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Fine & Mellow

Fine  &  Mellow  is  a  duo  that  plays  music  from  different  styles  and  times,  
from  traditional  jazz,  blues,  soul,  R  &  B,  Pop,  Latin  music  and  Bossa.  
Formed  in  the  year  2016  by  Federico  Jachini  on  guitar  and  Agostina  
Belforte  on  Tenor  sax  and  vocals.  
Fine  &  Mellow  stands  out  for  its  presentations  at  private  events  and  
live  shows  in  different  venues  inside  and  outside  the  city  of  Buenos  
Aires  City  
Agostina  Belforte  began  her  artistic  career  in  2009  as  a  singer  and  a  
year  later  as  a  saxophonist  in  orchestras  of  different  Afro-­‐Latin  and  
Afro-­‐American  genres.  Today  she  highlights  her  work  as  a  teacher  and  
as  a  musician  in  reduced  formations  and  sessionist.  
Federico  Jachini  began  to  play  professionally  in  2007  in  different  
groups  of  different  genres,  from  2010  to  dedicate  himself  to  playing  in  
different  jazz  groups  and  session  works  of  various  styles  such  as  rock,  
Within  the  possibilities  of  private  shows,  it  is  possible  that  the  duo  can  
adapt  to  the  request  of  a  particular  repertoire,  with  the  possibility  of  
expanding  the  band  and  present  themselves  in  a  trio,  quartet  or  
quintet  format.  
Agostina  Belforte  
Nationality:  Argentinian  
Date  of  birth:  02/21/1990  
Passport  Number:  AAD932799  
Address:  Soler  4227  1°L,  Buenos  Aires  Federal  District  
Phone  number:  +54  011-­‐3128-­‐1990  
Basic  Studies  
Nuestra  Señora  de  las  Nieves  primary  school,  Argentina.  Graduated  year  2002  
Aula  XXI  high  school  -­‐  Artistic  and  social  orientation,  Argentina.  Graduated  year  2007  
Professional  Studies  
Years  2012  -­‐  2014  
Escuela  de  Música  Contemporánea  -­‐EMC-­‐  Berklee  International  Network,  Argentina  
Alto  and  Tenor  saxophone  studies  with  musician  Juani  Méndez  
Harmony,  audioperceptive  and  ear  training  with  musicians  Camilo  Reiners,  
Candelaria  Molina,  Juan  Pablo  Arredondo  
Basic  afrolatin  percussion  and  singing.  Cajón,  claves,  congas  with  peruvian  musician  
Hubert  Reyes  
Years  2014  -­‐  2017  
Jazz  and  scat  imnprovisation  with  singer  Lucía  Boffo  
Alto  and  Tenor  saxophone  studies  with  musician  Juani  Méndez  
Years  2017  -­‐  Present    
Escuela  de  Música  Popular  de  Avellaneda  -­‐EMPA-­‐,  Argentina  
Basic  Formation  -­‐FOBA-­‐  completed  in  EMPA  
Superior  Career  in  EMPA  
Tenor  saxophone  studies  with  musicians  Gustavo  Cámara  and  Santiago  De  
Gino  Sitson  african  american  contemporary  rhythms  masterclass  
JJ  Thames  african  american  traditional  styles  workshop  -­‐    Blues  Soul  Jazz  Gospel  
Working  Experience  
As  a  musician  
Singer,  chorister  and  saxophonist  sessionist.  Years  2014  -­‐  present  
Saxophonist,  chorister  and  singer  with  La  Malatesta,  latin  -­‐  ska.  Years  2010  -­‐  2012    
Saxophonist  and  chorister  with  Crizia  Souza  soloist,  MPB.  Years  2010-­‐2013  
Saxophonist  and  singer  with  Guanabana  Afrobeat  Orchestra.  Years  2012  –  2017  
Singer  with  Cosa  de  Negros  Choir,  directed  by  Camilo  Reiners.  Year  2014  
Singer  with  Hubert  Reyes’  Negros  de  Miércoles,  afroperuvian  music.  Years  2012  -­‐  
Singer  and  saxophonist  with  Gurú  Latin  Jazz.  Years  2015  -­‐  2017  
Singer  and  saxophonist  with  Cañadulce  afroperuvian  music.  Years  2015  -­‐  2017  
Singer  and  saxophonist  with  Soul  Jazz  Quintet.  Years  2015  -­‐  present  
Singer  and  saxophonist  sessionist  with  Sancocho  Orquesta,  Latin  Salsa.  Years  2016  -­‐  
Saxophonist  with  Banda  Papayera,  colombian  music.  Years  2016  -­‐  2017  
Saxophonist  with  Lado  U!  Producer  of  musical  events.  Years  2016  -­‐  present  
Singer  and  saxophonist  with  Jazz  Quartet.  Years  2016  -­‐  present  
Singer  and  saxophonist  with  Fine  &  Mellow  duet  with  guitarrist  Federico  Jachini.    
Years  2017  -­‐  present  
As  a  professor  
Singing,  saxophone,  ear  training,  audioperceptive  and  musical  theory  teacher.  Years  
2015  -­‐  present  
English.  Speaking  and  writing  advanced  level.  
Portuguese.  Speaking  and  writing  basic  level.  

Federico Jachini

Nationality: Argentinian.
Id: 35994995.
Argetinian Passport: AAA369368
Italian Passport: YA4260572
Address: Felix de Azara 469 Lomas de Zamora.
Age: 26 Years old.
Date of birth: 25/02/1992.
Phone number: +54 011 1566913948

Professional Studies
*Primary Scholl Instituto Albert Schweitzer.
*High School (Instituto Cristo rey): Bachelor of arts.
*.First certificate. ACCI Advanced level of English.
2007 to 2010 Conservatorio Astor Piazzolla. FOBA Guitar
*2012 to 2016: Graduated as a professional musician EMC(Escuela de Música
Contemporánea) Berklee International Network.
*Guitar lessons with the following teachers: Federico De Petre – Ricardo
Pellican – Agustín Fares – Javier Cohen – Diego Bruno – Ramiro Penovi –
Juan Pablo Arredondo - Peter Berstein – Michel Valeanu- Jack Wilkins.
*Harmony and arregment lessons with Juan Raffo- *Camilo Reiners, Gabriel
Toker y Daniel Jhohansen.
*Ear training with Camilo Reiners, Candelaria Molina.
*Jazz ensemble jazz with Juan Cruz De Urquiza.
*LatinJazz ensemble with Ricardo Nole.
*Improvisation lesson With Mariano Loiacono.
*Jazz Ensemble with Mariano Loiacono level 1 and 2 (El Aula Usina del arte).

Working Exprerience

2010 To the present: Professional guitarrist on record session´s and live

performances .
2012 To the present: Private teacher of guitar ear training and harmony.
2012 To 2014: Guitar player on the Mariano Poblete, finalyst of the voice
2014 To the present: Teacher on School of Music “ Kalha “
2015 : Guitar Lesson´s for children´s in Albert Schweitzer school.
2016 To the present: Music teacher San Albano. (High school)
2016: Music teacher Instituto San Jose. (High school)
2016 to 2018: Music teacher (singing) Saint Michel College.