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October 3, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

Through this statement, I would like to express my interest in applying for the position of XXX
that is currently available with your company. I appear to be a perfect match for this role
which was recently advertised on the company website.

In November 2015, I joined a leading contracting company in road and infrastructure

engineering in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Ghantoot Road Contracting occupying the
position of Technical Office Engineer. I participate in managing and coordinating all project
related issues including preparation of shop drawings, method statements, and NOC
applications. Also, I am involved in the project requirements and the client's objectives and
consultant approvals, providing the technical support for the commercial, safety and quality
teams, organizing the progress meetings and discussing the field obstructions and proposed
solutions. Moreover, I participate in processing the project close out including as-built records
and other deliverables.

Since the last year, I have spent a tremendous amount of time working in one of the largest
development projects in Dubai, “AKOYA by DAMAC” A choice of luxurious lifestyles in the
Beverly Hills of Dubai, where my company contract was to construct the internal roads within
the project including all infrastructure utilities such as sewer, storm, potable water, irrigation,
firefighting, electrical and telecommunication networks. This project had a significant impact
on my experience and personality, especially that my leadership, management, and technical
skills were greatly enhanced.

During my Bachelor’s Degree study of Civil Engineering, I was provided with comprehensive
insight into the theoretical approaches and the practical applications of Civil Engineering.
Transportation Engineering was my focus area, where the grasp of the fundamental aspects
had been fortified by the elective courses that I have taken, along with my graduation thesis.

The complex interactions existing between the components of the transportation system and
the intricacies of the planning process for such a dynamic system have deeply fascinated me.
That obviously appeared through the work on my graduation thesis Where my group and I
planned and designed an interchange in the city of Nablus. We dealt with a complicated
problem where we analyzed the current situation, proposed alternatives to the interchange
design, and chose and designed the most appropriate one, taking into consideration the site
constraints and the impacts of engineering solutions in the frame of the regulations and
standards that are followed by the country, whereby I understood the importance of a
systematic approach to project planning, which is one of the prerequisites of a transport

During my undergraduate study, I was fortunate enough to take four elective courses which
gave me a deeper insight into the requirements of the transportation industry. The first one
was Advanced Roads Design, which provided the basis for the geometric design of highways
as related to the operation, capacity and safety, based on AASHTO guidance, as well as the
use of computer software (AutoCAD Civil 3D) for preparing road design drawings. Traffic
Systems Management was the second course, providing the basic concepts for management
of the various types of traffic systems including CBD streets and junctions, residential area,
public transportation and parking management.
As my passion kept on increasing while going in depth, I took the course Geographic
Information Systems (GIS), which prepared me to take the last , personally much interesting,
major elective which was Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Transportation Planning),
providing the necessary knowledge and training in the planning and analysis of transportation
systems, including transportation planning process, data collection and analysis, forecasting
travel demand, plus training in the application of transportation planning methodologies
using the advanced GIS-based TransCAD software.

Currently, I am looking to join an exciting and ambitious organization such as yours, a place
where I can utilize, enhanced and deepen my theoretical and practical skills within a broad,
inspiring, and international leading engineering company.

I truly appreciate your kind consideration of my application. Looking forward to your positive

Sincerely Yours,
Mohammad Irshaid
Office Engineer
Ghantoot Road Contracting
00971 55 331 5759
Dubai, United Arab Emirates