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Review and Expositor A BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL VOL. 2OKIV, Me? SPRING, 1907 CONTENTS ‘he Meritage and Purpose a back and Beporitor Goidainer. eth ‘The ew Tsien a Judo: An slreal Perspective stile calm and Eat Cian nec hin Scan wlan te ‘me onlin ha gt pcg 1° Seth bon renee ona oye vs nl nmap Cot Oe nn eee oer pe re a 'A Survey of Some infroducions fo the Old Testament... as Book Ret Srrssmnnnsenmn ee Pet bette ‘The Concept of the Messiah in Second Temple and Rabbinic Literature {ewrene Sehifnan Cental tothe development of pot ibcal Judie ait various man {estatons as ben the restau Roughly late ss concept speak of {he eventual coming af avodomar desman of Devi, who xpi ‘ngs nor ehnges i the natare of Lf in tin mocha we, ‘ede theatanmen a sch goals sword peace prosper, athe ain {Son of el and mitre, Beni othe messi fe Tad ‘xpettion of he rowablshent of he anlet gris of he Davie King ‘lmintheland of oa ema bei phason ht Jewish nesses, [Swi and eprom nln concrete Th ae a tbe opo Tevet et humanity wich wl atcend the moana er ob bah tae en ‘et af the inguin of Trl ate sags of Trl God yall unkind ‘Te foreuinn of oan. asmening emerlaton Themen ain “Tals has comple stay. The mater farther empathy the Sinltancouseitoce ves Wills the sume stain of Judai of aout ‘iow of matin. This sted wl caer on Ue varius sana ‘Second Tele and abi ped, atempting Wo undersea echt ese Uhr rains and hence to eens the ser. Pal ls boped ‘that tls analpi il furio wihtho cerry bacgroand to sere {heramietions of tse or eran of Chitty ade separation 00 ‘he emerging eomimanity of abi dain. ‘fo mtd conaldorations must pce thie sty Many inves tigations of te history of dovish messanisn ees im cronlgia err {he vroos ees basing with the Habre Bie an excending throug he ‘rabbinic erp, and maintain hat noch an staumblage fata ontiaes sory. Nothing en bearer rom the rth Mit Gavel in ier fc mae ang ferent Jenakprogp We stall have ask nt on bat {he aologilrlatioshi oc tnt eto ether bat lo beet Ca ‘oncoptal fer. We wl so that cain ptarns or trend of meine fought ean be estinguised end that by ing them Bistarcaly& more ‘tnd and mar occrate pear wilenerge ‘Wiostallbe guided by she programmatic ears of -Schaem Scolem se ‘ut toundertand the donut tends in Jess isnt the ton ‘tween thom He noted the pole of restorative vers pian mesanim “The restorative sks to bring bak the ancient ler, whereas the atop onstra'a view oan een bt fare, ove welch rps all that eve amo belt Tr ezorativecam be desea chore rational mesa ‘Sam, exerting onthe improvement end peeection of te pravnt word. The ‘Hoplan smh ore apes character kg formar to vast ce ‘Siopte changes nthe world wih tho coming of te sine wg. Neer of {ee apponthes com eat independ ofthe other rather ba re oui Ue ttn upton of Ue varius Jewish groups Neverthe, Uta liner rentve tein tween hee ebencae hal deters Ue cha ‘eer of ha meas In oestion ‘Toei Begreand ‘rae tipper yl es oe meni fhe Sc Ted runptal eugeund ison st itr bear ‘ily fiche fla fcr cin elem ey bese [iatliect hen olthe Heee Sear “Them el an onthe ia ot ot Deel Ni ncisnrte teacher Sobrac sence tite SETA Solas eette Dae hos doninon eran pene Croan sain = Pe inatsis Pe Sond Semel zacosi| = Px - ‘spain tag Davina asa wi Scans Ms Chee Rigs wee einen pete ppm oF SEE te mal wt noon gn ck Semis ih he ofthe igo fr teh Son nd eed iis tbe map othe avi ep ae se = pe oe te Sere cfc St a in a Tend Bie ary Saiful hr tries orgy el he Dee Eco aes lena te eter of de re Deve mor meatal rome inch ioe before 1 Somat neo th qn ome wth bent nang’ ibe tn af Buy fe Tint one toate at Lr ina noe esi hgh me roe EseGnFSTel op ne wee ding San te ph of ler td viene Te tron te hr ton he ‘els het Sm dg of wag om aaron The opis andy oat Ts cncpe war rend el eabied BeBe Ame theo yr teary rope appre ‘ons Sa pep een eno ch peony a Sabi een ny ot cena concede te Zemin war tboseeas tralia ton Eas Sie wil oe oc wl metasheahe onl o 26 ‘he Conep of the Meatoh in Second Temple ‘ond Rabin Liters erase he word wil bechanged Go ct to detsoy ela exalt ghee [ns sudden and deci sanner This wa forthe opr wareo eae ‘hed. s widespread dertrotion was expe ‘Lets consier the ical material fm the Fr Tempeperadin gt of {he meni ypalages propeed by Sele. he ation of = tar 9 the ‘Dyone dae of Davi rloand ete pc of err one werd power pies the estaative tendeny. ‘at which was bul fo we to be gai The ‘eto ofthe Da ofthe Lora hs etastophi pal which oar fn ‘ew ages lop, eal fer the ster dntracn o al eiland wicked math never foro een nthe story of hom Tht whith meee wes ‘Stabe. Th two ppronches togethers meld the achatelageslapeclaton fall Jewish groups Yeti in imprtant to bute that inthe HatrewSerperes he ie es part ito contin a Sn oles wich orcs eventually to propel the Jens hough « ‘rest revets aghast Hore nd toad te Chia tothe seeptane a votes scptnce ef ‘The Secon Temple Pred ‘The vry same Cwo tds ar isbn the Second Tepe eid. Resto stiveand utopian views ofthe ew tare ved withone ctr parte Iling pola denotes which ake up the vats of Jes i sea ‘The retiatv rnd omphasiaed pinay che cna tte Davie