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PASSPORT TO THE WORLD A complete English Program for the Proper Interaction LEVEL — A2 STUDENT’S BOOK Titulo: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD COMPLETE KIT ISBN: 978-958-59162-3-4 Passport to the World — A2 Student Book © ISBN: 978-958-59162-5-8 Derechos Patrimoniales de Autor: desiis Oviedo Pérez ‘Autor primera versién: Rodrigo Pefia Colaboradores segunda versién: Victor Manuel Gonzalez Esguerra John Gabriel Mora Arenas Omar Enrique Uriza Nifio Carlos Arenas Silva Zoraida Isabel Mohamed ‘Alejandro Castiblanco Gonzalez Editor: Passco S.A. Disefio y Diagramacién Vektor Ink Impreso en Colombia por: ‘Alen Impresores LTDA Primera Edicién No, de ejemplares 5000 Lugar y fecha de edicién Bogota, Colombia Junio de 2016 Fecha de Impresién Junio de 2016 A COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAM FOR PROPER INTERACTION PASSPORT TO THE WORLD is a complete program of English as Foreign Language (EFL). Our main concern is to prepare students for a multi-cultural environment by offering models that reflect the constant evolution of the language. This way, students will be able to apply what they are learning to their everyday life out of the classroom. That is why we have named our program PASSPORT TO THE WORLD; bringing to life sections such as those entitled “Word Visa” , “Dialogue Ticket”, “Passport to Practice”, “Check in” and “Check out”.