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FY 2019 Military Parade Budget ‐ Projected

(As of 08‐15‐2018)
Agency/Recipient Amount
Metropolitan Police Department $13,458,025
Implementation of public safety/crime prevention/crowd control measures, establishment and
maintenance of security and traffic perimeters, provision of airspace/maritime security, and dignitary
Department of General Services $162,396
Maintenance and security services of District facilities designated to support emergency sheltering,
mass care, reunification/missing persons, and safe haven locations
Department of Transportation
g g p pp $2,245,392
establishment of security and traffic perimeters, traffic control officers, installaton of flags and
security perimeter ENP signage, pre/post preparation of Pennsylvania Avenue, removal/reinstallation
Fire and Emergency Medical Services $3,596,110
Provision of emergency medical support, hazardous materials response, mass casualty incident
response, fire suppression capabilities, and ARF (aircraft rescue and firefighting)
Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency $445,050

Establishment of interoperable communications capabilities and mobile unified communications

platform, activation and management of emergency operations/ joint information center
Department of Public Works $504,206
Implementation of pre/post cleaning, staging of vehicles, equipment and personnel to support security
perimeters, sanitization of parade route and security perimeter, provision of towing services,
transportation of generators and fuel for vehicles
Office of Unified Communications $255,108
Emergency and informational call-taking services (311 and 911), interoperable communications
support, and management of radio communications
Department of Health $123,967
Establishment of health and medical coverage, coordination of chemical/biological/radiological
response efforts, implementation of patient-tracking methods
Office of the Chief Technology Officer $223,609
Management of data communications and security
Department of Parks and Recreation $30,774
Maintenance and provision of services of facilities designated to support emergency sheltering, mass
care, reunification/missing persons, and safe haven locations
Department of Human Services $142,759
Establishment of safe haven, emergency sheltering, and family reunification/missing persons sites
and capabilities
Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs $5,759
Enforcement of illegal vending regulations and implementation of vendor relocations in support of
established security perimeter,
Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment $14,494
Coordination of District permitting requirements relative to filming and production of event
District of Columbia National Guard $325,470
Provision of traffic control, crowd management, transportation, communications, medical and
logistical support.
Department of Forensic Sciences $42,513
MPD/CSID Staffing
Office of the Attorney General $7,715
Legal representation of the District, law enforcement support/oversight of post-and-forfeiture
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner $31,466

Provision of emergency response staff in support of potential consequence management operations

District of Columbia Water $30,000

Inspection and securing of sewer manholes and various underground structures along parade route
Grand Total $21,644,813