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Krystel Iris M.

de Castro 151290 R27 September 4, 2015

In the short story, three factors influenced the readers’ interpretation of the text: the

cupboard, the scarf, and the role of Miss Brill in her imaginary play. The cupboard is used as a

major symbol, but the addition of the multiple appearances of balls in the movie, played by the

soccer players and the girl, seemed to replace the cupboard. She also fondly calls her fur “little

rogue” and enjoys the sensation it brings about her that she strokes it as if it were alive. Perhaps,

she yearns to be loved and caressed, too; however, in the film, only an ordinary scarf is worn

by Miss Brill and the significance of its comparison to a little rogue is neglected. The most

substantive change in the film is the emphasis on the revulsion of the people at the park towards

Miss Brill. They used a contrast between how Miss Brill imagines her role as an actress and

how the people at the park really think of her. In her imagination, she is doing good deeds and

resolving the problems of the people at the park, but upon leaving the park after being offended

by the young couple, what she fancies to be done by her was accomplished without her. This

clearly illustrates a distorted reality, which Miss Brill realizes in the end.