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Bartram High Sen. Williams Clean 21st Woodland Ave.

Health Annex Holds

Schedules Sweep on Woodland Reunion September 15 Patient Orientation
Orientations Aug. Ave. Annual gathering brings Day
23, 24 Volunteer Thursday community together Offers primary, dental,
Exciting new school year evenings thru Sept. 6 behavioral, preventive
– many new programs care



Rally Blasts Trump on Immigration

Kingsessing Fun Day August 25
Woodland Ave. Reunion, September 8
Need Help on Real Estate Taxes? August 21

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FOR CARS & TRUCKS Gentrification: A Hot Topic in Southwest!
up to $1,000 A rapt audience at Southwest CDC listens to Jerry Kullman, a recognized expert on gentrification which many SW residents feel threatens their home and lifestyle
(Photo by Mark Harrell)
Cars or Trucks By Steven Kuzmicki enue on Wednesday, August 14. They Gentrification, simply put, is hous-
With/ Without Title

gathered to meet with Jerry Kellman, ing change brought on when older
Bad Engines or bout 40 community residents a nationally recognized expert on neighborhoods like Upper Southwest
Bad Transmissions and stakeholders attended gentrification – a subject which is be- become attractive to high-income
the Southwest CDC’s Neigh- coming very important to Southwest
up to $500 borhood Advisory Sub-Committee Philadelphia residents and business GENTRIFICATION
Cars or Trucks (NAS) meeting at 6328 Paschall Av- owners. CONTINUES ON PAGE 4

Any Condition
215-669-1000 MT. CALVARY FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER AT 1438 S 51ST 5 – 7 P.M
2 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 3

2018 Summer of Peace Family Fun

Day at Kingsessing Rec. Center FREE ASSISTANCE
Union Members Blast Trump Immigration Policy Clean Sweep on The gala community gathering will in-
clude free food, moon bounces, water
ore than 2000 union dem-
Woodland Ave. ice and more.
We will assist you with:

onstrators braved thunder- Partners with Sen. Williams for the
storms at Penn’s Landing Volunteers Needed Thursday en. Anthony H. Williams has event will be Councilwoman Jannie
Wednesday, August 15 to support evenings through Sept. 6 announced the annual Summer Blackwell, the National Association of • Résumé and cover letter writing
immigrant families who have been of Peace Family Fun Day to take Blacks in Criminal Justice (PA Chap- • Internet access
detained or separated at United States place at the Kingsessing Recreation ter), and Concerned Black Men. • Basic computer and job-seeking skills
borders. While the rally, “Labor
United to Free the Children,” not AUGUST 23 Center at 50th Street from Chester to
Kingsessing Avenues from 10:00a.m.
For more information, contact
Desaree K. Jones at (215) 492-2980 or
• Employment and education resources

explicitly political, attendees de- to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 25.
nounced the Trump administration ant to pitch in to make
and Congressional Republicans who one of our key commercial
respectively instituted and permitted corridors look more attrac-
the “Zero Tolerance” border control tive? Sen. Anthony H. Williams has
policy since last February. announced an initiative to support
According to Attorney General Jeff local businesses and the community
Sessions, the purpose of the rigid bor- on four major streets – in the case of
der regulations was to send a warn- Southwest, the 10 block segment of
ing message to refugees and asylum Woodland Avenue from 60th to 70th
seekers – mostly coming from chaotic Streets. The effort is part of Clean
Central American countries – “Don’t Sweep Philadelphia and will promote
try to enter the U.S. illegally!” community pride and local business
As we now know, Trump had by encouraging residents to volunteer
quietly ordered the construction of to clean up areas in the community.
concentration camp type compounds The Woodland Avenue effort is
around the country – like the Berks Some of the 2000 demonstrators who rallied at Penn’s Landing Aug. 15 to denounce Pres. Trump’s scheduled for three Thursday evenings
County detention center near the “zero tolerance” immigration policy which has separated children and their parents (photo on behalf of – August 23 and 30 and September 6
Reading PA airport. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, courtesy of Patrick Shearns, 617 Media Group)
- from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. with a break-
Two locations
In implementing the Zero Toler- staff Gen. Kelly. “It sends a message,” unions, as social-justice warriors.” down of equipment from 9:00 to 10:00 PASCHALVILLE LIBRARY SOUTHWEST CDC
ance plan, the U.S. border authorities stressed Atty. General Sessions. “We “What’s happening in this country 6942 WOODLAND AVE. 6328 PASCHALL AVE.
with total disregard for basic decency did it and we’re proud,” emphasized right now is really disturbing,” said CLEAN SWEEP Mon & Wed 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Mon - Fri
and compassion sent parents back Stephen Miller, who oversees Trump’s Esteban Vera, business manager for CONTINUES ON PAGE 3 Tues & Thurs 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
over the demarcation line – to God immigration plan. “We did it & we’re Laborers Local 57. “If it’s a fight the Fridays 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
knows where - but incredibly held
their children in camps on this side of
not proud,” countered Kellyanne
Conway, Trump spokesperson.
leadership wants, it’s a fight they’re
going to get.” Letter to
the border. Perhaps the most callous comment The first action that Southwest resi-
the Editor Free Flash Drive!*

Originally, some 2500 children – was by White House Press Secretary dents can take is to make their views
including infants and toddlers – were Sarah Huckabee Sanders (daughter of known to U.S. Senator Pat Toomey. hank you for servicing the com- Bring this card to one of the Southwest
literally torn from their parents’ arms Pastor and Arkansas Governor Mike Tell him that whatever it takes in munity for all these years. My Job Readiness Labs, show us your résumé
and imprisoned here. While most Huckabee) who paraphrased St. Paul’s terms of money and effort, we must first job was in 1966 as a paper (or we’ll help you create a new one),
You can’t begin volunteering too early: A young SW block cleaner-upper under mom’s careful guidance.
families have been reunited, Trump Letter to the Romans, Chapter 13, as reunite detained children with their boy who delivered the Globe Times. and receive a new flash drive.
administration has now confessed to a follow-up on a Trump tweet, “It is parents! The telephone number I was 8 years old and remember I’d CLEAN SWEEP owners who can thrive in a beautiful
*Offer only good for one flash drive per job seeker
a Federal judge that they have been very biblical to enforce the law! “Re- at Toomey’s office at The Customs have to deliver every Wednesday and CONTINUES FROM PAGE 2 environment. I hope to see members
unable to locate a parent for the bal- torted Dubuque Theology Professor House at 200 Chestnut Street is (215) make collections once a month. It cost of our community join us while we
ance of about 500 youngsters! Dr. Matthew Schlimm, “The Bible was 241-1090. twenty five cents a month and not p.m. (Actually the program began work to promote our community by
Summarized Sahil Kapur of Bloom- being misused just as slave traders The second action people can take everyone would pay. Whatever I col- August 16). caring for the area we call home,”
berg News, the excuses of the admin- and Nazis had done historically.” is to make sure they are properly lected I got to keep half and the other “Living in a clean area creates a Residents can join the senator to
istration changed sometimes daily at At Penn’s Landing, AFSCME registered and commit to voting in half went to the newspaper. They sure sense of pride in one’s community,” promote a clean and safe environment.
the height of the crisis: “The Demo- secretary-treasurer Elissa McBride the up-coming election November 6, were the days. Thanks for the memo- Sen. Williams said. “Clean Sweep To volunteer or learn more about the
crats did it,” tweeted Trump. “It was said, “We are here in solidarity with 2018. ries. All the best! Philadelphia is a way for us to work program, contact his district office at THE INSTITUTE OF MUSEUM AND LIBRARY SERVICES
Follow us on

a deterrent,” insisted Trump chief of each other… as Americans, as labor Ted Behr Louis M D’Alonzo together and empower local business 215-492-2980.
by Nekludov
4 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 COMMUNITY NEWS Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 5

Bartram High Schedules Student Orientation

School looks forward to another year of progress in 2018-19
GENTRIFICATION communities, NCRC works with Among the potential solutions only scratched the surface on this im-
CONTINUES FROM PAGE 1 community leaders, policymakers, discussed were working with land- portant issue, and that more work and overall attendance rate increased by “We are looking to increase our

people who find city residence and

and financial institutions to champion
fairness in banking, housing, and
lords in positive ways to help them
improve their properties and advo-
discussion needs to be undertaken.
NCRC will be holding a conference in AUGUST 23, 24 13.2% to 92%. Preliminary Keystone
Test data that indicated gains in both
mentoring - specifically a Pro-
tégé male mentoring program with

public transportation more conve- business. cating for various tax policy changes Philadelphia in October on this and English & Science, he advised in a involvement of the Omega Psi Phi
nient than commuting to their city Billed as a “listening session”, the with the city. It was agreed that related topics and local registration rincipal Damond Warran has release this week to the Globe Times. Fraternity,” mentioned Warren, who
jobs from the suburbs. This influx purpose of the meeting was to learn Southwest CDC would explore creat- for the conference will be through announced that orientation for He called attention to new art, also cited clubs and enrichment
brings money and investment which more about people’s attitudes towards ing a committee to look further into Southwest CDC. More information Bartram High freshmen will music, computer science electives activities in such varied areas as LG-
can breathe new life into old commu- gentrification, displacement, and these issues. on the subject will be published in the take place Thursday, August 23, from and a new film production program. BTQ interest, multi media, a science
nities. Opposed to these advantages, redlining in Southwest In general, people agreed that there Globe Times as it becomes available, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. Introduc- On the technology side, students will fair, math, drama and choral music.
however, is that fact that advancing Many of the people in attendance is not a lot that can be done to halt the and those interested are also invited tion of these 9th graders will include benefit from a new Mac computer Student Fall Registration is hap-
gentrification also results in planned have lived in Southwest for 30 or more market forces that drive the process of to contact Southwest CDC: steve@ a school tour, Class Schedules and lab and integration of the Edgenuity pening now, and prospective stu-
rezoning and tax breaks for big and have considerable insight and con- gentrification. Southwest is one of the pickup of ID’s. & Achieve 3000 Programs. The re- dents may contact Mrs. Hudecki

developers, higher living costs and cern about the impact of gentrifica- last affordable sections in the city, and 10th Grade Orientation follows cently implemented $2 million grant A happy reminder from last April: Bartram at for assis-
rising taxes to longtime, often elderly tion which threatens row home blocks that is important to learn about what is the same day from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. has enhanced both school safety and 8-student team celebrates its prestigious 2018 tance. To parents, Warren suggested,
Aspen Award for using art to art to raise awareness
and fixed income residents and small close to Center City and West Philly. driving these forces and communicate and upper class students will receive overall quality of instruction “Please make an effort to attend

about the school-to-prison pipeline and promote
businesses. Thus, these effects tend to Most attendees recognized that South- this issue to community members. their briefing from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 That kind of positive academic restorative justice and education. our annual Bartram Back to School
destroy the traditional fabric of older west is changing and that gentrifica- One of the most effective things that p.m. on August 24. environment contributed to the 63% Night on Tuesday September 18,
Eastern cities like Philadelphia, New tion is occurring, perhaps, however, at can be done is to implement programs Warren, himself a proud 1983 decrease in out-of-school suspen- should encourage performance in 2018 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. We look
York, and Boston.
Kellman is Senior Advisor with the
a slower pace than other locations like
Kensington. While it was felt that not
that will help to maintain housing
affordability and help people to stay
COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD Bartram graduate, affirmed the chal-
lenge of exceeding the gains made
sions since the 2015 – 2016 school
both football and baseball where the
Braves have been Division champs
forward to partnering with families
to provide equitable educational op-
The Globe Times Welcomes
National Community Reinvestment all of the change is a bad thing, some in their homes, for example, home Information About Your Community in the school year ending last June Regarding sports, athletes and and the girls cross country team portunities for your children. If you
Coalition (NCRC). Founded in 1990 aspects are disturbing, and of course, improvement loans and through the Events & Activites! We publish every when 92 % of the 2017-2018 seniors coaching staff were looking forward qualified for the state meet. The boys would like to meet with me, I can be
by national, regional and local organi- people are worried about being priced creation of affordable housing. other Fridays. The Deadline For New graduated, the number of on-track to completion of the new sports basketball team also qualified in the reached at at
zations to increase the flow of private and taxed out of their homes and los- People were passionate on this im- Bulletin Board Items is the Wednesday freshmen increased by 8% and the complex in the Spring of 2019. This state 4A playoffs. any time.
before publication dates.
capital into traditionally underserved ing neighborhood diversity. portant issue, and felt this gathering
Woodland Ave. Reunion & Cookout
Kathy Levin Insurance ●
and tons of great food to Clark Park dium to 4X). T-short purchasers are

Bringing “Good News”to our Community for over 70 years

● SEPTEMBER 8 via 43rd and Kingsessing Avenue
for some old-fashioned “grillin’ and
kindly urged to purchase the official
version since their sale supports the

chillin.’ Association’s reunion organizing
6328 Paschall Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142   t is now Woodland Avenue According to Bernard Diggs, the activities.
Tel. No. 215-727-7777 Website: Email:
Reunion & Cookout Time again. Reunion Association has arranged A word to the wise, attendees are
The Southwest Globe Times is a publication of Southwest Community Development Corp., This coming Saturday, Septem- for lots of free water ice, face paint- cautioned to park all cars in desig-
6328 Paschall Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142.
ber 8 marks the 21st annual gath- ing, a dynamic DJ, live performanc- nated parking spots only since those
5,000 copies are distributed free in Southwest Philadelphia bi-weekly on alternate Fridays
reaching the communities of Bartram, Kingsessing, Elmwood Park, Eastwick & Middle
QUOTE HOT LINE ering organized by the Woodland
Avenue Reunion Association. As
es, and plenty of activities for chil-
dren and adults.
which block driveways or other
no-parking zones will probably be
Southest, Penrose Park & Paschall.  
usual, residents, extended family The Association will have avail- ticked.
s On The Spot Registration Cards
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising or
opinions submitted. Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors made except to reprint s Drivers Licenses LOW COST and friends will cart their grills,
chairs, tables, blankets, trash bags
able for sale the official Woodland
Avenue Reunion T-shirts (sizes Me-
For more information, visit www. news
Woodland Ave. Reunion Association members
display their official Reunion T-shirts. This year’s
gathering will be Sept 8 in Clark Park at 43rd St.
that portion of any ad having an error. Display & classified rates are available on request.
s Instant Tag & Title Insurance
Advertisers: Please check your ads after each publication: Globe Times is responsible only
for the first time an ad appears.
s License Suspensions Lifted AUTO INSURANCE Small Business Loans – Information Session
68th & Elmwood Ave AUGUST 29
The views expressed on the Opinion page solely represent the views of the author & do not sNelson’s Pendot Authorized Online Service mation Session” at Southwest CDC, to each other. FINANTA’s clients to the Info Session to 267.236.7030—
reflect those of the Southwest Globe Times or its management.
s State and Service Fee Apply 6328 Paschall Avenue on Wednesday, are 93% low-income, 90% racial you must RSVP to attend the session.
Executive Director: Donna Henry August 29th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. minority, 69% immigrant, and 43% For more information about
Publisher: Mark Harrell FINANTA is a Philadelphia based women who face capital access bar- FINANTA’s financial products and
Editor: Steve Kuzmicki By Page Huey organization that provides busi- riers related to their socioeconomic services for businesses and consum-
Design/Layout: Ronald Abella

Reporters: Shaketia Sills, Cynthia Ryant, Ted Behr ness microloans in a group setting status, race, gender, and immigra- ers, visit its website:
Staff Intern: David Reeder INANTA’s Affinity Group that also serves as a networking tion status. Page Huey is a Microlending Offi-
Visit us on
Lending program will hold a and credit-building space for small RSVP your interest (leave your cer at FINANTA. She can be reached
“Small Business Owners-Infor- business owners who have close ties name and phone number) in coming at
6 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper COMMUNITY NEWS August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 COMMUNITY NEWS Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 7

Health Annex Reaches Out to its Patients Free Home Repairs

For Homeowners!
any Philadelphians have
been on the various waiting
lists for home repair assis-
tance from the Philadelphia Housing August 18, 2018
Development Corporation’s (PHDC))
for up to five years. They are now able
to obtain financial and technical help
because of $100 million authorized by
City Council to eliminate waiting lists.
The three programs being funded are:
• Basic Systems Repair Program
(BSRP) provides free repairs to
roofs, electrical, plumbing and
heating systems for owner-occupied
With proper equipment and competent advice,
• Adaptive Modifications Program homeowners can now learn how to make their
(AMP) helps people with permanent own house repairs and modification. These
physical disabilities remain in their modifications can allow them and their families to
remain in their homes for many more years.
• Weatherization Assistance Program creates jobs, prevent homelessness and
(WAP) provides free weatheriza- displacement, and stabilize neighbor-
tion and energy- improvements to hoods at risk for decline,” Council
owner-occupied houses and tenant- President Clarke said.
occupied rental units (subject to PHDC has been hiring and training
income limits). additional staff and partnering with
Low-income residents and seniors additional contractors to develop an
Dr. Frank M. Torissi, dentist, and director of the Family Practice and Counseling Network dental service answers questions about the need for on fixed incomes often struggle to pay effective strategy to administer these
comprehensive dental care and good dental hygiene starting with toddlers. His remarks were part of the new patient orientation at the Health
Annex in the Woodland Plaza Aug. 14. for home repairs, which left unad- additional funds to the existing wait-

dressed can create larger problems ing list. and
he Health Annex held its end-of-summer New a battery of questions from patients. FPNC allows such as high energy bills, mold, or For more information on these pro-
Patient Orientation and Open House from patients to use a wide variety of insurance plans but severe structural damage. grams and to apply for assistance, visit
Noon to 3:00 p.m. in its colorful Commu- as their mission statement says, patients can pay on Mayor Kenney said. “These funds Southwest CDC at 6328 Paschall Av-
nity Room on the second floor of the main build- a sliding scale and no one will be turned away for help repair roofs, fix heaters, replace enue or log on to the DHCD website:
ing at Woodland Plaza, 60th Street and Woodland inability to pay. sewer pipes, and other repairs to im-
Avenue on Wednesday, August 14 Health Annex is Another helpful speaker was Dr. Frank M Torrisi, prove quality of living, and help keep Information for this article was taken
one of the Family Practice and Counseling Network
(FPCN) community centers, which is nurse-man-
dentist and director of the FPCN Dental Depart-
ment who sees patients at Health Annex and two
people in their homes.”
“Housing preservation assistance
from a BSRP email release dated May
17, 2018.
Homeownership is important.
aged and delivers primary care, behavioral health, other FPCN sites.
dental, and preventive services. Mimi Yedinak provided many interesting insights HEALTH ANNEX overweight, and muscle problems. We’re here to help homebuyers navigate the mortgage process and make buying
As she was leaving the Health Annex after with the about her work as a health resource coordinator for CONTINUES FROM PAGE 6 We’re open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. a home affordable, even if you have little money for a downpayment, little or
gift card she won in the Open House raffle, Michelle youth attending Bartram and Central High Schools. weekdays and I can be reached at 215- “less-than-perfect” credit history or have had a recent job change.
mentioned why she is really satisfied with her medi- Yedinak will provide contraceptive resources and will be handled by our own people 727-4721, extension 5155.”
cal care there. “It feels like all the people here really counseling on sexuality. who are dedicated to taking care of Smith spent time responding to And, for a limited time, M&T is offering loan subsidies to homebuyers that can
care about you. I think it’s because the Health Annex Smith asked attendees to be patient with the you – they’ll be warm, thorough and questions about mammograms. “We provide thousands of dollars in downpayment, closing cost or interest rate
is run by nurses,” she reflected. Health Annex telephone system, indicating they efficient! In the meantime, please be refer patients for that procedure, assistance in certain areas. As a good neighbor and integral part of the communities
we serve, it’s important that M&T makes homebuying easy and affordable for you.
Following a delicious and nutritious lunch, up- were transitioning in September to an FPCN cen- patient,” she advised. but for black women, we continue
Find out how by calling 1-888-253-0993 or visiting
wards of 30 current or prospective patients were tralized approach rather than having a third party Mark Austin, who in addition to be- to recommend that they start be-
treated to presentations by key Health Annex staff, contract provide their phone answering service. ing part of the Health Annex security ing tested at age 40. The fact is that
coordinated by ChrisAnne Smith who organizes “Under the new arrangement, calls to 267-350-5179 detail, also oversees the fitness center while the incidence of breast cancer
community outreach for the Center. advised, “Exercise is an important is lower with us, the death rate for
Equal Housing Lender.
Prominent among the speakers was Center Di- HEALTH ANNEX part of a person’s wellness program, black women is higher than other Subject to credit and property approval. ©2018 M&T Bank. Member FDIC. NMLS# 381076
rector Stacia K. Wilkins who graciously answered CONTINUES ON PAGE 7 especially for those with diabetes, racial groups.
5” x 5”_Southwest Globe Times
8 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper COMMUNITY NEWS August 17, 2018

Hattie Luke Celebrates 100th Birthday

riends, fellow church members, Ms. Luke was a long-term employee
and civic leaders gathered in the of the Campbell Soup Company in
community room at the Presbys Camden, New Jersey, and after retiring
Inspired Life Ann Thomas Apartments there in 1972, she started her own dry
at 2000 South 58th Street last Saturday, cleaning business.
August 11 to celebrate the 100th birth- Born in Georgia in 1918, the fourth
day of a beloved resident, Hattie Luke. of eleven children, the family was
Mrs. Luke resided at Bartram f the always uppermost in Hattie’s mind. In
Bartram Village housing complex on her long and productive life, she raised
Lindbergh Blvd and served as the first three children and helped to nurture
tenant’s council president for 11 years thirteen grandchildren and six great-
starting in 1974. “Forty years ago as grandchildren. STACY LEV Y’S
a child at Bartram Village Ms. Hattie A high point of the afternoon was
found me in tears about something,” ” a poignant reminder of Ms. Hat-

Tide Field
reflected Azilee Barker. “She said ‘you tie Luke’s glorious legacy, when her
sound like a little kitten,’ and ‘Kitten’ granddaughter Autumn Luke sang
has been my nickname ever since!” “May the Life I Live Speak for Me” by
A number of the ladies like Beverly the legendary Consoler, Sullivan Pugh.
Overton and Loretta Gatler were as-
sociated with Ms. Luke in the Young May the Work I’ve Done Speak for me

Women’s Initiative for many years. May the work I’ve done speak for me
“We supplied advice and some finan- When I’ve done the best I can
cial support to help young ladies along and my friends don’t understand
with their education and careers,” May the work I’ve done speak for me
noted Ms. Overton.
The affair began with a brief prayer The works I’ve done may seem so small

River Rooms
by Rev. Harvey C. Wrenn and a special sometimes it seems like nothing at all.
greeting from Presybs Inspired Life But when I stand before my God,
Apartments Director Ruth James. I want to hear him say well done
State Senator Anthony H. Williams May the work I’ve done speak for me
was on hand to present Ms. Hattie
with citation of from the State Senate. May the life I lived speak for me
He reminisced about growing up in a When I’m resting in my grave
community where strong women like And there’s no more that can be said
her and his mother Carole Williams- May the life I live speak for me
Green were major influences on young
Hattie Luke (seated) celebrated her 100th birthday at the Ann Thomas Apartments community room
people – along with his father Sen. Sullivan Pugh August 11. Standing behind her (left to right) are Anderson Luke, Hattie’s son; State Senator Anthony H.
Hardy Williams. Williams, and granddaughter Autumn Luke

May − Oct 2018

Head to Bartram’s Garden to experience two temporary, site-specific art installations by # AR TATBAR TR AMS

Rally at 52nd & Baltimore at 6:00 p.m. Stacy Levy, the inaugural Art@Bartram’s artist. Learn about the river’s tides and reflect on the
environment at a variety of public programs. Art@Bartram’s is a multi-year collaborative

The Walk will begin at 6:30 p.m., walking N/B initiative between Bartram’s Garden and Mural Arts Philadelphia, supported by the William
Penn Foundation, which celebrates the Schuylkill River and its surrounding landscape, and
on 52nd Street to Market with a few stops in between promotes environmental stewardship. For more information, visit

For info regarding the event please contact 12th District CRO Arnold Mitchell, 215-686-3120 M U R AL AR T S .O R G /AR TAT BAR T R AM S
10 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper COMMUNITY NEWS August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 11

Owe Back Real Philadelphia’s Fair Chance

Estate Taxes? Hiring Law
Help is Here How it works for ex-offenders applying for a Job
Do you or does someone you know • Character references and any evi-
AUGUST 21 have a criminal record? The Philadel-
phia Commission on Human Rela-
dence of rehabilitation (for example:
volunteer service, completing
tions (PCHR) is raising awareness probation, or earning a G.E.D.)
about the City’s Fair Chance Hiring Employers can reject you based on
law. The law, previously known as “Ban your criminal record only if you pose
the Box,” ensures that people with an unacceptable risk to the business or
criminal records have a fair chance to to other people.
get a job in Philadelphia. If I am rejected from a job, will the
According to the National Employ- employer tell me why?
ment Law Project, an estimated 70 If you are rejected, the employer
million U.S. adults – nearly 1 in 3 must notify you in writing and give
Americans, have a criminal record of you a copy of the background report

arrests or convictions that hinder their used to make the decision.
or residents who are in dan- job opportunities despite their skills What are my options if I am rejected
ger of losing their home due and qualifications. What does the Fair because of my criminal history?
to back city property taxes, Chance Hiring law do? You have 10 days to give an explana-
Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell 1. It is illegal in Philadelphia for em- tion of your record in writing, proof
has arranged a conference session ployers to ask about your criminal that it is wrong, or proof of rehabilita-
to prevent foreclosure. “We will be background on job applications or tion.
Mt. Calvary Family Worship Center during a job interview. What is the Commission on Human
at 1438 S 51st Street on August 21st 2. Employers can run your criminal Relations and how can the Commis-
from 5:00 to 7:00 pm to sign you up background check only after they sion help me?
for an agreement and answer any give you a conditional offer of The Philadelphia Commission on
questions you have about your prop- employment. A conditional offer Human Relations enforces the city’s
erty taxes,” she advised in an invita- means they are offering you the job civil rights laws and addresses conflicts
tion letter this week. “You can save depending on certain results of your sparked by bias. The PCHR protects
your home from Sheriff Sale for as criminal background check. residents and visitors from discrimina-
little as $25 a month or less, without What criminal record information tory practices in housing, property,
any down payment!” can employers consider when hiring? employment and public accommoda-
An appointment is recommended • If you have a criminal record, em- tions.
(215-686-6405), but walk ins are ployers must limit how they use the Do you believe your rights were
welcome. There will be light refresh- information. violated? If you believe your rights
ments and kid’s activities! To apply, • Criminal convictions can be con- have been violated and want to learn
a photo ID, two proofs of residency sidered in hiring decisions only if more about how to file a complaint
and proof of income are required. they occurred less than 7 years from please visit our website, call our of-
Some residents may need additional when you apply (that does not in- fice at 215-686-4670, or email pchr@
documents depending on the situa- clude the time you were in jail). You can find the form
tion. A full list of documents proving • Arrests that did not lead to convic- used to file a complaint here. The
eligibility is on the website at www. tion cannot be used in employment form can be emailed or faxed back Once approved, decisions. to our office. You can also visit our
applicants must remain current on If your background check reveals a office and staff will meet with you to
future Real Estate Taxes. Some eli- conviction, the employer must con- discuss the information you pro-
gible owners can add future taxes to sider: vided.
existing agreements. • The type of offense Questions? Contact the Phila.
Those who cannot make the ses- • How much time has passed since it Commission on Human Relations,
sion on August 21 may learn more occurred Phone: (215) 686-4670 Email: pchr@
about this program online at www. • How the conviction is connected to or call (215) the job you’re applying for Information for this article was ob-
686-6442. • Your job history tained from the PCHR website.
12 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 13

refuge! All cleanup supplies provided, free reusable water bottles and free catered lunch for all • SEPTEMBER 8: CityLights Meeting 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. The Common Place 58th & Chester
volunteers. Sign up: Ave. (entrance to parking lot on 58th St. Sharing events, needs and resources of community
groups. All welcome. Primary focus: “Bartram Choice Project” Continental breakfast.
• AUGUST 25: Reuniting Strong Families With LGBT Family Members: 12:00 Noon – 4:00
p.m. Southwest Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave, Sponsor: Phila. Corporation for Aging • SEPTEMBER 11: Foster Parent Info Session (also Sept. 18) 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. theVillage
Refreshments provided! Space limited so call to reserve your spot: 215-937-1880; or email Preheim Center, 6517 Chester Ave. Info: 215-730-2240 or (See Ad, Page 15) (Serving Southwest for 142 years)

• AUGUST 18: Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Open to All. (Every 3rd Sat.) 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. • AUGUST 19: Nature Walks – Heinz Wildlife Refuge – Birds, Trees, Turtles, Butterflies: • AUGUST 25: Volunteer Day, Bartram’s Garden, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., 5401 Lindbergh • SEPTEMBER 15: Women’s Circle – Gateway to Re-Entry, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. 3751 Island
The Common Place, 58th & Chester Ave. Youth accompanied by adult welcome! “I desire all Professionally Guided 9:00 a.m. (Most Sundays) Heinz National Wildlife Refuge , 8601 Blvd.: weeding, pruning, clean up, planting: No experience necessary; dress for outdoors; Ave., Suite 106 (off Bartram Ave.) Donation $20 Info:
men to pray” (1 Tim 1:8) Info: 267-275-8238 or Lindbergh Blvd., Info: 215-365-3118 or bring gloves if you have them. Info: 215-729-5281 or
• AUGUST 18: Free Movie Night – Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. “Finding Nemo” Free! • AUGUST 20: Dance for Health – Free & Open to All (every Monday): Sponsored By Penn • AUGUST 25: Reuniting Families with LGBY Members. 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m. Southwest volunteer or donate: Contact Officer Mitchell, 215-686-3122 or email arnold.mitchell@
Kid’s Activity at 7:00 pm Film Begins at 8:00 p.m. Bring your blankets chairs, blankets, Nursing at The Common Place (Every Monday) 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. 58th & Chester Ave. (Parking Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave., Open to all; Refreshments provided. Sponsor: Phila.
bugspray and friends. Free popcorn. 8601 Lindbergh Blvd., Info: 215-365-3118 or www.fws. entrance off 58th St.) Refreshments. Info: Terri 215-898-2259 Corp for Aging. LGBT Grandmothers and Allies Group of SWSC. Space Limited: Contact
gov/refuge/John_Heinz Linda Marucci, 215-937-1880 or • SEPTEMBER 18: Maroon & Gray Bartram High Alumni Meeting/Meet & Greet: 4:00
• AUGUST 21: Real Estate Property Tax Conference Session 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. If you owe – 7:00 p.m., Bartram High School Auditorium 2401 S 67th St.(Please us 67th St. Entrance)
• AUGUST 18: Street Movies – Malcolm X Park: Short Films on Social Justice. 7:45 p.m. back taxes this may be for you! Mt. Calvary Family Worship Center, 1438 S. 51st St. • AUGUST 25: Family Fun Day - Kingsessing Rec. Center, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 50th St. Info: (267) 234-2064
5100 Pine St. (Rain Phila Student Union, 501 S 52nd St.) Opening dances by Sonia Sanchez. Appointments requested but walk-ins welcome. 215-686-6405 Documents required: See Between Chester & Kingsessing Aves. Sponsors: Sen. Anthony Williams/CW Jannie Blackwell.
Info: • SEPTEMBER 21: 12th District Police Service Area #1 Meeting, 6:30p.m. ShopRite
• AUGUST 26: Free Full Moon Boating Series. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Free Rods/Reels for catch/ Supermarket Community Room, Penrose Plaza, Island Ave. Learn what’s happening in your
• AUGUST 18: Community Day - New Testament Ch. of God, 12:00 – 3:00 p.m., 935 S. • AUGUST 22: 12th District Police Service Area #2 Meeting, 5:00 p.m. Paschalville Library, release fishing. Telescope for “Sturgeon” moon viewing. Free fishhouse punch! Bartram’s area. Info: Lt. Allen (#58)
53 St., School Supplies Giveaway; Food, Games, Health Screenings; Prayer Station; Fun; 70th St. & Woodland Ave.. Learn what’s happening in your area: Lt. Kinslow (#101) PPD.12. Garden 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Free Parking in Upper Lot, short walk to Bartram Dock
Refreshments. Info: 215-492-6630 Attention Direct Support Professionals
• AUGUST 27: AARP Driver Safety Class (Classrooom activities only) – Also Aug. 29, 9:15
• AUGUST 23: Bartram High Freshman Orientation 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. School Tour, AM-2 PM, Southwest Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave., Info: 215-937-1880. Training Available on Intellectual Disabilities Topics :
• AUGUST 18: Book Bag Giveaway, Children accompanied with adult. 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.,
Class Schedules & ID’s. Info: Phone: (215) 492-6450 ♦ Intro to Intellectual Disabilities ♦ Medication Administration Training
Myers Rec Center 58th & Kingsessing Ave. (School supply donations gratefully accepted.)
• AUGUST 27: First Day of School – Bartram High. Breakfast 7:30 a.m. 2401 S. 67th Street ♦ CPR & First Aid ♦ Fire Safety ♦ Positive Approaches ♦ Dysphasia
• AUGUST 23: Bartram High 10th Grade Orientation 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Receive ID’s. Info: ♦ Understanding Aggression in people with IDD ♦ Seizure Management
Phone: (215) 492-6450 • AUGUST 29: AARP Driver Safety Class (Classrooom activities only), 9:15 AM-2 PM,
• AUGUST 18: Eastwick Commandos Marching & Drum Corps 25th Reunion Community ♦ Understanding Mental Illness ♦ Autism ♦ And More... Charge $50.00
Southwest Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave., Info: 215-937-1880.
Festival & Exhibition: 11:00 a.m. Parade begins at Penrose Plaza, Island Ave. & Lindbergh Please Inquire about availability and upcoming training classes - Eastwick
• AUGUST 23: Pop-up Archery – Safe and fun activity for families with children age 8 and up
Blvd. up 78th St. to Penrose Elementary School, 2515 S 77th St, Family activities until 5:00
(Also August 23): 4:00 – 6:00 p.m., 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Info 215-365-3118 • AUGUST 30: Family Fishing Evening: 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Family Services, 2501 Carroll St., Phila., PA 19142 Phone: 267-634-6410
p.m. Vendors Welcome!
8601 Lindbergh Blvd., Bait available, plus some fishing gear (limited quantities) NO
• AUGUST 23: Free Yoga and Meditation Classes - Fridays through September 7 - at Bartram’s LICENSE NEEDED! Details: 215-365-3118 or /
• AUGUST 18: Pirate Day at Ft. Mifflin, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Scavenger hunt, live music,
Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd, 10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (See item above – August 3 – for details) upcomingevents.html
other activities for all the family, historic demonstrations: 6400 Hog Island Road (off Island
Ave. extension), Ticket info/details: 215-685-4167, or Facebook: • AUGUST 23: 12th District Police Service Area #4 Meeting, 5:30 p. m. Kingsessing Library, • SEPTEMBER 5: Community Resource Fair, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 1022 Ridge Ave. Darby PA.
OfficialFortMifflinInfo 50th & Chester Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area. Info: Lt. McHugh (#180) PPD.12. Vendors & school supplies plus free haircuts. Refreshments. Info: 215-748-6712
• AUGUST 18: Community Day - New Testament Ch. of God, 12:00 – 3:00 p.m., 935 S. • SEPTEMBER 7-8: Northeast “Love + Action” Summit for civic and political leaders –
53 St., School Supplies Giveaway; Food, Games, Health Screenings; Prayer Station; Fun; • AUGUST 24: Author’s Book Signing – “Faith Through Fearlessness” by Dr. Carol Simmons, focusing on 2018 & 2010 Elections: Outstanding National Speakers; workshops on running Southwest CDC’s trained housing coun-
Refreshments. Info: 215-492-6630 11:00 a.m. SW Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave. info 267-622-5169 for office, campaigning, activism, volunteering & entrepreneurship; prizes for best community selors can help you if you are in foreclo-
sure, received an ACT 91 letter from
action stories. Info or to register: your lender and even if you are just a
• AUGUST 18: Phila. Unemployment Project (PUP) Annual Picnic: 12:00 Noon – 6:00 p.m. • AUGUST 24: Free Archery Lessons – Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, 5:00 – 6;00 p.m. 8601 month or so behind on your payments.
Hunting Park Site 4 (near 9th & Hunting Pk Ave. – SEPTA bus #47) Lindbergh Blvd. Registration required (267) 969- 3218 or email • SEPTEMBER 8: Bartram High Alumni Association Meeting. 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., Bethany You do not need to hire an attorney.
Baptist Church, 58th & Warrington Avenue. Info: You have Southwest CDC housing coun-
• AUGUST 18: (F) Free Boating on the Schuylkill River (Every Saturday) – Bartram’s Garden • AUGUST 24: Bartram High 11th & 12th Grade Orientation 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Receive selors, pro bono attorneys and the
11:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Free Parking in Upper Lot, short walk to Bartram City’s Office of Housing and Community
ID’s. Info: Phone: (215) 492-6450 • SEPTEMBER 8: Woodland Avenue Reunion & Cookout. Clark Park, 4300 Kingsessing Development staff behind you.
Dock. Kayaks & rowboats, safety equipment provided. Info 215-729-5281 or website: www. Ave. Free Water Ice, Face Painting, D.J., Live Performances, Activities for Children & Call today to set up an appointment at
• AUGUST 24: Police Service Area #3 Meeting 6:30 p.m. Myers Rec. Center 58th St. & Adults. Bring your grill, tables, chairs, food, trash bags, & Family and Friends (Please 215
Kingsessing Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area. Boundaries & Info: Lt. Galie (#264) buy only official T-shirts, Med to 4X at $12) Note: Park in designated areas only. Police
• AUGUST 19: Deadline for Applications: U.S.Postal Service – Lindbergh Ave. Regional will ticket offenders. Southwest Community Development Corp.
Center: 2 Positions: PSE Mail Processing Clerck & Mail Handler Assistant; Visit Website: 6328 Paschall Ave. Philadelphia PA 19142 Click “NOW” under “Mobile-Friendly Version/State: PA and • AUGUST 25: Volunteers! Darby Creek Cleanup at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. • SEPTEMBER 8: N2N Neighborhood 2 Neighborhood Street Festival, 49th – 51st Street and 215729-0800
respective job positions: 9:00aa.m. – 12:00 Noon (registration opens at 8am) Help clean the nation’s first urban wildlife Baltimore Ave. Sponsor: Sen. Anthony Williams
Eastwick Family Services
August 17, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 15

Mission ♦ Intellectual/Disabilities RENTAL MANAGEMENT

Eastwick’s mission is to provide services for ♦ Home & Habilitation Services West, Southwest, Northeast, South Philadelphia & University City
individuals in a safe environment, allow
♦ Companion Services 215-727-1565
them to direct their own services, and re-
spect their values to help them improve ♦ Supported Employment MANGO & AUGUST
their quality of life.
♦ Respite 5601 Chester Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19153
Real Estate
About Us ♦ Adult Residential Homes Since 1976
Licensed Broker
EEOC Statement
Eastwick Family Services is a social service
Eastwick Family Services is an Equal
organization that provides services for indi- Supported Employment Apartment
Opportunity Employer. We do not
viduals with developmental disabilities, the
discriminate on the basis
elderly and the physically disabled. of race,
East- We help with job searching, placement assess- for Rent
gender, disability, sexual
wick Family, established in 2011, has con- orienta- ment, and job monitoring. Individuals will be
evaluated by our staff to determine the best
2 Bdrm Nice Kitchen
tinuously provided
tion,a or
range of services in
religion Full Bath
collaboration with the Office of Develop- category of employment that fits the need of
6700 Block of Paschall
mental Programs and Support Coordination Intellectual/Disabilities the individual. Upon employment we will con-
Staff Screening Home/Habilitation Services
tinue to provide support as needed.
2-mo Security Req’d
All staff is subject to a full back- ground
Provides services under (ODP) Office Devel-
check. Screening includes criminal 215-205-7486
Our intake process isbackground com-FBI fingerprintopmental Program for individuals with devel-
simple andcheck,
prehensive. Individuals seeking ser- opmental disabilities (MR) in the community
clearance and child abuse clearance as
vices must be registered with
needed. their that increase community integration, sociali-
county Administrative Entities/Office
of Developmental Programs.
zation, and improve overall quality of life. r
Companion Services
A companion staff member works with
individuals in the privacy of their home EVERYTHING AND SEND YOU A CHECK & ACCOUNTING BY THE 6TH OF THE MONTH Available for Rent
or the community. Our well trained staff ♦ Ideal for Training & High Level Conferences
♦ Elegant Business Setting ♦ Convenient Elmwood Location
will be there to be a companion as spell-
ed out in the Individual Support Plan.
& Driveway ♦ Easy Connection to Public Transportation ♦ Internet access
Adult Residential 6400 Homes Located near new Post Office ♦ Rental: $250.00 per two hours (Bring Your Own Refreshments)
Eastwick Family Services provides residential Easy Access to Public Transportation & Major Highways
Need a break from care giving duties? A Res- homes for an individual with developmental ▪ Many with Washer, Dryer & Extra-Secured Storage ▪
pite service is provided in the home of the disability. It is our goal to provide a safe living
individual receiving services. These trained arrangement to help residents live a life that is
EEOC Statement professionals can assist with activities of dai-
ly living.
as close as possible in all aspects to the life
which any member of the community might
$975 + Utilities Conference Area Basement Lounge
Eastwick Family Services is an Equal Opportuni-
ty Employer. We do not discriminate on the
choose. Our service is based on individual cen- Skilled Speakers & Instructors Available for Traning and Indoctri-
basis of race, gender, disability, sexual orienta- Contact Us: Eastwick Family Services tered approach, which means all of the aspects nation on These Health and Personal Care Topics:
of the residential experience is solely designed ♦ Intro to Intellectual Disabilities ♦ Medication Administration Training ♦
tion, or religion Phone: 267-634-6410 Fax: 267-634-6439 with the individual’s unique needs in mind. Our CPR & First Aid ♦ Fire Safety ♦ Positive Approaches ♦ Understanding Ag-
Staff Screening
All staff is subject to a full back- ground check.
Mailing Address
services are orchestrated towards growth and
development of each resident. REAL ESTATE / INSURANCE, LTD. gression in people with IDD ♦ Seizure Management ♦ Dysphasia ♦ Under-
Eastwick Family Services
Screening includes criminal background check,
FBI fingerprint clearance and child abuse clear-
Eastwick Family Services
Please contact your county office for Intellectu-
al Disabilities for further information if you or 215-551-5100 2501 Carroll Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142
Phone: 267-634-6410 Fax:267-634-6439
2501 S. Carroll St. Philadelphia, PA 19142 your love ones
ance as needed.
BED Including Hooks Thick & Thirsty White, Alabaste, Black


$599 $599
Special Group & UP PANELS
Full - Queens - Kings
2 for $ 999 63” & 84” Lengths


84” Lengths 3 pc
SETS $999
Assorted Colors
30% Off $


QUILT $199 $1599&& up &up
SETS $1899& UP $399
100% COTTON Values to $9.99
Deep Pockets • 600 Thread Count
$2499& up
SETS – PRINTED 8-Foot Long
$699 6-PIECE WINDOW SETS $1899
SHEET 84” Long (Regularly $54.99) Values to $1599
SETS $3999 $ 19. 99 $899
Sheer, Values to $14.99 FULL & QUEEN
Now $599 $3999 & up $699
Attached $1099 FREE LAYAWAYS !!
Valance 2 for $999 84” Long

SMILES’OPEN MON.— SAT. 10 a.m. 6 p.m.


215-726-3900 6129-31 Woodland Avenue

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