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Philosophy of Education

“Everybody is a genius. But if you Role of Education

judge a fish by its ability to climb a The purpose of education is to prepare
tree, it will live its whole life students to become outstanding
believing it that it is stupid.” members of society. Education should
create life-long learners and motivate
-Albert Einstein
children to strive for success. Instruction
and curriculum should be catered to each
The Student individual student so that each child is
All students have a voice in the classroom
given an equal opportunity to succeed.
and feel comfortable expressing concerns or
addressing problems. My students are also my
teachers. I learn from their feedback and
work, and adjust my practices to allow them
to be more successful. Students understand
how they learn best and are encouraged
to use preferred strategies in my classroom.
Students respect their classmates and me
and feel safe in my classroom.

The Teacher
As a teacher, it is my job to ensure all students
have equal access to a quality education. I
learn from and respond to the needs of my
students and design instruction that is
relevant, developmentally appropriate
and engaging. I use continual formative
assessment and feedback to reflect on and
The Curriculum improve my practice.
Curriculum is engaging and relevant to
students while also connecting to learning
standards. Content is built off prior The Family
knowledge and integrated across subject A student’s family is one of the most
areas. Primary students are given ample important aspects of their education. It is
opportunities for play and exploration in when teachers and families work
order to gain the skills necessary to become together that students really begin to see
engaged and successful students. However, value their education. Constant, open lines
an age-appropriate amount of direct literacy of a communication are crucial in creating
and math instruction is necessary for building trusting, positive relationships with both
a solid academic foundation. Instruction is students and their families.
differentiated and modified to meet the
“The work you do and your efforts to reach
learner where the learner is.
your students where they are does not go
Occupational Therapist