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4 sal Has a us en he i ON You a and we be compatible wich nee es a Sven eae eine a an bo sale ve a alan i a AL Be De gE Fe Ze Je Ke Le 1 The passage your Stairway leads out into is 5' wide and goes from N-S. The steps are 5! wide, and the passage extends a further 15! to the N but turns to the E for 5' before continuing in the S direction. There is a door at the N end of the passage. See diagram 1L. The passage is empty but for yourselves. To go to your right (S) go to 7A, to your left go to 48. ‘To hang around searching for secret doors, go to 3A. If you want to leave the Dungeon via the steps go to SOL. Oh dear, I just hope that you have some magic with you. You are trapped in @ corner, and trying to run away is no good as they are faster than you. If you are Lawful you can sacrifice your best two fighters, who want to stay, to let you leave, if Chaotic you can push them into the fray, and dash back to the corridor you cane from. If you do this, go to the number you came from before this room, and choose again. Add two to the number of wights the next time you enter, If you prefer to stay and fight and actually kill the creat- ures, go to 9B. If you unfortunately find yourself somewhat dead, go to SC. ‘The wights have gone, but the next time you enter the room they will be back. Go to 9B. The door will not easily open from this side. If your combined pushing power consists of a total strength of 2 men go to 20B, Otherwise it does not open. If you want to try again in this case, go to 43H, if not go back to 2D, and choose again. Upon hearing the uttering of your words, she appears to move slightly. You can see that she seems to be in some sort of trance. After a closer oxamina~ tion, you see that she has her eyes open, but does not appear to be awake or conscious. If you want to issue a command, go to 11D, otherwise go back to 9) and choose again. Are you of Neutral or Chaotic alignment? If so, go to SH, but if Lawful go to 20E. Go to 20F, but read '2nd level' rather than '4th level!. Listening at the door you cannot hear a sound behind it. If you wish to open ‘this door go to 18D, but to choose something else go back to 19D and pick again. Why are you reading this? Since no-where in the dungeon are you directed here it is plain to see that you are attempting to cheat. With thie in mind I demand that every one of your characters loses 50% of his hits and that you take a dose of cod liver oil or epsom salts. You are not even a very good cheat; instead of resorting to cheating yourself at patience you could have brought more characters of higher levels down, If you did that, lose 75% of hits per character, Now get back to where you were, you lousy wrong-para- greph-reader, You hear nothing; to open the door go to 22A, otherwise go back to 27C. You hear nothing; to open the door go to 27C, otherwise return to 21B and choose again. 20' s J 2 a door aA A 5 SCALE: 10M SFt.