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AUGUST 17, 2018
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Immigration man
In immigration court, Englewood’s
Michael Wildes represents the
first lady’s parents. In the court
of public opinion, he takes on the
Teaneck, NJ 07666 president’s immigration policies. Page 28
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Friday, August 17, 7:33 p.m.

Hydrox, the original

Shabbat ends:
Saturday, August 18, 8:34 p.m.

kosher sandwich cookie,

accuses Oreo of sabotage Cops nab shul bingo goniff
● You know what Oreos are. the Federal Trade Commission ac-
● The caller at a suburban New York Police were tipped off to the alleged
They’re two delicious chocolate cusing employees of Oreo’s parent
synagogue’s bingo game has been crime and called in the New York State
cookies sandwiched around a cream company, Mondelez, of blocking
charged with fraud for fixing the games. Gaming Commission to investigate
filling. Oreos also come in Double Hydrox from view when it stocks
Neil Simon Gross, 71, turned himself Gross. While the commission did not re-
Stuff, vanilla, birthday cake and Oreos on supermarket shelves. The
into police last week after being charged veal the extent of Gross’ alleged crime,
pumpkin spice. (Really.) Facebook post says Mondelez uses
with gaming fraud, according toLohud. the felony charge implies that the value
There is some debate on how they a system called “direct store dis-
com, a local news site. Gross, who calls of the stolen cash exceeds $1,000.
should be eaten, but everyone knows tribution” in which employees of
out the numbers at the Yorktown Jewish Gross is due in court in September.
they’re best when dunked in milk. the brand, rather than supermarket
Center in Westchester County, alleg- The Yorktown Jewish Center’s web-
What you might not know is that attendants, stock the cookies. This
edly took advantage of the position to site said the bingo game was canceled
Oreos are just a copycat of Hydrox, allows the Oreo stockers to push
change the outcome of games. this week. JTA WIRE SERVICE
a sandwich cookie first sold in 1908, Hydrox aside when they put Oreo
four years before Oreos appeared boxes on the shelves.
on shelves. Even though (or maybe Loyal Hydrox customers have
because?) they were second, Oreos sent in pictures of the cookies being
came to dominate the market, be- boxed out by Oreos, moved be-
coming a fixture in America’s gro- hind other products, or otherwise
cery stores. obscured from customers. Hydrox
But for most of the past century claims a major supermarket chain
plus, Hydrox has held on. And at brought up the problem at a meeting.
least in part it’s because of the Jews. “We believe in competition and
Until a glorious day in 1998, Hy- choice but we firmly believe the folks
drox was the premier kosher sand- @Mondelez (the owners of Oreo)
wich cookie on the market, while have been undertaking a national
Oreos remained “treif,” lacking a program to damage our brand and
kosher heksher, or seal of approval. stop us from competing,” Hydrox’s
Growing up, I genuinely thought post says. “Many of you over the last
Hydrox cookies were knockoff Oreos few years have been great at taking
produced specifically for religious pictures when you see #hydroxcook-
Jews. Oreos were the forbidden fruit, ies being moved or blocked from
and I still vividly remember when, store shelves and we really appreci-
shortly after they became kosher ate your help.”
certified, my mom snagged a sleeve Mondelez sounds unconcerned
of Oreos from a Jewish event. We about the complaint, telling Giz-
gobbled them up. modo that it is “confident that this
Hydrox stopped production in accusation has no merit. The OREO
2003, giving Oreo 12 years of a brand is an iconic one, with a proud
monopoly, give or take a 100th an- and rich history of delivering great
niversary promotion by Hydrox’s tasting products and exciting inno-
then maker, Kellogg’s. A Pax Oreana, vations to our consumers for more
if you will. But in 2015, Hydrox, now than a century. This focus, and our
part of Leaf Brands, sprang back commitment to operating with in-
like a phoenix and has been trying tegrity, has made OREO America’s PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is published advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate
weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October, by the New political party or political position by the newspaper or any employees.
to duke it out with Oreo, David and favorite cookie.” Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolic-
Goliath style. So who will win, the original ko- Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack, NJ and additional offices.
ited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolic-
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New Jersey Jewish Media
And now it’s taking that battle to sher sandwich cookie or the giant it’s Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Subscription price is
ited editorial, and graphic material will be treated as uncondition-

the government. fighting? Only time — and maybe a $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are $45.00, Foreign coun-
ally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and subject
to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment
Hydrox posted on Facebook that government agency — will tell. tries subscriptions are $75.00.
editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without written
it has filed a formal complaint with BEN SALES/JTA WIRE SERVICE The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does not permission from the publisher. © 2018
constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid political


“Our communications … were between two adults,
a gay man and a queer woman, who share an
Israeli heritage, as well as a penchant for florid
and campy communications arising from our
common academic backgrounds and sensibilities.”
— The New York Times included this quote, by NYU’s Dr. Avital
Ronell, denying a man-bites-dog claim of sexual harassment by
Dr. Nimrod Reitman, now of Harvard, then a graduate student.


Catching up with
one worth catching
“BlackKkKlans- to infiltrate the Klan.
man” opened last However, in real life he
week in theaters to great was not Jewish. Like-
reviews, and it’s being wise, the militant black
heralded as the best woman is a composite of
David Rabinowitz Charlie Wachtel
Spike Lee movie in many several women. Howev-
years. I didn’t write about er, the real-life, actually
the film sooner because pretty funny interaction
brief advance descrip- between Stallworth and
tions didn’t mention that Duke is quite accurate
one of the two most (won’t spoil it for you).
Sheldon Moldoff
important police officers The credited screen-
in the film is supposed to writers are Lee, African
be Jewish. American comedian
The film is based on
a 2014 memoir, “Black
Kevin Willmott, and two
white Jewish guys from Batwoman making
Klansman,” by Ron Stall-
worth, the first African-
East Brunswick, DAVID
a TV comeback
American hired as a CHARLIE WACHTEL, ● Ruby Rose, an openly lesbian Australian actress, has
detective by the Colo- both 31. They gave their Gal Gadot Sarah Treem been cast in the title role in “Batwoman,” an upcom-
rado Springs police de- first in-depth interview ing CW cable channel series. Batwoman, aka Katherine
partment. Stallworth, as about the Jewishness of that, we’re both Jew- actress and inventor Kane, was co-created in 1956 by SHELDON MOLDOF.
depicted in the book and of the film to the online ish, so it just makes sense HEDY LAMARR (1914-
The character’s introduction was motivated, in part, to
the film, is assigned to the magazine Filmmaker on writing something a little 2000). Variety says that
department’s intelligence August 9. First, the duo allay whispers that Batman was gay — she was the caped
bit more from our per- Gadot was intrigued by
division, and in that ca- optioned the rights to spective; it was our way an interesting take on crusader’s part-time love interest. The Batwoman char-
pacity he starts to investi- Stallworth’s book. Then into the story.” Lamarr’s life presented acter was phased out in 1966.
gate the local Klan chap- they began writing a Wachtel and Rabinow- to her by SARAH In light of Batwoman’s backstory, it was ironic when
ter. Obviously, he can’t go screenplay. Rabinowitz itz reworked the script for TREEM, 38. Treem is a the comic book Batwoman was revived in 2006 as a les-
undercover to infiltrate told the magazine that a a couple of years and sold critically acclaimed bian character (who also is Jewish). We know that Ruby
the Klan, so he recruits a pivotal moment in their it to Lee. Wachtel and playwright who also has Rose will play a lesbian Batwoman. However, there’s no
Jewish (in the film) police writing was when they Rabinowitz told “Film- a lot of TV cred — she
officer, Flip Zimmerman, decided to make the news on whether her TV Batwoman will remain Jewish.
maker” that Lee and Will- co-created and often
to pretend to be a white white cop Jewish. Wach- mott actually enhanced wrote the HBO series “In There have been many fictional Jewish characters that
racist and get info on the tel said, “I think it was just their script’s Jewish Treatment”; she helped ceased being identified as Jewish when the character was
Klan. Adam Driver, who a practical decision. If content, and anti-Semi- launch “House of Cards” transferred from print to screen. –N.B.
isn’t Jewish, plays Zim- you’re going to be living tism (as well as racism) on Netflix; and she
merman, and John David with this character who remained a big part of created and often writes
Washington, Denzel is going to infiltrate the the film. (In other words, the Showtime hit “An
Washington’s son, plays Klan, you may as well up good work all around.) Affair.”
Stallworth. There are sub- the stakes by giving him Netflix is still showing plain weird that even an how Treem will address
plots and scenes involv- some sort of personal On the horizon “Bombshell,” an excel- ordinary viewer of this Lamarr’s relationship to
ing Stallworth’s relation- attachment.” Rabinowitz Variety reports lent documentary about documentary can appre- her Jewishness. (By the
ship with a militant black then added: “It’s already that GAL Lamarr. (See my June ciate that it would take way, the “Wonder Wom-
woman and with then high stakes that he’s go- “Wonder Woman” 15 column.) If you watch an extraordinary writer, an” sequel will not open
Klan leader David Duke. ing undercover. Making GADOT, 33, is likely to “Bombshell,” you’ll see like Treem, to drama- until November, 2019)
Stallworth really did him Jewish just makes it star in a Showtime that Lamarr’s life was tize it accurately. I am –N.B.
enlist a white detective that much more. On top limited series about so multifaceted and just especially interested in

Want to read more noshes? Visit California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at


Jewish identity, taught by emissaries and suitcases
Rabbi Kenneth Brander, lately of Teaneck,
on moving to Israel and new programs from Ohr Torah Stone
JOANNE PALMER Amiel BaKehila,” Rabbi Brander said. “As

opposed to the more permanent emissar-
t’s not at all surprising that the ies who we have in place, these bring in
iconic object that Rabbi Dr. Ken- a surge of energy. They bring that energy
neth Brander brought with him on in, and then they leave, and then they go
the Nefesh b’Nefesh flight that he, back. And then they leave, and then they
his wife, Ruchie, and their youngest son, go back.”
Yitzchak, took together last month was a Amiel BaKehila is not aimed just at the
suitcase. Orthodox community, Rabbi Brander said.
The case is battered, heavy, oversized, “We are working with the entire commu-
defiantly unwheeled, and old, probably nity, and although most of our shlichim
more accurately less a suitcase than a are Orthodox, they aren’t all. Our goal is
valise. It went with Kenneth Brander’s to reach out to all the schools and syna-
father, Rabbi Aaron Brander, when the gogues and federations and supplemental
then 12-year-old Holocaust survivor left the schools.” The goal, he said, is to build Jew-
DP camp in Europe for New York. ish identity, in the way that works best for
We’ll get back to the valise itself, but each community and each Jew.
first, let’s consider what you use one for. Therefore, he continued, Amiel BaKe-
Traveling. hilah is not like the traditional keruv pro-

Rabbi Brander is the new head of Ohr grams. It’s not standard outreach. “Our
Torah Stone, the Israeli-based modern agenda is not to make people Orthodox,”
Orthodox network of schools, he said. “It is to inform them, and help
programs, and initiatives that them find a spiritual wave, and catch it,
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who had At the airport, Rabbi Kenneth, Ruchie, and take it wherever it takes them. It cre-
headed Lincoln Square Syna- and Yitzchak Brander are ready to ates multiple portals of connection. For
gogue on Manhattan’s Upper board Nefesh B’Nefesh’s flight to some it will be traditional classes. For
West Side before he made Israel, and Rabbi Aaron Brander hands some it will be the Israeli component. For
aliyah, created 35 years ago. the suitcase he carried out of Europe some it will be music and art.
Rabbi Brander, who spent to his son, Rabbi Kenneth. “To the credit of the Israeli Ministry of
many years in many capacities diaspora Affairs, its agenda is not to make
at Yeshiva University, and who go to Ottawa, Ontario; West Hartford, Con- Zionists, but to educate Jews about Juda-
made aliyah from Teaneck, necticut; and Buffalo, New York. Another ism. Not to educate them about Ortho-
went back and forth between will go to New Orleans; Charleston, South doxy, but about Judaism.
Israel and the United States Carolina; and Cherry Hill. Other trios will “It is the Israeli government’s way of giv-
repeatedly as he transitioned go to South America —one Spanish-speak- ing back.”
into his new job, and he plans ing group to Uruguay and two cities in Rabbi Brander also talked a bit about his
to continue traveling. Argentina, another to Peru, Ecuador, and own aliyah. “It’s wonderful, exciting, and
Among the many programs Colombia, and a Portuguese-speaking scary, all at the same time,” he said; it also
that he’ll oversee is one that group will go to three communities in Bra- was so new that he did not feel qualified to
involves almost constant traveling. It’s for a year or two at a time. But there’s zil. Another group will go to Central Amer- offer retrospective wisdom. “We were at a
a new initiative from Ohr Torah Stone’s more. “The Ministry of diaspora Affairs ica — Guatemala City, Mexico City, and wedding tonight,” he said. “It took place
Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel foundation came to us and said, ‘You are doing such a Cancun. In Europe, one will go to three overlooking a pathway from the Judean
programs. (The Straus-Amiel initiative is great job that we want you to expand your cities in Poland, and another to Denmark, Hills to Jerusalem. Knowing that in that
sponsored by Daniel and Moshael Straus, portfolio,’” Rabbi Brander reported. “‘We Norway, and Finland. That means having valley, 2,000 years ago, there were Jews
both of Englewood, and their families.) want there to be 25 communities across a group of three people, all able to speak who used that pathway as a walkway to
“There are 200 couples from Ohr Torah the globe where you send delegations of Danish, Norwegian, and the (entirely dif- Jerusalem… Knowing that when the Jewish
Stone institutions who serve diaspora three people seven times. We want you to ferent) Finnish. How is that possible? “Wel- people were banished from Jerusalem they
communities all over the world, from do Jewish identity education, Israel educa- come to the state of Israel,” Rabbi Brander probably also used that pathway…
Teaneck to Warsaw to Tblisi, and every tion, and Jewish art and music.’” said in explanation. “There are a few moments when it just
place in between,” Rabbi Brander said. Do the math. That’s a lot of trips. Each trio offers about 10 or so programs hits you.”
“From Latin America to North America The senior educator will stay the same at each stop. Did he think, at that wedding, that he
to Australia. We have 45 rabbinic couples for each of the seven trips, Rabbi Brander “We have just started this program, wasn’t just going to a hotel, but going
who are taking on new positions” — the said; the other two will vary, depending on and already we have had 258 identity pro- home? No, not really, he said. “Maybe I’ll
husbands are rabbis and the wives are the content. grams, and we have had 7,881 participants think about that more the next time, but
educators. “Two of them are in Teaneck It’s a logistically complicated program to come to the 25 communities. And this is now it is too new.”
— the Waks family, who are going to Ben run. Each community must have an active literally just the first 35 days.” On the other hand, “We were at a
Porat Yosef, and the Fish family, going to core of Jews, but no more than 10,000 of The visitors work with the on-site emis- concert, at the artists colony by Yemin
Yeshivat He’Atid. The Straus and Amiel them. The visitors — they’re called emis- saries, who can give them a good sense Moshe, and the mayor, Mayor Barkat,
foundations produce rabbis and educa- saries, or shlichim — will try to stay in a of the community, and allow them to tai- introduces it, and says by a show of
tors for the diaspora.” geographic region, if you define region lor the programs to the people they want hands, how many people in the audience
Those families largely stay put, at least broadly; In the United States, one set will to attract. “We are calling the program are Jerusalemites?



“So we look at each other, and we real- you to ask you about the suitcase.”
ize that we actually fit that category, and It had gone viral.
we raise our hands, and all of a sudden There are two vitally and equally impor-
we realize that we don’t live on Winthrop tant messages to the suitcase story, Rabbi
Road anymore.” Brander said.
Then there’s the story of the suitcase, First, “You realize that the story of the
which his father lugged to America and suitcase isn’t a personal story. It’s a national
he took on to Israel. story. You are making a statement.
It became a bit of an Israeli phenomenon, “For so many years the Jewish people
Rabbi Brander said. Because it’s too big to fit have had to pack up their belongings in the
in an airplane overhead bin, or under a seat, places where they resided. That suitcase
he had to explain its history to the airline had been touched by people who saw the
employees who were checking in luggage. most horrific things. And now it gets to a
They didn’t want to let him bring it on the place where that won’t happen.
plane. “So you tell them, and all of a sud- “Now it is a vehicle of redemption, in a
den there is no question that you can bring place where it doesn’t have to be used in
it on, and they even call over a few people that same way again.”
to show it to them, and then you take it with But don’t forget the second meaning of
you when you go through the TSA check this iconic object, Rabbi Brander said. Amiel BaKehila emissaries visit Jewish children in Poland.  OHR TORAH STONE

and then you get onto the plane, and you “Because of the beauty and freedom of
have to explain it to the flight attendants, the United States, we are not running away “That can’t be ignored and shouldn’t be And we used to live in Florida before we
and then all of a sudden they are bringing from anything,” he said. “We were the first whitewashed or understated or dismissed. moved to Teaneck, and we lived in Boca
over all their friends, and finding the right holders of that suitcase who were not run- It is critically important.” Raton, the hanging chad district.” (He
place for it, and talking about it as they bring ning from something, but to something. He recalls that he saw Joseph Lieber- was talking about the infamous paper bal-
it back to find room for it in the closet.” “That is a blessing that every Jew, man, the retired Democratic and then lots, with their dangling bits of paper, that
This was a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight, so whether they live in the United States of Independent senator from Connecticut, at decided the perilously close 2000 presi-
there was press attention. “I didn’t plan America or anywhere else in the world, the airport, with his wife, Hadassah. Their dential election for Bush and Cheney — and
to make it a media thing,” Rabbi Brander has to realize,” Rabbi Brander said. “The daughter was making aliyah. “I showed against Gore and Lieberman.)
said. “But I got interviewed on television United States of America represents a dif- them the suitcase,” Rabbi Brander said. “That’s not the typical history of the Jew-
and in the national media. And then peo- ferent paradigm of what it means to live “So here was Senator Lieberman, an ish people in the diaspora,” Rabbi Brander
ple stop you in the street who don’t know outside the land of Israel. observant Jew who ran for vice president. said. “That can’t be lost on us.”

Coping with

Celebrate a Joyous
Rosh Hashanah with or Anxiety
Jewish Home’s FREE, and don’t know
HOT, KOSHER Meals! where to turn?
We will deliver free hot kosher meals JFCS CAN HELP
to the door of seniors in Bergen County Licensed psychotherapists
on Sunday, September 9th. work with children, teens,
adults, couples and families
To Register:
3 Convenient offices
Whether you or someone you know is Teaneck, Fair Lawn & Wayne
65 or older, call 201-518-1175 or email
Appointments available immediately by
Friday, August 31st to register. All insurance accepted
including Medicare and Medicaid
Volunteers Needed!
YOU can help the Jewish Home perform
this mitzvah by volunteering to help
deliver meals! Call 201-518-1175 or
to volunteer. Contact Us
201-837-9090 A beneficiary agency of
Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday
evening, September 9th.
This program is made possible through partial funding Professional, compassionate services to effectively meet life’s many challenges
by Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.

JHF ROSH MEAL AD 2k18JS.indd 1 8/8/18 6:27 PM JFCS Anxiety Ad 2k18 v9.indd 1 JEWISH STANDARD AUGUST
8/10/18 10:37 AM7
17, 2018

Rabbi David Fine and his wife, Alla Fine, stand in front of the Kremlin during a sightseeing break from a conference on Jewish law at Moscow State University.

Halacha in Russia
Ridgewood rabbi talks about Israel-sponsored conference on Jewish law in Moscow
JOANNE PALMER from when they were young.

“So there we were, talking about our
t took a 30-page visa application to small New England college in a museum
get him there, but in July Rabbi Dr. in Moscow. It shows the connections of
David J. Fine of Temple Israel and the Jewish world.”
JCC of Ridgewood found himself Moscow State University is Russia’s
sitting with a group of academics — most Harvard, Rabbi Fine said, and its host-
of them Israeli — at Moscow State Univer- ing a conference on Jewish law with Tel
sity, at an academic conference about the Aviv University is a big deal. The primary
relationship between Jewish and secular language was English, as is the case at
Israeli law. (That’s Moscow, as in Russia, most international conferences; the sec-
not as in Idaho, by the way.) ond language was Hebrew. Russian was
He was at the conference less as Rabbi a distant third, although there was some
Fine than as Dr. Fine, in his capacity as translation provided. “There was a way
professor at Abraham Geiger College, the for Russian law students to participate,”
rabbinical seminary at the University of Rabbi Fine said.
Potsdam in Germany. “So there I was, in The conference was about mishpat
Moscow, an American rabbi, represent- Ivri — halacha, Israeli law, and values and
ing a German seminary at an Israeli con- concepts that flow from one to the other.
ference in Russia,” he said. “It’s the kind “It’s the study of Jewish law through an
of thing you really can’t make up. academic lens as the cultural and legal
“It was a conference of the Jewish Law heritage for Israeli law,” Rabbi Fine said.
Association, an international association David and Alla Fine meet with Vadim Polyansky, president of the Masorti Jewish “There were times, when the state of
for academics who teach Jewish law in an Community Center in Saint Petersburg. Israel was being established, that people
academic setting,” he continued. “Mos- looked to the canons of Jewish law as
cow State has been committed to increas- “It is very easy for Israelis to go to Rus- together Jewish life. precedent for Israeli law.
ing its Jewish studies offerings through- sia,” Rabbi Fine said. “They don’t need “There was a professor there, another “The idea of Jewish law as a foundation
out the whole university. They’ve made a visa, it’s the same time zone, and it is American, who teaches at the Univer- for a secular system of law was first imag-
efforts in other areas beyond this one. both close and cheap.” sity of Texas in Austin,” Rabbi Fine said. ined 100 years ago by secular Zionists in
“The conference was organized by the To get to Russia from the United States, “I had never met him before, but I sat Moscow. So the idea of the conference —
law school at the University of Tel Aviv, in on the other hand, it takes filling out a next to him at dinner at the new Jewish its theme — was to go back to Moscow to
conjunction with the law faculty at Mos- long, detailed questionnaire in order museum in Moscow. He grew up in Scars- celebrate 100 years of mishpat Ivri.
cow State. And by the way,” he added to get a visa; once you’ve gotten it, of dale — where I was the rabbi for seven “After all the years of the Soviet Union,
helpfully, “in Europe, school divisions course, the flight is long and expensive. years, before I came to Ridgewood. And when Judaism was suppressed, when all
are called faculties.” That probably is why there were so few we both went to Wesleyan; he graduated religion was suppressed — to have a con-
The relationship between Israel and other American academics at this confer- in the 70s and I graduated in the 90s, ference sponsored by Moscow State Uni-
Russia is unlike the one between Russia ence, Rabbi Fine said. so we knew the same Jewish professors versity, to have a celebration of Jewish
and the United States, and that differ- In its unlikely details, the conference there, but I knew them from when they law, makes a powerful statement in terms
ence affects Israelis; so does geography. also exhibited the connections that bind were about to retire and he knew them of the perseverance of Judaism, and of the


Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

For a totally new look using

your furniture or starting anew.
Staging also available
The Fines were among the guests at a dinner
at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
in Moscow.

future. Because there is still a future for Jewish life in

Russia, even though demographers have never been
able to tell us the number of Jews in Russia.” The chal-
lenge to demographers is made even stronger by the
Fall Suits Thank You
lack of a definition of who they should count as Jews. are Here for voting us #1
“But at least at the conference” — admittedly not a ran- three years in a row!
dom sample — “I saw nobody who seemed to feel any
stigma about Jewish identity,” he said.
After the conference, Rabbi Fine and his wife, Alla Alterations done on premises • Free shatnes testing
Fine, who was born in neighboring Ukraine, toured Open till 9pm Mon.-Thur. • Plenty of free parking
Russia. They found Saint Petersburg to be both jaw- No sales tax on clothing!
droppingly beautiful and grotesquely ostentatious in
its displays of outrageous wealth. “Everything there
is done so intensely,” Rabbi Fine said. “It is overdra-
matic; the palaces are bigger than Buckingham Pal-
ace. Bigger than Versailles. There was such opulence
and grandeur, and it was in everyone’s faces. You
could see why the revolution started there.”
But as there always are, there were Jews with invi-
tations. “We spent Shabbat at a Masorti congrega-
tion in Saint Petersburg,” Rabbi Fine said. (He is a
Conservative rabbi; the movement is called Masorti
outside North America.) “They had a dinner there,
and I gave a speech. I said that when I was growing
up, I went to a Schechter school in Queens, where
one of my closest friends was Gary Shteyngart,” the
writer. “He always said that he asked his parents why
they moved from Saint Petersburg, which is so very Boys:
beautiful, to Queens,” which, at least in Mr. Shteyn-
gart’s telling, is not. “And Saint Petersburg was so
very beautiful,” Rabbi Fine said.
Still, more importantly, “I came to Saint Peters-
burg with one friend,” Mr. Shteyngart, Rabbi Fine
told the Russian Jews at Shabbat dinner. “I will leave
with many friends here.”
Although he spends a great deal of time in Europe
— the courses he teaches in Germany demand much
travel — he found Russia different, Rabbi Fine said,
and that’s because it’s the place where his ancestors
lived, and where they left. “It felt different visiting
the Czarist palaces,” he said. TEANECK:
“I am a fourth-generation American, but all of my 215 W. Englewood Ave.
family came from here. They were part of the Rus- 201.530.7300
sian empire. Their taxes would have gone toward the Mon-Thurs 10-9 | Fri 10-3 | Closed Sat & Sun
building of these palaces. I found a stronger connec-
tion to it than I do to Buckingham Palace, or Ver- BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LONG ISLAND: LAKEWOOD:
sailles, or German palaces. I felt a connection not 5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 467 Central Avenue 1700 Madison Ave.
to the Russia of today, but to the Russia where those 718.972.4665 718.676.7706 516.295.5006 732.987.9480
Jews lived.”



How do people’s wrists work?

Student interns study this and other scientific questions at Bar Ilan University
ABIGAIL KLEIN LEICHMAN actual errors or attempts to compensate

for language deficiencies.
o you and I move our wrists in Ms. Esral explained that their interest
the same way? Is there a stan- in this work was sparked by two interns
dard way to move your wrists? from the previous summer who had done
Or are human wrist move- research in the same lab. “The internship
ments completely random? And does it has enabled me to learn about speech
matter one way or the other? pathology and linguistics from a differ-
College students Mark Kaplan of Wood- ent angle through taking an active role in
cliff Lake and Chana Tropp of Teaneck research,” she said. “I gained tools that I
spent seven weeks of their summer vaca- can use as a practicing clinician.”
tion in an Israeli physics lab, working Ms. Levine said she is interested in
on a project that will help answer those working with cancer patients with speech
questions impairments. Her experience this summer
They were among 28 undergradu- at Bar-Ilan “has given me an appreciation
ate science majors participating in the for the research that is necessary for devel-
eighth annual Summer Science Research oping treatment methods that clinicians
Internship program, a program spon- use on a regular basis.”
sored jointly by Israel’s Bar-Ilan Univer-
sity in Ramat Gan and Yeshiva University
in New York. Bar-Ilan University summer lab partners Mark Kaplan of Woodcliff Lake and
This year’s interns hailed from Yeshiva Chana Tropp of Teaneck work together.
University (Yeshiva College for men and It was rewarding
Stern College for Women), Princeton Uni- different levels of treatment to see how lab. The 20-year-old Stern College psy-
versity, UCLA, SUNY Binghamton, Barry random or not random the movements chology/neuroscience major assisted in a to be able to
University, Cooper Union, Queens Col- are. Today it’s mainly guesswork.” study on facial recognition and memory be in Israel and
lege, and City College. Ms. Tropp said the BIU-YU summer pro- from behavioral and electrophysiological
Mr. Kaplan, a 22-year-old YU phys- gram enabled her “to develop valuable standpoints. She was involved in design- take advantage
ics major, and Ms. Tropp, a 21-year-old programming skills and apply statistical ing the experiment, recruiting and testing of living in this
applied mathematics major at Queens, physics methods to real-world problems. participants, analyzing data, and planning
were placed in Dr. Ronny Bartsch’s phys- It was rewarding to be able to be in Israel future steps. incredible country,
ics lab. and take advantage of living in this incred- “By providing me the opportunity to while also having
“The goal of their project was to investi- ible country, while also having the oppor- gain profound experience in both the field
gate statistical physics measures that char- tunity to give back to the Israeli scientific and country that engage my passions, this the opportunity to
acterize the properties of actigraphy — a community in my own small way.” program has humbled, empowered, and give back to the
non-invasive method of tracking human Devorah Saffern of Bergenfield, a chem- aided me in contemplating my own future
rest and activity cycles — fluctuations in ical and biological engineering major at in contributing to the world of brain sci- Israeli scientific
order to monitor the rehabilitation of Princeton, worked in Prof. Yitzhak Mas- ence and the land and people of Israel,” community in my
patients with traumatic brain injury,” Dr. tai’s chemistry lab. Her project involved Ms. Schiff said.
Bartsch said. coaxing amino acids to form spherical Stern College speech pathology and own small way.
Putting it in plainer English, Mr. Kaplan crystal structures that have potential use audiology majors Nurit Esral and Moreet
explained that if you track wrist move- in the design of pharmaceutical tablets, Levine of Teaneck interned at Bar-Ilan’s Prof. Arlene Wilson-Gordon of Bar-
ments of healthy people via an actimetry and trying to understand the mechanism Language Acquisition Lab in the univer- Ilan’s chemistry department directed this
sensor worn like a watch for a week or by which these structures form. sity’s Multidisciplinary Brain Research year’s program. Based on the students’
10 days, you’ll find that their wrist move- “This research program has allowed Center. academic background and interests, she
ments are surprisingly similar and corre- me to explore my interest in chemistry Working with Prof. Sharon Armon- paired them with Bar-Ilan faculty mem-
lated. And that’s true, moreover, whether research, apply my coursework to inter- Lotem of the department of English litera- bers and research assignments. “We hope
the subjects are asleep or awake. esting and applicable experiments, and ture and linguistics and Dr. Carmit Altman that some of them will return to Bar-Ilan
“What that means we don’t know,” Mr. engage in the scientific community in of the Churgin School of Education, their for their graduate studies and make their
Kaplan said. “There is something in our Israel,” Ms. Saffern said. research focused on bilingual Israelis from homes in Israel,” she said.
brain or autonomous nervous system Zvi Goldstein of Passaic, now going English-speaking homes. The students were housed at Yeshiva
that’s the same in every healthy human into his second year as a physics major They examined clinical language assess- University’s Jerusalem campus and were
being, regardless of activity level. We’re at Yeshiva, worked with Israeli Ph.D. stu- ments collected over the last 15 years in treated to half-day trips around the coun-
trying to give this a medical application dent Sagie Asraf in Prof. Zeev Zalevsky’s Israel to determine whether sociocultural try, including to Israel Aerospace Indus-
for patients with traumatic brain injury.” engineering lab. They experimented with differences among bilingual Israelis affect tries, the Volcani Center Agricultural
Actigraphy, he said, could help thera- a laser-based imaging system to sense the clinical language-evaluation test results. Research Organization, Sheba Medical
pists assess how far from normal such interaction of light and material waves They also were involved in a pilot Center, Teperberg Winery, and the Tel es-
patients are at the start and then measure within fibers. (In physics-speak, this is project transcribing and coding stories Safi/Gath archeological excavation site.
their progress in therapy by comparing called Brillouin scattering.) Theoretically, told by bilingual children, some of them They also heard lectures by BIU scholars
their wrist movement patterns to those of fibers could be inserted into construction diagnosed with developmental language and took part in nighttime activities, Torah
healthy people. materials and the waves within them mea- disorder, to test the effect on narrative learning, and Shabbat programming.
“In Israel they’ve developed a way to sured by the imaging system as a way of skills and vocabulary of an intervention The Summer Science Research Intern-
help stroke patients by injecting Botox in checking the structural integrity of a build- administered in the home language. And ship Program is supported by Dr. Mordecai
the arm muscles to help control spasms,” ing or bridge. they coded narratives of bilingual adults D. Katz, honorary chairman of the Bar-Ilan
Mr. Kaplan said. “In Dr. Bartsch’s lab we Talia Schiff of Teaneck interned in Dr. with aphasia to look for patterns indicat- Board of Trustees, and the J. Samuel Harwit
developed a potential method to measure David Anaki’s cognitive neuropsychology ing whether mistakes in their speech are Z’L and Manya Harwit-Aviv Charitable Trust.




FALL ‘18

Chana Lazar, Touro MSW, ‘12

Children’s social work therapy

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More than a fish tale

Rabbi Chaim Jachter of Teaneck writes about Jonah

orty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.
That was the warning presented by the
prophet Jonah, according to the biblical book
that bears his name.
Forty days, and it shall be Yom Kippur.
That is the warning presented by the coming of the
month of Elul last Sunday.
Yes, the season of repentance has begun, even if the
season of August vacations has not passed, and it seems
a propitious time to speak with Teaneck’s Rabbi Chaim
Jachter about his new book, “The Depths of Yonah:
Unleashing the Power of Your Yom Kippur.” (Yonah is
Jonah in Hebrew.)

I had never taught it

before in depth. I was a
nervous Nellie. It turned
out to be the biggest
bracha — a blessing.
I was not satisfied with
any of the current books
on Yonah. Some were
too academic. Others
were just anthologies by God to prophesy to Nineveh, “God has bizarrely; a person will head in a very
of interpretations put us on a mission. We can try to dodge
that mission but it’s not going to work.
unhealthy direction even though they’re
trying to reach out to God.”
without analysis. Hashem is going to keep us on track for Then there’s the fish. Was Jonah indeed
that mission. swallowed by a fish? Or is the story an
Rabbi Jachter leads Shaarei Orah — The Sephardic “It’s a sobering thought. It’s probably allegory?
Congregation of Teaneck. He also teaches Bible at the the most serious lesson to hear on Yom Rabbi Jachter presents both perspec-
Torah Academy of Bergen County, also in Teaneck. Kippur. On a mystical level, there’s a tives in his book. He champions the lit-
This book came about because last year Rabbi Jachter belief in gilgulim” — reincarnation. “We’ll eral approach. But he also offers an origi-
was assigned to teach Jonah to four different classes. (At have to come back again” if we avoid our nal allegorical interpretation: “Yonah in
TABC, all four grades study the same Jewish texts, allow- mission. “You don’t have to go as far” as the fish is like the Jewish people in exile.
ing a common conversation throughout the school.) reincarnation,” he said. “You have a job As a representative of the Jewish people,
“I had never taught it before in depth,” Rabbi Jachter to do in the world. Stay the course. Keep Rabbi Chaim Jachter Hashem would not let Yonah die, just like
said. “I was a nervous Nellie. It turned out to be the big- on with the godly mission.” God wouldn’t let the Jewish people die
gest bracha” — a blessing. Rabbi Jachter said that Jonah also revolves around a out. Even in exile he is not forgotten.”
As he immersed himself in preparation and study, theological issue that is at the heart of the High Holiday And another original insight: “Yonah thanks God for
“I was not satisfied with any of the current books on liturgy. “The real struggle is midas hadin” — God’s attri- his release even while he’s still in the fish. It’s the Jewish
Yonah,” he said. Some were too academic. Others were bute of judgment — “versus midas harachamim,” God’s power of positive thinking, the idea that if you visualize
just “anthologies of interpretations without analysis,” he attribute of mercy. success it will help you achieve it.”
said. “Yom Kippur is about convincing God to be more Not all of the insights that are original to the book are
His work is different. It is focused toward the book’s lenient. Yonah tried to convince God to be more strict. the products of Rabbi Jachter himself. Throughout the
role as the Yom Kippur afternoon reading. In the end God explains why He is more lenient. The book he attributes insights to particular students of his,
“What are the lessons we learn?” he asked. “How book is ultimately a triumph of God’s midas haracha- who came up with them in class.
should it impact us?” mim. It’s one of the major reasons we read it on Yom One former TABC student plays a special role — Rabbi
In both his class and his book, Rabbi Jachter recounts Kippur.” Jachter’s oldest son, Binyamin.
the medieval commentators’ classic interpretations of Here’s another practical lesson Rabbi Jachter found Binyamin was studying in yeshiva in Israel last year,
the biblical story. Then “we try to add another level,” he in Jonah. but sometimes his father would patch him into the class
said. “We try to make our contribution to the tradition. “When the people of Nineveh try to do teshuva, to on speakerphone. He also reviewed drafts of the book’s
At the end of the day, as the Gemara says, there’s no repent, they made their animals fast and covered the chapters.
study hall without an innovation.” animals with sack cloths,” he said. “It’s bizarre.” “He has a very creative mind,” his father said. “This book
So what is it with Jonah and Yom Kippur? This should serve as a warning: “This is what hap- is permeated with dozens and dozens of his insights. Some
“The bottom line is that we have a mission in this pens when one tries to repent and do teshuva without I quote in his name; others are just integrated in the text.”
world,” Rabbi Jachter said. Just as Jonah was assigned proper direction. Without proper guidance people act Binyamin is listed as the co-author of the book.


some have well guarded
trade secrets

we just call them

family traditions

nine generations of patient winemaking



JCC plays ‘fore’ the kids

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades held Branca and her husband, Danny Boylan, family, and Englewood Health. Daniel
its 18th annual “Play Fore! the Kids Golf, parents of twins who were born prema- Cohn, Cory Hechler, and Tracy Reichel
Tennis and Games” on August 6. Partici- turely and spent months in the neona- were event chairs, Michel Fox Blum and
pants gathered at Montammy Golf Club in tal unit at Hackensack University Medi- Jamie Molluzzo were auction co-chairs,
Alpine for the course and courts — canasta cal Center. One of the twins, Ethan, was and Stephanie Cohn, Jenna Gutmann,
and mah jongg — and cocktails, dinner, diagnosed with autism spectrum disor- and Jillian Somberg were games and ten-
and an auction. The day raised more than der. After a long search for treatment, the nis co-chairs. The committee included
$300,000 to support programming for family was referred to the JCC Guttenberg Brandis Bukzin, Becky Canarick, Nanette
children with special needs who come Center for Special Services, which helped Greenberg, Amy Handman, Jonathan
to the JCC to participate in educational him immensely and improved life for the Marks, Sarah Nanus, Erica Polavieja,
and recreational programs that enhance entire family. Jacqueline Pollack, Heather Rabinowitz,
their quality of life. “Providing meaning- Sponsors included the Hechler fam- Beth Rubach, Eva Rubach, JoJo Rubach,
ful experiences for children with different ily, the Kurtz and Spadaccini families, Lindsay Skulnik, Joanna Wald, Hope
abilities is a core JCC mission,” the JCC’s Maggie Kaplen and the Kaplen Foun- Waxman, and Jill Zimmerman. The JCC One of the presenting sponsors,
CEO, Jordan Shenker, said. dation, the Tesser family, the Rubach is still accepting donations at Richard Kurtz, left, stands with the
A highlight of the evening was Louanna family, Jill and Jason Rubach, the Zeller playforethekids. JCC’s CEO, Jordan Shenker.

The event committee

included Jonathan
Marks, Jenna Gutmann,
Dan Cohn, Stephanie
Cohn, Jillian Somberg,
Tracy Reichel, Cory
Hechler, Jamie Molluzzo,
Michel Fox-Blum,
Jacqueline Pollack,
Beth Rubach, and
Becky Canarick.


KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades

Thank you to our generous sponsors, donors,
auction contributors, volunteers and all those who
supported the 2018 Play Fore! the Kids.
The event was a record breaking success and
we could not have done it without you!


Men’s tennis — Top row, from left, Ariel Lebowits, Dan Cohn, Andrew
Guberman, Adam Somberg, Deane Penn, Sam Gutmann, Greg McManus, and
Tsolak Gevorkian. Andrew Kent, Scott Placona, Brad Schweid, and Scott
Reddin are seated.


Women’s tennis — Top row, from left, Ariel Jacobs, Sheera Goldstrom, Keri THE POLLACK FAMILY
Friedman, Casey Halper, Jenna Gutmann, Briana Holden, Daryn Katz, Erika ROTTENBERG LIPMAN RICH, P.C.
Jacob, Tina Schweid, and Susan Penn. Beth Rubach, Jamie Molluzzo, Jillian JULIE & ROBERT SHEPPARD
Somberg, Stephanie Cohn, Lori Aroesty, and Elizabeth Miller are seated. LISA & MARK SPIVACK







Former JCC board chairs JoJo Rubach, Eleanor Epstein, and Robin Miller are

with its current chair, Jodi Scherl.




Sunday 8:15am – 8pm Thursday 8:15am – 9pm Briefly Local
Mon – Wed 8:15am – 7:30pm Friday 8:15am – 4:30pm
24-28 Fair Lawn Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ
201-475-0077 New cantor at Fair Lawn shul
Follow us on and Come
check out our
Andrew Schultz is the new cantor at he has led High Holy Day, festival, and

large variety
of Israeli Temple Beth Sholom in Fair Lawn. After Shabbat services, served as ba’al koreh
receiving a bachelor’s degree in sociology and Torah reader, and provided pasto-
Solomon’s Montreal Beef Shoulder and a master’s in public policy and admin- ral support. For the last 18 years, he has
Beef Salami Seasoned Steak istration, Cantor Schultz received a certifi- had executive leadership roles in Jewish
Solomon’s Rib Steak
Long cate in nusach tefila from the Belz School communal organizations, focused primar-
at Yeshiva University and also earned ily on fundraising. Cantor Schultz lives in
Tirat Tzvi
$13.99 12oz Cold Cuts certification in nusach and cantorial arts Fair Lawn with his wife, Jessica, and their
$4.29 $3.49 $12.69 $6.99 $5.99 $19.59 $15.99lb $11.99 $10.99lb from the Jewish Cantors Ministers Asso- five children. For more information call
Beef Stir Fry Breaded Solomon’s Beef Cream Eggloo ciation of America. Over the last 13 years, (201) 797-9321.
Ready-to-eat Platinum Frankfurters 40oz. Ice’s Pops 70pc.
Chicken Tenders Classic
Paterson shul seeks supporters
$10.79 $8.99lb $10.99 $8.99lb $9.49 $6.99 $16.99 $15.49 $7.29 $5.99
The Paterson Shul at Federation Apart- to help the general health of the minyan,
Empire Chicken Macabee Pizza Mccain 5 Minutes Seasons Sardines
Nuggets / Bagels 12pk. Frenchfries in Olive Oil ments offers Shabbat services at 9 a.m. so it can keep going. The building that
Nougat Chicken Groups in Fair Lawn meet at the Merlot houses the shul is owned and operated
Cereal Bites and Broadway bridges at 8:30. by the Jewish Community Housing Cor-
375g. Fun
Shape Inquiries are welcome about the High poration, a non-profit organization.
Holy Days and how to make a donation The shul is at 510 E. 27th Street (cor-
$5.99 $4.99 $10.99 $9.99 $7.49 $6.89 $2.79 $3.79 $3.19
to help supplement the support for the ner of 12th Avenue). For information,
Gefen Israeli Holy Land Mini Slider
Couscous 8.8oz. Jerusalem cantors, Torah readers, and Kiddushs. go to or email Jer-
Osem Buns
Soup Tahini There are many mitzvah opportunities
14oz. SUPER
$3.99 SUMMER $4.29
2 for $1.49 $3.59 SPECIAL! $3.75 $4.49 $3.99
Norpac welcomes
5% OFF for ORDERS $75 & up 10% OFF for ORDERS $125 & up North Dakota senator
Our specialty is customer service • Specials are good until August 26th
Debbie and Michael Blumenthal host a pro-Israel Norpac meet-
ing with Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and special guest Sena-
tor Charles Schumer (D-NY) on Thursday, August 23, at 7 p.m.,
in Englewood. Esther and Ben Chouake join the Blumenthals as
event chairs.
For more information or to RSVP, email or Senator Heidi
call (201) 788-5133 Heitkamp

Norpac hosts N.J. congressman

On August 12, Tammy and
Moshe Greenberg hosted
a Norpac pro-Israel meet-
ing in support of New
Je r s e y C o n g re s s m a n
Leonard Lance (R-Dist.
7) at their Teaneck home.
Leonard Lance is on the
House Energy and Com-
Register now - classes begin Sept. 5. merce Committee and is
Apply online at vice chair of the subcom-
Regular Paramus Registration Hours mittee on Commerce,
Mon./Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. M a nu f a c t u r i n g , a n d
Trade. He is a co-chair
Tue./Wed. 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
of the House Republi-
Thu. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. can Israel Caucus for the
Special Paramus Registration Hours 114th Congress. Moshe and Tammy Greenberg, left, with
Sat., Aug. 18 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. At the meeting, Mr. Congressman Leonard Lance. COURTESY NORPAC

L ance di scussed hi s
record on United States-Israel relations Assistance Authorization Act of 2018,
and on working on bipartisan issues. guaranteeing a minimum $3.3 billion to
He is a member of the House Problem Israel. He also was an early co-sponsor of
Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group made the anti-BDS bill Israel Anti-Boycott Act,
up equally of Democratic and Republi- which protects American businesses
can members; New Jersey Congressman from pressure by international organi-
Josh Gottheimer (D-Dist. 5) also is part of zations to boycott Israel.
H A C K E N S A C K | M E A D O W L A N D S | P A R A M U S
that group. Mr. Lance was one of the first Mr. Lance is running for his sixth term
co-sponsors of the U.S.-Israel Security in November.



You Are Cordially Invited…

Closter Chanukah and Purim parties, Shabbat

luncheons, Friday night dinners, book
Temple Emanu-El of Closter club, sports teams, and theater trips
 What does being Jewish mean today?
provide opportunities to share the joy
of Jewish living in an atmosphere that
What is my role in the community?
is warm and respectful of the diver-
How can I help Israel?
sity of observance.
If these questions or others like
High Holiday tickets are free, but
them have ever entered your mind,
reservations arerequired. Call (201)
step into Temple Emanu-El.
816-1611 or e-mail
Our inviting atmosphere inspires
Shabbat morning and holiday services
everyone from children to seniors to
are held weekly on the premises of
learn and connect. Our adult educa-
St Paul’s Episcopal Church, 113 Engle
tion programs offer classes on ethics,
Nursery School, Religious School & Religious, Educational and Social Activities Street, Englewood. Services begin at
Israel, the lifecycle, Jewish music, and
Daily Morning & Evening Minyans 9:45 a.m. Children’s services at 10:30
so much more.
a.m. Visit
Spiritual Leaders Our social action calendar is filled
Rabbi Alberto Zeilicovich and Cantor Andrew Schultz with people actively engaged in acts Sha’ar Communities
of chesed and tzedakah.
High Holiday Guest Cantor Aharon Nof Sha’ar Communities is a ground-
Daily services at Temple Emanu-El
breaking suburban initiative in North-
201-797-9321 ~ provide a forum for mourners and
ern New Jersey founded by Rabbi
40-25 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn celebrants alike to worship in our ma-
Adina Lewittes, inspired by a broad
jestic prayer spaces.
vision of Jewish renaissance, and led
Our religious school curriculum
Special introductory rate for first time, by a team of dedicated lay leaders.
brings Judaism alive and blends our
first year members is $436 Sha’ar welcomes people of all back-
history and faith with today’s real-
grounds, and especially seeks to cre-
world experiences. Our students are
ate inviting access into Judaism for
engaged and motivated to incorpo-
singles, LGBTQ Jews, Jews by Choice,
rate our traditions into their daily lives.
interfaith/multi-heritage families and
Our Shabbat observances are cen-
individuals, and Jews of color.
tered around singing, reflection, wres-
A city of many gates. A commu-
tling with big and important ideas,
nity of many entries. A heart of many
and breaking bread together.
rooms. People are drawn to Jew-
At Temple Emanu-El we exemplify
ish life by different values, priorities
being active for Israel and in Israel.
and interests, and yet they share a
Multiple missions annually for differ-
yearning to belong — to be part of
ent demographics, along with speak-
something larger than themselves,
ers and activities, are just some of the
something that inspires, informs, and
ways we connect each person at our
sanctifies their search for meaning
Temple to our homeland.
and purpose in our fast-changing
We look forward to welcoming you
world. A desire for connection mo-
into our family.
tivates people to seek relationships
180 Piermont Road. www.templee-
with others rooting their lives in Jew- (201) 750-9997.
ish wisdom and tradition, and plant-
ing their souls in the nourishing soil of
Englewood Jewish spirituality. In response, Sha’ar
Welcome to the Congregation Kol Communities creates multiple gates
(“Sha’ar” = gate) through which peo-
Temple Emanu-El family! Congregation Kol HaNeshamah
ple can enter, explore and celebrate
Jewish life. Music-filled, evocative
(Voice of the Soul) is the only Conser- prayer. Deep, transformative study.
vative synagogue serving the Engle- Educational, adventurous travel. Per-
David-Seth Kirshner, Rabbi wood/Tenafly community. We are a sonalized, meaningful lifecycle rituals.
Alex Freedman, Assistant Rabbi Havurah style egalitarian shul. Shab- Courageous, committed social activ-
Israel Singer, Cantor bat and holiday Services are highly ism. Curious, creative cultural experi-
participatory and musical. Beginning ences. Together our gates offer a radi-
Fran Weingast, President this Sukkot, September 24, we look cally inclusive, innovative, affordable
forward to welcoming our new rabbi and pluralistic model for contempo-
• Personable and inspiring clergy Lindsey Healey-Pollack. In addition rary Jewish living. Our name, Sha’ar,
• Warm and welcoming community to the rabbi, our members also lead is formed in the singular to convey
prayers, leyn (chant from the Torah), the single, sacred, core community
• Meaningful Shabbat and Holiday services and offer divrai Torah (teaching). to which each of our gateways lead,
• Hands-on Social Action Committee Discussion during services is encour- and our shared commitment to raise
aged. Kol HaNeshamah is deeply a compelling Jewish voice with which
• Active Sisterhood and Men’s Club to join the global conversation about
committed to tikkun olam (heal-
• Engaging and Motivating Religious School program ing the world). Members and their spirituality, ethics and social responsi-
• Full calendar of Adult Education programming children participate in a number of bility in the 21st century.
community projects such as staffing a For more information and to learn
• Committed and active Israel Action groups homeless shelter, leading holiday ser- more about Sha’ar Communities
vices for hospital patients, and visiting please contact us.
JOIN US! nursing homes. Rabbi Adina Lewittes, Founder
Hebrew school for grades K-7 and
Special Membership Rates and Unique Programs Hebrew High School are available (201) 220-6743
for Young Couples/Families through our affiliate community Andrew Pittel, President
schools. Adult Talmud and synagogue
FOR MORE INFORMATION: skills classes are led by our mem- (201) 232-9999
CALL 201.750.9997 bers and visiting scholars. Commu-
WEB - nity events and celebrations such as PO Box 1625 Fort Lee, NJ 07024

18 Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018

You Are Cordially Invited…

• Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Fair Lawn classes, special events, and a scholar-in- covich and Cantor Andrew Schultz,
residence program. Temple Beth Sholom is a traditional

Fair Lawn Jewish Center/ Our religious school for grades K-7, Conservative congregation affiliated
the Howard and Joshua Herman Educa- with United Synagogue of Conservative
Congregation B’nai Israel
tional Center, nurtures Jewish identity Judaism. It serves the religious, cultural,
The Fair Lawn Jewish Center/Congre- and learning. The school meets two and social needs of 150 households in
gation B’nai Israel invites you to join days a week, utilizing innovative cur- the Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Paramus, and
our welcoming, egalitarian Conserva- riculum, including extensive use of Ridgewood areas.
tive congregation. Spiritually uplifting, technology. A specially trained faculty Temple Beth Sholom is a founding
educationally inspiring, socially vibrant, member helps enable students with member of the Northern New Jersey
we create community and connection learning differences or disabilities to Jewish Academy, a consortium school

through prayer, education and social of- succeed. For information, contact Rab- with programs from pre-K to seventh
ferings for all ages. bi Keven Friedman, Principal, at (201) grade.
The FLJC is strengthened by its 796-7884 or The state-licensed Helen Troum Nurs-
diverse membership, including fami- 10-10 Norma Ave., Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. ery School and Kindergarten provides a
lies, couples, singles, Jews by Choice, (201) 796-5040. developmentally appropriate program
interfaith families, and members of the Follow us on Facebook at www.face- for children ages 2 to 5, after-school

e you to call or E-mail

LGBT community. By enabling all to enrichment, early care, a Mommy and
worship, learn, celebrate and find sup- Me program, and a summer camp. The
port, the FLJC creates an openhearted Temple Beth Sholom school welcomes families with children

atmosphere in which to live Jewishly. For over 60 years, Temple Beth Sholom from other congregations and unaf-
The FLJC includes dynamic auxiliary of Fair Lawn has been inviting the com- filiated families. For information, call

hard Tannenbaum,
groups. Sisterhood and Men’s Progress munity to feel the warmth of its friendly Debora Lesnoy at (201) 797-2865 or
Club provide myriad activities, includ- congregation and inspiring services. email
ing educational and social events like The synagogue offers a variety of adult Temple Beth Sholom is offering an
concerts, comedy nights, and game education programs, family program- introductory first year rate for first time
nights. Our synagogue community ming, and activities sponsored by our members of $436. Call the office for

xecutive Director at
shares a commitment to righteous- Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Social Action details at (201) 797-9321. Visit www.
ness and justice through social action. Committee, and youth groups (USY, and like us on Facebook. The

Support for the State of Israel is cen- Kadima). TBS provides daily morning synagogue is located at 40-25 Fair
tral, with connections created through and evening minyans, and a Shabbat Lawn Ave., near the intersection of Fair
study and speakers. Opportunities for Torah study group. Lawn Avenue and Saddle River Road.

ung Family orMembership

adult learning are plentiful, with weekly

Led by Rabbi Alberto (Baruch) Zeili- with
rly Childhood
any questions.
Program Sister
Apples and Honey Service TempleEmanuel
Temple Emanuelofof
thethe Pascack
Pascack Valley
Valley • Woodcliff
• Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Lake, NJ

Monday, September 10
anuel School
of the Pascack Valley4:30 pm
Led by Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg
and Cantor Shaul Praver
Overlook Drive EVERYBODY!
GRJC • 682 Harristown Road • Glen Rock, NJ Young Family Membership
Young Family Membership

Songs, Blessings, Treats,
ult Education
Early Childhood Program
We We
youto callororE-mail
to call E-mail Early Childhood Program
Apples and Honey Young
Religious Family
School Membership

dcliff Lake, NJ 07677

WeRichard Tannenbaum,
invite Tannenbaum
Richard you to call or E-mail
for a Sweet New Year! ourRichard
Executive Director at
Tannenbaum, Early Religious
Adult Education
School Program

to Int
our Executive
or at
our Executive Director at
201-381-0801 with anyor
201-391-0801 or
questions. New Extended
Sisterhood Education Hours

l: 201-391-0801 with any questions. Vacation
Club Programs

Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley Men’s Sisterhood
FREE and OPEN to the Entire Community! with any questions
87 Overlook Drive
Temple Emanuel
Woodcliff of the
Lake, Pascack Valley
NJ 07677 Religious
Keruv-Reaching School
Men’s Club Out
RSVP to 201-652-6624 or Temple
tel: Emanuel
87 201-391-0801
Overlook Drive
to Interfaith Families
Adult Education
Community Out C Creating
Additional Free Community Activities:
of the Pascack Lake, Valley
NJ 07677
to Interfaith Families
tel: 201-391-0801
87 Overlook Drive
Inspiring Commitment
Erev Rosh Hashanah service - 9/9 at 8:00 pm Creating Community
Men’s Club
n’s Club

 Tashlich - 9/10 at 6:00 pm (Duck Pond off Prospect Street) Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 Inspiring Commitment

 Yizkor - 9/19 approximately 1:30 pm TEPV Ad.indd 1 tel: 201-391-0801 Reaching Out to 10/31/14 2:01 PM
 Nei’lah - 9/19 approximately 6:15 pm Interfaith Families
 Simchat Torah Dinner - 10/1 at 6:00 pm (RSVP requested)
TEPV Ad.indd 1 10/31/14 2:01 PM
NEW selection of High Holiday Services to attend:

ruv-Reaching Out Traditional, Contemporary, or Young Family Service

Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018 19

Interfaith Families
You Are Cordially Invited…

SAVE THE DATES · SEPTEMBER 2018 Fort Lee where every member matters.
Want to learn more? Visit our web-
ROSH HASHANAH Congregation Beth Israel site to
find out all about us and check out
Sun. Sept. 9 – 7:15 pm
of the Palisades
our calendar of events and services,
Congregation Beth Israel of the Pali- or call the office (201/947-1735) to
Mon. Sept. 10 – 9:00 am followed by
sades, now at the New Synagogue of schedule a visit.
Tashlikh Water Service at 1:30 pm Fort Lee, invites you to join its rabbi, We would love to meet you!
Tue. Sept. 11 – 9:00 am Jewish Standard columnist Shammai
Engelmayer, for services on the High
YOM KIPPUR Holy Days at the Fort Lee High School Franklin Lakes
Tue. Sept. 18 – 6:15 pm (Kol Nidre) auditorium, along with Cantor Eric Temple Emanuel
Wed. Sept. 19 – 9:00 am Wasser, and all year round in our sanc-
tuary, 1585 Center Avenue. We are a of North Jersey
Wed. Sept. 19 - Mincha 5:00 pm & Neilah 6:00 pm Conservative egalitarian congregation. Temple Emanuel of North Jersey in
Wed. Sept. 19 - Break the Fast – 7:30 pm We enjoy being together — at services, Franklin Lakes is thrilled to open our
socials, or adult ed classes. We care doors for a new year. We invite every-
SUKKOT about each other; we are there for each one from the surrounding area to join
Erev Sukkot: Sunday, September 23rd other. We do not claim to be warm and and build a community that embraces
fuzzy; we just are. Our informal “style” friendship, spiritual growth, commu-
SHEMINI ATZERET has won us a reputation for actually nal connections, and a loving, creative
Monday, October 1st - 7:30 am (Yizkor) being what other congregations only approach to traditional Judaism.
claim to be: warm, friendly, and caring. Today, as our congregation has
SIMCHAT TORAH Even on the High Holy Days, when inti- evolved and aged, we seek a new infu-
Monday, October 1st - 7:30 pm macy seems impossible, no one is treat- sion of people to grow and serve our
Come dance with us! ed as a “stranger” because a “stranger” community. We welcome all back-
to us is just a long-lost relative who grounds and ages to be a part of an
We would love to have you join us but tickets are required. found her or his way home. Among emerging new movement to embrace
For more information please call Cathy at (201) 391-4620 other things, people no one recognizes individual and community values to
are given honors. The rabbi makes make our lives and involvement in
Temple Beth Sholom of Pascack Valley several forays during each service into Jewish values more meaningful. At the
heart of our congregation is a deep
“the pews” to greet as many people as
32 Park Avenue · Park Ridge, NJ possible, especially those who are new reverence for our legacy of Torah
to the synagogue. For information, call studies and classical liturgy. Yet we are
(201) 947-1555, or check out our web- moved to celebrate new life and seek
site, new traditions that will weave the
aspirations of our area members. We
The Jewish Community want to tap into more Jewish learning,
Center of Fort Lee/ our love for our American heritage,
Congregation our high regard for the virtues of the
State of Israel and our moral quest to
Gesher Shalom make the world a better, more livable
for Congregations,
dinner. The Jewish Community Center of Fort place. We lean on each other for en-
Come for the
forthe dinner.
dinner. Lee/Congregation Gesher Shalom couragement. Mostly, we seek to live
for the Many Choices.
Stay for the service.
Come for
forthethe service.
dinner. is a warm, welcoming and inclusive fulfilling lives socially, spiritually, and
Meetyour your
Find new
for Jewish
Your Jewish
Jewish Community
Meet your
your new
new Jewish
Jewish community.
community. Conservative synagogue that is com- intellectually. We meet weekly to pray
Stay for the
at Temple service. Israel & JCC.
of of Reconstructionist
ofa alively,
Reconstructionist pletely egalitarian and accessible in all and discuss these ideals.
Please your
join thenew
Beth Jewish
members for of community.
for lively,catered
Reconstructionist erev
Please Beth
the &Israel
members for ofaa lively,
offers two catered
Reconstructionist erev alternatives in aspects of synagogue life. We respect It is our vision at TENJ to actively
Rosh Hashana
Please join dinner
the onon
members Sunday,
for of September
lively, catered13th.
Reconstructionist 13th.
one Hashana
Beth on
Israel Sunday,
egalitarian a September
lively, catered
Conservative 13th.
erev (Temple Israel) everyone’s desire to find their own share the joys of our milestone mo-
Rosh Hashana Beth
Congregation dinner on Sunday,
Israel for arabbi, September
lively, catered 13th.
and toHashana
to knowusdinner
know usand
Reconstructionist on
our new
(RCBI) September
rabbi, and
wide range of level of observance by incorporating ments: rites of passages, bar and bat
moreto know
Hashana us and
dinner our
on new
Sunday, rabbi, and
September find out
Get toabout
cultural, what makes
us and
social makes
new sosospecial.
educational special.
and find out for all to enjoy.
programs both traditional and innovative wor- mitzvah, weddings, anniversaries, new
Get toabout
knowwhat makes
us and ourRCBI so special.
new rabbi, and find out
Get toabout
know what
and RCBI
ourthe so special.
rabbi, and find the
out vision of an ship experiences. Our new, inspira-
Come aboutCome
meet Dinner:for
Dinner: RCBI
5:00 so
p.m. share baby arrivals, academic achievements,
more about what makes 5:00
Dinner: RCBI p.m. so special. tional and contemporary prayer book
engaged, Stay
($25 for
kids service.
ages p.m.
1212& &under;Jewish
under; community. graduations, and the treasures of travel
We welcome($25
RSVP Dinner:
RSVP new
by 5:00
$12 kids
and p.m.
12 & under;
September &multiracial
September 9th)
9th) families, facilitates discussions and interactive and business. We balance those ideals
($25 Dinner:
adults, 5:00
by Wednesday,
ages p.m.
$12 kids ages
12 & under;
($25 by Wednesday,
adults, $12at Jews
at September
kids 6:30
ages by
p.m. 9th) and those considering
Shabbat services. We provide multiple with the difficulties we all face in our
Please join
RSVPthe members
Service at
by Wednesday,6:30 of12 p.m.
September under;
by at
to p.m.
Congregation Beth Israel for a lively,9th)
September you.erev
catered opportunities for our members and lives: sorrows, economic challenges, ill-
Come forService at 6:30
the dinner. p.m. visitors to strengthen their connection ness, child care, career setbacks, elder
Rosh Hashana
Stay for
Joindinner Us at For
on 6:30
Sunday, p.m.
an September
Open House 13th. on
Looking forforatheaplace
place totocelebrate
Aug. the
High Holy
6:00-8:00 Days? p.m. to their Jewish heritage, to the State care, aging and loss of loved ones. We
MeetGet Looking
your newfor a place
Jewish to celebrate
community. the High Holy Days?
Ask to
Looking know
forour aourus
“free our
to seats new
for rabbi,
celebrate and
the High find
Holy Days? of Israel, and to form life-long bonds
Ask about
Please more
join the for
Meetour “free
a place ouroftoseats for first-timers”
rabbis, the
tour High program!
theHoly Days? and find
building, are thankful, resilient; we celebrate.
Ask about members
for what
a “free
place makes
seats RCBI so special.
for first-timers”
celebrate the High program!
Holy Days?
Congregation about
Beth our “free
Israel seat
for seatseats for
reservation first-timers”
a lively, catered and program!
erev information: with their fellow congregants and Our services are traditional, egalitar-
Ask about
Rosh Hashana dinner
our about
seat seats
“free our
for first-timers”
September 13th.
religious school
and information:
Dinner and/or
seat reservation
Dinner: 5:00 and information:
p.m. community members. ian, and Conservative. Men and wom-
Dinner and/or and
seat TI-JCC’s
reservation and great programs.
Get to know
Dinnerus and our
new rabbi,
seatfor andages
reservationfind12 out
and information: Our clergy are Rabbi Kenneth A. en participate equally. We encour-
us adults,
us online
online $12
at: dinner.
& under;
more about what
Visit Come
makes Interested
online forat: the
by Wednesday, dinner.
in joining
September 9th) RCBI for Stern and Cantor Paul Zim. We are the age interfaith families to join us and
VisitStayus online forat:the service.
Dinner: usService
5:00 for
online the
p.m. Holy service.Day Services?
6:30 p.m. only conservative synagogue in the become a part of our community. You
Meet your
Visit uskids new
online at:Jewish community.
Meet your
($25 adults, $12 new
us &Jewish
ages 12 under; community.
Rabbi Leiah Moser area that holds a twice-daily minyan. are valued asset to the congregation.
RSVP by Wednesday, September 9th)
Pleaseto join
our theReconstructionist
members of Reconstructionist community — Why join? We offer a multitude of
join atthe 6:30 members
p.m. of Reconstructionist Our membership includes people
Congregation Beth Israel for athelively, catered erev
Looking for a place
Congregation Bethwe’ll to
Israel save
for you
a lively, a Days?
erev programs that engage everyone from and families from Bergen and Passaic
Ask Hashana
about our dinner
“free on for
seats Sunday, September
first-timers” 13th.
Rosh Hashana
Ask aboutdinner on our Sunday,
free September
seats 13th.
for first-timers tots to seniors: one of the pre-emi- counties, New York, and beyond.
Looking for a place to celebrate the High Holy Days?
Ask about to program;
our know seatsus
“free and
forseat our new
first-timers” rabbi,
program! and and find out
information: nent Hebrew Schools in Bergen Coun- Shabbat morning services run
Get to know us and our new rabbi, and find out
more about what makes RCBI so special. ty, vibrant adult education programs,
Dinnermore about
RCBI what
seat reservation
“frequent makes RCBI socontact
and information:
fliers”: special. the synagogue office promptly 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon, every an active Sisterhood and Men’s Club,
for a ticket
Visit us Dinner:
online form (or to the rcbi address).
5:00 Saturday. You are invited to light re-
Dinner: 5:00 p.m.
Visit us online at:
($25 adults, $12 kids ages 12 & under; and special programs for teens. Our freshments at Kiddish 12 noon to 12:30
($25 adults, $12 kids ages 12 & under; rabbi hosts day trips every month
RSVP by Wednesday, September 9th)
RSVP by Wednesday, September 9th)
p.m. immediately following services.
Service to locales that explore our heritage The services are conducted under the
Service at
at 6:30
6:30 p.m.
p.m. and culture. Our atmosphere of joy, leadership of Rabbi Joseph Prouser.
warmth, and spirituality brings fami- Our synagogue is at 558 High Moun-
Looking for a place to celebrate the High Holy Days? lies back from generation to genera- tain Road in Franklin Lakes, overlook-
Looking for a place to celebrate the High Holy Days?
Ask about our “free seats for first-timers” program!
475 Grove Street
Ask about •seats
our “free Ridgewood, NJ 07450
for first-timers” program! tion. With respect, a non-judgmental ing the beautiful Franklin Lakes Na-
Dinner and/or seat reservation and information: attitude, and a supportive outlook, ture Preserve. We can be reached at
Dinner and/or seat reservation and information: our goal is to foster a positive Jewish and (201) 560-0200. experience, and family atmosphere Please visit us.
Visit us online at:
Visit us online at:
20 Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018
You Are Cordially Invited…

Glen Rock Hoboken teer projects help us to engage with Judaism through our
minds, our hearts, and our hands. Find out more about
Glen Rock Jewish Center The United Synagogue of Hoboken our congregation, and about Jewish life in hoboken, at or
the Glen rock Jewish Center is a welcoming, vi- the United synagogue of hoboken is hoboken’s
brant, egalitarian congregation with a strong com- vibrant, inclusive, and participatory Jewish com-
mitment to purposeful Jewish living. we also know munity, serving hudson County. we have revived a
how to have fun. Our social hall comes alive with historic synagogue building and century-old Jewish
weekly events and activities that are sure to appeal. community, and we strive to nurture and renew the
there is always something happening at GrJC. Our spark of Judaism in each individual.
synagogue blends and balances the rich teachings rabbi robert scheinberg has led the community
of our Jewish heritage with the very best lessons with sensitivity and wisdom since 1997 (see www.
of modern culture. we are proud of our participa- educational pro-
tory services, and our commitment to social action grams for all ages, led by early Childhood director
and social programming. Our adult education, Men’s rachelle Grossman and Learning Center director
Club and sisterhood events offer something for Grace Gurman-Chan, help our children to embark on
everyone, along with our flourishing nursery school, the adventure of Jewish life and experiential Jewish
and hebrew school. learning. Our partnerships with organizations like
the great rabbi hillel taught: “Become a part of Moishe house hoboken and Jewish Young adults
your community” (Pirke avot 2:5). it is our hope that of hoboken help Jewish young adults in our area
you will become part of our community, and that we to forge connections with the Jewish community.
may all grow together. Make your family part of our For over a decade we have hosted the introduction
family! to Judaism program of the rabbinical assembly of
we would be happy to answer any questions you new Jersey, drawing adults from around the state
have about our programs and services. Come meet to explore Judaism in a comfortable and validating
our rabbi, Jennifer schlosberg. Our synagogue is at atmosphere. services on weekdays, shabbat, and
682 harristown road in Glen rock. For information holidays are musical, participatory, and thought-pro-
email or call (201) 652-6624. voking. Concerts, films, guest speakers, and volun-

Jewish standard aUGUst 17, 2018 21


althy What Will You Do Better This Year?

r Join Us for the Holidays!
You Are Cordially Invited…
ends (201) 560-0200
Leonia Mahwah
Congregation Adas Emuno
brings us music and prayer that uplifts and enlivens
our services. She also serves as director of our religious
Beth Haverim Shir Shalom
Beth Haverim Shir Shalom, at 280 Ramapo Valley
Our synagogue is located at 558 High Mountain Road
We are an inclusive Reform synagogue that has served
the northern Hudson and Bergen County area since our
school, a place of joyful learning that encompasses Jew-
ish culture, prayer and Hebrew. Our congregants find Road, is a warm and welcoming Reform congre-
in Franklin Lakes, overlooking the beautiful Franklin Lakes
founding in 1871. Rabbi Barry Schwartz welcomes all ample opportunities to join together and participate gation serving Rockland and Bergen counties. Its
more than 400 families are led by enthusiastic lay
to Shabbat evening services and morning Torah study, in Shabbat and holiday services, adult education, and
Nature Preserve. Our community is boundless!
bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight that deep- meaningful social action programs. Learn more about leaders in cooperation with Rabbi Ilana Schwartz-
ens our understanding of Judaism and our appreciation us at Or leave a message at the man and Cantor David Perper. In addition to invit-

The Holidays are just the beginning…

of Jewish writings and history. Cantor Sandy Horowitz temple office (201) 592-1712. ing and spiritual services, it offers an introductory
young family membership, outstanding one-day-
a-week religious school, including a unique family
school (grades K-2 free of charge for member fam-
ilies), junior-senior youth groups, vibrant lifelong

Join us for
learning, junior and adult choirs, and brotherhood,

Cover Story
sisterhood, and social action groups. Friday eve-
egation ning Shabbat services are held at 6 p.m. on the first
d. Friday of the month and 7:30 p.m. the remaining

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Fridays. We offer a family service on the first Friday
983 of each month. For more information call (201) 512-
p.m. 1983 or go to

Music • Spirit • Passion • Intellect Paramus
Jewish Community
Depth • Warmth • Humor • Nature • Connection Center of Paramus/
Congregation Beth Tikvah
304 E. Midland Ave.
ool Paramus, NJ 07652
ramming (201) 262-7691
mbership Rabbi Arthur Weiner
Cantor Samuel Weiss
nd Operations Manager - Rita Greenberg

The Jewish Community Center of Paramus/Con- gregation Beth Tikvah is a spirited and engaging
Conservative congregation located in the center of

Bergen County. JCCP/CBT offers daily minyanim
and both traditional and egalitarian Shabbat and
holiday services.
Our progressive Hebrew School provides a dy-
namic Jewish education from ages 4 through bar/
bat mitzvah. The synagogue offers a unique family
bar/bat mitzvah program that helps prepare not
only the child but also parents to participate in
017 their child’s simcha.
Our vibrant and multi-talented rabbi and cantor
help encourage reverence for Torah, the obser-
vance of mitzvot, and Jewish tradition. Shabbat

services regularly begin at 8 p.m. Friday eve-
nings, and 9 a.m. Shabbat mornings. Our ac-
tive committees include Sisterhood, Men’s Club,
Enriching your life through prayer, celebration, education and social action Community Affairs, and Israel Affairs. Come
by and meet Rabbi Arthur Weiner who would

Because you need help

welcome the opportunity to talk with you. We
Free High Holidays encourage the participation of our members who
call the JCCP/CBT their “second home” and we
Services for families invite you to make it your second home as well.

Our Family provides affordable, quality

with young children See why “Community” is our middle name. We
look forward to welcoming you!
up to age 7
Home Care that enables you and your
Open to All!!
Park Ridge
Temple Beth Sholom
loved ones to live safely, on your terms,
These services will introduce
families to the themes of rituals
of Pascack Valley
Temple Beth Sholom is a progressive and friendly
of the High Holiday season with without fear. synagogue. We are a small shul holding Friday
night and Shabbat morning services along with
snacks and time to socialize
... “The Most Beautiful Bus Stop
Free i t h holiday programming.
w Since 2001
P l a c e
ve in September
High Holy Days services are thought provoking,

Home Care L i
Rosh Hashanah – Monday, 10th – 10 AM-10:30 AM with the right mix of spirituality and reflection.
TBS has been serving the Pascack Valley for 90-
Yom Kippur – Wednesday, September 19th – 10 AM-10:30 AM plus years. Join with us when you want to experi-

ence a warm, caring, and Jewish family.

201-796-5040 · 10-10 Norma Ave. · Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

A Family That
Cares For You
® Red App
Call Cathy in our office for High Holy Days infor-
mation, membership, and programming calendar

Call our family today · or to receive our monthly Kol Sholom newsletter.

299 Market St., Suite 330, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

(201) 391-4620.
22 Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018
restaurant, a bar, an outdoor sta
You Are Cordially Invited…
Temple Beth Sholom is located at 32 As a true Jewish community center, throughout our diverse community. Our afternoon (Wednesday September 19.
Park Ave. in Park Ridge. Our web site TI-JCC offers: musical Shabbat ser- religious school for grades pre-K through including Yizkor) are free and open to
is at vices and cabarets, author events and 12 has more than 150 students. the public.
insightful lectures, social justice en- Come join our temple family for the Ask us about our $360 introductory rate
Ridgewood gagement and social events that draw
us together to celebrate holidays,
holidays. Our rabbi, Paul Jacobson, and
cantor, Maria Dubinsky, in conjunction
for all new members. For more informa-
tion, please call Barbara Herman Hoff, our
Temple Israel/RCBI at life and each other. Our students at- with our dedicated leadership, delight administrator at (201) 489-2463 ext. 203,
TI-JCC: two congregations, tend the Northern NJ Jewish Acad- in welcoming you to our congrega- email For
emy (NNJJA), an innovative religious tion. Open House Friday September 7. school registration information, call Barba-
one community school consortium held at TI-JCC that Services on second day Rosh Hashanah ra Haber, educational director, at (201) 489-
Temple Israel and Jewish Community offers small-group, flexible instruc- (Tuesday September 11) and Yom Kippur 2463, ext. 204.
Center (TI-JCC) offers two worship tion and creative electives that make
alternatives: egalitarian Conservative learning fun.
at Temple Israel (TI) and Reconstruc- Visit for more
tionist at Reconstructionist Congrega- information.
tion Beth Israel (RCBI). The congre-
gations share space and participate
jointly in programs and synagogue
River Edge Celebrate the High Holy Days
life. Each holds its own religious ser-
vices, open to all, and members join
Temple Avodat Shalom with traditional services at
Temple Avodat Shalom is a vibrant
together for various services and ob-
Jewish congregation located in River Congregation B’nai Jacob in Jersey City.
servances throughout the year. Rabbi
Edge of more than 1,000 individuals. Services are open to all - attendees
David Fine of TI is the senior rabbi;
We welcome all who wish to partici-
Rabbi Leiah Moser is RCBI’s rabbi and will not need tickets and there is no fee.
pate, regardless of age, marital status,
the TI-JCC assistant rabbi. Rosh Hashanah: September 10 and
sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or
We are an inclusive community that
financial means. Straight, lesbian, gay, September 11, 10:15 a.m.-1 p.m.
welcomes interfaith and multiracial
bisexual and transgender individuals,
families, LGBTQ members, Jews by Tashlich service: War Monument at the foot of
interfaith families, people of all abilities,
choice and those considering conver- Washington Street- September 10, 4 p.m.
and individuals of all ages are wel-
sion. Our members span the genera- Kol Nidrei: September 18, 6:30 p.m.
come. We offer programs to satisfy all
tions, from young families to empty
levels of appetite for Jewish learning Yom Kippur: September 19, 10:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.
nesters to active seniors, who all share
and spiritual growth as well as op-
the vision of an engaged, diverse and Yizkor: 12:30 - Evening: 5:30- 8:09
portunities to make a difference in our
supportive Jewish community.
world and just to have fun with friends 176 West Side Ave., Jersey City · (305) 607-9062 ·

Jewish Community Center of Paramus/

Congregation Beth Tikvah
Come see why COMMUNITY is part of our name!

The Jewish Center

of Teaneck
70 Sterling Place REGISTER NOW
Rabbi Daniel Fridman
Rabbi of the Jewish Center
Hebrew School starts Sunday, Sept. 16
Shul membership not required
A Modern Orthodox Community Welcoming to All
Shabbat and Weekday Services Happy, Healthy
Extensive Youth Programming for Shabbat and More
Adult Education Classes from Beginner to Advanced New Year
Vibrant Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Social Programming from our
family to yours
Two Free High Holiday Tickets for Members
High Holy Day seats available
Please Contact Us
201-833-0515 304 East Midland Avenue, Paramus 201-262-7691 ·
Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018 23
You Are Cordially Invited…

Teaneck brothers and sisters in Israel, and the

Hear the Call The Jewish Center

of Teaneck
unique, historical gift that the Al-
mighty has bestowed upon His peo-
ple in restoring Jewish sovereignty to
our ancestral homeland.
As the High Holidays rapidly ap- We welcome you to join our syna-
proach, we all consider where we gogue community. For more informa-
might most meaningfully spend these tion regarding membership, including
Days of Awe. two free tickets for the high holidays,
The Jewish Center of Teaneck, our please visit us at, e-mail
township’s first synagogue with an us at, or call us at
illustrious and august history, is a 201-833-0515.
Modern Orthodox community wel-
coming to all. We are an intergenera- Temple Emeth
tional synagogue that proudly serves At Temple Emeth, the values and
as a spiritual home for families and practices of Reform Judaism are em-
individuals at every life stage, from braced every day. We take pride in our
infancy and early childhood into older extensive programming, both spiri-
adulthood. tual and secular, and in our wonderful
Our synagogue community is built members. Our voluntary commitment
JOIN US FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAYS. on four pillars. model of supporting the temple finan-
Everyone is welcome at our warm, music-filled services, led by our First, we are a Center for heartfelt cially allows all members to partici-
own Rabbi Steven Sirbu and Cantor Ellen Tilem. And with free tefillah, meaningful prayer. Featur- pate according to their means and the
ing our daily Shacharit and Mincha/
services for children and families, plus our voluntary commitment Ma’ariv services, our main Shabbat
value they find in membership. Every-
one can afford to join us.
memberships, we make it easy for everyone to hear the call. service, a sephardic congregation, and The Temple Emeth family includes
a youth minyan, we are committed to

Jews by birth, Jews by choice, part-
providing a sacred space for each of ners of Jews, singles, people of color,
us, as individuals and as members of and those in the LGBTQ community.
an eternal covenantal community, to What holds us all together is that
A REFORM CONGREGATION commune with our Creator. Our chil- we care about each other and our
1666 Windsor Road, Teaneck NJ 07666 dren’s groups, from infancy and up, are congregation. Our members’ involve- • 201-833-1322 equally nurturing spaces for our chil- ment ranges widely too — from those
dren to develop warm and positive as- who stop by only once in a while — to
sociations with their synagogue, that those who attend our uplifting servic-
plant the seeds which will blossom in es and programs regularly — to those
the years and decades to come. who are so immersed in temple life
Second, we are a Center for Torah that they rarely leave the building!
learning. With a recognition that a We have a terrific religious school for
meaningful spiritual life rests of the grades K-7, which is fully subsidized
foundation of a Jewish education, we for members. We also offer a dynamic
provide classes, both on Shabbat and program for young people in grades 8
weeknights, for all levels of learners. to 12, including confirmation in tenth
With weekly classes in Rambam, Navi, grade.
and Parshah for children, a monthly Rabbi Steven Sirbu writes, “I be-
book-club which synthesizes the fin- lieve each one of us is on a Jewish
Wishing our585 Community a
Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
est of Western Literature with rabbin-
ic texts, in addition to a new women’s
journey that involves wrestling with
our tradition and shaping a relation-
585 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Sweet & Healthy Preschool
Newat The Year as we
Andrew Friedland
Tehillim group which we will be form-
ing this year, we seek to provide the
ship with God. Temple Emeth offers
the resources and the support to help
sacred spaces so critical for deepen-
celebrate RoshEarly Hashanah &
Childhood Learning Center
Preschool at The Andrew Friedland
Early Childhood Learning Center ing our Jewish knowledge, and con-
every journeyer find what he or she
seeks. Along the way, we have a lot of
comitantly, our spiritual identities.
Yom Kippur
The Addison M. &5779
Jewish studies at Jewish studies at fun, with lively and stimulating classes,
The Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School Third, we are a Center for chessed services that engage and inspire, and
Elizabeth Opper Religious School and social programming. To be a social events where we are reminded
member of our synagogue community
Welcome to Wishing
Temple our Community
Beth Rishon...a how many wonderful people have

Wishing our Community a

Sweet & Healthy New Year
is to be enmeshed in a caring network
in which no one has to encounter life’s
chosen to affiliate here.”
Cantor Ellen Tilem is involved in
A High Energy, Participatory Worship Services hardest challenges alone. Our Sister- every facet of temple life. With her
Sweet & Healthy New Year
as we
A Preschool, Mom & Tot Programs celebrateCamp
& Summer
A Religious School, Hebrew High & Youth Group
hood is constantly engaged in creat-
ing wonderful programs which are
beautiful voice, she brings us new
melodies while celebrating our Jewish
Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur equal parts enjoyable and meaningful.
as we celebrate
A Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation
A Adult Education Programs & Speakers
Together, we foster an environment
musical heritage. She also works with
our three choirs and amazing Temple
5777 which recognizes the intrinsic sanctity Emeth Band.
Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
A Jewish Musical Concerts, Theatre Trips & Much More! and humanity of every single member
of our synagogue community.
We are conveniently located at 1666
Windsor Road in Teaneck. Visit us
Finally, we are a Center for support online at or on Face-
585 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
201-891-4466 for the State of Israel. We recognize book. Or call us at (201) 833-1322 for
our sacred obligation to support our a personalized visit.
Preschool at The Andrew Friedland
Early Childhood Learning Center
Jewish studies at
The Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School

Wishing our Community

585 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, a NJ 07481
201-891-4466 ·
Sweet & Healthy New Year
For information about our High Holy Day services and
Membershipas we celebrate
at Temple Beth Rishon, please contact us
at 201-891-4466 or
Rosh Hashanah
Welcome & Yom KippurBeth Rishon...
to Temple
24 Jewish Standard AUGUST 577717, High
2018Energy, Participatory Worship Services

Adult Education Programs & Speakers

Social Action Committee & Caring Committee
Sisterhood & Men’s Club
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Congregation Beth Israel This year,

of the Palisades join with us
at the New Synagogue of Fort Lee
Where ‘welcome’ is not just a word!
1585 Center Avenue,
for the
Tel. 201.947.1555
E-mail: shul@cbiotp,org
Holy Days
Check out our website: ( an d b r i n g t h e ki ds !)
Think of us as your communal home.

We’re a happy home, too.

There’s nothing stuffy, staid, or somber about us.
Even on the High Holy Days, we’re a bit laid back—as a family should be!
And that’s how you’ll be treated when you walk through our doors—
like a member of the family.
But don’t take our word for it.
Come one Shabbat and see for yourself.

Forget about driving!

Our services this year
will be held in the auditorium
Take the Shab-Bus to shul!
of the Fort Lee High School, The Shab-Bus is a halachically viable
3000 Lemoine Avenue. alternative to driving or walking on Shabbatot
and chagim. As a service to our community, we
Leading services will be our rabbi, will expand its route during the High Holy Days,
SHAMMAI ENGELMAYER, based on requests received before Labor Day.
A complete schedule of stops and approximate
and CHAZZAN ERIC WASSER times will be available after Labor Day.
For security purposes, If you would like the Shab-Bus to come to
reservations in writing are a must. your area, please call our office (201-947-
To download the necessary forms, go to 1555), and let us know., The Shab-Bus and this advertisement are
or call the synagogue office. not meant to impinge in any way on other
synagogues in our area.

Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018 25

You Are Cordially Invited…

Woodcliff Lake
Temple Emanuel
of the Pascack Valley
temple emanuel of the Pascack Valley is constantly
evolving and moving forward. this year, we offer a
new selection of high holiday services to attend:
traditional, contemporary, and young family.
we are a Conservative egalitarian congregation
led by rabbi Loren Monosov and Cantor alan so-
koloff. we believe in respecting the wisdom of our
sages and the torah, and teaching it diligently to
our children by living it daily.
we believe education is a lifelong journey that
takes us from cradle to grave. to that end, ev-
ery activity is social, educational, and religious,
all wrapped into one. these include: “sushi in the
sukkah,” themed shabbat dinners throughout
the year, cultural excursions into nYC, and chil-

Temple Emanuel of North Jersey

dren’s shabbat service. Our members participate
in sisterhood and Men’s Club. Our Keruv initiative
reaches out to interfaith families. Our Community
of Caring assists those in our congregation in their

What Will You Do Better This Year?

time of need. social action reaches out to the
community. we foster love of israel with special
programs and trips to israel.
Our award winning religious school, under the

Join Us for the Holidays! direction of rabbi shelley Kniaz, uses the state-of-
the-art smart boards and tablets in the classroom.
Our students participate in Kids who Care where
each child gives back to the community by select-

(201) 560-0200 ing a project of their choice. Come meet ourne-

wearly Childhood Program (eCP) director, Jessica
Friedman. each eCP child is made to feel special
in our small classes. Our teens partner with B’nai B’rith Youth Organization.
Call(201) 391-0801or email

Our synagogue is located at 558 High Mountain Road Wyckoff

in Franklin Lakes, overlooking the beautiful Franklin Lakes Temple Beth Rishon
Nature Preserve. Our community is boundless! temple Beth rishon is a warm and vibrant com-
munity made up of individuals and families from
The Holidays are just the beginning… diverse Jewish backgrounds. whether families
seek to continue a spiritually strong foundation
in faith, or desire to feel more culturally connect-

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You Are Cordially Invited… HIGH HOLIDAY
Both Traditional & Contemporary Services
ed to their Jewish traditions, TBR’s ing congregational festival meals,
egalitarian approach is appealing. candle-lighting ceremonies, carnivals,
For those who were born Jewish, and concerts on national and Israeli Our Traditional High Holiday services feature our
choose to be Jewish, and those who
are part of an interfaith family will all
holidays. Our Social Action and Car-
ing Committees provide members
clergy, Rabbi Kenneth A. Stern & Cantor Paul Zim,
find a comfortable home to become with active opportunities for tik- officiating at beautiful services that have inspired
generations of members and visitors during the high
involved, welcomed, and supported kun olam such as food and clothing
in their Jewish faith. drives and projects targeting com-
As an independent synagogue, TBR munity needs. Planned activities and holidays.
appeals to people who identify with annual traditions bring our temple
both the Conservative and Reform community closer and offer support
movements. Our vocal and instru-
mental music enhance our engaging
to all of our members. By creating
relationships and building faith within
Our Contemporary services offer a unique worship
services that blend traditional and the Temple Beth Rishon community, experience, with guest Rabbi Jay Levy officiating
contemporary approaches to prayer.
Our passion for Jewish learning and
Jewish social connections in the Ber-
gen County area are strengthened for
and J. Lewis & Company providing professional
connection is evident in our socially generations to come. vocal and instrumental accompaniment.
active adult and youth programs — 585 Russell Ave., Wyckoff. (201) 891-
many of which are open to the com- 4466,
munity-at-large. TBR’s educational CALL (201) 947-1735 OR VISIT GESHERSHALOM.ORG
programs meet in a bright, recently
renovated education wing for the
comfort of our young children, teens, FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS
and adults. Each program is thought-
fully planned to meet the needs of
all who participate and are taught
If you don’t belong to another synagogue you belong with us!
by seasoned staff or professionals in We are a warm, family-friendly, Conservative Egalitarian synagogue that respects
their fields. Our adult programs offer traditional values and offers both traditional and contemporary worship
meaningful opportunities for Jewish experiences. We have an outstanding, innovative Hebrew School,
living, lifelong learning, thoughtful
Bar/Bat Mitzvah training & ceremonies, holiday celebrations,
discussion, and leadership. Partici-
adult & family education, twice-daily services, and
pation is encouraged in well-loved
much more! Call, stop in or visit our website.
programs and enthusiasm for new
programs is always welcome.
We enjoy observing holidays to-
  Ÿ
gether at Temple Beth Rishon, includ- (201)Ÿ947-1735ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸgeshershalom.orgŸŸŸŸŸŸ

EVENING SERVICE Sunday, September 9 - 6:30 PM

FIRST DAY Monday, September 10 - 8:45 AM *
SECOND DAY Tuesday, September 11 - 8:45 AM *
SHABBAT SHUVAH Saturday, September 15- 9:45 AM

KOL NIDRE Tuesday, Sept. 18 - 6:20 PM

SERVICES Wed., Sept. 19- 9:00 AM *
YIZKOR - 11:30 AM (approx.)
MINHA-NEILAH 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
*Youth services begin at 10:30 AM




Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018 27

Cover Story

In 1997, Michael Wildes went to court with a terrorism case.

“Often I would feel safer in crowds and comforted by the lights
of the cameras knowing the world was watching,” he wrote.

‘Safe Haven in America’

Immigration lawyer Michael Wildes of Englewood
talks about immigration, Melania, fear, and hope
JOANNE PALMER immigration, and the law surrounding it, is John Lennon wanted to be able to stay assassinated by a young lunatic who stood

one of the most contentious issues in the in the United States to help his wife, Yoko in wait for him outside the Dakota, his
he zeitgeist really does seem country. Ono, find her daughter, whose father had looming, foreboding Central Park West
to have an eye out for Michael Michael’s father, Leon Wildes, was John kidnapped her. But Lennon had been vocal apartment building.
Wildes. Lennon’s immigration lawyer, at a time about his disgust with the then-raging war The Wildes still are in touch with Yoko
For one thing, he’s running for when the Beatles were among the most in Vietnam, and with Richard Nixon, the Ono.
mayor of Englewood, or to be more accu- famous musicians — to be realistic, among president who was pursuing it. The noto- So that’s Michael Wildes’ patrimony.
rate, he’s re-running. Mr. Wildes was Engle- the most famous people, musicians or not riously thin-skinned Nixon was not happy Probably, given that history, once
wood’s mayor from 2004 to 2010; he won — in the country. Probably in the world. with the situation. Nixon was able to use he decided to become a lawyer, it was
the Democratic primary in June and is hop- Although John Lennon had said, in 1966, his power to get immigration authorities to almost unavoidable that Michael would
ing to recapture the seat come November. that the Beatles were “more popular than try to deport Lennon, who had been con- become an immigration lawyer, and work
For another, longer-term thing, Mr. Wil- Jesus,” the modern Orthodox, early-mid- victed of possessing marijuana. with his father.
des is a prominent immigration lawyer. dle-aged Leon Wildes had never heard of Leon Wildes fought John Lennon’s Michael Wildes has had a long, visible
For a third thing, he has just published them in 1972, when he was hired to keep deportation, and he won; it was that vic- career; he specializes in immigration work
a book about immigration, “Safe Haven Mr. Lennon in the country. But his wife tory, Michael Wildes writes, that under- with clients who have escaped terrorism,
in America: Battles to Open the Golden had. According to Michael Wildes, his lies President Barack Obama’s Deferred are accused of terrorism, are somehow
Door,” which chronicles some dramatic mother, Ruth, was astounded by her hus- Action for Childhood Arrivals program. tainted with terrorism.
stories. Some have happy endings, some band’s lack of knowledge. “My father, bless That’s DACA, which President Trump has His latest, most zeitgeisty work, though,
do not, and some, realistically, end him, was not exactly tuned into the rock declared to be over, and whose recipients culminated just this week, when perhaps
ambivalently. music scene,” Michael writes. His father have lived in unresolved fear and longing his second most famous clients were sworn
It is not surprising that Mr. Wildes chose told his mother that his new clients were for the last year and a half. in as American citizens, and Michael was
immigration as the focus of his practice. “Jack Lemmon and Yoko Motor.” John Lennon won his fight to stay in the all over the American airwaves.
He is the son of a prominent immigra- But Leon Wildes turned to out to be a United States — or perhaps more accu- The newly American pair — Viktor and
tion lawyer — who is his legal partner, in quick study. It didn’t take him long to find rately, Leon Wildes won that fight for Amalija Knavs, the parents of Melania
Wildes & Weinberg P.C. — at a time when out who his new clients really were. him. But then the Beatle was murdered, Knauss Trump (she was born Melanija


Cover Story

Knavs in Slovenia, and Anglicized her system, which has become sclerotic with
name before she changed it more defini- bureaucratic over-reach, and the threat
tively through marriage) — were able to of terrorist infiltration cannot be ignored,
become citizens because their daughter Mr. Wildes said; in fact, he’s said that for
sponsored them, through what is called years. But he also believes that both the
“family reunification.” country’s promise, in the abstract, and
That puts Mr. Wildes squarely in the its need for the energy and intellect and
middle of the national debate over immi- drive of people who care enough about the
gration. His clients’ daughter’s husband future to make their way here, are fueled
has been loudly bellowing his loathing of by immigrants.
people who come to this country through “Every president has recognized that
what he calls “chain migration.” And one the system is broken, and every presi-
politician’s chain migration is another dent has put a band-aid on it,” he said.
immigration lawyer’s family reunification. “This time, a president has been able to
Michael Wildes was not Melania Trump’s get away with scaring people, because of
lawyer when she got her green card, or a weak and fractured Congress. That is
when she became an American citizen, unacceptable.”
but he has worked with her more recently, He thinks that although the administra-
looking at her path to citizenship and tion is talking about terrorism as it works
declaring it to have been properly laid out to stop immigration, “it’s an excuse. They
and dutifully trodden. Ms. Trump came to
the United States using a B-1/B-2 visitor visa
in 1996, and later that year, and for years
later, she got an annual H1-B visa, made
for working visitors, popularly considered Immigration has
to be for geniuses but also aimed at star
models, Mr. Wildes told the Jewish Stan-
become a very
dard in December 2016. Ms. Knauss next comfortable
sponsored herself for a green card “based
on her extraordinary ability,” Mr. Wildes
thing to play
said then; as a model, her talents, at least ping pong with,
as far as we media-consuming masses have
seen them, seem to lie in semi-nude, pro-
but this is about
vocatively posed photographs (semi-nude, people’s lives.
that is, if a hat counts as clothing), duckbill
pouts, and moody glares at the camera.
We can’t afford
But apparently, at least in some quarters, Leon Wildes stands by as John Lennon flashes a peace sign on the steps of the to get it wrong.
that counts as extraordinary ability, and federal courthouse in Manhattan.
it got her a visa, a green card, and really are doing it to scare people, to get
eventually naturalization. a boot. That’s because he first the results they want in the election booth.
Next, she worked with her immi- suffered from bone spurs — “Immigration has become a very com-
gration lawyer, Mr. Wildes — who a result, Mr. Wildes said, of fortable thing to play ping pong with, but
extols her talents, and believes the constant walking he’s this is about people’s lives. We can’t afford
strongly that she earned and been doing in pursuit of votes to get it wrong. We have several stains on
deserved her H1-B visa — to get her across Englewood. Next, his our nation’s history that we need to move
parents their green cards and then oldest daughter got married, away from. We cannot return to racism, to
citizenship. just a few weeks ago; in his slavery, to the exploitation of people who
Mr. Wildes has strong feelings joy, Mr. Wildes jumped up are less fortunate, to the separation of fam-
about immigration. “Our wonder- and down so enthusiastically ilies. We haven’t separated families since
ful experiment in democracy is in front of the couple as he we did it on the slave block.
made stronger with its main ingre- danced to honor and please “And in our own history, we saw how
dient, immigration,” he said. “But them that he tore his Achil- families were separated in the Holocaust,”
that only works if we get it right. les tendon. (Ouch!) So he had he added. “We have to be supersensitive
I don’t see this administration as the bone spur removed and to that.”
steering us in the right direction. the tendon repaired; at this As he makes clear in his book, Mr. Wil-
They’re scaring everyone into point, the look is dramatic. des is a strong supporter of law enforce-
believing that we can keep safe by This is not the first time ment; he does not think that evincing
changing the very content of what he’s been in the public eye; unhappiness at ICE’s actions now is in
has made America excel among Mr. Wildes has testified before any way an attack on ICE. “I am formally a
the nations.” Congress, and he’s been a fre- member of the law enforcement commu-
He is wary about being seen as quent commentator on both nity,” he said. That’s because he’s a lawyer,
working with Republicans, because broadcast and cable net- but he also is a former auxiliary member
he has been a Democrat through- works. He’s used publicity to of the New York Police Department, which
out his life; he feels that his work MIchael and Leon Wildes flank long-time client Yoko Ono. keep clients safe — it’s harder he joined when he was 18. “I had the privi-
for prominent Republicans, as apo- to kill an enemy, if you are the lege of donning an NYPD uniform and
litical as it is, opens him up to be misun- discussing immigration more generally as agent of a foreign government intent on being introduced to my first bulletproof
derstood. But his work for the Trumps and recently as last month.) shutting up dissident voices, if that person vest as a gift from my parents,” he wrote.
Knavs has given him a platform; at least for Perhaps luckily for him, most of his time shows up on television or in the tabloids. He walked a beat in Queens, where he and
the week, he’s been omnipresent on cable on camera this go-around has him sitting But this is a new level of attention, and Mr. his family lived.
news. (Although not on Fox, Mr. Wildes down, or focusing on his face, talking-head Wildes is using it to make the points that Mr. Wildes interned in Congress for
said, which has ignored the whole Knav style. Otherwise, viewers would be treated he feels must be made. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and then
story, although he has appeared on Fox to shots of him hobbling, on crutches, in There are very real problems with our for Geraldine Ferraro, the Democratic


Cover Story

congresswoman who ran for vice presi- carried out by Americans, in the name of
dent. “My time in Washington was a for- an incoherent but American ideology.
mative experience,” he wrote. “I never September 11 marked the start of a new
took for granted the liberties and freedoms balance between freedom and safety, Mr.
our founding fathers sought on our shores Wildes said, and he takes the need to be
and the extraordinary sacrifices made safe very seriously. You cannot be free if
by so many to see that the United States you are in danger, or if you are terrified.
remains a safe haven for those at risk and But we must be smart about the balance,
those at need.” he says.
Next, Mr. Wildes became an assistant “As a former federal prosecutor, I want
United States attorney for New York’s our borders protected,” he said. “I want
eastern district; there, he saw firsthand “a them safe. But I am reminded that our
system that was not uniform, and that dis- founding fathers never lost their moral
criminated against people based on their compass when they fought pirates on the
national origins,” he wrote. high seas — and neither should we, in 2018.
All of this gave him insight into the prob- “We are always at risk at our borders.
lems and promises of immigration; that, Our homeland is always at risk. But we
combined with his father’s example, pro- never threw away the recognition of our
pelled him into immigration law. distinction, that among all the lands of the
He is appalled by what he sees. One anec- world, America is the land of liberty.”
dote of many — “there are kids in the court There also is a real risk in turning peo-
system who are given lists of lawyers — and ple away, Mr. Wildes added. “I lecture
they are coloring on the back of the list. Michael Wildes with new Americans Viktor and Amalija Knavs. frequently at universities throughout the
“That is an atrocity. nation, and I meet foreign students who
as family reunification.
“It is a fallacy to think that we approach cannot onboard in companies because
any sense of humanity in the way that we “In general, people will work they are deemed to be a security risk.”
are treating these children. harder and make America stronger That is, students who once would have
“Hachnasat orchim” — welcoming when they have their loved ones been courted for their intellectual, entre-
guests — “is in our DNA as Jews. We shouldaround them,” he continued. “The preneurial, and creative skills, but who
be opening America’s golden doors as hap- president misspoke in public when come from the wrong countries, are not
pily as in the Bible Abraham ran to wash he said that uncles and nieces and allowed to work here. Instead, they return
the feet of the Arab visitors who came to nephews can be brought in. The home, taking their newly learned skills
see him, just 24 hours after he was cir- law does not allow for that. and inherent drive with them.
cumcised. We should be willing not only As for the argument that there are Despite what he’s seen as an immigra-
to invest in their happiness, to remove the
not enough jobs for new immigrants tion lawyer — and perhaps also because of
risks that they are facing, but also to make
— “There are enough blueberries what he’s seen as an immigration lawyer
them part of the stock of citizens we havethat need to be picked in Georgia, — Mr. Wildes is guardedly optimistic about
for the next generation, so that they willenough grass to be mowed in the the future. Personally, he’s got many bless-
pledge allegiance to our flag and pay it for-
suburbs, enough beds to be made in ings. His father, at 85, still comes to the
ward another generation into the future.” the hospitality industry across our MIchael Wildes takes a selfie with Melania office. “We get to sit through client intakes
Mr. Wildes feels very strongly that words
country,” he said. There are plenty Trump. together,” he said. “I have some very deep
matter. “The people who have hijacked of jobs that native-born Americans footprints to fill.”
the immigration dialogue have come up simply do not want, and do not take. “We families, because they understand that it He met his wife, Amy, at law school;
with the worst terminology,” he said. For need all hands on deck. is those workers who work with extraordi- they both went to Cardozo, Yeshiva Uni-
example, “anchor babies. “I deal with the owners of major com- nary enthusiasm. versity’s law school, and took a class that
“I have never seen a woman come to my panies, with major industrialists through- “And right now there is a deafening his father taught together. Now, Amy man-
out the nation, who swear by their immi-
office and wait for 21 years so her child can silence in Washington from our congres- ages the firm’s New Jersey offices, one of
sponsor her,” he said. “And chain migra- grant workforces,” he added. “I work with sional leaders.” four around the country, and Mr. Wildes is
tion is a very derogatory term for a bed- restaurateurs who treat their immigrant In his book, Mr. Wildes tells us that there continuing his family connection with Car-
rock of immigration law and policy known labor as if they were members of their own is no such thing as a typical immigration dozo. His two older children, Raquel and
case — or for that matter a typical immi- Joshua, both are students there, his next
grant. Each would-be American is unique, daughter, Lauren Ruth, just finished col-
he says. lege, and Jacqueline still is in high school.
If he had to point to one event that Mr. Wildes’ mother died when she was
changed the practice of immigration law 56. The Wildes miss her, but her memory
in his lifetime, Mr. Wildes writes, it was permeates their experience at Cardozo.
the September 11, 2001, attacks on the “My father dedicated a room to her mem-
World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He ory, and I made my class schedule so that
knows what that nightmare looked like; he I can daven mincha in that room and then
was with Hatzalah, the Jewish ambulance teach the class in her honor while I’m
corps for which he has volunteered for there,” he said.
most of his adult life; in that capacity, he Michael Wildes is confident that eventu-
was at the smoking heap on September 12. ally the immigration system will be fixed,
The terrorist murderers, who killed even if will take a great deal of time and
almost 3,000 people, were not Americans, much so-far-nonexistent goodwill. That’s
and the cause for which they killed was not the promise of this country, he said; as the
American. That led to a suspicion of peo- descendant of immigrants who came here
ple who were not Americans in general, looking for a better life, and whose chil-
and of Muslims in particular; this despite dren and grandchildren and great-grand-
the fact that so many acts of mass murder children found that life, he thinks that the
in the United States, including such atroci- promise will be fulfilled for the next gen-
During his college years, Michael Wildes was an auxiliary officer in the NYPD. ties as the Oklahoma City bombing, were eration of new immigrants.


Jewish World

Ronald Lauder helped make Netanyahu prime minister

Now he’s publicly opposing him
BEN SALES just Zionism and a pluralistic Judaism that

respects every human being. So when mem-
t’s gotta hurt when the guy who used bers of Israel’s current government uninten-
to fund your political career writes tionally undermine the covenant between
two op-eds criticizing you in The New Judaism and enlightenment, they crush the
York Times. core of contemporary Jewish existence.”
Benjamin Netanyahu would know. That’s It’s the second time Lauder has taken to
what’s happening to him right now. the pages of the Times to lambaste Netan-
On Monday, Netanyahu was the target of yahu’s agenda. In March, he lamented both
a scathing column by Ronald Lauder, the the demise of the two-state solution under
cosmetics heir who heads the World Jewish Netanyahu and the power of Orthodox par-
Congress. Lauder lamented Israel’s recent ties in Israel. He warned that by “submit-
nation-state law, which Netanyahu defends ting to the pressures exerted by a minority
as a safeguard of Israel’s Jewish character in Israel, the Jewish state is alienating a large
but critics see as a slap in the face to the segment of the Jewish people.”
country’s minorities. Lauder may fear Netanyahu’s policies
Lauder wrote that Israel’s turn to the now. But without Lauder’s support, it’s pos-
nationalist right is betraying its commitment sible Netanyahu never would have been
to democratic, humanistic ideals — and it’s prime minister at all.
betraying the Jewish people’s commitment In 1996, the first time Netanyahu ran for
to those ideals as well. the office, he was a major underdog fac- Ronald Lauder speaks next to a lit menorah at a memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto
“The Jews of the new era have fused our ing a 30-point deficit to incumbent Shimon Uprising in Poland on April 19, 2018.  SEAN GALLUP/GETTY IMAGES

national pride and religious affiliation with Peres. Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s prime minis-
a dedication to human progress, worldly ter, had been assassinated months earlier by Beyond the national sympathy for assassination. A month beforehand, he par-
culture and morality,” Lauder wrote. “Con- a right-wing Jewish extremist opposed to the Rabin’s Labor Party, some saw Netanyahu ticipated in an anti-Rabin rally where some
servatives and liberals, we all believe in a Israeli-Palestinian peace process. as complicit in the incitement that led to the SEE RONALD LAUDER PAGE 32

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5/16/2018 2018 PM31
Jewish World

policies in a speech to the Shalem Center,

Ronald Lauder which some took as an endorsement of
his candidacy. Last year, police officers
people waved photos of Rabin in an S.S. investigating Netanyahu for corruption
uniform and chanted that he was a traitor. reportedly questioned Lauder about gifts
It was Peres’ election to lose. he has given the prime minister.
Enter Lauder, a Netanyahu ally since So why the falling-out? In 2011, Israeli
the man nicknamed Bibi was Israel’s Channel 10 aired an unflattering investi-
ambassador to the United Nations in the gation into Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, accus-
1980s. Lauder reportedly was a major ing her of an inappropriately extravagant
donor to Netanyahu’s 1996 run. More lifestyle. Lauder has a partial stake in the
crucial, he brought Republican campaign channel, but refused to pressure Channel
strategist Arthur Finkelstein to work on 10 to drop the segment.
the campaign. In the meantime, Bibi got a new bene-
Finkelstein came up with the slo- factor: Sheldon Adelson. In 2007, the
gan “Peres will divide Jerusalem” in casino mogul and Republican mega-
peace negotiations — and it worked. A donor threw his heft behind Netanyahu.
stark attack ad, complete with a black Adelson funds Israel Hayom, a free daily
screen, red text, and ominous nar- newspaper that supports the prime min-
ration, warned that Peres had failed ister. Adelson also donated to President
while a Netanyahu victory would mean Donald Trump’s campaign, helping bridge
a “secure peace.” A string of suicide the two leaders.
bombings in the weeks before the Since Trump took office, Lauder
election damaged the public’s faith in reportedly has tried to use his rapport
Peres, and Netanyahu won in a shock- with Trump, Netanyahu, and Palestinian
ing upset, beating Peres by 1 percent. Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to
Lauder remained in Netanyahu’s restart peace talks. But the effort so far
corner for more than a decade, at one has gone nowhere.
point even offering to buy every unsold So now Lauder has taken twice to the
copy of one of Netanyahu’s books. In op-ed pages of the New York Times, slam-
1998, Netanyahu enlisted Lauder to ming the man he once helped bring to
pass on sensitive messages to then- power.
Syrian President Hafez Assad in a failed “Israel is a miracle,” Lauder wrote
attempt to broker a peace pact. on Monday. “The Jews of the diaspora
During Netanyahu’s 1999 re-election look up to Israel, admire its astonishing
campaign, when Lauder chaired the achievements and view it as their second
Conference of Presidents of Major Ameri- home. However, today some wonder if the
can Jewish Organizations, the mogul the nation they cherish is losing its way.”
mogul praised Netanyahu’s economic  JTA WIRE SERVICE


P.A. will provide cancer-related drugs to Gaza

Despite a year-long series of heavy The P.A. is the primary provider of
sanctions on Gaza, the Palestinian medication to Gaza, though interna-
Authority on Monday ordered vital tional bodies also offer some drugs to
chemotherapy medications to be sent pharmacies.
to the Hamas-controlled region. The P.A. has been attempting to pres-
The terror-run region’s health offi- sure Hamas to cede power to Gaza for
cials reported that 700 cancer patients, more than a year, imposing heavy finan-
including 200 children, did not receive cial sanctions on the region, including
their chemotherapy doses at Gaza large pay cuts to tens of thousands of
City’s Abdel al-Aziz al-Rantisi Hospital employees. Hamas took control of Gaza
on Monday because 45 of 60 chemo- in a coup in 2007.
therapy drugs were out of stock. The Palestinian Authority similarly
The delivery was reported by the halted vital medication and medical-
P.A.’s WAFA news site, but details equipment shipments to Gaza for sev-
as to the amount of medication and eral months in 2017, before resuming in
their estimated arrival date were not November 2017.
publicized.  JNS.ORG

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Cory Booker’s declining

T support for Israel
hose of us whose ancestors came and oppression and hunger and the hatred
to the United States before the late of their neighbors. They left for reasons very

1930s are incredibly lucky. similar to the reasons that drive immigrants
With all the stories about immi- to our borders now. ory Booker served as my though it empowered a regime that
gration in the news, it’s impossible not to Often they had to leave children or parents student president at the repeatedly called for Israel’s annihi-
think about the family stories that float behind. To immigrate was to risk never seeing University of Oxford. At the lation and actively sought the means
around for many of us, untethered to specif- your family again. It was to leave behind all time, the Oxford L’Chaim to see it through. What most disap-
ics, full of emotion, full of gratitude. the risks you knew, in favor of the risks you Society was the second largest stu- pointed me is that Cory did not once
My husband has vague stories of his grand- didn’t know. dent group in Oxford’s history. When take to the floor of the Senate to con-
father escaping Russian conscription under It’s the same thing for immigrants now. Yes, we both returned to the United States, demn Iran’s repeated promise to anni-
the bottom of a cart, later getting to Canada some of them are criminals. (Some of the I introduced him to the American hilate Israel.
and then crossing from the north to make his ones who came over with our ancestors were Jewish community, who would later Then, this past April, the Senate For-
illegal way to Chicago. We don’t know how criminals too.) Some will be a burden on the make him the single largest recipient eign Relations Committee — of which
true they are, but we do know that he ended state. (So were some of ours.) But most of of pro-Israel political support in the Cory is a member — held a vote to halt
up a doctor in a Catholic hospital, wearing them are looking for a better life. For hope. nation. But now he has U.S. taxpayer funding for
two pair of glasses when the first one didn’t Maybe, if they dare think so grandly, for a shocked the pro-Israel the Palestinian Author-
help him see well enough to drive. We do chance at happiness, whose pursuit Jefferson and Jewish communi- ity’s “pay-to-slay” pol-
know that he was eternally grateful to this had said is a self-evident right. ties with his cratering icy that granted terror-
country, and to the nuns who hired him when The idea that now, instead of welcoming support for Israel. ist murderers and their
the Protestant hospital told him that they had immigrants, instead of screening them and For years he was seen families actual salaries
too many Jews already. letting the ones whose futures seem likely to as one of the great pro- for the Israelis they’d
My husband also has vague memories of benefit all of us, instead of looking at them Israel voices in Ameri- killed. The Taylor Force
his grandmother talking about how her par- as people, we now not only turn them away can politics. During his Act, named after a heroic
ents were divorced, at a time when divorce but separate parents from children, is both campaign for and tenure former U.S. Army offi-
was rare, and how she came to this coun- wrong and devastating. as the mayor of Newark, Rabbi cer murdered by a Pal-
try as a child to escape both the shame and In the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing Cory would electrify Shmuley estinian terrorist, would
the even-more-grinding-than-normal pov- and seeing and reading about (unless we are Jewish crowds through- Boteach merely stop American
erty that were meted out to the children of able to turn the radio or the podcast or the out the country with taxpayer money from
divorce. She ended up married to a lawyer television off quickly enough, or turn the his knowledge of the being used to fund mur-
and an active Labor Zionist, in an apartment page adroitly enough so that we don’t see the Torah, which he and I regularly stud- der. It was nothing but a clear and cru-
high above Lake Shore Drive. full story but only ghost images) what hap- ied together. Then there was his sin- cial sign of America’s deep respect for
I remember my great-aunt tearing up as pens to children put in camps or shelters or cere love for Israel, which I arranged human life.
she looked at photographs of the Hungarian other facilities, sometimes medicated, some- for him to visit for the first time in 1994. Unbelievably, Cory voted against it in
countryside. It was so beautiful, she said in times separated so thoroughly from their par- In return, Cory received enormous the Foreign Relations Committee.
her luscious accent, all rolling consonants, as ents that like Humpty Dumpty the relation- Jewish political and financial support, Cory then condemned President
rich as the country looked in those pictures. ships can’t be put together again. Parents are becoming, arguably, the single biggest Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as
She hung them up in her kitchen — but she deported without their kids, record-keeping recipient of financial contributions the capital of Israel and moving the
never went back, and never wanted to. is so abysmal that the system can’t find the from the Jewish community. Even as embassy.
I remember stories of my grandfather, a kids. It goes devastatingly on and on. he rose in stature and launched a cam- Last week, Cory would take his
brilliant student, fluent, as so many of his Those of us who are here now are lucky. As paign for the Senate in 2013, no one increasingly deteriorating relation-
contemporaries were, in seven or eight lan- Rabbi Kenneth Brander reminds us, for the doubted Cory’s kinship with the Jew- ship with the pro-Israel community
guages — he learned Italian when he got here first time in history, Jews who make aliyah from ish community and Israel. to a new low.
because it was so close to Romanian, and the United States are going toward something. When he reached the Senate, how- The junior senator from New Jersey
much more useful — who never got to become They are not running away from anything. ever, things would quickly begin to flew to New Orleans to address the pro-
the scholar murky family lore said he would We are a nation of immigrants. It is those devolve, creating friction between gressive mega-event Netroots Nation
have been, but who started a business that immigrants’ drive and hunger and energy Cory and the pro-Israel commu- 2018. The conference brought together
allowed his family to be comfortable during and curiosity and unstoppable need to move nity and immense pressure on our almost all of the candidates expected
the Depression. forward that made this country grow. friendship. to seek the Democratic nomination
I remember stories of horses and wagons in Of course we cannot be stupid or senti- First, Cory voted for President in 2020, including Senators Elizabeth
Brooklyn, and about my very young mother mental about immigration, but we cannot Obama’s catastrophic deal with Iran, Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala
correcting her grandparents’ Hungarian. forget what made America what it is if we
Those generations of immigrants left mainly want it to keep it as a beacon of freedom, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of 32 books, including “The Israel Warrior.”
for economic opportunity, to escape poverty liberty, and light. —JP Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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Harris. Speaking alongside the

presidential contenders were doz-
sign was “Palestine,” and the placard
had been handed to him by a woman Protest and prayer
ens of other leading Democratic fig-
ures, including Mayor Bill de Blasio,
wearing a blatantly pro-Palestinian
t-shirt. The woman activist is Leah to inspire a 21st-century
Democratic congressional nominee
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York
Muskin-Pierret, a BDS conspiracy
theorist who claims the Israel lobby is civil rights movement

gubernatorial candidate Cynthia funded by the NRA and the pharma-
Nixon, and many others. ceutical industry and once contrib- ryan Stevenson deserves our
New Orleans was teeming with uted to the legal defense of Rasmeah attention even if he doesn’t speak
t politicians and pundits who are Odeh, a PFLP terrorist convicted in directly to our concerns as Jews.
- viewed as unsympathetic to Israel. 1969 for blowing up an Israeli super- Stevenson runs an organization
And yet, it would be Cory — my market, killing two young students out of Montgomery, Alabama, called Equal
- soul friend, Torah study partner, and maiming nine others. Justice Initiative. It is an NGO legal services
attendee at untold numbers of my Cory’s claim that he did not know campaign dedicated to representing convicted
- Shabbat dinners, who rose to power what the sign said is being hotly blacks, some on death row, whose incarcera-
- vowing the staunchest support of disputed by the same BDS leaders tion often is the result of racial discrimination.
Israel — who would shock American who claim that Cory was speaking Stevenson makes the compelling case for a
- Jewry with a photo with BDS lead- to them for quite a while before the through-line from slavery to Jim Crow segre-
ers condemning the Israeli security photo was taken. But I, of course, gation to mass imprisonment, and not only in
t fence that has saved an incalculable believe Cory and not BDS. the South.
r number of Israeli lives. So we’ll take Cory’s explanation at I recently returned from an eight-day vaca-
- Cory was photographed with Pal- face value. Even with all the visible tion-with-a-purpose — the goal was to trace
- estinian BDS activists holding a sign markings of an anti-Israel crowd try- the modern civil rights evolution from the
- that read “From Palestine to Mexico, ing to get him to take a photo con- 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision
r All the Walls Must Go,” alongside an demning Israel, I understand that in overturning legal segregation to the 1964
image of a crumbling brick wall. The the rush of a major event he might Civil Rights Act. Joined by my wife and two
photograph was uploaded to Twitter have been careless. But having been still-good friends, I mainly visited museums
by the sign’s creators, the US Cam- duped into supporting the ideas of of conscience — a relatively new repository
paign for Palestinian Rights, and radical Israel-haters, one might have development — in Memphis, Birmingham, This section of the National Memorial for
- from there it went viral. expected Cory to condemn their Montgomery, Tuskegee, and three towns in Peace and Justice reminds viewers of
- To be sure, the crude compari- deception, both their means and Mississippi — Philadelphia (the scene where the lynchings that targeted members of
son being made by the sign is a lie their ends. voter-registration activists James Chaney, minority groups in the United States.
peddled by only the most unsympa- He did not. Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner DENNIS B. KLEIN

thetic to Israel’s cause. Israel’s secu- In fact, despite having confused were murdered), Money (where
- rity barrier was not erected to protect and disheartened the very com- scholars believe the 1955 mur- belligerence. It helps to recall
- an economy or to stem immigration. munity that supported his political der of Emmett Till launched the that the civil rights movement a
r It was a last resort taken by Israel to campaigns for decades, Cory has modern grassroots civil rights half-century ago was set against
stop the river of innocent blood being refused to address the incident per- movement), and Oxford, the the background of the Cold War.
shed after more than 1,000 Israeli sonally at all. home of Ole Miss, the University What inspired bystanders across
civilians were murdered in a five-year This follows AIPAC’s unsuccessful of Mississippi, where James Mer- the political spectrum to notice
t campaign of Palestinian terror. Until attempts to lobby Cory to support edith dramatically broke that uni- racial injustice and take action on
then, Palestinian terrorists carrying an anti-BDS measure known as the versity’s color line. the street and in Washington was
weapons and explosives were infil- Israel Anti-Boycott Act and the Com- The Equal Justice Initiative’s the shame of our undemocratic,
trating Israel with terrifying ease. Only bating BDS Act of 2017. BDS seeks the National Memorial for Peace and Dennis B. racist behavior, and the hypoc-
after the barrier was made would the economic destruction of the State of Justice, an interactive counter- Klein risy it exposed in our struggle
- bloodshed finally be dramatically Israel. That Cory has not joined his memorial in Montgomery com- against the worldwide commu-
y reduced. The Israeli security barrier pro-Israel Senate colleagues in sign- memorating documented cases nist threat. It was as if our Cold-
is there solely to save lives. ing on is disheartening and deeply of public lynching, reminded me of a survey War survival as a democracy depended in
y To compare it to the hotly dis- disappointing. my synagogue, Congregation Beth Sholom in good part on our commitment to racial justice
- puted Mexican border wall is to Time is running out for Cory to Teaneck, conducted some three years ago. The at home. Many who benefited from social and
signal willful ignorance and malice come out and strongly support Israel survey revealed that limitations on members’ economic privileges were willing to accommo-
r toward Israel. To call for Israel to and condemn its enemies, especially disposable time kept them from attending our date them to a higher or competing purpose.
tear down a bulwark against every- BDS. Every day I receive messages programs. It was puzzling, then, that many of Nothing substantial has taken the place of
day safety is to proclaim a cold and from people all over the country them reported an interest in social justice con- the Cold War to inspire our faith in a transcen-
callous disregard for Jewish life. expressing deep anger at me at hav- cerns, suggesting a growing interest within the dent good cause. It appears that we again are
a And yet, there was someone who ing brought Cory to the Jewish com- Jewish community in matters that influence concerned if not anxious about number one,
was like a brother to me for 26 years, munity. They feel he is abandoning our American as well as our Jewish lives. indifferent to if not suspicious of others. It
one of the Jewish community’s most Israel in order to impress extreme We four travelers, who are Jewish, observed would be reassuring if the human rights and
cherished friends, holding up a leftist elements of the Democratic and commented on the historical and spiritual transitional justice movements fired our imagi-
radical anti-Israel sign and smiling party, when support for Israel must civil rights and Jewish intersections. We were nations and galvanized us to principled action.
for a photo with radical anti-Israel remain bipartisan. In the end, the aware that we were more than spectators. There is hope that social-justice work is
activists. American Jewish community sup- We also were aware that we were revisiting emerging as a cutting edge in Jewish life. I
Cory’s spokesman claimed that ported Cory not only with votes and an era whose legacy is unraveling. When we love Bryan Stevenson. But nothing, for now,
“amid the rush…he didn’t have time contribution but with our trust. talk about polarization in American society, shames us and our fellow citizens daily into
to read the sign” and that “from his It is a trust he can regain not by we are referring to a process that is redirecting taking decisive, persistent steps to protect a
cursory glance he thought it was quoting to Jewish audiences the our multicultural aspirations to culture-war SEE PROTEST PAGE 37
talking about Mexico.” Cory, in the Torah ideas that he and I have studied
end, would claim that “he didn’t together over the decades — impor-
realize [the sign] had anything to do tant as they are — but only with clear The opinions expressed in this section are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the
with Israel.” and unequivocal steps to support the newspaper’s editors, publishers, or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
It’s an odd thing for Cory to say, world’s only Jewish state against those Send them to
considering the second word on the intent on its destruction.



Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue

unday, August 12, 2018, in the country. Yet they were verbally abused with obsceni-
marked the first anni- ties and epithets shouted at them; they were called racists,
versary of the horrible Nazis, and Fascists. They even were pelted with projectiles.
events in Charlottes- Reporters were not immune; some reportedly even were


ville, when white supremacists physically assaulted. Not everyone in the counter-protest
marched and violently clashed acted this badly, but if hate has no home on the left, then it
with counter-protestors. was certainly an invited guest.
The white supremacists These extremist fringe groups, sometimes referred to as
were classic racists and anti- the alt-right or alt-left, might better be labeled violent anar-
Semites. Many of the people Leonard chists. They are determined to undermine the existing order
peacefully protesting against Grunstein in the United States and forcibly substitute their own false
them were ordinary people, utopian visions of society in its place. Their immediate goals
who just couldn’t stand by and are disruption and violence in order to cause a breakdown
not respond to the virulently racist, anti-Semitic, and pro- of society. White supremacists gathered at the entrance to
foundly un-American rants of the supremacists. Others On Sunday, on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., Emancipation Park for last year’s United the Right
though, who violently attacked the supremacists, were a miracle occurred. God opened up the heavens and rained march in Charlottesville, Va., on August 12, 2017.
members of an amalgamation of so-called Antifa and other on their parades. The downpour was accompanied by thun-
violent anarchist groups, with virtuous sounding pseud- der and lightning. Instead of a day of rage, it was a washout. It was, however, cause for reflection. How might these vio-
onyms. Unfortunately, their ranks also include anti-Semites. Thank God, there was no repeat of the violent out-of-control lent extremist groups be so marginalized that any of their
Washington D.C. was the venue selected for the anniver- clashes of a year ago in Charlottesville. Yes, there were some future appearances similarly would become non-events?
sary observance of those clashes. The day was billed as a masked figures trying desperately to cause trouble, but the Their goal is to demonstrate the inefficacy of our existing
fight between the “Unite the Right” rally and the “United DC police contained them. government and systems. Their provocative actions are not
Against Hate” counter-protest. Both were misnomers. I do wonder why the masked individuals were not spontaneous; they are intended to make this point and draw
The rally organizers were just a disparate collection of arrested for violating DC Code Section 22-3312.03, which our attention to it.
white supremacist fringe groups. They do not represent the prohibits the wearing of masks or other disguises under This is not a new phenomenon. It occurred in Germany
overwhelming majority of the right. these circumstances. Nevertheless, law enforcement was during the tumultuous period after the end of the First
The counter-protest organizers included Antifa and its well prepared and performed superbly. But the rain. Wow! World War. The radical leftist anarchist group known as
cohorts, who also are fringe groups that don’t represent the Here we sat, on a sunny afternoon in Teaneck, treated the Spartacists were determined to undermine the Wei-
overwhelming majority of the left. There was a lot of hate to boring visuals on TV, cable, and social media showing mar social democratic government. They committed ram-
expressed by many of the so-called anti-hate protesters. The umbrellas and people seeking shelter from the rain, instead pant acts of violence in furtherance of their program to
DC police are one of the most diverse police departments of violent clashes. destroy people’s trust in existing government institutions.

If Israel has such bad PR, why is it still so popular?

he first mention of “There is … no single authority that coordinates and undermined. You wouldn’t know about BDS if celebri-
the Hebrew word supervises these various activities,” complains Michael ties didn’t regularly include Israel on their world tours.
“hasbarah” in JTA Oren, who is (wait for it) Israel’s deputy minister in The charge of “pinkwashing” — that Israel touts its
was in 1988, at the charge of public diplomacy. relatively progressive record on LGBT rights to distract
height of the first intifada. The critics, however, don’t make a convincing case the world from the occupation — targets what the BDS
The article focused on Israelis about why any of this matters. folk think is a positive and effective means of hasbarah.
and American Jews and their Complaints about Israel’s hasbarah efforts are as Otherwise, why would they bother? And paradoxically,
deep concern that the media regular and ritualistic as the Jewish holidays. Without every charge of pinkwashing only reminds the casual
were distorting the unrest and answers from a strong PR campaign, the theory goes, reader of Israel’s strong LGBT record.
showing the Israeli military in Andrew the litany of anti-Israel charges gains traction. Two kinds of critics, often overlapping, criticize Isra-
a bad light. Silow-Carroll But among whom? el’s hasbarah.
The answer, interviewees Israel remains hugely popular among the American The first is convinced that the media have it in for
agreed, was better “hasbarah” public. According to Gallup, 64 percent of the U.S. popu- Israel. Such critics also hold the mistaken notion that
— a Hebrew word, explained the author (OK, it was me), lation sympathizes with the Israelis over the Palestin- the media’s role is to tell a story as they would have it
“whose meaning falls somewhere between information ians, and only 19 percent say they sympathize more with told. Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is hardly
and propaganda.” the Palestinians. Congress remains firmly pro-Israel. perfect, and examples abound of stories becoming sto-
“Israel has never actually looked at hasbarah as an Yes, a Pew survey in January showed a wide partisan ries only when Palestinians are the victims, or headlines
integral part of policymaking,” Dan Pattir, a former divide over Israel, with 79 percent of Republicans and that ignore cause (a terror attack) for effect (the Israelis’
press secretary to prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and only 27 percent of Democrats sympathizing more with response). In general, however, Palestinians have a point
Menachem Begin, said then. Israel than with the Palestinians. when they complain that the media often shape the nar-
Fast forward 30 years. But the poll questions forced respondents to choose rative according to an Israeli point of view, depicting
Writing last week in the Los Angeles Times, Noga between Israelis and Palestinians (why not both?), and Palestinian life with an Israeli gaze. If you want to see
Tarnapolsky makes a convincing case that Israel’s pub- the results may have reflected only the deeply partisan what coverage of the conflict would look like otherwise,
lic diplomacy efforts are flawed, unprofessional, scat- nature of American politics — and that is not anything read a pro-Palestinian website like Electronic Intifada or
tershot, and out of touch. Critics tell her that Prime you can hasbarah away. a far-left Israeli site like +972. It’s nothing like the Israel
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu relies too much on Despite wide publicity and Jewish consternation, the coverage you see in the mainstream media.
social-media videos to defend Israel. They say its mili- Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment movement hasn’t The other kind of critic blames unpopular policy on
tary spokespeople are ill prepared to answer questions taken root outside the far left. As of June, 25 states bad hasbarah. Good hasbarah, they insist, presumably
about controversial events, like May’s deadly riots on have enacted anti-BDS laws. In fact, the whole point of could have forestalled the brouhaha over the Israeli
the border with Gaza. BDS is that Israel has a positive image that needs to be nation-state law (a brouhaha, I’d wager, that most



Revolution was their creed. The government lacked the will or It’s time to demand that mayors and police do their jobs. People have
resources to restrain the violence. the right to protest, but not to hurt people and destroy property.
Old guard right wing elites, who also despised the democratically Violent protestors should not be able to mask their identity. It is
elected government, reacted to the threat posed by the Spartacists. reported that the ranks of the white supremacists marchers were culture of uncompromising mutual
They formed so-called Freikorps (private militias), recruited from thinned out because neighbors, employers, and victims knew who respect. We possess good intentions
the ranks of demobilized veterans of WWI, to combat the Sparta- they were and could sue or react with appropriate outrage. Why and our donations of time and treasure
cists. Unlike law enforcement, they acted without legal and govern- should the alt-left be immune? The videos of masked Antifa thugs are surely important, but the cause so

mental restraints. Their efforts did not end the violence but only lawlessly breaking windows evoke images of Kristallnacht. I can’t far is piecemeal. We are floundering.
begat more uncontrollable violence. help but view them with revulsion. Disregard for people’s property We are a people whose tradition is
Indeed, the ensuing turmoil supercharged the process of under- rights very quickly devolves into disregard for people, as well. replete with begetting. Short of Cold
mining trust in the existing government and eventually ushered in The beauty of our system of governance is not just our constitu- War II, we can rediscover our prin-
the Nazi regime. tion and bill of rights; it is our respect for the law. To have a society ciples in small steps that might beget
Sound familiar? The alt-right wishes to change things back to con- based on laws, we must enforce them. As the Bible commands in change-making movements. The
form to its mythical and absurd vision of the ways things were. The this week’s Torah reading, Shoftim, judges and law enforcement Equal Justice Initiative offers an idea:
alt-left wishes to change things by forcibly imposing its own odious authorities must be appointed. They are required to govern righ- Counties or perhaps entire regions
vision of a society it controls. Each is pursuing its extreme program teously. Laws can be unjust, but the solution is to challenge them in which lynching occurred can col-
outside our norms of legitimate discourse and proper behavior. in court or elect legislators to change them. Lawlessness, however, laborate with EJI to remember the
Our answer to change is at the voting booth. There is no force cannot be tolerated. It only leads to increasing levels of lawlessness,
permitted. It’s about winning the day with better ideas and policies. including violence. We cannot accept this as the new norm.
This, though, is not the regular means chosen by groups on the alt- We have so much that is beautiful and worth treasuring in this
left and alt-right. wonderful country of America. Make no mistake about it; we are the
Creating the image of a government out of control is their weapon envy of the rest of the world for good reason. Not everything may It appears that
of choice. Hence, the recent events, in Portland, when government be perfect; but we are free to strive for perfection. Our tradition is
offices were shut down forcibly and employees were intimidated to live and let live, exercise our right to free speech peacefully and we again are
physically. But it usually doesn’t end there, because there is the vote at the ballot box. concerned if
inevitable reaction — and all too often it’s an over-reaction. Thus, There is no excuse or justification for violence, and it cannot be
Portland since has experienced violent confrontations between alt- condoned. It’s time for all of us to condemn it, no matter who the not anxious
right groups and Antifa and its cohorts. perpetrator, and without qualification. about number
Whenever government doesn’t act to stop the violence and hold
the wrongdoers accountable, it is complicit. To onlookers, it appears Leon Grunstein of Teaneck, a retired attorney and banker, founded one, indifferent
as if society is crumbling. We can’t allow anarchy to prevail. Proper and was chairman of the Metropolitan National Bank and then to if not
policing is a part of the solution, as demonstrated in Washington, Israel Discount Bank of NY. He also founded He also founded
D.C., on Sunday. Project Ezrah and serves on the board of Revel at Yeshiva University suspicious of
We also have to do our part. We have got to rain on their parade. and the AIPAC National Council. others.
event by requesting a replica of a rep-
resentative part of its memorial for
local installation. One documented
from having children through surro- case of lynching occurred in central
gacy. More broadly, Netanyahu’s close New Jersey — surely there were oth-
ties with President Donald Trump ers throughout the state. Let’s bring
may be understandable and justifi- the story back home. We can explore
able, as his outreach to European installing it among the twin memorials
nationalists may be, but there is a to the Holocaust and U.S. slavery now
political and PR price to be paid for under development in Teaneck. (Bruce
such embraces. Prince, one of my traveling compan-
Netanyahu has good instincts for ions, is a co-organizer.) Even if Bergen
English-speaking audiences, and County doesn’t qualify, we can start a
sometimes he realizes that a posi- conversation leading to joint projects
tive pitch can get you only so far. In with our neighbors.
the past few weeks, left-wing activ- It’s an isolated idea for sure, but
ists have complained that Israeli air- maybe it will lock into other isolated
port security has detained them and events — many showing consider-
asked specifically about their activ- able promise — against a background
ism and their political beliefs. whose features we need to divine.
On Monday, after the liberal Zion- Referring to his participation in the
ist writer Peter Beinart said he was march from Selma to Montgomery,
stopped and interrogated, Netan- Abraham Joshua Heschel believed
yahu issued a statement saying it was that “our march was worship.” It was
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that Israel’s hasbarah can get the an “administrative mistake,” adding “protest and prayer” that I believe can
country only so far.  ILLUSTRATION BY CHARLES DUNST/JTA; PHOTO: MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/GETTY that “Israel is the only country in the and must crystallize a renewed, other-
Middle East where people voice their directed social climate we Jews and all
Americans never even heard about). That story has legs not opinions freely and robustly.” Americans can cherish.
because of a bad marketing rollout, but because the law was a The latter statement is a staple of pro-Israel hasbarah. It’s a
policy decision that fed directly into a perception that Israel’s terrific policy, as long as it has the added benefit of being true. Dennis Klein of Teaneck, a professor
right-wing government was growing less democratic and more But when actions prove unpopular, PR won’t save you. The root of history at Kean University and
nationalistic. meaning of hasbarah is “explanation,” not “alchemy.” the director of its master of arts in
Passage of the law capped a week in which the Knesset allowed  JTA WIRE SERVICE Holocaust and genocide studies and
the education minister to bar groups critical of government poli- Jewish studies programs, is co-chair
cies from speaking in public schools, made it harder for Palestin- Andrew Silow-Carroll of Teaneck is the editor in chief of JTA of Congregation Beth Sholom’s Adult
ians to win land disputes, and blocked single men and gay couples Wire Service. Education Committee.


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Preparing for the holiday season

s we squeeze in the final days holidays. The absence of those who are
of summer, preparation for no longer at synagogue or at the holiday As you prepare for and
the High Holidays is begin-
ning. For most of us, the holi-
table may be felt more acutely. For many,
the memories of holidays past so out-
celebrate the holidays try to
days are a wonderful time to share joys shine present day celebrations they feel involve older family members,
of family life, friendship, and commu-
nity. But for many older adults the holi-
unable to experience the here-and-now.
There are ways, however, to help the
perhaps by stirring a mixture or
days can be highly stressful, confusing, older adults in your life enjoy the upcom- setting a table. Everybody likes
or even depressing if their mental, physi-
cal, and emotional needs are not taken
ing holiday season.
Stroll down memory lane: Older peo-
to feel useful and connected
into account. Older, frail members can ple whose memory is impaired may have especially during the holidays.
get lost in the shuffle and chaos of happy difficulty remembering recent events,
family gatherings. Additionally, there are but they are often able to share stories
particular influences that contribute to and observations from the past. These they are involved in or the length of time members, perhaps by stirring a mixture
seniors being at risk of depression and shared memories are important for the they are included. The noise and confu- or setting a table. Everybody likes to feel
anxiety during the holidays. young as well — children enjoy hearing sion of a large family gathering and the useful and connected, especially during
Many seniors face loneliness. Even if about how it was “when your parents crowds at the synagogue can lead to irri- the holidays.
family members live in the same city, were our age.” Use picture albums, fam- tability or exhaustion, so schedule down Freedom Home Healthcare, located in
adult children often become so busy with ily videos and music to help stimulate time and a nap if necessary. Designating Hackensack, is a CHAP accredited health
the own lives and obligations that they memories and encourage older seniors a “quiet room” where an older adult can service firm. Founded in 2003 by a group
fail to recognize how much their parents to share their stories and experiences. take a break is also helpful. Assign some- of dedicated and compassionate experts
or grandparents look forward to spend- Holiday melodies and traditional foods one, such as a family member or profes- in geriatrics, Freedom represents more
ing time with them during the holidays. are likely to trigger memories of past sional caregiver, to make sure that older than 200 years of professional experi-
Another contributing factor is that holidays. adults are comfortable and their needs ence in aging and provides care in private
many seniors have outlived cherished Plan ahead: If older family members are being met. homes, hospitals, and facilities.
friends and family members and these are easily tired or are vulnerable to over- As you prepare for and celebrate the For information call (201) 883-1200, or
losses feel even more painful during the stimulation, limit the number of activities holidays try to involve older family


more ways Attention: Medicare
to live well Participants!

Call for a free consultation
Are you currently caring
for a Medicare

Don’t miss this

201.750.3077 PROTECT informative educational


YOURSELF FROM Topics will include

Do you want to live independently and stay in your
Medicare Fraud
own home? We can help. Whether it’s stimulating

social activities at our Gallen Center, an aide to help Scams

with housework, a care manager to help plan for

the future, or guidance to keep your home safe —
FE Helpful Tips to Protect,
Detect and Report
we’re here. Talk to one of our experts today. SIMPLE TIPS TO fraud, abuse and errors

Join us on Monday, August 27th at 11:00 am for an
Informative and Educational Seminar facilitated by
A Member of The Jewish Home Family 685 Westwood Avenue
Senior Medicare Patrol. It is a national program for
River Vale, NJ 07675
people with Medicare of all ages.
Monday, August 27th at
Jewish Home at Home is a not for profit, non-sectarian program 11 am

open to all seniors regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

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Around the world, patients are receiving cancer therapies pioneered by physicians at
John Theurer Cancer Center. These same cancer specialists are applying a collective
knowledge of the most effective treatments, technologies and research to care for you.
This dedicated approach is why we’ve earned a 99% satisfaction rating from our patients.
And as part of the #1 hospital in New Jersey, Hackensack University Medical Center, we’re
not just at the forefront of cancer, we’re pioneering the possible.


Visit or call to speak to a nurse at 551-996-5855


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Change your life, change your health

Jill Freidbauer’s path to integrative health

BANJI GANCHROW said. And then her paternal grandmother died, a

woman with whom she was extremely close and
ne in five people suffer from autoimmune diseases who had lived a very healthy lifestyle. “That was my
— lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid “a-ha” moment — when I realized that maybe there
arthritis and ulcerative colitis. Women are more was a holistic approach to healing myself,” she said.
likely than men to be affected. “One that involved not only my diet, but acknowl-
When one goes to the doctor, you expect her to prescribe edging the stress in my life and doing something
some sort of medication as the panacea to what ails you. But about it.”
what happens if the medicine doesn’t work or stops working? Ms. Freidbauer decided to take control of her
What happens when you feel like there is more you can be health. She began by consulting with Gila Guzman,
doing to help heal your body? Those are some of the questions a well-known health coach in Teaneck. “At first, I
that Teaneck resident Jill Freidbauer asked herself when she was very skeptical,” she said.
found herself suffering from ulcerative colitis. But then, with the help of an elimination diet,
Her journey began more than 14 years ago when she was and really figuring out what made her feel better,
16 weeks pregnant with her first child. Ms. Freidbauer started she ultimately went into remission from her UC.
experiencing intense gastrointestinal symptoms. She was “There is scientific evidence on the effect that food
diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and put on steroids. She had has on the gut, as it houses 70 percent of your
asked her doctor whether diet had anything to do with UC immune system,” she said.
and she was told no. Her son was born early and with some Ms. Freidbauer knows that this approach
complications that have since resolved themselves, but over doesn’t work for everyone and that, “if you don’t
the next few years, Freidbauer endured many stressors. also address the stress in your life, you can never get very simple dietary and lifestyle changes.”
Her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia, her healthy. Health is a journey.” Many people have asked Ms. Friedbauer how she was
daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that occurs She also still believes in seeing her doctor every six able to “heal herself.”
in-utero, and her ulcerative colitis continued to plague her months to make sure everything is ok. “Doctors, over “As I learned myself through my own health journey,
daily functioning. the years, have come to see that the holistic approach all the healthy food in the world will never heal us since
“The doctors said that diet and stress did not cause my UC, can work for some of their patients. There are some doc- health encompasses much more than just food,” she
but I really had stopped taking care of myself,” Ms. Freidbauer tors that practice Functional Medicine — which means said. “The integrative nutrition approach, created by
they are conventionally trained doctors, but they recog- Joshua Rosenthal, explains that in our lives we have pri-
nize the effect that food has on the body. It is a marrying mary food and secondary food. Primary foods are all the
of the two worlds.” As for the word “holistic,” it really things that feed and nourish our lives such as our rela-
just translates into “natural” — eating clean foods that tionships, careers, spirituality, exercise level, creativity,

A Reason to Smile work with your body.

Ms. Freidbauer grew up in River Edge. She received
that which brings us joy and much much more. Food is
really secondary! Therefore, in order to truly heal, we
her masters in physical therapy from Northeastern Uni- need to address primary and secondary food.”
versity. She recently became an integrative nutrition Ms. Freidbauer has taken all of her experience and all
health coach. of her knowledge and with the encouragement of the
“What I love about coaching is empowering my cli- many fans who have learned from her story, she wrote
ents to see that they have the power within themselves a book. “Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Gut — A Beginner’s
to change their habits and promote healing within the Guide to Healing Autoimmune Disease Based on Science
body,” Ms. Freidbauer said. Many of her clients have and Ancient Jewish Wisdom.”
come to her with various autoimmune diagnoses. “I know it is a long title, but it was important to me
“Their medications are not always working, and they that it was all addressed and people would know what
have been told by their practitioners that they just need they were getting themselves into,” Ms.Freidbauer
to accept they have an autoimmune disease or another explained. She had become religious in college and felt
illness,” she said. But Ms. Freidbauer, who went into her Judaism was an important part of her healing. Spiri-
remission through her own health practices, offers a tual healing can be just as important as physical healing,
different perspective. she believes.
“I love seeing the independence develop within my Ms. Friedbauer offers potential clients a free consulta-
clients when they realize they do have control over their tion. She also offers pantry makeovers and supermarket
TEANECK DENTIST health and the way that they feel,” she said. “Integrative tours to help clients see what they should be buying to
nutrition health coaches see ourselves as a guide on the help themselves in the process of achieving health.
side, not a sage on the stage.” She has three children. Her eldest son just graduated
We put the Care Ms. Freidbauer tries to educate her clients, giving from Yeshivat Noam in Paramus and he will be attending
into Dental Care! them recipes to try and different books to read. “Then the Torah Academy of Bergen County in Teaneck come
clients come to see that they do have control over their fall. Her middle son is 12 and will be entering eighth grade
Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD health after all,” she said. “It is very powerful when cli- at Yeshivat Noam. And her nine year old daughter is in the
Ari Frohlich, DMD ents realize that health is not an all or nothing, its not Sinai program at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey
Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD black and white — that’s when the real changes start in River Edge. What kind of foods do they eat?
to happen. That’s when clients realize that the goal is “I know that food is a social thing and I don’t want
1008 Teaneck Road • Teaneck not perfect health, but a vastly improved quality of life to isolate my children by having them only eat healthy
through their new healthy habits. When clients come food,” she said with a smile. “But it does make me very
201.837.3000 through onto the other side and see their blood sugars proud when they would rather eat a salad rather than stabilizing, thyroid numbers dropping, inflammatory chips.”
markers normalizing for the first time in years just from You can reach Ms. Friedbauer at jpthealthcoach@
Visit us on Facebook
changing their diets and learning how to control stress, or sign up for her newsletter at www.
Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours it feels like magic, but behind the illusion is often some


“I can walk, when other doctors said
I would not walk.”


When it comes to your health, nothing should be optional. • BRAIN:
The best doctors, the best experience, the best support, Treating injuries or disorders of the brain, from
and the best possible outcome – none of these things Parkinson’s Disease to tumors and malformations.
should ever be optional.
The board-certified doctors at IGEA Brain & Spine are Expertly treating chronic back pain from injury or
highly qualified specialists that are ready to help you get naturally occurring spinal disease.
on the right side of recovery. • NEUROVASCULAR:
Our team of talented doctors is highly skilled at Surgical treatment of disorders such as stroke and
diagnosing and treating the most complex brain, spine, diseases of the brain.
and specialty orthopedic problems using the latest • NEUROLOGY:
cutting-edge technologies, including minimally invasive Specialized treatment of chronic migraines,
robotic techniques. movement disorders, cerebrovascular disease,
and other neurological disorders.
IGEA Brain & Spine treats patients from head to toe, with
specialties that range from migraine treatment to back • ORTHOPEDICS:
pain and specialty orthopedics to brain disorders, such as Specialized orthopedics treatment for sports-related
injuries, skeletal deformity, and disorders.
Parkinson’s disease. The doctors and support staff at IGEA
Brain & Spine know that getting back to living your life • NEUROPSYCHOLOGY:
is not optional, treating patients from several convenient Caring for attention/concentration, memory and many
locations throughout the tri-state area. other learning, reasoning and problem-solving difficulties.

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Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles
Serving the Jewish community
of Bergen County for 12 years Smaller plates don’t help you
eat less when you’re hungry
All certified home health aides Tricking the brain into eating less by serv- In the first study to examine the way
licensed, bonded and criminal ing food on a smaller plate doesn’t neces- food deprivation affects perception of
Serving the Jewish community
background checks
of Bergen County for 12 years
sarily work, according to a new study by food in different contexts, Dr. Ganel and
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) BGU Ph.D. student Noa Zitron-Emanuel
• C Serving
certified homethe Jewish
Allertified home health aides
health community
aides researchers, who found that when people found that people who hadn’t eaten for
RN supervision & coordination
County for 12 years
criminal are food-deprived, they’re more likely to at least three hours were more likely to
• L checks
icensed and bonded identify a portion size accurately, no mat- identify the proportions of pizza placed
home health aides care
and respite ter how it is served. on larger and smaller trays correctly
• R licensed, bonded and criminal
RNN supervision and coordination
supervision & coordination The new study, published in Appetite, than people who had eaten recently.
24/7 live checks
on-call service debunks the popular diet trick based on This only worked when it applied to
Hourly, live-in and respite care the Delbouef illusion that predicts peo- food. Both groups were similarly inaccu-
• Hourly, live-in and respite care ple will identify sizes differently when rate when asked to compare the size of
RN supervision & coordination
24/7 live on-call service social work they are placed within a larger or smaller black circles and hubcaps placed within
• Complimentary
services object. The classic experiment shows different sized circles. According to the
Complimentary live-inwork
social and respite care that people perceive a similar black researchers, this indicates that hunger
lifestyle support services
services circle is smaller when it embedded in a stimulates stronger analytic processing
24/7 to other
live on-call elder care
service larger circle than when it is embedded in that is not as easily fooled by the illusion.
• C oordination of services with
Linkages options
to other elder care a smaller one. “Over the last decade, restaurants and
other elder care providers
optionsComplimentary social work “Plate size doesn’t matter as much as other food businesses have been using
services we think it does,” says Dr. Tzvi Ganel, progressively smaller dishes to conform
head of the Laboratory for Visual Per- to the perceptual bias that it will reduce
ception and Action in BGU’s Depart- food consumption,” says Dr. Ganel.
Linkages to other elder care
201-833-1200 options
ment of Psychology. “Even if you’re
hungry and haven’t eaten, or are try-
“This study debunks that notion. When
people are hungry, especially when diet-
(1.866.737.3336) ing to cut back on portions, a serving ing, they are less likely to be fooled by
looks similar whether it fills a smaller the plate size, more likely to realize they
plate or is surrounded by empty space are eating less and more prone to over-

1.866.7FREEDOM on a larger one.” eating later.”

(1.866.737.3336) Brightview.
Bright Life!
Cardiologist and internist
Dr. Steven Welish
joins Holy Name Medical Partners
Dr. Steven Welish, FACC, a cardiologist
and internist with offices in Teaneck and
Oradell, is now part of Holy Name Medi-
cal Partners, the Medical Center’s phy-
sician network comprising more than
Discover exceptional senior living 150 mutli-specialty providers with loca-
tions throughout Bergen and Hudson
for Mom and Dad counties. Dr. Welish is board-certified in
cardiology and internal medicine, with
• Respectful, customized care a focus on prevention and overall car-
diac health.
• Cultural and social events “The Heart Center at Holy Name
Inspiring • Experienced associates continues to offer patients the latest in

Bright Lives • Luxury amenities

cardiac care from prevention, interven-
tion, and rehabilitation,” said Dr. Wel-
ish. “I am looking forward to collaborat-
for All Our • Gourmet meals ing with the cardiac team and using my
expertise to further grow the service.”
Residents • Specialized dementia “Dr. Welish brings more than 25 years
of medical experience to our patients,”
Dr. Steven Welish

care neighborhood said Dr. Adam Jarrett, chief medical offi-

cer at Holy Name. “His dedication to his locations — on the campus of Holy Name
patients’ overall health and wellness is located at 718 Teaneck Road, Teaneck
Call Richard to schedule demonstrated in his keen assessment and 550 Kinderkamack Road, Oradell. To
your personal visit. skills. We are proud to welcome him as schedule an appointment at either loca-
the newest member of Holy Name Medi- tion, call (201) 530-7917. To learn more
cal Partners.” visit
55 Hudson Avenue • Tenafly, NJ 07670 Dr. Welish sees patients in two practice


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

JCHC’s Weston Assisted Living Residence is now

a Comfort Matters accredited provider for people with dementia
After an 18 month-long implementation process, the six-month reviews, coaching calls, questionnaires, data 903-905 Route 10 East in Whippany on the Alex Aidek-
Weston Assisted Living Residence, the assisted living forms, and assessments regarding everything from care man Family Jewish Community Campus. For more infor-
residence at the Lester Senior Housing Community practices to meal choices, all to make sure our team was mation about Memory Care at Lester, visit http://jchcorp.
in Whippany, has successfully achieved accreditation engaged actively in implementing the Comfort Matters org/memory-care-morris-county-nj/ or attend the open
from Comfort Matters, a nationally and internation- philosophy,” said Glass. The accreditation was effective house on Wednesday, September 12, from 3:00 to 5:00
ally recognized dementia care program. The com- August 1. p.m.; to reserve a spot, contact David Rozen at davidr@
munity, which comprises the Weston building and The Lester Senior Housing Community is located at
the Heller Independent Living Apartments, opened
its intimate Memory Care Suite last spring with 12
apartments in a supportive environment specializing
in person-centered care. The management and care-
giving teams started working with Comfort Matters
in February 2017.
The Lester Senior Housing Community is owned


and managed by the Jewish Community Housing Cor-
poration of Metropolitan New Jersey ( JCHC). Weston
is the first assisted living residence in the state and

the first Jewish community to hold this accreditation.
Comfort Matters is a philosophy, care practice, and

an evidence-based program which offers holistic and
integrated approaches to improve the quality of care
and quality of life for persons experiencing demen-
tia. It was developed at Beatitudes Campus in Phoe-
nix, Ariz. through nearly two decades of research
around person-directed health care practices and the

CALL 201-389-0808.
latest science on supporting people who are living
with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.
“The team at the Weston Assisted Living Residence
as well as JCHC leadership have worked diligently
the past several months to enhance quality of life for
people with dementia,” said Tena Alonzo, director of
Comfort Matters. “They have met and, in many cases,
exceeded national standards for the Comfort Matters
Dementia program, and are an inspiration of hope to
their residents, their families, and the community.”
Marlene Glass, administrator of the Lester Senior
Housing Community, led the in-house process for
this accreditation. “There were many touchpoints
involved throughout the past 18 months, including

Wheelchairs facilitate
accessibility for
bergenPAC patrons
Englewood Health recently donated four wheelchairs
to the Bergen Performing Arts Center (bergenPAC), in
Englewood to help ticketholders with physical limita-
tions navigate the facility and provide them with neces- Introducing Fast Track Screening Colonoscopy. No need for a doctor’s
sary accommodations before, during, and after show appointment. Simply call our Nurse Navigator, who will quickly determine
“When people come to see a show, we want them your eligibility and schedule your appointment. It’s that easy!
to enjoy the performance and leave the theater hav-
ing had the best possible experience,” said bergen-
PAC president and CEO Dominic Roncace. “We thank
Get on the fast track to a
the team at Englewood Health for once again ensur- screening colonoscopy!
ing that we have the tools and equipment to provide
a safe, healthy environment for everyone who passes
Call 201-389-0808.
through our doors.”


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles H
 a pt A fine dining experience
of  Fily... at Arbor Terrace of Teaneck
Arbor Terrace of Teaneck will host a fine don’t want to sit around with a bunch
dining luncheon to discuss the impor- of old people playing bingo.” Of course,
tance of socialization during the aging this objection is very reasonable. On the
process on Friday, September 7, at 1 p.m. other hand, it is unreasonable to think
Aging can be a difficult process for that the isolated senior who suffers
seniors as well as their family mem- from depression should go without an
bers. The traditional roles of parent to intervention.
(Resident, Lillian Grunfeld with her daughter, child are often reversed. Depression At the Arbor Terrace, we pride our-
Dir. of Community Relations, Debbie Corwin) can become a great affliction as friends, selves on building deep connections
family, and other loved ones pass away. and meaningful moments. Building per-
…WHERE OUR RESIDENTS MAINTAIN THE LEVEL OF INDEPENDENCE This results in the senior becoming sonal, and trusting connections with
THEY DESIRE WHILE RECEIVING THE CARE THEY NEED. increasingly isolated without meaning- residents and family members provides
ful interactions on a daily basis. How opportunities to enrich the health and
• FAMILY OWNED COMMUNITY can we combat this terrible condition? spirit of residents and their families.
Through socialization or more specifi- We invite you to join the Arbor Ter-
cally, deep connections and meaning- race team for a fine dining luncheon
• DAILY LIFESTYLE ACTIVITIES TO ENRICH MIND, BODY & SPIRIT 168 RED SCHOOLHOUSE RD. ful moments. and discussion on Friday, September 7,
• RN DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS PROGRAM CHESTNUT RIDGE, NY 10977 Often when thinking of traditional at 1:00. Seating is limited to 20 guests.
• RESPITE PROGRAM AVAILABLE activities for seniors the stereotypes of RSVP to Matthew at (201) 836-9260 or by
• LICENSED BY NYSDOH bingo and arts and crafts are the first email to
PROMENADESENIOR.COM images in our mind. When considering by August 31.
• CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE ROCKLAND/BERGEN BORDER moving into a senior living community, Arbor Terrace Teaneck is on Frank W.

Come Fe O Wm
one of the first objections is always, “I Burr Blvd.


Valley achieves Continued Magnet
recognition for professional
nursing practice
CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT The Valley Hospital has achieved the pres- communities, such as:

CRANE’S MILL tigious Magnet recognition — the highest

national honor for professional nursing
• Higher patient satisfaction with nurse
communication, availability of help and
practice — for a fourth consecutive time. receipt of discharge information
CALL 973-276-6700 & MENTION THIS AD The American Nurses Credentialing • Lower risk of 30-day mortality and
TO LEARN HOW WE CAN PAY FOR YOUR MOVE! Center’s Magnet Recognition Program lower failure to rescue rates
distinguishes healthcare organizations • Higher job satisfaction among nurses
Essex Apartment that meet rigorous standards for nursing To achieve initial Magnet recognition,
881 sq. ft. INDEPENDENT LIVING AT excellence. A recipient of Magnet recogni- organizations must pass a rigorous and
CRANE’S MILL IS ALL-INCLUSIVE: tion since 2008, The Valley Hospital is one lengthy process that demands wide-
Transportation, Meal Plan, Housekeep- of only 477 healthcare organizations of the spread participation from leadership and
more than 6,300 hospitals in the nation staff. This process includes an electronic
ing, Activities, Entertainment, Utilities,
that have achieved Magnet recognition. application, written patient care docu-
24-Hour Emergency Response System,
“Receiving Magnet designation for mentation, an on-site visit, and a review
and so much more!
a fourth time is a remarkable accom- by the Commission on Magnet Recogni-
plishment that recognizes the inspiring tion. The American Nurses Credential-
work our nurses do every day,” said Ann ing Center evaluates Magnet Recognition
Livingston Apartment unique floor plan with space for
Marie Leichman, senior vice president of Program applicants across a number of
960 sq. ft. entertaining.
patient care services, and chief nursing components and dimensions to gauge an
TWO BEDROOM “LIVINGSTON” officer. “It is a reflection of the commit- organization’s nursing excellence, includ-
two large bedrooms including an ment our entire staff has made in pro- ing quality of nursing leadership and coor-
oversized master bedroom suite, split- viding the very best care to those who dination and collaboration across special-
style layout perfect for guests, tons of entrust their wellbeing to us. Magnet ties, as well as processes for measuring
closet space. designation not only symbolizes excel- and improving the quality and delivery
lence in nursing practice but it acknowl- of care.
Morris Apartment
TWO BEDROOM W/ DEN “MORRIS” edges the importance of a strong inter- Healthcare organizations must reapply
1,111 sq. ft. open and airy, huge master bedroom disciplinary team in creating a safe, for Magnet recognition every four years
suite, oversized screened-in porch. patient-centered, healing environment.” based on adherence to Magnet concepts
Magnet recognition is the gold standard and demonstrated improvements in
LUXURY COTTAGE HOMES for nursing excellence. U.S. News & World patient care and quality. An organization
SOLD OUT please call for wait list info. Report’s annual showcase of “America’s reapplying for Magnet recognition must
Best Hospitals” includes Magnet recog- provide documented evidence to demon-
nition in its ranking criteria for quality of strate how staff members sustained and
973-276-6700 inpatient care. improved Magnet concepts, performance
459 Passaic Avenue Research demonstrates that Magnet and quality over the four-year period
View all 21 floor plans at West Caldwell recognition provides specific benefits since the organization received its most to healthcare organizations and their recent recognition.


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Mazyar Ghanaat appointed

program director of urologic
oncology at Englewood Health
Dr. Mazyar Ghanaat has been named
program director of urologic oncology
at The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treat-
ment and Wellness Center at Engle-
wood Health. Dr. Ghanaat completed
a two-year fellowship in urologic
oncology at Memorial Sloan Ketter-
ing Cancer Center, where he received
an outstanding clinical performance
award and additionally achieved a
Responsible Conduct of Research Pro- tt
gram certificate. Most recently, Dr.
Ghanaat was a member of a basic sci-
ence research lab at Sloan Kettering
that focuses on translational research tt

in kidney cancer with the ultimate tt

goal of using precision medicine for Dr. Mazyar Ghanaat tt
metastatic kidney cancer.
A urologic surgeon who practices region, Dr. Ghanaat adds to an already
general urology and specializes in superb base of physicians who have
urologic oncology, Dr. Ghanaat will put our cancer center in a position
help meet an important clinical need to not only meet, but exceed expec-
for patients in the Englewood Health tations and deliver the highest possi-
Physician Network and broader Engle- ble standard of care,” says Dr. Steven
wood Health community. Brower, medical director of The Lef-
“With a growing population of indi- court Family Cancer Treatment and A Family-Owned Residence.
viduals diagnosed with cancer in our SEE GHANAAT PAGE 47 Keeping Seniors Active, Social, and Engaged.

MSK Bergen The future of cancer care

is now in Bergen County.
MSK Bergen is a brand-new location, but it’s connected
to over 130 years of innovation and thousands of people
focused entirely on cancer. That means you have access
to the most advanced treatment options and care teams
that guide you every step of the way.

Welcome to Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Welcome to MSK Bergen.
Montvale, NJ

A member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering - Hackensack Meridian Health Partnership


Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Don’t dismiss atrial fibrillation

trial fibrillation (AFib), the most common type Americans today. Most everyone has experienced an odd
of abnormal heart rhythm, is not usually life- heartbeat — feeling your heart race, pound, flutter, pause
threatening on its own. If untreated, however, or skip a beat. These episodes of unusual heart rhythm, or
AFib can cause serious complications. We arrhythmia, are caused by abnormal electrical impulses
recently had a conversation about AFib with Dr. Suneet in the heart and are often minor and harmless. Sustained
Mittal, director of electrophysiology at The Valley Hos- or more serious irregular rhythms, however, can pose a
pital, and medical director, The Snyder Center for Com- danger and lead to symptoms and complications. Thank-
prehensive Atrial Fibrillation of Valley Medical Group. We fully, more options to treat AFib are available now than
also discussed a new approach to patient consultations ever before.
— telemedicine. Q: How is AFib diagnosed?
Q: What is atrial fibrillation or AFib? A: The only way to diagnose AFib is to obtain an elec-
A: Atrial fibrillation, which is otherwise referred to as trocardiogram (ECG or EKG). The ECG draws a picture
AF or AFib, is the most common irregular or abnormal on graph paper of the electrical impulses traveling
heart rhythm disorder, affecting more than 3 million through the heart muscle. An EKG provides an electrical

Dr. Suneet Mittal

“snapshot” of the heart. For people who have symp-

toms that come and go, other methods may be
needed to “capture” the arrhythmia. One such test is
a Holter monitor, which is a small external recorder
worn over a short period of time, usually one to
three days. Another is a portable telemetry moni-
tor that is worn for up to a month by patients who
have less frequent irregular heartbeat episodes and
symptoms. These days, the most exciting develop-
ment is the ability to capture an ECG recording using
a smartwatch or smartphone.
Q:What treatment options are available for AFib?
A: The five most common methods of treating
AFib are medications, lifestyle changes, medical
procedures, device therapy, and surgical treatment.
Medications are often the first approach to treating
AFib. Rate control medications, such as B-blockers
and calcium channel blockers, are used to help slow
the heart rate during atrial fibrillation.
Rhythm control medications (antiarrhythmic
drugs) help return the heart to its normal sinus
rhythm or maintain normal sinus rhythm.
Anticoagulant medications are used to reduce the
risk of blood clots and stroke.
Lifestyle changes may include modifications

Where engaged living is

such as losing weight and limiting stress. We are

Engaged living...
equipped to help our patients with any necessary

Where engaged
engaged inliving
lifestyle changes.

always a hole one

When medications do not work to correct or con-
trol atrial fibrillation, or when medications are not
tolerated, a medical procedure may be necessary.

These procedures include electrical cardioversion,
At Arbor Terrace Teaneck, we’re doing away with all of the traditional pulmonary vein ablation, hybrid ablation, and abla-
At Arbor
stereotypes Terrace
of senior Teaneck,
living. We offer awe’re doing awaylifestyle
maintenance-free with the guesswork and tion of the AV node.
withstereotypes For some patients a device will be required.
of senior
numerous amenities and living. We offer
luxury services to fitayour
every need. lifestyle These include implantable loop recorders, per-
Our community focuses on providing active seniors a comfortable
At At andwith
Arbor numerous
inspiring lifestyle. amenities
Terrace Teaneck,Kosher mealsand
Teaneck, we’re
doingluxury services to fit your every need.
available. with
guesswork andand manent pacemakers and left atrial appendage clo-
sure devices.
Our community focuses on providing active seniors a comfortable
stereotypes of senior
Call or visit of
online living.
to We
set We
a touratoday!
a maintenance-free lifestyle
lifestyle Certain patients are candidates for surgical treat-
and inspiring lifestyle. ments such as the maze procedure and the excision
(201) amenities
201-836-9260 amenities andand luxury
| services
to fit
to your
fit your
need. or exclusion of the left atrial appendage.
Q: Can you please explain the value of The Snyder
community focuses
focuseson onproviding
seniorsa comfortable
a comfortable
inspiring or
JEWISH visit
lifestyle. us 17,online
AUGUST 2018 to
set up a tour today!
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Center’s new online consultation service? Physician Network and focus on providing complete
A: We launched the new online consultation ser-
Ghanaat and personalized cancer care for our community, we
vice to make it easier for people newly diagnosed are thrilled to have Dr. Ghanaat join the Englewood
with AFib or those whose AFib has not adequately Wellness Center at Englewood Health. family,” says Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, president of the
responded to treatment to access the expertise of Dr. Ghanaat specializes in the diagnosis and treatment Englewood Health Physician Network. “His expertise
Valley’s electrophysiology practice. The goal of the of cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney, testis, and in urology, and urologic oncology are great additions
consult is to review with the patient their current penis. He performs robotic surgery, laparoscopic and to the growing number of specialists and primary care
treatment strategy. open urologic procedures, and MRI ultrasound fusion physicians in our network who are dedicated to help-
For many patients, no further follow-up will biopsies, which superimposes MRI images with real- ing patients make choices that will best serve their
be necessary. However, for others, care may be time ultrasound images to produce a 3D image of sus- health.”
enhanced with the resources available within The picious areas which leads to a more accurate biopsy of In addition to English, Dr. Ghanaat is fluent in Farsi
Snyder Center. For these patients, further care will the prostate. and has a working knowledge of Spanish.
be delivered through a direct in-office consultation “As we continue to expand the Englewood Health For appointments and referrals, call (201) 608-2849.
with an electrophysiologist. An added bonus is that,
with an online consultation, there is no need to travel
or take time off from work or other daily obligations.
Q: What makes The Snyder Center for Compre-
hensive Atrial Fibrillation’s approach to care unique?
A: The Snyder Center takes a total patient manage-
ment approach to AFib instead of a “silo” approach
Welcome Home to
focused on ablation techniques only. As a result,
patients at The Snyder Center are evaluated by a
multidisciplinary team that may include electrophys-
iologists, plus specialists in cardiology, diagnostic
imaging, sleep medicine, nutrition, and weight-loss
management, diabetes and stress management.
Together, we work with patients to ensure they are
getting the best available treatment for their atrial
fibrillation, while also addressing other contribut-
ing health issues, such as stress, hypertension, sleep
apnea, and obesity that can cause or worsen AFib. Enjoy a life of luxury at Premier
Navigators and coordinators guide patients through
the entire care continuum.
Residences of Teaneck. From our
The emphasis is on overall health, not simply Five Star Warmth & Hospitality, to
treating atrial fibrillation. our friendly, dedicated staff, you’ll
Perhaps most importantly, we understand that
love to call us home.
managing AFib is a daily responsibility for many

patients and we are dedicated to serving as partners OUR COMMUNITY OFFERS:
in their care.
To learn more about the Snyder Center for Com- • Exceptional Five Star Service for
prehensive Atrial Fibrillation, call (201) 447-8291

over 28 years
or visit where a three-
minute animated video explains the Snyder model • Five Star Dining Experience,

of care. featuring Signature Recipes and

Local Ingredients


• Choice of 1 and 2 Bedroom
Apartments, some with Balconies

• Lifestyle 360 Program offering a
full Daily Schedule of Activities

• On-Site Medical Suite staffed by
Geriatric Internists and Specialists

• 24 Hour Security and Concierge
Normal sinus rhythm

655 Pomander Walk

Teaneck, NJ 07666
6.5” x 9.5”



Atrial fibrillation


©2018 Five Star Senior Living Pet


Kosher Crossword
The Frazzled Housewife

Husband #1 and
the magical bus ride

o I had this great idea for my about? Does anyone really want to hear
summer columns. I was going about why my parents’ summer was so
to try new and fun things with utterly miserable? No! And that is why
husband #1 and then I would we have to keep dragging husband #1
write about them. into the spotlight…
The one I was most excited about was When he finally woke up and realized
taking ballroom dancing classes with where he was — of course it took him a
him in that Cedar Lane promenade area few minutes trying to figure out where
— wow, that sounds really fancy, a prom- everybody went — he stood up, walked
enade. As I recall, for a few Thursdays up to the driver and asked, “Why didn’t
in the summer, Teaneck offers dance you wake me up?” The driver looked at
classes, and I wanted husband #1 and I husband #1 and said, “Hey buddy, I ain’t
to learn the rumba. Don’t ask me why. your mommy. It’s not my job to make
It sounded like it would get the funniest sure that you are awake!”
column, but since it didn’t come to pass, Husband #1 was at a loss. He still had
it doesn’t really matter. Now, it almost to get to work, and he had no idea where
happened — like we ate dinner across he was or what to do. The mean bus
the street, with me hoping that when we driver was kind enough to instruct him
walked outside husband #1 would hear to take one of those jitneys. Long story
the music and see all of the dancers and short, he made it to work before the
get inspired. But, alas, what work day was over, and
we saw were a few cute old when he came home and
couples, and husband #1 ran told me that story I had a
back to his car. COWARD! really, really good laugh.
And he didn’t really run, he But why was I even
just walked briskly. But, still reminded of this tale of
a COWARD. woe? Well, I went into the
So, since he knew I now city on Thursday to see
had no column idea, he gave Broadway in Bryant Park,
me permission to tell the which is something I love
Across Down
following story about him. Banji to do every summer, and
1. Cadillac model that debuted in 2012
4. Nest sound
1. 1s, in Hebrew
2. Additionally
This was my reward for him Ganchrow when I was getting off
9. Menu, at upscale eateries 3. Bring under control not wanting to learn how to the bus, I noticed that a
14. Murderer’s Row teammate of Babe 4. File locale, nowadays dance the rumba. friend of mine was still
15. “Why?” in Ashdod 5. It’s best to stay out of its way Now we must go back in time to when fast asleep with headphones on. He was
16. Eyes wantonly 6. Apple debut of 1998 husband #1 was commuting to work by really, really asleep. So I started tapping
17. Recede, at the beach 7. Like a poor decision, perhaps
bus. The heavenly New Jersey Transit. him on the shoulder until he woke up,
18. “...___ I like to call it....” (start of many 8. Non- Arab resident in Gaza, long ago
a punchline) 9. One on a massive expedition I believe the year was 1998, and it was which actually did take a while because
19. Sleep issue 10. Frat letters, for many a Jew his first foray into commuting life. He he was really sleeping.
20. Solid bema for a salty cantor? 11. Delivered formally, as a verdict found a legal place to park, he had his Now, I could have let him sleep,
23. Toon Huckleberry 12. Forest border new briefcase in hand, I packed him his because, well, that would have been
24. Annoy 13. “___ Einai”
lunch and snacks ( just kidding, I never the funny thing to do, but, because it
25. Mason alternative, perhaps 21. “Midnight ___” (Allen’s biggest finan-
27. Word before and after by cial hit) did that…yes, I am just awful and how is now the month of Elul, and I knew it
28. ___ of mistaken identity 22. Homophone of 37-Down does he live with me — blah blah blah). was approaching quickly on Thursday
31. Like Rush 26. Ornamental carp He was all ready for his trip to work. when this happened, I decided to ele-
32. Showing skill 28. Parseghian of Notre Dame Because he had stayed up late with vate my spirituality and wake the poor
34. “If you don’t, ___ will!” 29. Make holy
his babies, he was so very tired (he was guy up. Can you actually elevate your
35. Sacrificial poisonous gas? 30. Gave a hand
38. Calf neighbor 31. Hood’s group probably tired because there was a Yan- spirituality by doing that? I will have to
39. 100-seat site 33. AKA, before a company name kee game on, I was tired because of the ask my local rabbi. Or one of my rabbi-
40. Nile bird 34. Alternative to .doc babies, but whatever). The poor guy fell like sons…
41. Meal that occurs once (or twice) a year 35. Puts an end to asleep on the bus. When he woke up, he In any event, I hope he had a great day
42. Border crosser’s stamp 36. Passing notice
realized the bus was back on the New at work, I hope you enjoyed my story
46. Coffee holder 37. Boat tool
47. Purveyor of AMC Stubs A-List 38. 5%, if you’re a miser Jersey side of the tunnel. That’s correct, about husband #1, and I hope that now
48. Pavarotti, notably 41. Campus in Dallas, TX my husband #1, who you all think I am that we are in the month of Elul — the
49. Liquid burning Lubavitcher? 43. Magazine ad, at times so mean to, that all I do is make fun of month before Rosh Hashanah — you can
54. ___ HaMelech, first king of Israel 44. Shindig him, fell asleep on the bus, went through take stock of the stories in your life and
55. Can’t stand 45. Impassioned, as a plea
the Lincoln Tunnel, stopped at the Port see if there are any changes you would
56. Poetic conjunction 47. G sharp, alternatively
57. Bedroom label 48. Counterweights Authority, let a whole bus full of people like to make.
58. Pick on 50. Mandolin relative off, went back through the Lincoln Tun- And there you go — a teeny tiny d’var
59. Half a cartoon duo 51. Animal that provides large shofars nel, and then was back in New Jersey, Torah. My boys will be so proud.
60. Heretofore 52. Word on many a Jewish necklace heading for the bus depot. All that hap-
61. Escape routes 53. Have shabbat guests
pened whilst my spouse was sleeping Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck is so excited
62. 9, in Hebrew 54. 987-65-4321 org.
like a baby. to use her “sanitize” cycle on her washing
Listen, folks, if he didn’t give me such machine when her boys come home from
great material, what else could I write camp!!!!!
The solution to last week’s puzzle is on page 55.


Benoît Magimel is Pierre Rabier and Mélanie Thierry

ARTS & CULTURE is Marguerite Duras in “Memoir of War.” MUSIC BOX FILMS

‘Memoir of War’

Antelme, whom the Nazis had found to be father would share with his son his amaze- postwar French narrative, which largely
n 1996, a French filmmaker audi- a member of the Resistance, had been tor- ment that in the weeks after Allied troops had ignored Jews.
tioned several elderly Yiddish-speak- tured and sent off to a concentration camp. marched into Paris, the same people who Mrs. Katz sings Yiddish songs while wait-
ing people in Paris for a short film The novel, part autobiography, part fiction, had come out onto the streets to applaud ing to see if her dear ones have survived
that he was preparing. At the time, delves into Duras’ deep emotions as she the speeches of Vichy leaders weeks and will return from the camps. The hope
he spoke to me about his attachment tried to gather information about Robert, before were now matter-of-factly laud- for return that she maintains seems even
to Yiddish culture, his fear that it might sometimes flirting with a French Gestapo ing Charles de Gaulle. Liberation in 1945 more important than the actual return. In
be lost, and the special vitality that he collaborator, while attempting to cope called attention to the resistance and mar- a conversation with me in March, Finkiel
believed the Yiddish language held. with the separation from her husband and tyrdom of the French people, disregarded reflected on how some survivors, including
His short film, “Madame Jacques on her very precarious situation. Marguerite’s French complicity, and ignored the singu- his own father, continued to wait long after
the Croisette,” was released in 1996 as a relationship with her husband is revealed larity of Jewish genocide. Duras did not learning the news of a loved one’s death. Is
celebration of a Holocaust survivor gen- as complex; she had another lover long write much about Jews in her work. it the same in the film for Marguerite?
eration that he knew would never again before Antelme was deported, and that It was not until the early 1970s that the Mélanie Thierry is exceptional as Mar-
be. Several of the actors would be cast in lover, Dionys, is there with her in Paris. real story of Vichy’s collaboration began to guerite Duras. Benoît Magimel, as French
his first feature film, “Voyages,” a largely Would Robert return home alive after the be told, and France’s role in the round-ups collaborator Rabier, does a fine job of
Yiddish-language narrative film with war ended? If so, in what condition? Dio- and expulsion of Jews was acknowledged. getting us to hate him. Resistance fighter
three intersecting stories about Holocaust nys goes to search for him. In 1995, Jacques Chirac finally officially Robert Antelme’s deportation and journey
survivors; it would be made three years Filmmaker Finkiel explores how rather acknowledged the French government’s was like that of French Jews, and Emman-
later. The filmmaker, Emmanuel Finkiel, than distancing herself emotionally from responsibility in the deportation of Jews. uel Finkiel, the child of survivors, provides
who in actuality speaks no Yiddish, has her husband during the months of sepa- Finkiel introduces an Eastern European, us with a powerful film about those who
returned to a Jewish-related theme with ration, Duras actually might have been Yiddish-speaking Mrs. Katz into the story. anxiously waited, hoped, and prayed for
“Memoir of War,” based on two chapters drawn closer to Robert. She is played beautifully by Shulamit Adar, the safe return of loved ones. “Memoir of
from French writer Marguerite Duras’ Finkiel, whose grandparents and uncle whose performance in both “Madame War” opens today at the Film Forum in
memoir “La douleur.” were murdered at Auschwitz, approaches Jacques” and “Voyages” is so memora- New York.
In large part drawing on her own story, the material with a unique perspective. In ble. Duras’ Mrs. Kats, spelled differently,
after the war Duras had written about her the France of his youth, the French laid was classic French, but the filmmaker Eric Goldman is a film historian
experiences as a woman in occupied Paris blame for French-Nazi collaboration on wanted a character reflective of his own and professor and host of “Jewish
in 1944 to 1945, waiting for her husband, the Vichy government. They were far from grandparents. The character is Finkiel’s Cinematheque,” seen on the Jewish
Robert Antelme, to return from Dachau. ready to acknowledge any guilt. Finkiel’s effort to introduce a Jewish story into the Broadcasting Service.


Calendar the Borscht Belt,” for Kootz Rock Band, 7 p.m.
Friday  Sunday  the CSI Scholar Fund
of the JCC of Fort Lee/
Series runs through
August 30. The Metro
AUGUST 17 AUGUST 19 Congregation Gesher YMCAs of the Oranges
Shalom. Refreshments at is a partner of the
Shabbat in Fort 12:30 p.m., program at 1. YM-YWHA of North
Lee: The JCC of Fort 1449 Anderson Ave., Fort Jersey. 1 Pike Drive.
Lee/Congregation Lee. (201) 947 1735 or (973) 595-0100 or www.
Gesher Shalom hosts
a barbecue at 6 p.m.,
followed by services
at 7:15. 1449 Anderson Tuesday  Friday 
Ave. BBQ reservations, AUGUST 21 AUGUST 24
(201) 947-1735.
Shabbat in Emerson:
Shabbat on the
Congregation B’nai Israel
Palisades: Temples
offers an open house
Sinai of Bergen County Film in Franklin Lakes: Shabbat, 8 p.m., with
in Tenafly and Beth El of Temple Emanuel of Rabbi Debra Orenstein,
Northern Valley in Closter North Jersey screens the Cantor Lenny Mandel,
invite the community to 1928 classic romantic Hebrew school principal
its informal “Prayers on comedy “Speedy,” Karen Weiss, religious
the Palisades” service, Harold Lloyd’s last silent school families, and other
led by clergy of both film, 2 p.m. Popcorn congregants. 53 Palisade
congregations, at the and ice cream. 558 Ave. (201) 265-2272,
State Line Lookout off High Mountain Road. membership.chair@
the Palisades Parkway, (201) 560-0200 or www. Yogi Berra, or bisrael.
6:30 p.m. The exit is com.
northbound on the PIP, Yogi Berra: Dumont
two miles north of Exit historian Dick Burnon
2. Bring a lawn chair and Monday  discusses “The Wit and Sunday 
bug spray. Participants AUGUST 20 Wisdom of Baseball AUGUST 26
can go on the hiking Legend Yogi Berra,”
AUG. Kati Frisch trails before the service. at a meeting of REAP
Grossman, (Retired Executives

20, 22
If the weather is
left, and her inclement, services will and Professionals)
be held at Beth El, 221 at the Kaplen JCC
daughter, Schraalenburgh Road, on the Palisades in
Lilly, with Stacey Lazar and her Closter. (201) 768-5112 or Tenafly, 10:45 a.m.
daughters, Sammy and Abby, at 411 East Clinton Ave.
(201) 569-7900 or www.
last year’s Supplies for Success. Concert in Park Ridge:
Volunteers are needed to unpack Saturday
The free Bergen County
and set up supplies on Monday AUGUST 18 Film in Teaneck: Summer Music concert
Rabbi Aaron Katz Temple Emeth’s adult series at the Wortendyke
and then fill up backpacks on Shabbat in Jersey City: education group screens Barn Museum, a county
Wednesday for the Jewish Congregation B’nai Lunch and learn: Rabbi a Jewish-themed movie, historic site in Park
Jacob has Shabbat study, Aaron Katz leads a lunch as part of its “Movies Ridge, supported by
Federation of Northern New 10:30 a.m. 176 West Side discussion on current That Matter” series, Bergen County Executive
Jersey’s Supplies for Success Ave. (201) 435-5725. topics at Congregation 7:30 p.m. Refreshments. Jim Tedesco and
drive. Volunteers fill brand-new B’nai Jacob in Jersey 1666 Windsor Road. the Board of Chosen
Women’s song circle in City, noon. $10. 176 West (201) 833-1322 or emeth. Freeholders, continues
backpacks with supplies for Teaneck: Join a z’mirot Side Ave. (201) 435-5725 org. with the Charlie Jones
hundreds of disadvantaged kids song circle, for women or Group (blues/jazz/
returning to school this fall in only, at Young Israel
of Teaneck, 5:30 p.m.
Thursday  rock), 4 p.m. Limited
seating is available;
northern New Jersey. Donations 868 Perry Lane. Email AUGUST 23 people are welcome to
also are needed: $18 fills one WomensZmirot+owner@ bring chairs/blankets;
backpack, $72 fills four, and $180 a food vendor will be
there and the museum is
fills 10. Supplies for Success is open to visitors at noon
sponsored by Genesis Foundation, and during intermission.
Artistic Tile, and Myron. Kati Frisch The free outdoor music
series continues Sunday,
Grossman and Michal Levison co- September 23, at 4, with
chair the project. Call Beth Figman Marty Schneit
Kootz Rock Band the Reggie Pittman/
at (201) 820-3947, email her at Loren Daniels Quartet
Entertainment in (rhythm & blues/jazz),, or go to JFNNJ. Borscht Belt: Marty
Wayne: The summer and Sunday, October
Schneit, a licensed New
org/supplies. York City tour guide,
concert series at the 28, at 1, with the 8th
Wayne YMCA continues annual Bluegrass & Cider
gives an illustrated
with music from the festival. (201) 336-7292
lecture, “Memories of


or email glucente@
a division of New York
Blood Center, 2-8 p.m.
of New York’s Jewish
Community Deaf Part of Alexander’s mural
718 Teaneck Road.
(800) 933-2566 or
Interpreter Fund.
(212) 677-0368, www. on display in Englewood
www.nybloodcenter., or email The Sandy Bennett Art Gallery at the Ber-
AUGUST 27 org. Bram at bramweiser@ gen Performing Arts Center in Englewood
Healthcare fraud: The presents “Alexander’s Mural,” an exhibit
Jewish Home Assisted
In New on Stefan Knapp’s post-war expression-
Living in River Vale
offers a program, Singles ism, through September 30. There will be
“Protect Yourself from York a special reception on Thursday, Septem-
Healthcare Fraud,” Friday  ber 13, from 7 to 9 p.m.
“Alexander’s Mural,” a part of Bergen
failitated by Senior
Medicare Patrol, a Saturday  AUGUST 31
County history, is in the Bergen Museum’s

national program for AUGUST 25
Medicare recipients Shabbaton: Sharon collection. The mural, by artist Stefan
of all ages, 11 a.m. ASL-interpreted Ganz & Friends hosts Knapp, was installed on the Alexander’s
a Labor Day Weekend
685 Westwood Ave. Shabbat service: Town building in Paramus in 1964. Each panel
(201) 666-2370 or & Village Synagogue in Shabbaton for Jewish
singles at Young Israel is an example of postwar expressionism. Manhattan holds an ASL
-interpreted Shabbat of Avenue J in Brooklyn, The exhibit provides a close-up view of
through Saturday Knapp’s unique firing technique; the pan-
Tuesday  service, with full
readings from the Torah night. Fee includes
els were assembled and painted with com- Knapp worked with Rothko, Dali, Pol-
AUGUST 28 and haftorah, 10 a.m. three Shabbat meals,
binations of transparent, opal, and opaque lock, and architects including Denys Las-
Kiddush will follow. 334 Flatbush tour, guest
Blood drive in East 14th St., between speakers, and Saturday patented enamels of vibrant colors. dun. His works are in many museums
Teaneck: Holy Name First and Second night party. Home Stefan Knapp, a Polish Holocaust sur- including MOMA, Dallas museum, and
hospitality. 1721 Avenue
Medical Center holds a avenues. Underwritten
J. (646) 529-8748 or vivor, said that the mural was inspired by Poland’s Katowice museum. For more
blood drive with New by UJA-Federation
(718) 575-3962. his experiences when he escaped to Eng- information on the exhibit, go to bergen-
Jersey Blood Services,
land, where he became a World War II RAF
pilot. He is the only Polish national ever to The Sandy Bennett Gallery is on the
receive the Churchill Fellowship for mili- mezzanine level of bergenPAC and is open
tary service, which allowed him to pursue to the public.
his art.

Rabbi Hayyim Angel Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz

2018 Outer Critics Circle & OBA Awards
Best music & lyrics 2018 drama desk awards
Lamdeinu Rosh HaShanah classes
Prepare for the holidays with Lamdeinu Jacobowitz talks about “Taking Owner-
lectures. Join Lamdeinu on Wednes- ship: Biblical Models of Teshuvah.”
day, September 5, at 1 p.m., when Rabbi All are welcome to the classes. Lam-
Hayyim Angel discusses “The Uncer- deinu, a center for Jewish learning
tainty Principle in the Books of Yonah founded by Rachel Friedman, its dean, is
& Yoel.” Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky follows at at Congregation Beth Aaron, 950 Queen
8:15, with a discussion on “The Untold Anne Road, in Teaneck. For information,
History of Kol Nidrei.” On Thursday, go to www. or email lam-
September 6, at 8:15 p.m., Dr. Tammy

Singers welcome
to Wayne holiday choir
Rehearsals for Temple Beth Tikvah’s High
Holy Day choir are set for August 27 and
HaShanah, Rosh HaShanah, Kol Nidre,
and Yom Kippur. For questions, email

The New York Times
30, and again on September 5, from 7 to or call (973) 595-
9:30 p.m. The choir will be led by can- 6565, ext. 17. Temple Beth Tikvah is at
tor emeritus Charles Romalis and is open 950 Preakness Ave. in Wayne.
to all. It will sing on Selichot, erev Rosh


An update from the
Jewish Broadcasting Service M UHSE SI CEAASOLN!

Photo: Carol Rosegg.

The Jewish Broadcasting Service, the greater New York metropolitan area. It’s
Fort Lee-based television station that also now on Charter-Spectrum in Los
offers English-language Jewish program- Angeles, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Worth,
ming, now is on channel 219 on Charter- Orlando, Tampa, and St. Louis. New World Stages 340 W. 50th St. or 212-239-6200
Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) in the
D esperate M easures M
Jewish World

Azerbaijan’s only JCC sold off in painful blow

to a dwindling community
CNAAN LIPHSHIZ JDC to respond to shifting Jewish commu-
nity demographics, the New York-based
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN — About one year group said. In the case of Baku, whose Jew-
after Bella Regimov’s two children left ish population has shrunk from 16,000 to
their native country for Israel in the 8,000 since 2000, JDC will move its offices
early 2000s, along with many of her to a much smaller space, a JDC spokesper-
friends and relatives, she began feeling son added.
socially isolated. Many Azeri Jews have left for Russia or
On her own in Azerbaijan’s family- Israel in search of opportunities unavail-
oriented society, the 76-year-old was los- able under the corrupt economy of Azer-
ing “the will to get up in the morning,” baijan, an oil-rich country where many res-
she said. idents nonetheless live in abject poverty.
But in 2006, things turned around. That As the community shrinks, Regimov and
year, Regimov started volunteering at the other elderly Jews value the institutions
Jewish community center that the Ameri- that have been their solution to loneliness
can Jewish Joint Distribution Committee more and more. “Please tell them not to Arnold Zeligman, left, teaches Hebrew to Bella Regimov, wearing head cover,
had opened two years earlier in this capi- take this away from us,” she said. “It’s my and other students at the Jewish House in Baku, Azerbaijan, on July 18, 2018.
tal city of the Caucasus republic. reason for getting up in the morning, and  PHOTOS BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ

“This became my home, my real home,” I’m not the only one.”
Regimov said of the Jewish House, a crum- The Jewish House, at 13,000 square feet, considered neither Sephardic nor Ashke- available cash. The group’s assets dropped
bling building on a busy street bordering includes an auditorium, workshop rooms, nazi, and whose members have their own gradually from $711 million in 2014 to
the Baku Railway Station. “I come here classrooms, and space for exhibitions. JDC manner of singing scripture and songs. $644 million last year; that a 10 percent
first thing in the morning and I stay to said that the new space is about five times About half of Azerbaijan’s Jews are Moun- decrease. And expenditures dropped
close the place.” smaller, but it will have space for activities tain Jews. The rest are Ashkenazim who accordingly, from $336 million to $311 mil-
Since she started volunteering, Regi- and a day center for seniors. came here before 1991, when Russia still lion, over that same period, according to
mov has come to depend on the center Still, Shaul Davidov, who has headed ruled what is now Azerbaijan. its annual reports.
for social interaction, a sense of purpose, the Jewish House since its opening, said Fading and lacking an agreed-upon As needs increase elsewhere, they
and even exercise. She walks at least two the change means the “end of an era” for alphabet — the few Juhuri books in exis- shrink in places like Baku.
miles a day to the center and back to her his community. tence are divided into volumes using At the Jewish House, the number of peo-
home in Baku’s old Jewish quarter. In the The organizations that run Jewish com- Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin — the ple receiving services, or clients, declined
summer, she walks briskly to minimize her munal activities in Baku will find a new pensioners’ native tongue is no use for by half since 2005, according to JDC. There
exposure to the scorching sun, slowing address there, he said, but “it means a communicating with grandchildren in now are some 900 elderly clients there.
down only under the shade of the build- painful loss” for Regimov and dozens of Israel and beyond over Skype, and that Few younger Jews apply for aid.
ings, which showcase the city’s ubiquitous elderly Jews who come to the Jewish House requires them to study Hebrew. But none This depletion is not unique to Azer-
beige sandstone tiles. daily to play cards, participate in arts and of them is thinking seriously about moving baijan. It is being seen across the former
But this month, Regimov and dozens crafts lessons, and study Hebrew. to Israel as long as they are in good health, Soviet region, where ailing economies and
of other elderly Jews in Baku will have to “I don’t think they’ll come. It will not be Zeligman said. the erosion of democratic standards are
leave the building that houses the city’s the same,” he said. Michal Frank, the executive director of prompting many Jews who resisted earlier
only Jewish community center. JDC has Arnold Zeligman, an 86-year-old volun- JDC in the former Soviet Union, said she waves of emigration finally to leave.
sold it, to streamline its expenses in a city teer Hebrew teacher at the Jewish House, “understands that it can be upsetting” to In the Russian Siberian city of Che-
with a dwindling Jewish community. is determined to resume his activity in the some in the community. “We’re very atten- lyabinsk, the JDC Hesed office has seen
The sale is part of a broader effort by new space. tive to their needs, but we need to adjust to a decrease of 51 percent in the number
“But where will we have concerts? demographic shifts and decreasing budgets of its clients from 2004. In Krasnoyarsk,
Where will we have a festive kabbalat for the good of all JDC clients,” she said. another Russian city in Siberia, a 63
Shabbat?” he asked. “I don’t see it happen- In 2017, JDC spent more than $120 mil- percent decrease in clients since 2004
ing, and it’s a very big shame.” lion — slightly over one-third of its bud- resulted in JDC merging that city’s Hesed
The Jewish House’s annual upkeep costs get — on supporting Jewish communities operations, serving its 219 remaining cli-
about $60,000, Davidov said. in the former Soviet Union. This included ents, with the one in Novosibirsk.
Baku has two active synagogues in the funding for the Hesed program; that year In Belarus, after the number of clients
old Jewish quarter. Both are small in com- the program provided support to some fell by half, Hesed offices in Polotsk and
parison to the Jewish House, and “our 110,000 people from the neediest seg- Vitebsk merged.
people don’t really feel like it’s their space ments of the community. Israel certainly is seeing the impact of
there,” said Zeligman, whose only son lives JDC has had to direct extra resources to this trend. Russia and Ukraine alone pro-
in Israel. Russia and Ukraine, where most of the for- vided Israel with most of its immigrants in
His students are a dozen or so pension- mer Soviet Jews live, in order to meet grow- 2017 — the first calendar year in more than
ers, who enjoyed the unplanned study ing needs there. Since 2013, JDC has seen at a decade when this has happened.
break they were given last month while least 6,500 Jews apply for its welfare pro- Many Jews leave Azerbaijan for Moscow,
Zeligman spoke to this reporter. Watching grams in Ukraine, in one of the most dra- where they can easily get work visas and
him wrap his tongue around some of the matic increases in reliance on JDC aid since where many wealthy Azeri Jews can help
best Hebrew-language words in his vocab- Ukraine gained independence in 1991. It was them put down roots.
ulary, they crack jokes at his expense in part of JDC’s response to a financial crisis Davidov, the head of the Jewish House,
Juhuri, the dying dialect spoken here by that hit the economies of both Russia and says he is aware of the bigger picture.
many Jews. Ukraine in 2014, in connection with those “We’ll soon be gone anyway,” he said. “Is
Shaul Davidov greets regulars at the A mix of Farsi and Hebrew, Juhuri is countries’ territorial conflict. saving a few thousand dollars a year really
entrance to the Jewish Home in Baku, the centuries-old language of the Moun- These socioeconomic developments worth tearing all this down?”
Azerbaijan, on July 18, 2018. tain Jews — a stream of Judaism that is coincided with a decrease in JDC’s  JTA WIRE SERVICE



Meyer Greenberg Dr. Stanley Wollock

Meyer “Mike” Greenberg, 90, of Teaneck, formerly of Dr. Stanley W. Wollock, 87, died July 31.
Glen Rock, died August 11. He was a William Paterson University professor,
A CPA, he worked at Israel Aircraft and Ogden Somerville High School teacher, NYU adjunct Obituaries are prepared with
Corporation and was a member of the Glen Rock professor, and NJ State Department of Education information provided by funeral homes. Correcting
Jewish Center. program leader. A U.S. Army veteran of the Korean errors is the responsibility of the funeral home.
Predeceased by a sister, Lillian, he is survived by his Conflict, he was a U.S. Air Force reservist during the
wife of 67 years, Rita; daughters, Laura (Mark), Judi; Bay of Pigs invasion. A Kutztown University graduate,
Dianne (Lawrence); brothers, Milton (Terri) and Sol; he earned a master’s from Western Maryland College,
grandchildren, Gregg (Kelly), Jason (Colleen), Lisa and a doctorate from NYU.
(Kyle), Ricky, Sean, Max, and Sophia; and a great- He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Claire;
grandchild, Charlotte. children, Dr. Michael (Leslie) and Amy; sister- and
Arrangements were by Robert Schoem’s Menorah brothers-in-law Irene, Stewart, and Paul; four
Chapel, Paramus. grandchildren; nieces and nephews.
Donations can be sent to Valley Hospice.
Howard Isaacs Arrangements were by Robert Schoem’s Menorah
Funeral Planning Simplified
Howard Isaacs, 81, of Whitehouse Station, formerly of Chapel, Paramus.
Hillside, died August 8.
He worked at the Meadowlands Racetrack for many 201.261.2900 | 789 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
years and was recognized for his excellence in guest
services. Owner/Manager Daniel W. Leber, NJ Lic. No3186

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Carol,

children, Susan (Steve), and Larry (Solange); and
Mildred B. Weiss
granddaughters Rachel, Amanda, and Melissa. Mildred B. Weiss, 89, of Fair Lawn, NJ, peacefully Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
Donations can be made to St. Jude Children’s passed away surrounded by loving family, on August Jewish Funeral Directors
Research Hospital. Arrangements were by Robert 11, 2018, after a short illness. Family Owned & managed
Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community
Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Paramus. Beloved wife of the late Murray for 58 years,
• Serving NJ, NY, FL & • Our Facilities Will Accommodate
devoted mother of Steven and his partner, Martha Throughout USA Your Family’s Needs
Marcel Rudin Rowan, Amy Kantor and her husband, Dan, and • Prepaid & Preneed Planning • Handicap Accessibility From
• Graveside Services Large Parking Area
Marcel Rudin, 80, of Fort Lee, died August 15. loving grandmother of Sherri, Evan, and Stephen. She
Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
Born in Belguim, he owned Power Lines Inc., in is also survived by her brother, Saul. Jordan E. Schoem – Funeral Director - NJ Lic. 5146
Wallington. Mildred impacted the lives of hundreds of people, Conveniently Located
He is survived by his wife, Adeline, née Jacobus; both young and old. She taught first grade for 35 W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652
children, Alicia Rush of Gainesville, Fla., and Howard years, most of which were spent at Lyncrest School in 201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
of Union City; and four grandchildren. Fair Lawn. Upon retirement she missed teaching and
Donations can be sent to Center for Food Action in spent 15 years tutoring Russian immigrants in Fair
Englewood, or Visiting Nurses of Englewood Hospital & Lawn, helping them to learn English, and acclimate to
Medical Center.
life in their new home.
Arrangements were by Eden Memorial Chapels,
A resident of Fair Lawn for 50 years, she was
Fort Lee.
an active member of the Fair Lawn Jewish Center,
Hadassah, American Jewish Congress, and the
Arthur Velardi
National Council of Jewish Women. Mildred also
Arthur P. Velardi, 85, of Bayonne, died August 7.
Born in Newark, he was a retired driver in the trucking
enjoyed attending a variety of lectures and classes,
industry. including weekly Lunch and Learn with her Rabbi.
He is survived by his wife, Lois, née Flickstein. She belonged to a number of book clubs and
Arrangements were by Eden Memorial Chapels, Fort Lee. treasured her many friendships.
Services were held on August 14 at Robert Schoem’s
Menorah Chapel, Paramus, NJ.
Memorial contributions in Mildred’s memory may
be made to Project ALS, Hadassah, or the Fair Lawn Jewish Center.
— Paid Obituary —

YOU’VE SPENT YOUR LIFE CARING FOR THEM We continue to be Jewish family managed,
Help your family one more time knowing that caring people provide caring service.

Pre-planning your funeral allows you the time needed to make important GUTTERMAN AND MUSICANT
decisions regarding your funeral options. It makes your personal wishes known. JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS
The Jewish Memorial Chapel funeral directors will lead you through the 800-522-0588
pre-arrangement process and be attentive to your every need. They will answer all
your questions and never pressure you into making uncomfortable decisions. WIEN & WIEN, INC. MEMORIAL CHAPELS
We are a Shomer Shabbos facility and uphold the highest standards of Jewish 800-322-0533
law pertaining to funerals. Contact us for our free brochure at 973-779-3048.
402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
841 Allwood Road • Clifton, NJ 07012 MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. Lic. No. 4482
973-779-3048 • Fax 973-779-3191 Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
Vincent Marazo, Manager at the Funeral Home or in Your Own Home
NJ License No. 3424


Condos For Sale Situations Wanted Cleaning Service
(201) 837-8818
Driving Service Handyman Masonry
a loving experienced CAREGIVER
boca WEST looking for position in Bergen and
Boca Raton, Forida Essex County .Reliable, driver/own
car 973 517-0258 - Homes, Apartments, Offices- SERVICE Home Improvements & Handyman Est. 1955
2 Bedroom penthouse apartment 15 years experience, excellent LOWEST RATES PAINTING · FINISHING Waterproofing · Steps
with beautiful views. references. • Airports • Cruise Terminals
Lovely furnished cna with over 20 yrs experience, Affordable rates! • Manhattan/NYC CARPENTRY · HANDIWORK Walls · Tile · Repairs
Best area in Florida live in/out, excellent references, Izabela 973-572-7031 • School Transportation Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates Lic #13vh00258800
Call Mrs. G own car fully insured. Call Yvonne
201-836-8148 Over 20 Years Experience
914-589-4673 anytime 646-369-5297
201-314-9592 Adam 201-675-0816 201-967-9295 · NJ Lic. #13VH05023300
A Team of Instagram: yourneighborwithtools Plumbing
Polish Women APL Plumbing & Heating LLC
Clean Complete Kitchen &
Apartments •
of Passaic seeks enthusiastic & Home Improvements Bath Remodeling
Roofing Homes • Offices
Experienced • References the Elementary division:
experienced staff for Boilers · Hot Water Heaters · Leaks


General Studies Assistants
General Studies Perm Sub Home Repair Service
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285
OOFING Roof General Studies Maternity Leave Sub Carpentry Painting
Help Wanted Help Wanted
Email resume:
Estimates CO. Repairs Decks

HACKENSACK, NJ 07601 Preschool Positions
Get results!
YBH seeks enthusiastic,
warm full & part time assistants
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors
General Repairs
Advertise on
Antiques Email resume: NO JOB IS TOO SMALL
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
this page.
Sterling Associates Auctions GENERAL STUDIES TEACHERS
Shomer Shabbat

Free Estimates
Passaic, NJ Boys’ school has a few openings in
SEEKING CONSIGNMENT AND General Studies department. All positions are
OUTRIGHT PURCHASES Monday - Thursdays - No Fridays!!! Help Wanted
Sculpture · Paintings · Porcelain · Silver • 5th Grade Teacher 1:30-4:45 pm
Jewelry · Furniture · Etc. • 6th - 8th Grade Teachers - Science, History,
YBH of Passaic seeks enthusiastic &
Math, ELA – 2-5:30 PM – Candidates who
TOP CASH PRICES PAID are available 2-3:30 or 3:30/4-5:30 PM will be
experienced staff for the Elementary division:
201-768-1140 · General Studies Assistants
considered as well.. General Studies Perm Sub
• Bldg/Perm Subs also needed. General Studies Maternity Leave Sub
537 Broadway, Norwood, NJ 07648
Bach degree pref in Educ or related field, 2+ yrs Email resume:
ASK ABOUT OUR FREE APPRAISAL SERVICE. classroom teaching experience, Email resume
CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT. or fax 973-778-5697 Preschool Positions
YBH seeks
SINAI Schools enthusiastic,
is seeking motivated
and qualified special time
warm full & part assistants
education teachers
and resume:teachers
to work as part of

Antiques Wanted
its highly collaborative and interdisciplinary
We pay cash for team for the 2018-19 academic year. 
Antique Furniture Both Judaic Studies and General Studies
teaching positions are available in our
WE BUY Modern Furniture Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Modern Art Please email resumes to

• Oil Paintings • Silver Qualified minorities and/or women are
Paintings encouraged to apply, EEO.
• Bronzes • Porcelain
Bronzes ❖ Silver Merchandise Wanted
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture Chinese Porcelain & Art
• Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Men’s & Women’s Watches VINYL RECORDS
• Tiffany Items • Chandeliers Top Dollar for any kind of WANTED
• Chinese Art • Bric-A-Brac Jewelry, including costume Immediate cash for your
60’s vinyl records.
Prefer classic rock.
Tyler Antiques ANS A Also buying concert
• Established by Bubbe in 1940! • Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
posters from the
We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals ’50s & ’60s Shommer Please email James at
Call Us! Shabbas
201-894-4770 201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224
or call 201-403-4834
and leave a message.
Shomer Shabbos Bergen County resident.

54 Jewish Standard AUGUST 17, 2018


Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is

on page 48.

“ Being hungry affects your

appearance, how you act.
When I’m hungry, I’m not in the

mood for anything.

To advertise call

Jewish Music with an Edge

Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy
Ari Greene · 201-837-6158 organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

Help us end hunger.

Please donate today.

Call us. We’re waiting for 10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024
your classified ad! (800) 813-0557 |

Jewish standard aUGUst 17, 2018 55
Real Estate & Business


$2,950 RENTAL • 2 BEDS • 2 BATHS
$3,450 RENTAL • 5 BEDS • 2.5 BATHS
The premier construction and management
networking event
Professionals in the construction and and provide valuable insights. Partici-
LINDA STAMKER DEBRA BOTWINICK management industries have come to pants will increase awareness and esca-
trust the OJBA (Orthodox Jewish Build- late sales.
UNDER CONTRACT ers Association) for spearheading their “Networking is key,” said Mike Weber,
acclaimed tri-annual expositions which CEO of OJBA’s exposition events. “The
include the Interstate, Citywide and unanimous feedback is one of affirma-
Catskills Expos. tion and appreciation in providing the
Debuting its second annual Interstate community a professional communica-
Expo targeting New York’s Orange and tive platform where solid connections
Rockland counties and its neighboring are made with businesses acclaimed.”
North Jersey regions, exhibitors and The enthusiastic response is what moti-
attendees anticipate a day of productiv- vates OJBA to extol intense efforts in cul-
110 EDGEMONT PL, TEANECK ity via congregating, communicating, tivating the community’s construction
410 FAIRVIEW AVE, LINWOOD PARK $719,000 • 122 x 142 • 5 BEDS • 2.5 BATHS
connecting, and reconnecting with like- and management’s economic evolution
minded professionals in the industry. with the most current networking and
This year’s Interstate Expo by OJBA is educational prospects.
scheduled for November 28 at the Mead- Mr. Weber concludes: “In construc-
owlands Exposition Center in Secaucus. tion, people spend most of their day at
The event will serve as a conglomera- the job sites. That doesn’t leave much
tion for builders and property devel- time for networking or social interac-
opers, contractors and subcontractors, tion with customers and clients. Most of
management firms, as well as for suppli- these guys,” says Weber, “are blue collar
ers and service providers to affirm their workers who leave everything behind
credibility at the most prominent con- for a day so that they can attend the
struction and management venue. Interstate Expo. There’s a certain sacri-
Getting to meet prospective contacts fice involved, but ultimately it is worth
under one roof is guaranteed to gener- their while. Those who sign up for this
ate business growth. Greeting existing event are usually able to bring their busi-
161 NEW BRIDGE RD, NEW MILFORD 1489 E TERRACE CIRCLE #4, TEANECK clients at such an epic event affirms a nesses to the next level.”
congenial rapport. Exhibitors gain brand Interstate’s mission is to help people
$260,000 • 160 FT PROPERTY $1,525 RENTAL • 2 BED • 1 BATH
recognition by showcasing their prod- grow. When wary novices approach the
ucts and services at such an expansive Interstate’s staff and ask if the event is
venue that offers clear booth visibility for them, we answer in the affirmative.
and wider aisles for maximal exposure. Every sponsor and successful entrepre-
Keeping up with the industry’s trends, neur at the Interstate Expo was once
fluctuating municipal laws and require- a beginner.
ments, and the most recent updates in The staunch support, marketing expo-
the constructional spectrum, can be sure and continual media coverage pre-
daunting. The Interstate Expo will fea- show — the amiable atmosphere while
Check out more listings ture educational forums conducted networking during the expo — in addition
at by leading connoisseurs in the trade.
Each presenter will engage the audience
to the effective outcome post-show, is
what makes the Interstate Expo a must-
with their niche’s expertise — impart- to attend for those associated to the con-
ing comprehensive knowledge that will struction and management industries.
clarify the aforementioned key compo- Register online at www.interstateexpo.
1401 PALISADE AVE, TEANECK NJ • 201.692.3700 nents, expound on industry specifics com or call (845) 763-0003.


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Shakespeare in the park in Bergen County

Shakespeare in the park in Bergen free to the public. Audiences are asked to In Englewood
County, the summer productions from bring a chair or blanket to sit on. (outside the Library)
Teaneck’s Black Box Performing Arts Shakespeare in the Park plays the fol- Wed 8/22 at 6:30pm MACBETH
Center, continues this month (weather lowing performance schedule: Wed 8/29 at 6:30pm TWELFTH NIGHT
Macbeth and Twelfth Night will play In Teaneck’s Votee Park: Vi s i t w w w. B l a c k B ox PAC .c o m /
in repertoire through August 29. Per- Fri 8/17 at 7pm TWELFTH NIGHT shakespeare for more info, including
formances are mostly held in Teaneck’s Sat 8/18 at 7pm MACBETH possible rain dates.
Votee Park, with some additional perfor- Sun 8/19 at 2pm TWELFTH NIGHT
mances in Englewood. There are mati- Fri 8/24 at 7pm MACBETH
nee and nighttime shows. All shows are Sat 8/25 at 7pm TWELFTH NIGHT Some of the cast of “Twelfth Night”

Edgewood Country Club raises $60,000

to benefit Play For P.I.N.K. BANK-OWNED PROPERTIES
Edgewood Country Club recently hosted its annual Play Country Club, “This year’s Play for P.I.N.K. fundraiser High-Return Investment Opportunities
for P.I.N.K. (Prevention, Immediate diagnosis, New tech- was held not only to raise the much-needed funds to
See all available properties at
nolo�y, Knowledge) fundraiser in which 180 women — find a cure for breast cancer, but to also celebrate and
Edgewood Country Club members and their guests — par- honor those who have been affected. I am so proud of
ticipated to raise $60,000. Proceeds go toward advances our Edgewood community’s support — as evidenced by
in breast cancer detection, treatment, and survivorship. the generosity of so many members and their guests - of GARDEN STATE HOMES
This year’s fundraiser, which included raffle prizes, dona- this all-important cause, and we are thrilled that every- 25 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ
tions and a silent auction, marks the 21st year that Edge- one had a such wonderful time in the process.”
Martin H. Basner, Realtor Associate
wood Country Club has run this special event. In fact, the Play for P.I.N.K. supports events in 30 states across
(Office) 201-794-7050 · (Cell) 201-819-2623
club has raised more than $1 million for the Breast Cancer the country, with more than 30,000 annual partici-
Research Foundation in that time. pants turning their passion for golf, tennis, and other
The day’s events began with a breakfast at 7:30 am sports and lifestyle pursuits into substantial support
and a shotgun at 9:00 am. Participants also enjoyed ten-
nis, card games and golf, with co-ed and men’s divisions
for research. To date, Play for P.I.N.K. has raised nearly
$53 million and currently supports 27 scientists at lead-
also playing this year, followed by a luncheon. ing academic medical institutions around the world. SUNDAY, AUGUST 19
According to Kyla Basso, vice president of member- All proceeds go toward the Breast Cancer Research t TEANECK t
ship sales, marketing and club operations for Edgewood Foundation.

Film festival and Teaneck board of ed partner

on program of performance, films, and panels
The Teaneck International Film Festival, in partnership undocumented immigrants in the United States, and
with the Teaneck Board of Education, will present films explore the impact of U.S. policies on those who are
and panels, plus a performance by the Benjamin Frank- seeking refuge in this country. Among the selections are
lin and Thomas Jefferson Middle School bands, on Sun- “Pursuing the Dream,” which looks at Deferred Action
day, November 4, at Benjamin Franklin Middle School, for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the threats faced
as part of the 13th annual TIFF. The film festival, with because of intensified deportation actions; “Divided by
the theme, Activism: Making Change, is working with Deportation,” in which we hear directly from children
the Board on a program that will attract students as well whose lives are shadowed by constant fear and uncer- 1193 E Laurelton Pkwy. $669,000 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
as adults and inspire interest and involvement in impor- tainty due to increasingly harsh immigration policies; Fabulous Contemp. Move-in Cond. Prime W. Eglwd Area. Lg LR open
tant issues. and “Immigrant Stories,” about the disruption of stu- to Formal DR, Ultra Isle Grnt Kit, Skylighted Great Rm. 3 BRs, 3 Full
Baths. Grnd Flr Game Rm+2 Ofcs. 2 Car Gar. C/A/C.
On the agenda is 101 Seconds, which is being spon- dents’ lives across the nation. There will be a discussion
sored by the National Council of Jewish Women/Bergen after the screening. 1043 Wilson Ave. $594,900 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
County Section and the Bergen County Brady Chapter. The 1978 musical, “The Wiz,” finishes the program. One of a Kind Eng Tudor. Stunning LR/Fplc, FDR, Gorgeous Mod Kit/
Bkfst Rm. 5 BRs, 4.5 Bths. Fin Bsmt. 2 Car Gar.
Both organizations will participate in a talkback fol- During the Q & A, TIFF Executive Director Jeremy Lentz
lowing the documentary, which chronicles the debate will share his thoughts and memories about the making t MAYWOOD t
on gun control that erupted in Oregon in the wake of of this classic film — with an all-Black cast — which he 521 Lincoln Ave. $455,000 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
a shooting at Clackamas Town Center and the Sandy says, “was to an earlier generation, what “Black Pan- Perfect Home/Office. Mint Cond, 4 Bdrm, 2.5 Bath Custom Cape. Sep
Hook massacre, which occurred three days later. It fol- ther” is to today’s young people.” He will be joined by Ent to Prof 3 Rm Ofc/In-law Suite. Solar Panels. Close to NYC Buses
lows the relatives of the Clackamas victims as they advo- singer/son�writer/ actress/activist Rhonda Ross, daugh- & Shops.
cate for more vigilant gun control laws in Oregon. Direc- ter of Diana, who starred as Dorothy in the Sidney ALL CLOSE TO NY BUS / HOUSES OF WORSHIP /
tor Skye Fitzgerald says that he “didn’t set out to make a Lumet version of the Broadway play. The school bands HIGHWAYS / SHOPS / SCHOOLS
film about guns at all. I set out to make a film about the will play selections from the film. For Our Full Inventory including
impact that a single act of gun violence has on families For details about these and all the TIFF 2018 hap- Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
who are deeply impacted by it.” penings November 1-4, four days when Teaneck is
“Home Is a Human Right” is a documentary with the center of the film world, check the website, www.
six shorts that tell the stories of refugees in Syria and
(201) 837-8800
Real Estate & Business

Sanzari debuts new dual-branded

SELLING YOUR HOME? Hilton hotel in Teaneck
Alfred Sanzari Enterprises
has opened the doors to a
new 15-story, 350-room hotel
in Teaneck, celebrating the
latest addition to its flagship
Glenpointe complex.
The developer joined its
management and project
teams to unveil the upscale,
dual-branded Hampton Inn
& Suites and Homewood
Suites. Sitting at the nexus
of interstates 95 and 80, the
property will cater to both
business and leisure travel-
ers with modern amenities and sweep- manager for the project.
ing views of the New York City skyline With the dual-branded concept, San-
just a few miles away. zari said the hotel has enhanced and
“As we analyzed the demographics larger communal areas than what would
and hotel offerings in the northern New be standard at a standalone property.
Jersey marketplace, particularly within Amenities include a bar area, a shared
Call Susan Laskin Today
Bergen County, we recognized that a lobby, 24-hour fitness center and indoor
To Make Your Next Move A Successful One!
perfect opportunity existed for the con- pool, along with 1,230 square feet of Cell: 201-615-5353 struction of a hotel like this,” said Ryan shared meeting space that can accom-
©2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Sanzari, chief operating officer of Alfred modate up to 100 people.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC.
Sanzari Enterprises. “We would like to The project team also touted the
thank the Township of Teaneck for their property’s easy access to Newark Lib-
NVE-3538 Revise Spring Mortgage Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3518 7/11/18 2:12 PM Page 1 help in bringing this project to life as erty International Airport, the Mead-
well as our construction team for creat- owlands, and New York City.
ing a truly unique hotel that will provide “For years, the Hilton brand has been
an exciting hospitality option for every synonymous with exemplary customer
visitor to the area.” service delivered in exciting and unique
Mortgage rates and options are blooming at NVE Bank. The facility, managed by White Lodg- hotels throughout the globe,” said Kim-
ing, adds to a region that has seen lim- berly Gagnon, general manager of the
ited new hotel construction coupled Hampton Inn & Suites and Homewood
with growing demand in recent years. It Suites at Teaneck. “As their latest hospi-
7-YEAR MORTGAGE also serves as an expansion of the Glen- tality offering, the Hampton Inn & Suites
MORTGAGE pointe campus — which already has a and Homewood Suites at Teaneck will
350-room, full-service Marriott attached continue this proud tradition and offer
3.875% to a three-building office complex — to guests the high-quality experience they
3.500 % Rate
4.375% bolster its offerings to both travelers and have come to expect from Hilton hotels.”
Rate Rate

3.611% office users. The hotel includes 190 guestrooms

APR* 4.430% APR* Sanzari celebrated the addition under The Hampton Inn & Suites banner,
alongside representatives from White along with 160 rooms under the Home-
Lodging, M&T Bank and local officials wood Suites brand. The latter offers a
including Teaneck Mayor Mohammed combination of studio and one-bedroom
Hameeduddin. March Associates Con- suites with fully equipped kitchens and
struction Inc. served as construction separate living and sleeping areas.
Make your arrangements today!
Finding the right mortgage to fit your needs should be quick, easy and

Jimmy J
painless — exactly what you’ll find when you work with our Mortgage
Specialist at NVE. Plus, our decision makers are local — providing a 88

7 2018
smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Call today at 201-816-2800, ext. 1233,

or apply online at
the Junk Man
NMLS #733094
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is accurate as of 5/15/18 and may vary based on loan amounts. Loans
are for 1-4 family New Jersey owner-occupied properties only. Rates and terms are subject to change without Basements •Baseme
Attics • Garages • Fire Damage
notice. The 7-year loan at the stated APR would have 84 monthly payments of $13.44 per thousand borrowed
based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $750,000. The 15-year loan at the stated
Construction Debris • Hoarding Specialists
APR would have 180 monthly payments of $7.33 per thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or
equity for loan amounts up to $750,000. The 25-year loan at the stated APR would have 300 monthly
payments of $5.49 per thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to
$500,000. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable. The actual CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE
201-661-4940 - 4940 2
payment obligation will be greater. Property insurance is required. Other rates and terms are available.
Subject to credit approval.

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