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Jump to: navigation, search In marketing, product differentiation (also known simply as "differentiation") is the process of distinguishing the differences of a product or offering from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. This involves differentiating it from competitors' products as well as one's own product offerings. Differentiation is a source of competitive advantage. Although research in a niche market may result in changing your product in order to improve differentiation, the changes themselves are not differentiation. Marketing or product differentiation is the process of describing the differences between products or services, or the resulting list of differences. This is done in order to demonstrate the unique aspects of your product and create a sense of value. Marketing textbooks are firm on the point that any differentiation must be valued by buyers (e.g. [1]). The term unique selling proposition refers to advertising to communicate a product's differentiation [2] . In economics, successful product differentiation leads to monopolistic competition and is inconsistent with the conditions for perfect competition, which include the requirement that the products of competing firms should be perfect substitutes. The brand differences are usually minor; they can be merely a difference in packaging or an advertising theme. The physical product need not change, but it could. Differentiation is due to buyers perceiving a difference, hence causes of differentiation may be functional aspects of the product or service, how it is distributed and marketed, or who buys it. The major sources of product differentiation are as follows.

Differences in quality which are usually accompanied by differences in price Differences in functional features or design Ignorance of buyers regarding the essential characteristics and qualities of goods they are purchasing Sales promotion activities of sellers and, in particular, advertising Differences in availability (e.g. timing and location).

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The objective of differentiation is to develop a position that potential customers see as unique. Differentiation primarily impacts performance through reducing directness of competition: As the product becomes more different, categorization becomes more difficult and hence draws fewer comparisons with its competition. A successful product differentiation strategy will move your product from competing based primarily on price to competing on non-price factors (such as product characteristics, distribution strategy, or promotional variables). Most people would say that the implication of differentiation is the possibility of charging a price premium; however, this is a gross simplification. If customers value the firm's offer, they will be less sensitive to aspects of competing offers; price may not be one of these aspects. Differentiation makes customers in a given segment have a lower sensitivity to other features (non-price) of the product [3].

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla, a name to discover motoring experience that surpasses your expectations. It is a brand where performance meets safety. The vehicle comes with advanced aerodynamic styling that makes the rider feel like zipping in a sports car

. Corolla has been designed for Indian conditions with a performance of a world-class sedan backed by reliability.

Company Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd. (TKM)

Segment 'C'

Striking Features
• • • • Powerful Engine High-performance braking with ABS Dynamic Front Suspension Versatile Rear Suspension

Model Variants
• • • 1.8E 1.8G 1.8J

Color Variants
• • • • • Silver Metallic Light Green Mica Metallic Champagne Mica Metallic White Pearl Mica Metallic Super White

153. VVT-i engine knocking out 132PS CorollaAltisLe.940 .8G 1.090 1.8J 1.091.8E 1.400 1. Test drive now! www.800 1.090 1.450 1.HondaCarIndia.8L i-VTEC Smokey headlamps.000.800 1. It drives you.8J 1. 995.8E Ex-Showroom Price in Rs.8G 1.400 1.217.8E Interior • • • • • • • • • • Elegant Wooden Panel Chrome Scuff Plates Stylish Steering Wheel Spacious Cabin Rear Cup Holders Air-Dampened Hydraulic Glove Box Seat Back Pockets Center Console Box High Quality Seats Spacious Boot • • • • • • • • • • Front Map Lamp Front Cup Holders Door Pockets Luxurious Instrument Panel Power door mirrors Silhouette Meter Power Window with Jam Protection Front Tray Driver's Side Pockets Headlamp leveler Price Tag Grade H1 H1 Metallic H2 H2 Metallic H3 H3 Metallic H4 H4 Metallic H5 Model 1.• Black Mica New Toyota Corolla Altis Loaded With New Age Features & The New Civic 1. Multiplex Meter.8G 1.8L.8G 1.

620 The prices are to the close approximation ex-showroom as in Delhi.8E 891.940 1.630 886.136.1 0.8E 1. Technical Specifications HE Dimensions And Weights Overall Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Overall Height (mm) Wheel Base (mm) Ground Clearance (mm) Fuel Tank Capacity (L) Min. 4 cylinder inline 4530 1705 1490 2600 170 50 5.43 m3 (430 ltrs) 1160/1600 1185/1600 H1 H2 H5 H3 H4 .8J 1.8E 1.8J 1.630 1. Please check the latest prices and variant specifications with your dealer. Turning Radius (m) Boot Space (L) Kerb Weight/Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) Engine Type Gasoline.H5 Metallic H6 Limited Edition H6 Metallic HE HE Metallic 1.

Torque Chassis Suspension front/rear Brakes front/rear Tyres Clutch Type 16 Valve.0 x 91. Output Max. VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing intelligent) 1794 cm2 (cc) 79.0 : 1 EFI 92 kW @ 6000 rpm/125 PS @ 6000 rpm 158 Nm @ 4200 rpm/16.1kg-m @ 4200 rpm MacPherson Strut Type with Stabilizer/ETA Beam type with stabilizer Ventilated disc/Solid disc with ABS & EBD Radial 195/60 R15 Tubeless Radials Dry single plate Hydraulic Car Models Comparison Compare SUV Models Compare Hatchback Cars Compare Sedan Cars Compare Luxury Cars Compare Multi Utility Vehicles Safety • • • • • Foolproof GOA Body Assured Braking Dependable Airbags Side Door Impact Beams Head Impact Protection Structure (Soft Upper Interior) .Valve Train Displacement Bore & Stroke Compression Ratio Fuel Supply System Max. DOHC.5 mm 10.

has launched its Corolla into new avatar with name . through its Indian arm Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The all new Toyota Altis will flaunt new styling and more improved engine transmission technology for better power with refined fuel efficiency. through its soft plush seats.• • • • Collision Test Safe Brake Pedal Design 3 Point ELR/ALR Seatbelts Collapsible Steering Column Toyota Corolla Altis Step Ahead with Style Japanese auto major Toyota Motors. Company Name Toyota Kirloskar Motor Segment Sedan USP Refined Looks & Better Performance Striking Features of Toyota Corolla Altis • • • • • • • Wider and lower front character line Corolla Altis features a distinctive exterior flow lining Wing mirror with turn indicator Super Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT) Corolla Altis has a turning radius of 5.Toyota Corolla Altis. integrated audio system. ample storage space. sound insulated interior design. Equipped with Electronic Power Steering (EPS). Toyota Altis car. lies a 1. the Toyota Corolla Altis offers an efficient and easily maneuverable drive on the roads.8 L Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i) engine that pumps out around 140 bhp. that may be a reason to worry about for its competitors like Skoda and Honda. Inside the hood of all new Toyota Corolla Altis. better suspension and the tight turning radius. elegance and style. 13-14 Lakh. centre armrest.3m The front and rear parking sensors Plush and soft touch interior paneling . The new Toyota Corolla Altis would have a blend of dynamism. The Toyota Corolla Altis car has been launched in 05 sizzling colors and having an approximate price tag of Rs. promises to offer a special treatment for its occupants.

com Model Variants of Toyota Corolla Altis • • • • • Corolla Altis 1.8G Corolla Altis 1.8G Sporty Corolla Altis 1.8E Sporty Color Variants of Toyota Corolla Altis • • • • • Beige Metallic Greyish Blue Medium Silver Silver Metallic Black Mica Price of Toyota Corolla Altis The all new Toyota Corolla Altis is priced between Rs.HondaCarIndia.8L i-VTEC New Fuel Economy Indicator & More It drives you.• • • • Auto climate controlled air conditioning Fully integrated audio system Tilt & telescopic steering control with switch control 08 way power front seat Ads by Google The New Civic 1. 13-14 Lakhs. (Please Note: The prices are based on the close approximation. Please check the latest prices and variant specifications with your dealer) Technical Specifications of Toyota Corolla Altis Dimensions & Weight Length (mm) Width (mm) 4540 1760 . Test drive now! www.6E Corolla Altis 1.8E Corolla Altis 1.

in-line 16 valve DOHC with VVT-i 1794 cc 4. Horsepower (ps/rpm) Max.34/4200 .Speed Automatic with Super ECT MacPherson Strut Torsion Beam 15" Ventilated Disc 15" Solid Disc 205/55 R 16 Alloy 132/6000 17. Torque (Kg m/rpm) Steering 1465 2600 1210 Kgs 05 1ZZ-FE 4 cylinders.Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Kerb Weight (kgs) Seating Capacity Engine Model Designation Type Displacement (cc) Transmission Suspension Front Rear Brakes Front Rear Tyres Type Wheels Performance Max.

8 V AT .8 S MT Civic 1.Steering Type EPS (Electric Power Steering) Overvie w • • Civic 1.8 V MT & 1.

Feature s .

Tilt & Power.EXTERIOR INTERIOR CIVIC 1. 3-speed Type. Tilt & Type Telescopic Telescopic 3-spoke 3 . Body Bumpers. 3Wiper speed Intermittent Intermittent Windshield Glass & Green Tint Green Tint Door Glass Alloy 5-spoke 15" 5-spoke 15" Wheels Dual with Dual with Exhaust Pipe Exhaust Pipe Exhaust Pipe Finisher Finisher Upholstery New Fabric Leather Chrome Door Trim Interior Beige & Beige & Color Black Black Combination Multplex Multiplex Combination Meter with Meter with Meter Illumination Illumination Control Control Steering Power.8V Manual (MT) DETAILS Manual (MT) Automatic (AT) Body Outer Door Colored with Body Colored Mirrors Turn Indicator Front Fog Lamps Bumpers.spoke Steering Leather Leather Wheel Wrapped Wrapped Power Window Silver Finish Silver Finish .8S CIVIC 1. Outside Door Colored Outside Door Handles with Exteriors Handles Chrome Body Body Colored Door Colored with wirh Chrome Protector Chrome Insert Insert Opposed Opposed Flat-Blade Flat-Blade Windshield Type.

6 12.7 69.2 39.0 34.3 176.2 38.2 54.8 54.9 36.9 42.4 53. Toyota Corolla On this site: (truedelta.4 52.4 178.8 53.6 43.3 Honda Civic vs.0 2010 Corolla 4dr Sedan 102.4 51.5 2690 13.2 37.7 37.7 69.3 compare the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla in terms of: • • how often they require a repair real-world gas mileage . Toyota Corolla Model Year Model Body Wheelbase Length Width Height Curb Weight Fuel Capacity R1 Headroom R1 Shoulder Room R1 Hip Room R1 Legroom R2 Headroom R2 Shoulder Room R2 Hip Room R2 Legroom Cargo Volume Top of Page ^ 2009 Civic 4dr Sedan 106.Specifications Comparison Honda Civic vs.0 56.3 57.7 51.0 41.7 2965 13.

Models in short supply often sell at or even above these prices. Usually these are the numbers you will see on the window stickers.• owners' reasons for buying (or not buying) them Toyota Corolla Quick Links • • • • • reliability comparisons » repair histories » real-world gas mileage » "WNTC?" owner reviews » Corolla home » On this page: The Internet's most balanced and thorough car price and features comparison between the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.190 $199 $1.855 $18. Including: • • • • • • Price Comparison Invoice Comparison Feature Comparison TrueDelta Car Value Comparison Customized Price Comparison Dealer Price Quotes Price Comparison (MSRP) : Honda Civic vs.490 .010 $1. Model Year Model Trim Body Base Price 5-spd automatic 5-spd shiftable automatic Floormats JBL 440W 8 speakers Leather seating surfaces 2009 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan 2010 Corolla XRS 4dr Sedan $20.860 $800 $1. before adjusting for remaining feature differences. Toyota Corolla The sticker prices.

699 Invoice Comparison : Honda Civic vs. advertising fees.414 $750 $0 $22. Model Year Model Trim Body Base Invoice 5-spd automatic 5-spd shiftable automatic Floormats JBL 440W 8 speakers Leather seating surfaces Power Package Sunroof Total options $734 2009 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan 2010 Corolla XRS 4dr Sedan $19.325 $25.024 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan $2. Also before adjusting for remaining feature differences.Power Package Sunroof Total options Destination Gas Tax / Credit Net Price Lowest Net Price Difference Top of Page ^ $800 $670 $0 $635 $890 $5. bonuses. Models that are not in demand can often be purchased at or a few hundred dollars over these prices. and such.203 $17.389 .192 $508 $712 $4.089 $130 $758 $1. Toyota Corolla Dealer cost before holdback.256 $734 $1.

395 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan $1. and Other Safety Brake assist ($50) Not incl. speakers) Brakes.788 Feature Comparison : Honda Civic vs.215/4516 17 160. In parentheses are the values assigned to these features by TrueDelta or. 8 . by you. Standar d 2009 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan 140hp I4 2010 Corolla XRS 4dr Sedan 158hp I4 A5 ($900) T5 ($1000) FWD ($0) FWD ($0) 25 / 36 22 / 30 205/55. 6 440. Toyota Corolla Adjusts for unshared features -.Destination Gas Tax / Credit Net Invoice Lowest Net Invoice Difference Top of Page ^ $670 $0 $750 $0 $20.607 $22.values in parentheses These are features on some but not all of the displayed trim lines. Airbags. optionally. Model Year Model Trim Body Engine Transmission Drivetrain EPA Fuel Economy (City / Highway) Tires (rear if not equal) Audio (watts.

Standar d Not incl. in-dash ($325) CD player ($125) Intermittent wipers ($0) iPod integration ($150) Variable intermittent wipers ($75) Exterior Body kit ($350) Bodyside moldings ($75) Bright exhaust tip(s) ($50) Rear spoiler ($200) Rear underbody spoiler or diffuser (optional) ($0) Instruments. Standar d Not incl. Lights. d Standar Not incl. d Not incl. and Mirrors Digital instruments ($150) Fog lights ($125) Heated mirrors ($25) Interior ambient lighting ($150) Standar Not incl. Standar d Standar d Standar d Standar Not incl. d Standar Not incl. Package Standar Not incl. Not incl. Package Standar Not incl. Not incl. d Not incl. Standar d Not incl.Cargo Management Cargo mat ($40) Climate Control and Infotainment Bluetooth cell phone link ($50) CD changer. Package Not incl. d Standar Not incl. d . d Not incl.

395 -$796 Invoice AdjustmentThe price adjustment multiplied by the -$0 ratio between the invoice and sticker prices. Top of Page ^ TrueDelta Value Comparison : Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla These are the sticker and invoice prices after adjusting for feature differences.607 $22.809 . Wheels.607 $21.599 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan $1. Standar d Standar Not incl.325 $25. and Tires Sport suspension (upgrade) ($0) Not incl.134 $20. Package Not incl. d Not incl. Standar d -$890 Total Feature Adjustments The total value of the features -$0 listed for a trim.024 -$0 -$890 $22. after subtracting the lowest total. Feature-adjusted Net Invoice Lowest Adjusted Price and Invoice TrueDelta Price Difference $20. Model Year Model Trim Body Net Price (from Price table) Adjustment (from Feature table) Feature-adjusted Net Price Net Invoice (from Invoice table) 2009 Civic EX-L 4dr Sedan 2010 Corolla XRS 4dr Sedan $22.325 $24.Trip computer ($150) Seats and Interior Trim Center armrest(s) second row ($50) Leather door panel trim ($250) Suspension. to provide an "apples to apples" comparison.

Join Now Bottom of Form Want a customized car price comparison? • • • Customize Major Features Customize Additional Features Start from Scratch Customized comparisons allow you to include rebates. and view package contents. earn free access. convert all prices to monthly payments.TrueDelta Invoice Difference Top of Page ^ $992 Top of Form Join TrueDelta! Help improve our results. Dealer Price Quotes Top of Form td Select a Make: Select Select a Model: Zipcode: .

the site is not error-free. options.the Toyota Corolla and the Skoda Octavia .definitely aren't giving up without a proper fight. no obligation dealer price quotes through our partner PriceQuotes. factory-to-dealer incentives.8 and the diesel-powered Skoda Octavia 1. they do not include advertising fees.g. and packages you see here match those on the window stickers. The "TrueDelta Value Comparison" figures optionally include rebates available to the general public in the Chicago area ( when using these figures. However. and prices can change at any time. or differences in engines. they include bonuses from finance subsidiaries but not those for current owners or the military) and adjustments for most differences in feature content. reigned supreme.. and audio systems. You'll receive price quotes from local approved dealers within 48 hours. in some cases these have been restructured to simplify the database and calculations. Considering an Extended Warranty? Warranty Direct is a 25-year-old company with the experience of nearly 2 million contracts sold. so here we go again. Usually the base prices. Exceptions: They do include values for third-row seats and media players. Get a free instant quote » Notes While we strive for accuracy. but the old hands .com (sidebar) and motivate dealers to compete for your business by offering the lowest possible price. Writers: Please acknowledge TrueDelta. seat configurations. The new Honda Civic is a damn good car. The petrol-powered Toyota Corolla 1.9TDI have.. However. tires. These modifictions have no impact on the "total" and "net" figures. for quite some time now.Bottom of Form Dealer Price Quotes Want to find out how much dealers are willing to discount these cars? Request free. Others have tried to usurp . Story: Sameer Kumar Photography Kunal Khadse WHAT'S CALLED THE entry-level D-segment here in India is quite an action-packed place to be in. The process is easy and takes just a minute or two.

GM tried with the Optra 1. So is this the perfect opportunity for the Civic to step in and stir things up a bit? Will the older cars prove to be sitting ducks for the sharp.) their age. Toyota haven't significantly updated the Corolla in the last five years. found few takers. the Civic's styling makes the other two cars look half a decade old. more powerful cars like the Honda Accord and its D-segment ilk. The Corolla and the Octavia were the best-in-class package deals in terms of performance.6. resale value. and anyway. the old hands are looking (and feeling. and what have you. reliability. Hyundai tried with the Elantra . Mitsubishi made a half-hearted attempt with the Cedia.but did not make much headway. but it's so expensive that it's competing with bigger. rather than the Civic. the car seems to have sunk without a trace. Why?! Nobody seems to know. and things aren't the same anymore.8.. and finally got their groove in a lower niche.. aggressive new Honda. Suddenly. Octavia or Corolla. . The Skoda Laura is a brilliant car and is loaded with highzoot technology. with the Optra 1.launching both diesel and petrol variants . Which of course they are! The Honda's sci-fi instrumentation and super-slick interiors are totally cool.their position. refinement. As you'd expect. and the Octavia is older still.. Much as they tried. So what gives? It's simple really.. other cars just couldn't come close to the big two Enter the new Honda Civic. or do they still have it in them to put up a decent fight? Let's find out. without much success.

because the Laura is the new Octavia.. Skoda really do need to get some proper European flair.. and to look at. in the looks department? Er. Time for a revamp.but park it next to the Civic.. How do the other two cars compare with the Civic. Where the Civic goes. Who would have expected Honda to give the mousy old Civic. Germanic lines.8 Rider just looks too tame and civilized. Style Karma Styling first.8 Rider still looks quietly elegant and understated time has been kind to this car . gushing adulation follows. with plastic wheel covers. and you realize how things have moved on. And we don't get a petrol variant yet. Next Page Source: Car India September 2006. KEEPING A NEUTRAL STANCE MOST OF THE TIME. The Honda is angry and edgy and very here-and-now. they don't. poised and confident of taking on the world. and when it's around. skirts and spoilers looks hunkered down and aggressive. but look and feel dated when compared with the Civic's The Octavia boasts of solid build quality. The last generation Civic was barely nondescript. well. the 8th generation Civic. it's not all that different from the old Octavia. This one is distilled funkiness.). go alone.. The Octavia 1. the Octavia 1. With its restrained. with its 16-inch alloys (the Rider makes do with 15-inch pressed steel wheels.. TURN IN IS QUICK AND PRECISE AND I APPRECIATE THE STEERING FEEL. such a dramatic makeover? It's like one of those reality TV shows where a nerdy. and this..The Corolla's interiors are functional and well built. the other two are practically invisible. simply blows the Corolla and the Octavia out of the water. Where the Corolla and the Octavia go. they. THE CIVIC CORNERS NICELY. some pizzazz into the next Octavia. gawky contestant is transformed into someone who's radiant. Skoda. but the 1. .8 RS Turbo. here in India. And it's vastly more expensive. Which could be a tad tricky. but dark interiors could do with a bit more colour.

it's just that the other two cars always feel tangibly more powerful. looks all right. Toyota. The Toyota does the zero to 60km/h in 5. Cabin is bright and spacious.15 seconds. even with four occupants on board and the AC running full blast. which packs 125PS and 158Nm of torque. These numbers aren't far off the Civic's and the Octavia's figures. with its normal alloys and normal bodywork.0 seconds and does a top speed of 202km/h. 0-100km/h in 11. refined Toyota engine also features variable valve timing. The Civic and the Octavia are always in a rush. The Corolla is happier taking it easy. But do remember. On the road. more responsive and sportier. the smooth. till you do an all-new And finally.75kmpl overall. Like the Honda. and returns an overall fuel efficiency of 12. I understand Toyota would be trying hard to counter the Civic with some freebies and add-ons. Ride Away The Civic's back seat is a comfortable place to be in. but why make it so obvious? The 'normal. It's a refined and comfortable car that's put together very well . Toyota's reputation for making supremely reliable and long-lasting engines is legendary. but still quite all right.Moving on to the Toyota Corolla then. which does count for something in my book. The Corolla is fundamentally a very good. and the 'Limited Edition' car we had on test sported a set of add-on skirts and chromed alloy wheels. capable car that has always sold on the basis of its established merits. Nowhere near as good looking as the Civic.' unlimited edition car. but the Corolla's power delivery feels more relaxed and laid back when compared with the other two. the Corolla never really feels underpowered . Ride is firm but doesn't get uncomfortable The Corolla has more legroom in the back than the Octavia. the Corolla.

The ride is softer than the other two. we come to the conclusion. The Civic is great fun in the twisties . the Corolla's steering doesn't provide as much feedback as the Civic's. and its chassis setup doesn't inspire as much confidence as the Octavia's.and it's a tie between the Corolla and the Octavia for second place. fatter rubber. Pushed hard.. but ride quality is still all right . the Octavia also feels taut.brake late (nice.noticeably better than what you get on an Octavia RS. the Honda feels firm and taut. Its resale values are strong. sharp and progressive. Like the Civic. The Corolla is still a very good. The Octavia's just that it's more in its element when driven in a more relaxed manner. a freeflow high performance exhaust system. engine. and the Octavia definitely is more of an enthusiast's car. interiors. The engine is refined. but I don't agree. Sure.The Octavia's rear seats are relatively cramped. the possibilities are endless. a NOS kit. On wet. The Envelope With that. capable car. the Civic rides on 15-inch alloys and like with all the other cars here. with its 16-inch wheels and lower-profile tyres. Coming to the Skoda. a set of K&N air filters. so it's the car for people who always travel with lots of luggage! The negatives are limited leg room in the back seat. the Toyota can feel a bit flighty. Like all the cars here. and helps keeps you in maximum attack mode for as much of the time as possible. but not by much. and will probably improve handling by another notch. powerful brakes. while pushing hard on wet roads and around some twisty ghat sections near Pune.. We've covered all bases here .). keeping a neutral stance most of the time. shift up.styling. The thing is. accelerate hard out of corners. and . Also. Some of us here at CAR India were of the opinion that t he Civic's ride is too stiff. Bigger wheels. but boot space is huge. but that's quite in keeping with its overall sporty character. I never ran out of grip in the Honda. It corners nicely. Still. Steering feel is notably better than the Corolla's. Turn in is quick and precise and I really appreciate the steering feel and feedback. you don't enjoy pushing the Corolla as hard as you can with the Civic or the Octavia. the boot is really big. the Octavia's natural tendency is to understeer when pushed hard.the car looks and feels substantial Ride and handling? Well. It works in an unobtrusive manner. Not the Corolla doesn't behave . the Civic leads the way yet again. twisty roads. Build quality is high . and overall. ride and handling .. economical and powerful and the Corolla's more relaxed. downshift (the gearbox is utterly brilliant). laid-back nature will appeal to many.8 Rider is more performance oriented and is more of a driver's car. Buy it and build upon the basic package. 16-inchers would look so much better.. keep the throttle pinned till the next bend . but its ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) system keeps things from going awry. a design that now looks and feels dated.I could keep doing this all day.

Instead. As is right. The Honda's interiors aren't really any more functional than the other two. especially when compared with the Honda and the Toyota. But the clear winner in this test is the Honda Civic.8 IS THE MOST POWERFUL HERE. you'll probably prefer the Corolla over the Octavia. All the controls are where you expect them to be. with not a squeak to be heard or panel gap to be seen anywhere. snug and sporty . THE OCTAVIA 1. The Octavia is the very antithesis of the word flimsy. again. has the best interiors. Another thing is the Octavia's solid build quality . the car handles very well and is also quite comfortable. the Corolla gives him more space.the smaller steering wheel. Compared with the Corolla. The Octavia's interiors are dark and somber . Rear seat legroom is limited. The Corolla's interiors aren't bad. and everything is so well executed. the driving position. legendary reliability and overall competence of this car.the doors shut with a reassuring thunk. it is undeniably the car to buy. BUT THE CIVIC IS THE MOST FUN TO DRIVE. everything works just fine. At least boot space is much bigger than on the other two cars. there is no imitation wood anywhere on the Civic dashboard. If you spend more time in the back seat. the Octavia's interiors look and feel really old. Corolla next year. but look and feel dated when compared with the Civic. It's the best value for money. but they're so stylish and funky. that it gets top billing over the Corolla and the Octavia. seems to have come straight out of the year a thoroughly reliable workhorse. It's the best looker here.. THE COROLLA IS MORE RELAXED AND LAID BACK.the machine feels like it's made for driving. the Civic again leads this trio by a huge margin.. and the two-tier instrumentation (separate pods for the rev counter and the speedometer). but please. The cabin is nicely finished. and in this segment. the properly supportive seats. It's a Toyota after all. Whereas the Civic seems to wrap itself around the driver. there is no getting away from the fact that next to the Civic.. The driving position is more upright and relaxed. The three-spoke steering wheel in the Civic seems a brilliant adaptation of the best sports apparel from Nike and Reebok. and that's something that should work in its favour. things are a bit sportier. The Corolla really doesn't need all that! The Inside Story Coming to the interiors. It's a car which doesn't need any familiarization time you get in and drive off immediately. there is high-grade textured plastics and snazzy silver-finish inserts. more driver-centric here . The driving position is low.. spare us the 'limited edition' specials with their chrome alloys and OTT bodykits. and everything seems to be hewn from chunks of granite. the revvy engine is refined and powerful. keep the engine refinement. Power Play .the Corolla should work for years . But in and day out . Its longevity has been proved worldwide. with its purple/blue illumination.all straight lines and Teutonic efficiency.

0:1 9.On to engines then. Its top speed of 212km/h is also the highest in this bunch.0mm x 87.the car enjoys being driven hard.01 seconds. 4 per cyl DOHC 20 Valve 1799cc 1794cc 1781cc 81. Top speed is 206km/h. with its 152PS and 210Nm of torque. but slightly shorter gearing might make for peppier performance around town. which lords it over the normally aspirated Civic (132PS. and the Octavia flies. At least not in terms of power figures. SOHC inline-four makes 132PS@6300rpm.Civic vs Corolla vs Octavia Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Technical Specifications SPECS & Honda Civic Toyota Corolla PERFORMANCE ENGINE Type Installation Valvetrain Displacement Bore x Stroke Comp Ratio Fuel System Max Power Max Torque Max Engine Speed PS/Litre Power/Weight Fuel TRANSMISSION 4 Cyl.34PS/litre 106. Next up is the Civic. The Skoda engine isn't as free-revving as the two Japanese units but get that turbo spooling hard and fast. These are (by a small margin) the quickest times posted among the three cars here. Sure. this probably helps in relaxed long distance cruising and improves fuel efficiency (not bad at an overall 13kmpl). That makes it slightly less powerful than the Skoda engine. In-Line Skoda Octavia Rider 4 Cyl.33PS/litre 69.75PS/tonne Unleaded Petrol Unleaded Petrol Unleaded Petrol 5 -Speed Manual 5 -Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual . 171Nm) and Corolla (125PS.99 seconds and to 100km/h in 9. Zero to 60km/h comes up in 4. It definitely picks up revs more quickly than the Octavia (and also the Corolla for that matter.8.5PS/tonne 107. In-Line 4 Cyl. but there isn't really a huge difference between them in terms of real world performance.9kmpl overall.0mm x 86. 4 per cyl 16 Valves. In-Line. The Civic's crisp and precise five-speed manual gearbox is by far the best in this bunch.5:1 PGM-Fi Electronic MPFI Electronic MPFI 132PS @ 6300rpm 125PS @ 6000rpm 152PS @ 5700rpm 171Nm @ 4300rpm 158Nm @ 4200rpm 210Nm @ 4600rpm 6700rpm 6500rpm 6750rpm 73.3mm 79mm x 91. Intercooler Turbocharged Transverse Transverse Transverse 16 Valves. and for once. The Octavia's gearshift can be notchy at times and clutch ction is heavier than on the other cars. Also. Fuel efficiency is notably better though. The numbers are slightly off the Octavia's. It's the turbocharged.4mm 10. On any impromptu back road race among this trio. but the Honda revs freely and feels very responsive.75PS/tonne 118. Detailed Comparison .5mm 81..67PS/litre 85. DOHC.5:1 10. the gearing seems marginally taller than what you get in the other two cars. With variable valve timing. 20-valve Octavia 1. and hence you enjoy cracking the whip on it. at 14.. The Civic sprints from zero to 60km/h in 4. its 1799cc. Power delivery is sharp and raspy and aggressive . I'd expect the Civic to be right up front. when it comes to straight line performance. 158Nm) engines. so the Octavia definitely has an edge over the other two.).21 seconds. and has no turbo lag to contend with.97 seconds. the Civic's not leading the game. and ratios are well matched to the engine's power delivery. and zero to 100km/h takes 9.

24s) True Speed .155 195 .86s Distance : 80-0 FUEL EFFICIENCY Overall* 14.1 km/h 156.48 2.75 kmpl 19.210 206.44s) 3rd (8.9 kmpl Highway 21.8 .3 .92 22.92s) 4th (12.PERFORMANCE Top Speed ACCELERATION Speed 206 km/h Time Taken(seconds) 201.15 7.2 km/h Time Taken(seconds) 1.1s) True Speed .0s) 5th (28.4 .71 110 .62 59.85m / 3.12 212.220 212 .65 98.214 201.74sec 13 kmpl 20.8sec@ 134.3 kmpl City 12.73s Distance : 100-0 Minimum Stopping 30.20 18.5 0-140 km/h 18.98sec@ 127.Speedo Read 65 .115 165 .9 0-160 km/h 29 TIME TO DISTANCE Quarter Mile Standing Km ROLL .202 192.104 98.157 142.220 51.31s) 5th (18.99 0-100 km/h 9.99 0-80 km/h 6.97 6.01 14.72sec 12.226 49.02sec@ 167.5 kmpl 55 litres 715 km Front engine.04 15.72 11.5 kmpl 10.ON 30 -70km/h 40 -80km/h 50 -100km/h MAX SPEEDS Gear 16.91 5.25 0-40 km/h 2.4km/h Gear (Time) 3rd (9.23 2.67m /2.07s) 4th (12.5 kmpl 50 litres 638 km Front engine.90 km/h Time Taken(seconds) 1.78sec 28.99m / 2. FWD FWDBody/Frame Four Door Saloon Brakes Front Ventilated discs Brakes Rear Solid Discs Tyres 195/65R 15 Tubeless .9 .85m /3.40 0-60 km/h 4.8 .77s) 5th (26. FWD Monocoque 312mm Ventilated Disc 256mm Solid Disc 205/55 R16 Dunlop SP 0-20km/h 1.07 34.32 28.108 150.88 9.57km/h 32.64sec 31.4 .5 kmpl 10.38 4.03m /2.SpeedoTrue Speed Read Speedo Read 58.33m /3.8 kmpl Fuel Tank Capacity 45 litres Range 670 km CHASSIS AND BODY Layout Front engine.8km/h 3rd (9.00 15.1 .05 @ 162. FWD Monocoque Ventilated discs Solid Discs 195/60 R15 RE88 1 2 3 4 5 BRAKING Minimum Stopping 50.21 0-120 km/h 14.88sec @ 31.1km/h 28.6 .0 .5 @ 131 km/h 17.8s) 4th (13.175 208 .

05. Spring with torsion bar Double wishbone.954 (OTR Price as tested Pune) Source: Car India March 2006.Steering SUSPENSION Front Rear GENERAL DATA Kerb Weight Wheelbase Track (F/R) LxWxH (mm) Collapsible with power assist McPherson Coil.765 (OTR Rs 12. torsion bar with telescopic shocks and coil springs 1280kg 2511mm 1517 / 1495mm 4513 / 1731 / 1457mm 5 1030 / 930mm 1265 / 985mm 800 / 510mm 910 / 655mm ACCOMODATION Seating Capacity 5 Head Room. 1360mm 1340mm 430 litres NA Rs 12. Coil Spring torsion bar 1240kg 2700mm 1495 / 1520mm 4545 /1750 / 1450mm Bridgestone Rack & Pinion with Rack & Pinion with power power assist assist McPherson strut McPherson strut type with type with stabiliser stabiliser ETA beam type with stabiliser 1160kg 2600mm 1480 / 1460mm 4530 / 1700 / 1500mm 5 940 / 890mm 1100 / 900mm 720 / 580mm 900 / 660mm Compound link crak axle.64. F 770 / 550mm max/min Knee Room. R 930 / 700mm max/min Shoulder Space M/R 1320mm Boot Space (liters) 405 litres Rs 12.39. F max/min 1230 / 1060mm Knee Room.557 (OTR Pune) Pune) Previous Page . F/R 960 / 900mm Leg Room.

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