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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MESRA, RANCHI (END SEMESTER EXAMINATION) CLASS: BE SEMESTER : Vil BRANCH: EEE. SESSION : MO/13, ‘SUBJECT: £E7107 HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING TIME: 3.00 HOURS FULL MARKS: 60 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The question paper contains 7 questions each of 12 marks and total 84 marks, 2. Candidates may attempt any 5 questions maximum of 60 marks. 3. The missing data, if any, may be assumed suitably, 4. Before attempting the question paper, be sure that you have got the correct question paper. 5. Tables/Data hand book/Graph paper etc, to be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall. (@) Explain the two important conditions to be satisfied for a collision of an electron with an atom to 4 be ionizing one. (®) What is meant by the withstand strength of an insulation? Are the withstand strength and breakdown strength constant for an insulating material? (©) Why Is grounding very important in an HV laboratory? Describe a typical grounding system used, Q2. (a) What is time lag? Discuss its components and factor which affect these factors, (b) Explain the processes of breakdown in electronegative gases. (C) The following table gives experimental results for studying Townsend's mechanism. The field is kept constant. Gap Distance (mm) Observed Current 05 15x10"? 5.0x10" 85x10 15x10 56x10" 1.4x10°° 14x10" x 1.5x108 5. 7.0x107 ‘The minimum current observed fs 6x10" A. Determine the values of Townsend's first and second ionization coefficients. gi Gio dicate SUR thu SE rc wats Stor iiaionppave | “\"4b) What is the effect of solid impurities in the oil on the breakdown strength of liquids? {c) Explain the various theorise that explain breakdown in commercial liquid dielectrics. (a) What is composite dielectric and what are its properties? (b) What is thermal breakdown in solid dielectric? (©) Explain the phenomenon ‘treeing and tracking’ in solid insulating materials under electrical stress. How does it lead to breakdown? f(a) What do you mean by a 2000kV, 1.2/50 impulse voltage? (©) A voltage multiptier has ten stages with capacitances, all equal to 0.05 micrafarad. The supply transformer secondary voltage is 100KV at a frequency of 100H2. If the load current to be supplied {is 5mA, find the regulation and percentage ripple. (©) Afour stage Cockroft - Walton cascade circuit with capacitances all equal to 0.05 microfarad, is fed from 150kY. If 1.7mA of current is to be supplied to the load by this circuit, determine () The ripple, (ii) The voltage drop and regulation if the supply frequency is SOHz and 150Hz. Calculate the same parameters for an eight - stage generator for a load current of 3.5mA, the supply frequency being 150Hz, Qk. (a) What fsa mixed potent avid? (b) Explain with diagram, different types of rectifier circuits for producing high DC voltages. | ()_Anelectrostatic voltmeter has to paral plates. The mevele plots 10cm wtaineter, With 10kV between the plates the pull is 5x10” N. Determine the change in capacitance for a movement. of trim of movesdle plate i “gpaWrite short nate on ) () Transmission losses (ii) Bundled conductors (iil) Equivalent circuit of HVDC system $5690 4-20 aN i (4) (6) 2 fy (6) (21 la] [6 2) 13} 2 ro} (61 2) [4] {6} [4] [4] (4)