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-In the city of Catbalogan and some towns in Samar celebrate its festival aside from its town
fiesta every year. Other towns the fiesta is celebrated together with the town festival, while
others celebrate it separately. However, during the Samar Day Celebration, all municipalities
are welcome to participate in the contest of festivals during the parade wherein the
participants tried their best to get the winning prize. Colorful costumes and dances can be seen
in the parade. 1. Almagro - May 5 2. Basey-Banigan-Kawayan September 29 3. Calbayog City-
Sarakiki, Charter Day Foundation September 8 / October 16 4. Calbiga-Pahoy-Pahoy May 25 5.
Catbalogan City-Mangirisda, Pintados August 24 6. Daram- Daramsiyaw January 15 7. Gandara-
Karabaw September 29 8. Hinabangan-May 1 9. Jiabong - Tahong May 17 10. Marabut-
Kinarawgan January 15 11. Matuguinao-Pamugas Matuguinaonon May 15 12. Motiong-Sadok
December 8 13. Pagsanghan-February 22 14. Paranas-Bagolan June 29 15. Pinabacdao-Mayaw-
Mayaw May 10 16. San Jorge-Kuratsa de Arnis May 15 17. San Jose de Buan- Manobo January
15 18. San Sebastian-Pasayan September 29 19. Sta. Margarita-Alimango July 25 20. Sta. Rita-
Patiklos May 15 21. Sto. Niño-Los Viajeros January 15 22. Tagapul-an-June 12 23. Talalora-Uway
July 25 24. Tarangnan -October 4 25. Villareal -August 30 26. Zumarraga -Kima-Kima June 13

-Many Waray traditions can be traced to pre-colonial times. For example, the Kuratsa dance is a
very popular traditional dance of the Waray-Waray at many social gatherings, especially
weddings. It is very common throughout Samar. The couple who dances the Kuratsa are
showered with money by the people around them



-Tricycle driving
-Samar Island lies southeast of Luzon. It occupies the northernmost section of Eastern Visayas
or Region VIII. The province of Samar (western) occupies the southwestern part of Samar
Island. It has the largest land area (559,100 has.) among the three provinces which constitute
42% of the island’s total land area and 26% of Region VIII. The San Juanico Bridge connects
Samar to the province of Leyte on the southeast across the San Juanico Strait. It is bounded on
the north by Northern Samar, on the east by Eastern Samar, on the south by Leyte Gulf and on
the west by the Samar Sea. Catbalogan City, the provincial capital is 107 kilometers from
Tacloban City, the regional capital of Eastern Visayas.

-Tarangban falls

-San Juanico Bridge

-Bangon falls

-Lulugayan falls

-Sohoton Natural Bridge & National Park

-Daraga Beach

-Blanca Aurora falls

-Langun Gobingob Cave

There are flights from Manila to Calbayog City in Samar and Catarman, Northern Samar.
However flights are usually more expensive and schedules are not as frequent. The more
affordable way to get to to Catbalogan is via Tacloban City in the neighboring province of Leyte.
From the Tacloban town proper, the land trip (by bus or van) takes approximately 2 -2.5 hours.
Grandtours Vans are the most convenient since they go direct, but they only leave once all the
passengers seats have been filled up. The buses stop to drop and pick up passengers along the
way, so the trip may take longer. You can also get to Samar by taking the 2-hour ferry boat ride
from Matnog, Sorsogon province to Allen, Northern Samar, which is another 3 hours away by
bus from Catbalogan.

*Vans & Buses : The Eastern Visayas region is well-connected with a series of vans like
GrandTours, DupTours and Van-vans, which ply regular routes between towns and provinces.
Vans are the preferred mode of transport because they’re faster. Trip schedules are fairly
regular for the major routes like Tacloban-Catbalogan. However, trips to some destinations may
be harder to get to because vans don’t leave until all the seats are filled up. Trips on buses take
longer and are less frequent.

*Tricycles : Local tricycles, the colorful pedal-powered rickshaws, are the main mode of
transport around Catbalogan. There are also motorized tricycles that go on longer journeys
near the city. Unless you’re carrying heavy bags, you don’t actually need to ride to get around,
because the town center is very compact and walkable. Fare is P5 per ride.

*Habal - habal : Because of the road conditions, the jump-off point to some tourist spots
(like Calbiiga Caves or San Jorge) are only reachable by habal-habal or sturdy motorcycles for
hire. A lot of passenger motorcycles here are modified with roofs, which is very practical
because of the frequent tropical storms that hit the region.
*Boats : Passenger boats travel once a day to nearby islands like Daram Island, with fares
ranging from P50-P100. If you want to go island-hopping or diving, you can charter your own
boat. Prices are negotiable.