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© City of Dats August 15, 2013 ‘The Honorable Mayor and Members ofthe City Counel!: thas been an honor and a privilege for me to serve as your City Attorney for the past two years. More than twenty-five years and twelve legislative sessions after | was fist hired to represent the City of Dallas, its citizens, and you, ! am still so grateful forthe opportunity was jven asa young Senate staffer. There is no place | would rather have spent my career. | have learned that Dallas is capable of greatness and that itis also capable of weathering any storm and coming out stronger on the other side. ‘These past two years, have had the pleasure of working with the best group of attorneys and professional staff have ever known. 1 am extremely grateful to and proud of every member of the staffin the City Attorney's Ofice for making my job easier and more enjoyable than it should have been in the face of so many significant challenges. Their depth of talent and limitless dedication wil serve this City well for years to come. |1am proud ofthe success we have enjoyed and the challenges we have overcome. Following are a few ofthe City’s most significant achievements in which my office played a vital role: '¢ Settling a 24-year-old employment lawsuit that had clouded the City’s long-term financial health ‘+ Negotiating an end toa contract dispute with the Sabine River Authority, preserving @ major water source for future generations of Dallas residents and lowering water rats, ‘= Opening the management of Fai Park to a competitive bidding process, bringing a historic opportunity to our City to create a world-class park ‘© Crating a strategy to address a mult-illon-dollar shortfall of our Public Safety Pension Fund. Reflecting on the past glves me a true sense of accomplishment, but also reminds me of how ‘much work remains to be done. Over the past several years, it has become clear to me that Dallas does not have the tools it needs to maintain its position asa leader inthe region and the state. Many ofits biggest challenges - homelessness, affordable housing, pubic education, ‘transportation, wealth creation, and economic development — keep it stuck in the neverland between suburban sprawl and gentrification, rich and poor, North and South, ‘his City’s next Mayoral election looms around the corner. Already, people are talking about who should be selected to fx all the whats - the affordable housing crisis, the transportation stalemate, homelessness, health care, public education, job creation and poverty. City of Dats The public discussion over the next few months must be about more than who can best recite the problems we al know exist. It must be about more than who the next Mayor i. it must be about who we are as a community and what we are willing to do to get the Dallas we want. It ‘must be about putting Dallas first. To that end, | have begun developing a bottom-to-top blueprint that will challenge our entre community from politician to press, from business to neighborhood. A significant component of this plan will be a legislative initiative that must be passed during the next session of the State Legislature. This legislative initiative will provide a set of tools without which it will not matter who the next Mayor is, lam grateful to have played a role in many of this Citys most notable achievements. ! am resigning effective August 31, 2018 to focus on the next chapter of my career. ‘Thank you for the confidence vou have placed in me over the course of my career. It has been iy greatest honor to serve you Respectully, 4 CE Lamy €. Casto City Attorney