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Statement of Facts

1. Deven and Pooja were students at Trinity Engineering College, Vanjiyur. Pooja

belonged to higher caste while Deven belonged to a backward community. Both were

fond of each other. Jeyant was student at Crescent Arts and Science College and was

interested in Pooja.

2. After college all three moved to Punnai. Pooja stayed with Divya while Deven shared

room with Kishore.

3. Pooja’s friends, including Kavita who was close to her, made fun of her choice of

boyfriend and so Pooja decided to sever all ties with Deven. Deven made many attempts

to talk to her and so she decided to meet him one last time and tell her plans.

4. On Friday 9 June 2017 she invited Deven to meet where she revealed her plans of

becoming an air hostess. This made Deven upset and so he tried to dissuade her but it

was all in vain. This infuriated him and he abused her and told her dress and her

behavior shows she is losing her character. This made Pooja angry and she slapped

Deven because of which he felt humiliated and quietly left.

5. On 10th June 2017 at around 11:45 PM Deven called Pooja to ask for her apology, but

when he was unable to do the same a Whatsapp message was sent asking for a brief

meeting so that he can ask for apology. He received a text message back on 11th June

2017 afternoon from Pooja’s number agreeing to meet next day morning at Indira Nagar

metro station.

6. On 12th June 2017 Deven reached the place at 09:30 AM and Pooja along with Kavita at

09:45 AM. Deven recalled the old days and to recreate the magic brought out the pen

knife to cut the Apple. This panicked Jeyant and Kavita and Jeyant came shouting

murder, murder.. and threw a stone that hit Deven on head and he started to bleed. All of
this panicked the public and everyone approached towards Deven menacingly. Deven

caught hold of Pooja and held knife against her neck and asked everyone to back off.

7. Jeyant threw another stone while Deven tried to run pulling Pooja to which she resisted

and the knife slashed her neck and wounded her shoulder. Public overpowered Deven

and he was brutally beaten.

8. Deven was charged under IPC sections 307 for attempted murder, 354D for stalking and
Section 509 for Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman. Jeyant

was charged under IPC Sections 325 for voluntarily causing grievous hurt, under section

355 for Assault or criminal force with intent to dishonor person, otherwise than on grave

provocation & Section 504 for Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace.

The unknown persons who attacked Deven were also charged under section 358.

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