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Q1. Do you believe the Lloyds acquisition was a good business
decision by Havell’s? Evaluate the Pros and Cons

Yes we think the Lloyds acquisition was a good business move for
Havells. It has now transformed itself into a consumer durables brand and
is currently eyeing a 3000-cr turnover from the white goods category.
Following is the SWOT analysis of Havells:

1. Strong global distribution network
2. Great investments in fast-growing emerging countries
3. Very good acquisition history
4. Amongst top three players in most its products with aggressive
5. Broad range of products and good advertising through TVCs
6. Global presence with many diverse product lines in 50 different
7.First FMEG Company to offer doorstep service
8. High investment in R&D has helped it to deliver innovative solutions
to its customers

1. Globally small market share
2.Slowdown of real estate
3.Slowdown in global markets will effect more adversely after a series of

1. Globally emerging markets
2. Weak cycles of the sector
3.Acquisition of Chinese firms for low cost manufacturing
4.Vertical integration into Havells retail outlets
5. Leveraging upon motor business in India Unorganized

1.Unorganized markets
2.Delays in execution of power projects
4. Environmental legislations on industrial wastes
5.Intense competition in the sector

over 600 service centres and presence across 1. Providing attractive schemes to the dealers for maintaining dual product category. 2. many businesses have been able to successfully extend their product’s lifecycle. 38 sales branches. we think that it was a wise move by Havells because In today’s truly global economy. Building trust among Lloyd specific dealers. this shortened product lifecycle is a consequence of intense competition. This means that sales often reach the point at which growth stops and sales begin to decline. many products reach the maturity stage in their product lifecycle very quickly. Pitfalls 1. Intra Brand competition: same product category competition. Solutions 1. Marketing about the brand.000 strong dealer network. Llyod has 10.Q2. Quite often. Havells is working on a dual dealer channel strategy for it’s business.700 towns and cities.Llyod might have been acquired but there would be a compromise on quality . In response to this. by increasing sales volume. So Havells can increase the sales volume by using Lloyd’s distribution network. 2. Do you think it is a wise move? What can be the pitfalls of this move and how can Havells manage it ? Yes.