Twin Room HOTEL PULAU LABUAN 2 Dix. Family Room Dix. Labuan Dix.O.P. HBO. Jalan Kemajuan. Box 80056. Family Room Tel: 087 . Labuan Malaysia Tel: 087 422388 Fax: 087 421422 Room Type Std Single Room HOTEL PULAU LABUAN 1 Dix. Box 80056.421233 Fax: 087.P. P.415268 TERMS & CONDITIONS * All rate quoted above are nett ringgit & inclusive 10% service charge. Queen Room (BRANCH) Lot 5-12.411750 Address for Admin Department: Std Single Room Dix. P. Queen Room Dix. 87010 W. radio & cassette player. Twin Room Lot 27-28. ESPN & Chinese Phoneix) * Free Breakfast * Flat room rate throughout the year. Labuan Tel: 087 .O. VIP Room Hotel Name Bed Type 1 x Queen 2 x Single 1 x Queen 1 x Queen + 1 x Single 1 x Queen 1 x Queen 2 x Single 1 x Queen 1 x Queen + 1 x Single 1 x Queen Published Rate (RM) 114 130 130 155 142 114 130 130 155 142 1 x Queen 2 x Single 1 x Queen 1 x Queen + 1 x Single 1 x Queen 114 130 130 155 142 U0182. 87010 W. Twin Room Dix. * All reservation must book thourgh our reservation office & confirmation of room is subject to room availability. Dix. Family Room 80056.P. * Meal from RM18 per pax onwards. Jalan Muhibbah. * All payment to be settled upon check-out by cash or credit card or company account.Box Dix.O. Jalan Merdeka P.P.416288 Dix.O. P.422388 Fax: 087 -421422 PULAU LABUAN INN Lot 7-8.P. * All room have complimentary facilites such as coffee & tea making facilities. * Free transportation to airport or ferry terminal upon request. 24 hours satelite TV Program (CNN. .Box 80054. Jalan Kemajuan.HOTEL PULAU LABUAN Lot 5-12. First Floor.416255 Std Single Room Dix. Jalan Bunga Dahlia. Box 80056 87010 W. Labuan Dix. Queen Room 87010 W. P. VIP Room Fax: 087 . 87010 W. Labuan Tel: 087 -416833 Fax: 087 . VIP Room Tel: 087 .

Discount Rate (RM) 98 Nett 108 nett 108 nett 128 nett 118 nett 98 Nett 108 nett 108 nett 128 nett 118 nett 98 Nett 108 nett 108 nett 128 nett 118 nett .

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