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7 Steps to Deploy SUSE ®

Linux Enterprise with

SAP Business One
Install and maintain SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with SAP Business One,
version for SAP HANA
1. Create a SUSE Account (free). This account provides you access to all of the secure applications and
databases on SUSE to which you have entitlement rights. Create your SUSE account here:

2. Join the SUSE Program (free). This program empowers and rewards SUSE partners by giving you
access a wealth of technical, sales and marketing resources including:
• Sales and technical training
• Access software for testing, demonstrations, evaluations, etc.
• Inclusion in the Partner Locator
Learn more at

3. Use the SUSE Installation Wizard (free). Easily and quickly install SAP and SUSE software
in just a few minutes:
• SAP Business One, SAP HANA and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (A bootable operating system image)
• Access and read the Hardware and OS Installation Guide attached to the SAP Note 1944415
• Download the SUSE Installation Wizard image here:
Note: Follow the instructions in the SAP installation guide. The SUSE installation wizard software is created
only for use by SUSE and SAP HANA partners.

4. Resell the Right Product Subscription.

Scope of coverage Maintenance Maintenance and Support Maintenance

Delivered Updates via Updates / Patches via Updates / Patches via
Customer Center Customer Center Customer Center

Support Hours N/A 12x5 24x7

Support Access Methods N/A Web, email, Chat, Phone Web, email, Chat, Phone

Support Response Time N/A 4 Hours 1 hr for Severity 1;

4 hrs. for all others

Check Pricing:

SUSE Distributor Locator:
SUSE Shop:

5. Activate Your Subscription. The customer, or partner on behalf of customer, needs to

activate the subscription. The activation code must be registered for each purchased server
subscription to receive maintenance and/or support. You can activate your SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server subscription at:

6. Learn about SUSE Linux Enterprise (free). SUSE Linux Enterprise is the supported
operating system of choice for SAP HANA. PartnerNet members can access free technical
on-demand training at:
• SUSE training:
• On-demand training:
Recommended courses include:
• SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Fundamentals:
• SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Administration:

7. Access to Pre-Sales Support (free). Reach out to the SUSE SAP Alliance Team. This free
electronic pre-sales support is only in English is only for SAP Business One partners.
• You must be a member of PartnerNet
• Your email message must be sent from your company email address

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact us at:

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