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Exam: Retest SA-1- September - 2017


Time: 60 Minutes Std. 9 B Total Mark: 40

Instruction: The question paper contains 40 questions. Each question carries 1 Mark.

1) _______ is used to make hanging part of sand strong in a mould.

A) Gagger B) Swab C) Bellows D) Vent wire
2) By cold working process ductility__________?
A) decreases B) increases C) None D) Both
3) Hot rolling is a ____________working process.
A) Hot working process B) Cold working process
C) Forging process D) Machining process
4) Tooth paste, medicine and saving cream tubes are made by___________ process.
A) Metal extrusion process B) Embossing C) Shearing D) Bending
5) Edge bending is a __________type of manufacturing process.
A) Bending process B) Embossing process C) Shearing process D) Extrusion process
6) Currency coin and the ornaments are made by ________process.
A) Embossing B) Rolling C) Bending D) Drawing
7) ________°tempreture is needed for soldering
A) 400 B) 200 C) 100 D) 300
8) Which process is used for making tube, rod& thin wire?
A) Hot drawing B) cold drawing C) Forging D) Rolling
9) ____________is process done to recover worn out machine parts.
A) Metal spraying B) Hot rolling C) Cold drawing D) Bending
10) Name the process done by using Die & punch press?
A) Shearing B) Extrusion C) Embossing D) Joining
11) What is metal removing process called?
A) Hot drawing B) Machining C) Bending D) metal casting
12) Which is soldering metal?
A) Tin-Zinc B) Tin- Lead C) Copper - Zinc D) Zinc- Lead
13) Pattern maker uses _________ scale.
A) Simple B) shrinkage C) meter D) None of these
14) ___________ is used for investment casting.
A) Sand B) Wax C) Wood D) None of these
15) Split pattern is made in two or three parts which can be joined by_________.
A) Dowel pin B) pin C) Divider D) None of these
16) ___________ is used for surface finishing of the casting process.
A) Draft allowance B) Shrinkage allowance C) Machining allowance D) None
17) Casting process is done in _________shop.
A) Carpentry B) Smithy C) Foundry D) Fitting
18) Molten metal is filled in _______ form furnace four pouring in a mould.
A) Vessel B) Crucible C) Casting D) Mould
19) _________ is called negative allowance.
A) Draft allowance B) Shrinkage allowance
C) Machining allowance D) Rapping allowance
20) _____ has two parts the blade & the stock
A) Dowel pin B) Right angle C) Sliding bevel D) None of these
21) To join cutting tips on a turning tools___________ process is done.
A) Soldering B) Welding C) Brazing D) Revelting
22) Extra metal added during brazing is called____________.
A) Electrode B) Filter C) Spelter D) None
23) Up to what mm thickness metal can be coated in electroplating?
A) 0.005 B) 0.2 C) 0.005 to 0.2 D) 5
24) The process of obtaining the article by pouring the molten metal is called_________.
A) Metal casting B) Forging C) Drawing D) Welding
25) The process of giving the shape and useful form to the metal is called_________.
A) Manufacturing process B) servicing process C) Refining process D) Casting process
26) The Purification of metal is called ___________process.
A) Manufacturing process B) servicing process C) Refining process D) Casting process
27) Electrician, plumber is a ________ filed.
A) Manufacturing B) servicing C) Conceptual D) None
28) Molten metal is poured & product is tained in ______________process.
A) Forging B) Joining C) Casting D) None
29) ____________pattern has no joints.
A) Solid B) Sweep C) Skeleton D) Shell
30) Circular parts like pulley & wheels are made by ___________pattern.
A) Sweep B) Solid C) Split D) Skelton
31) ____________is used to draw circles & arc on pattern.
A) T square B) Marking gauge C) Divider D) Calipers
32) _____________type for cutting small wood.
A) Hand saw B) Rip saw C) Tenon saw D) Campas saw
33) ______ is used for measurement of taking outside of cylinder.
A) Outside calliper B) Inside calliper C) Divider D) none of these
34) Big pipes & its fittings are made by ____________pattern.
A) Sweep B) Gated C) Shell D) Skelton
35) Which pattern is used for making drainage pipe and bend?
A) Loose piece B) Catted C) Skeleton D) Shell
36) What is the make of mallet?
A) Wood B) Rubber C) A & B D) Cast iron
37) Divider is made by which material?
A) Steel B) Cast iron C) Plastic D) Wood
38) What is used for measurement on pattern?
A) Contraction scale B) Foot rule C) Divider D) Screw driver
39) What is used for drawing two parallel lines on wood?
A) Martise gauge B) Mallet C) Calliper D) Divider
40) ____________ is remove used cavity.
A) Silk B) Trovel C) Rammer D) Lifter