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GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1 1st Semester | S.Y.

2018- 2019




Criteria 6 7 8 9 10
 Set-up of  Set-up of equipment  Set-up of equipment  All equipment  All equipment accurately
Set-up and equipment is not is generally is generally accurate accurately placed placed
Equipment accurate, help is workable with with 1 or 2 small  All necessary  All necessary supplies on
Care required with several details that details that need supplies on hand hand
several major need refinement refinement  Very neat and organized
details  Some necessary  All necessary supplies
 Many necessary supplies have to be on hand
supplies have to be searched out
searches out
 Lacks the  Demonstrates  Demonstrates good  Demonstrates  Demonstrates very good
Following appropriate general knowledge knowledge of the lab sound knowledge of knowledge of the lab
Procedure knowledge of the of lab procedures procedures lab procedures procedures
lab procedures  Requires help from  Will ask peers for  Will discuss with  Gladly helps other
 Often requires teacher with some help with problems in peers to solve students to follow
help from the steps in procedures lab procedures problems in procedures
teacher to even  Works to follow each procedures  Thoroughly and carefully
complete basic step before moving  Carefully follows follows each step before
procedures on to the next step each step moving on to next step
GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1 1st Semester | S.Y. 2018- 2019

No participation; Minimal Good participation; Very good Shows outstanding

Participation sits on the participation; Shows appears interested; participation; is leadership qualities
and Behavior sidelines with no little interest; enthusiastic but talks respectful of others through shared
interaction; doesn't pay attention over teammates or and their point of participation and respect
disinterested; to other group may "hog" tasks; tries view; makes sure for others; keeps others on
No stake in time members; may argue to help group that everyone gets a task, managing time;
management to get point across; complete tasks; turn;conscious of Assumes responsibility for
helps group only somewhat conscious time effective functioning of the
when asked; fools of time group.
emphasis on time
 Proper safety  Proper safety  Proper safety  Proper safety  Proper safety precautions
Safety precautions are precautions are precautions are procedures are are consistently used
consistently often missed generally used consistently used  Consistently thinks ahead
missed  Needs to be  May need to be  Uses general to ensure safety
 Needs to be reminded more than reminded once reminders of safe  Will often help other
reminded often once during the lab during the lab practices students to conduct labs
during the lab independently safely
 Proper clean-up  Needs to be  Proper clean-up  Consistently uses  Consistently uses proper
Clean-up procedures are reminded more than procedures generally proper clean-up clean-up procedures
seldom used once during the lab used procedures  Often will help other
 Often requires to use proper clean-  May need some help  Station generally students to complete tasks
help to complete up procedures on occasion to neat and clean properly
clean-up  1 or 2 items left at complete tasks  Station always left neat
 3 or more items station or not  Station generally left and clean
left at station or cleaned clean
station not cleaned
GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1 1st Semester | S.Y. 2018- 2019

Prepared by:

John Carlo Macuja

STEM Faculty

Checked by:

Ma. Rebecca M. Baloloy

STEM Academic Coordinator (OIC)

Approved by:

Teofilo Bernardo L. Gonzales III

Head of Academics