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DeLashmet’s Newsletter Aug.

13th - 17th , 2018

Save the Date:

● Thurs., Aug. 16th: PTA Meeting, 6PM
● Friday, Aug. 17th- Spirit Day
● Thursday, Aug. 30th - 2nd Grade :
Parent Information Night

Daily Checklist:
❏ Bee Binder: sign behavior log, look for notes/communication
❏ Study Vocabulary and WIlson Words Nightly
❏ Library books: students take home every day and bring back the next day
❏ Bring a healthy snack

Learning Topics:
Literacy - The first 25 days we focus on the foundations and routines of all
Balanced Literacy components.

Math - Module 1 : Sums to 10 :

Social Studies and Science Units will be coming soon! We are focusing on the
launch of LIteracy foundations.

Wilson Words: Vocabulary:

1. trustworthiness - the ability to be relied
1. rash on as honest or truthful
2. respect- a feeling of deep admiration for
2. flash someone or something for their abilities,
3. bench qualities, or achievements.
4. chomp 3. pillar- a tall vertical structure of stone,
wood, or metal, used as a support for a
5. plug building
6. drum 4. fairness- making judgments that are free
7. swift from discrimination
5. caring- feelings like concern,
8. snug responsibility or love for someone or
9. slim something
10. thump 6. citizenship- being a member of and
supporting one's community and country
Important Information:
● During second grade, we are trying to teach your child how to take on
more responsibilities independently. The past 7 days, we have been
working on rituals and routines in the classroom and the students
have done very well in learning these. Thank you parents for dropping
your child off at the door between 7:30 and 8:00 so that they able to
continue gain confidence in their abilities to perform these
● Bee Binders will come home with your child every night. Please keep
everything in there.
● Lion Communication Folders are sent home each Wednesday and
must be signed and returned.
● We will have snack every morning. Please send in a healthy snack
every day. Examples are fruit, nuts, yogurt, veggies, crackers, goldfish,
popcorn, etc. Please DO NOT send in juice, chips, or candy! Our class
could use extra snacks if you are willing to send them in for students
that happen to forget them. Thanks!
● You may send in water bottles with your child every day.
● Sign up to receive classroom texts with Bloomz. Please download the
app and enter in this code: H8XW2B
● Lunch applications are online. Please go to to
● Every student must have current (no more than 30 days) proof of
address on file.
● Our room often gets cold. Your child may bring a navy or white
sweater or light jacket (without a hood) to wear during the day if they
are cold. Please remember to put their name on the tag!
● Just a reminder that no changes or check-outs will be allowed to your
child’s transportation after 2:0.0 pm. Please send changes in writing
and and CC: Mrs. Dunham on your email.

JGS 395-6530