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Lesson Plan

Focus skill : Writing

Date : 15 August 2018
Time : 9:00a.m - 9:30a.m (30 minutes)
Class : 4B
Number of pupils : 34
Theme : World of Knowledge
Unit : 13
Topic : Our Country, Our Pride
Content Standard : 3.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will
be able to write and present ideas through a variety of
media using appropriate language, form and style.
Learning Standard : 3.3.1 Able to create simple texts using a variety of media with
(b) linear
Behavioural objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to
a) Write and present ideas through a linear text using
appropriate language, form and style.
b) Realize the importantance of multiracial in our country.
Thinking Skills : Applying and Creating
Multiple Intelligence : Verbal- linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.
Moral Values : Self-confident, Living in Harmony
Teaching aids : pictures
Previous Knowledge : Students have celebrated National Day before.

Some possible 1. Teacher asks pupils what Teaching Aids:

SET questions that will be they know about the Pictures
INDUCTION ask: activities in the picture.
(3 minutes)  What do you see 2. Teacher gives introduction
in this picture? on the topic.
 What happen in
this picture?

Word cards will be Multiple

PRESENTATION used: 1) Teacher paste the picture Intelligence:
(5 minutes)  Watch a card at the board. Verbal
spectacular 2) Teacher will call out a pupil Linguistics
fireworks to the front to paste a word
display cards to the right symbols Thinking skills:
3) Pupils will be asked to talk Brainstorming
 Show your about activities they can do
patriotism at/ to celebrate Independence Rationale: To
Attend the Day. train and
Merdeka encourage the
Parade students to
 Enjoy confidently and
favourite to know the
traditional students’ level of
foods listening and
speaking skills
 Learn history
at the historic Teaching
sites. Method:
Relate to
 Draw posters personal
or wall- experience
painting of
with the
theme of

 Sing
Day theme
Questions that will be Multiple
Practice asked: 1. Teacher divides the Intelligence:
( 15 minutes) 1. Who celebrate the pupils into six Verbal
Independence groups. Linguistics,
Day? 2. Each group will interpersonal
2. When do we receive a mahjong and
celebrate paper and an intrapersonal
Independence envelope full of
Day? answers. Thinking skills:
3. What do we do 3. Each groups need to Analysing and
during the choose the right Applying
Independence answer in the
Day? envelope and write the Teaching aids:
correct answer for tree map
each questions given
on the mah-jong Rationale:
paper. To have the
4. Teacher will guide and students to
monitor each groups remember the
while they doing the meaning of
task. symbols

1) Pupils create their own i. To develop

Production Create Sentences sentences about the their writing skill.
(20 minutes) Based On The celebrations on the
Pictures pictures and the words in ii. To enhance
the box given pupils’ creativity
Refer to appendix
iii. To give space
for pupils to
Sharing session 1. Teacher randomly asks Moral Value:
CLOSURE pupils to read their Love our country
(5 minutes) sentences. Be loyal
2. Teacher tells pupils about
the moral values of loyal to
and love our country
Appendix: Pictures with Words cards

Attend parade Watch a spectacular fireworks


Learn history at the historic sites. Enjoy traditional foods

Draw posters Sing Independence Day theme songs

1. Who celebrate the Independence Day of Malaysia?
2. When do we celebrate Independence Day?
3. What do we do during the Independence Day?

Australians celebrate Independence Day

of Malaysia.
Africans celebrate Independence Day of
Malaysians celebrate Independence Day
of Malaysia.
We celebrate Independence Day on 31st
of August every year.
We celebrate Independence Day on 13th
of August every year.
We celebrate Independence Day on 31st
of October every year.
We sing National Anthem song during
National Day.
We play computer games during National
We wave Jalur Gemilang during National
We do nothing during National Day.
We attend parade during National Day.