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Today our born-again kids are: Membership transfer, first reading:
Caleb Iordan: I want to get Christy Chai to Houston, Texas Korean SDA
baptized because I want to be a
follower of Jesus and that has Profession of Faith: Vonny Shannon.
been my goal for a long time. T h e Pre s i d e n t o f Pa c i fic Un i o n
Conference, Elder Ricardo Graham will
Faith Iordan: I want to get
be our guest speaker next Sabbath, August 25.
baptized because I want a closer
relationship with Jesus and I Please pray for the Search Committee as
want to learn more about Him. they seek God’s guidance in the selection of
the new senior pastor. Everyone is invited to
Gage Shannon: I decided to get
baptized because I feel that I’m ready
join us for prayer every Sabbath morning at
for a fresh start. I want to be able to 9a (before Sabbath School), in the Rose
build a stronger relationship with God Room.
and become a better person while
doing it.
Scout Shannon: I was lost without
the Lord for so long. Now I have
found Him and I want to devote my
to serve you
JULIO TABUENCA - Senior Pastor
life to Christ, accept Him as my Savior
and follow Him wherever He goes. 909.771.4179 |
CRISTIAN IORDAN - Worship & Media
Matthew Duggan: I want to be
909.796-0222 ext. 225 |
baptized because I want to publicly
show that I accept Christ. I know that SHIPHRAH FEPULEA’I - Young Adults & Women
the Lord will help me to be as He is, 760.224.4404 |

and forgive me by His grace. GABRIEL KATRIB - VisitaMon
Gideon Pakpahan: I want to get
baptized because I want to dedicate HOPE McKENZIE - Head Elder
my life to Jesus and thank him for all 909.723.0914 11057 Hill Dr. Loma Linda, CA 92354
the things he has done for me and get JUDI WRIGHT - AdministraMve Assistant
more in touch with God. 909.796.0222 |
RITA BENDER - Office Assistant
George Pakpahan: I want to get
baptized because before I took my
relationship with God serious, I was
909.796.0222 | August 18, 2018
lost and confused. He helped me find a
11:00 AM
path and he taught me things I never
realized. 909.796.0222
Gerald Pakpahan: Growing up I loved
to study the word of God. I thought that
a person had to know a lot in order to get Monday - Thursday
baptized. I know now that the learning
never ends and I want to continue my 9:00AM to 5:00PM
walk with God learning every day.

PRELUDE Jesus Loves Me
Sheldon Lee

Men’s Group

Theme: The Book of Acts
Leader: Bashar Fargo BAPTISM Caleb & Faith Iordan, Matthew Duggan, Gage & Scout
Teachers: Bill Wright, Don Johnson, Shannon, Gideon, George & Gerald Pakpahan
Emmanuel Ogunji, Tom Gibson, Dorothy
Donesky CHILDREN’S SONG Olivia & Samuel Ogom, Emmanuel Olukaikpe
Highlight: The Bu[erfly Church: Taiwan
Lesson: Paul’s First Missionary Journey CHILDREN’S STORY Seth Wiafe
Memory Text: “ ‘Therefore, my friends, I want
you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness
of sins is proclaimed to you. Through him OFFERING APPEAL Stephanie Duggan
everyone who believes is set free from every sin,
a jus@fica@on you were not able to obtain under
the law of Moses.’ ” (Acts 13:38, 39, NIV). OFFERTORY As the Deer
Today’s Instrumentalists: 
 Pamela Nolasco & Andrés Maldonado
Don Benedicto Sabbath School
Don Benedicto 11 o’clock Service
SCRIPTURE READING Matthew 19:13-15
Natalie Baptist
Sheldon Lee Organist

Sunset: 7:32 SPECIAL MUSIC You Needed Me
Pamela Nolasco & Andrés Maldonado
Next Week: 7:23
MESSAGE Faith’s Foot
Cristian Iordan

CLOSING SONG My Hope Rests Firm
Men’s Group

BENEDICTION Jeff & Vonny Shannon

POSTLUDE We Have This Hope
Sheldon Lee