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A passion for people.

A vision for Sioux Falls.

TenHaken for Mayor 2026 Plan

-100 Day Strategy-​ | © Copyright 2018

To the Citizens of Sioux Falls,

I am excited to share with you my 100-day plan for Sioux Falls should I be honored to
serve as the next mayor of our city.

Several months back I released a 2026 Plan for Sioux Falls and laid out initiatives I
believe will be critical for our city in the next eight years. As you will see in this
document, I take this plan a step further by detailing what some of the initial steps will
be in moving those initiatives ahead. Three important areas we talked about on our
campaign include:

Point #1. The steps we need to take to begin​ tackling the narcotics growth​ in our city.
Point #3. Important collaborations and partnership to establish as we begin our
workforce growth initiatives.
Point #7. Numerous changes in our communication strategy to ​ensure transparency
and information flow​ amongst city leadership, the media, and with our citizens.

The future of Sioux Falls is extremely bright, and I am humbled by the opportunity to
provide the principled, executive leadership that our city needs to take us there.

In service,

Paul TenHaken
2018 Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate

Please note:​ this is only a sampling of the items our administration will need to
address. These are meant to be immediate, actionable 100-day items. To read my full
copy of the 2026 Plan for Sioux Falls, please visit:​ | © Copyright 2018

1. We will more aggressively combat crime and drug activity.
● Remove $1,000 ​approved​ training budget spending threshold from Chief of
Police office.
● Determine feasibility of FTE allocations from the current budget analyst openings
to our Police Department.
● Conduct a series of roundtable meetings with entire SFPD reassuring them of
complete empowerment and support from Sioux Falls City Hall to aggressively
tackle narcotics growth.
● Request and receive report from Chief and Asst. Chief on drug task force staffing
levels and narcotics training and equipment needs to ensure maximum efficiency
and support.
● Begin coordination with Fraternal Order of Police Leadership to set framework for
contract negotiations.

2. We will create large wins in economic development and build a

reputation as an entrepreneurial hub in the Midwest.
● Appoint and convene a high caliber cabinet of local and state level community
leaders from both the public and private sectors to develop a focused strategy for
economic growth.
● Meet with USD Discovery District board to determine current tenant interest and
timelines for project phases.
● Meet with SF Development Foundation board to get spun up on new President
search process, Foundation Park opportunities in review, and other key new
business prospects along with infrastructure needs for said prospects.
● Assess location options and feasibility for Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship
relocation to downtown Sioux Falls by 2020.
● Meet with GOED Commissioner, Scott Stern, and review full report on state level
economic development opportunities and the related impact for Sioux Falls.

3.​ ​We will get serious – and creative – about attracting workers to our
● Meet with Forward Sioux Falls to understand budgeted allocation to workforce
development efforts as well as current plan to execute.
● Begin collaboration with South Dakota Workforce Development Council and/or
Governor’s Office of Economic Development Workforce Development team on
potential digital statewide internship engine for college students.
● Conduct roundtable with USF, Augie, Southeast Tech, and University Center
leadership to begin graduate retention collaboration and dialogue.​ | © Copyright 2018

4. We will harness the strength of diversity to make our city stronger.
● Re-examine the diversity education and inclusion efforts in City Hall and
determine what key metrics are being used to gauge success and impact in the
● Perform an audit of all existing ESL opportunities in Sioux Falls to begin needs

5.​ ​Working with the private sector, we will continue to grow our
downtown into the jewel of the Midwest.
● Re-engage the former Downtown Development Committee and utilize their
market guidance to refocus the City’s current schedule of capital investments
● Audit current downtown development proposals currently on the table and define
City support based on return to the community.
● Establish standards for the creation of future public-private partnerships.
● Working with Department leaders, determine a timeline for restoration of River
Greenway funding.

6. City Hall will be open for business.

● Begin City Attorney interview process with hire to be made by July 31.
● Implement employee engagement feedback tool to gauge areas for better
customer service opportunities and increased employee engagement.
● Evaluate layout and functionality of the new City Administration building. Ensure
that we are utilizing space appropriately and with the customer in mind.
● Evaluate training needed for departments such as Building Services to ensure
that staff have the resources and skill sets needed to drive efficiency, innovation
and customer service throughout their departments.

7. City Hall will be transparent and communicate more effectively with

● Identify and hire Deputy Chief of Staff to replace Communications Specialist
position by June 15.
● Re-implement monthly, oral legal briefing meeting schedule with City Councilors.
● Implement regular Councilor briefings to improve information flow and
● Conduct media roundtable with all local outlets to address concerns and
opportunities for better information dissemination from City Hall.​ | © Copyright 2018

● Rescind the current confidentiality executive order on all city employees and
reimplement a more realistic and enforceable policy with senior level staff.
● Implement a more formalized City Council public input process to return decorum
and professionalism to meetings.

8.​ ​We will address our tightening budget issues with creative
● Identify and hire Chief of Staff role and begin to assess departmental efficiencies
by July 31
● Begin Finance Director interview process with hire to be made by July 31.
● Launch a strategic, results driven and staff led initiative to make City government
more efficient, effective and customer-focused.

9. We will invest in infrastructure to serve our residents and foster

economic development while simultaneously supporting our
entrepreneurial base.
● Reinstate CIP and Operations committees, including City Directors and Council
in CIP budgeting process.

10. We must embrace technology rather than avoid it.

● Conduct internal usability and access audit of using existing
analytics data.
● Conduct weekly Facebook live sessions from the mayor’s office documenting the
100 day transition effort.
● Appoint an internal team to identify data that should be made available to the
public and the most effective method to do so.

11. The mayor’s office will be a champion for those needing a hand
up, not a hand out.
● Meet with Minnehaha County Human Services (which also serves Lincoln County
needs) and Sioux Falls Health Director to identify current behavioral health and
addiction services gaps and current collaboration levels, include triage project.
● Create task force of community partners in faith/non-profit/business communities
to begin develop of the “Mayor’s Movement” plan.​ | © Copyright 2018

12. We will not just talk about affordable housing needs. We will act.
● Begin discussions on restructuring of the existing property tax abatement
programs to ensure that, when utilized, the city sees a return in economic growth
and affordable housing creation.
● Demonstrate commitment to neighborhood revitalization through committing City
resources (through both operating and capital improvements). Work directly with
core neighborhood associations and neighborhood planners.
● Conduct roundtable with Sioux Empire Housing Partnership, Thrive, Affordable
Housing Solutions, South Dakota Housing and Development Authority and the
private sector to address our comprehensive community needs. Ensure that all
financial resources are aligned.

13. We will maintain the quality of life services, facilities, and

programs that ALL of our citizens can enjoy.
● Assess SMG contract with PREMIER Center, Convention Center, Arena, and
Orpheum Theatre and revenue forecast for said venues.
● Meet with Sioux Falls Skatepark Association leadership to understand project
process and how the city can play a supportive role.
● Working with Board of Regents and School for the Deaf, understand the proposal
plans for the current School for the Deaf campus and the potential social
opportunities for that area.​ | © Copyright 2018