There is a saying: ³ALLAH´ gives and forgives, ³Man´ gets and forgets. All praises are for ALLAH, Who helped to accomplish my job successfully. Although this project has a title of my name but the efforts of many people enabled me to accomplish this task. I would like to convey my heart full gratitude to the instructor whose guidance encouraged me in writing this report. I would like to thank employees at UBL Ghalla Mandi Branch, liaquat pur, without their co-operation and guidance; I would not be able to successfully complete my internship. I am also thankful to my fellows who helped me and provided the necessary suggestions to complete my project. Finally I must thank to all those persons who provided me the information to accomplish the task of internship report.

I dedicate my internship report to my Family

Executive summary
In Bachelor of Business Administration, Internship Program is an important part to give students an opportunity to have experience of practical field. Unless and until the students experience the novelty of practical work, their knowledge of what they study in theoretical courses remains incomplete. The most important point in an Internship Program is that the student should spend their time in a true manner and with the spirit to learn practical orientation of theoretical study framework.

This internship report is on my six weeks practical training at United Bank Limited Ghalla Mandi Branch, Liaquat Pur. In this internship report I have tried to give details about the United Band Limited, working and the functions of different departments of the bank.

I have conducted a SWOT analysis of UBL great care. It shows that at present UBL has lot of weaknesses and little strengths. But I believe that UBL has lot of opportunities to improve its quality of services, and execute efficient and effective banking. UBL also needs to give proper attention to overcome its threats. UBL should give reasonable attention to the drawbacks to be able to compete at local as well as at world arena. Conclusion and suggestions are also given in the light of the report.

By experience the banks came to know that they could keep a small proportion of the . This was the THIRD STAGE. These receipts were the earlier bank notes. These priests thus acted as financial agents. They instead of charging interest from the depositors began to give them interest on the money deposited with them. The goldsmiths soon discovered that all the people who had deposited money with them did not come to withdraw their funds in cash. The persons who had surplus money found it safe and convenient to deposit their valuables with them. The origin of banking is also traced to early goldsmiths. They also found that most of the money deposited with was lying idle. These receipts began to pass from hand to hand in settlement of transactions because people had confidence in the integrity and solvency of goldsmiths. They thought it profitable to lend at least some of the money deposited with them too the needy persons. thus. they found that they were being constantly requested for loan on good security.Introduction of the organization¶s business sector Introduction of Banking Banking History Word Bank is said to be derived from the words Banc us or Banque or Bank. They found that only a few persons presented the receipt for encashment during a given period of time. The history of banking is traced to as early as 2000 BC. The FIRST STAGE in the development of modern banking. was the accepting of deposits of cash from those persons who had surplus money with them. The SECOND STAGE in development of banking thus was the issue of bank notes. At the same time. This proved quite a profitable business for the goldsmiths. They used to keep strong safes for storing the money and valuables of the people. The goldsmiths used to issue receipts for the money deposited with them. in the development of banking. A depositor who is to make the payments may now get the money in cash from goldsmiths or pay over the receipt to the creditor. The priests in Greece used to keep money and valuables of the people in temples.

When every bank issues receipts and most of them allowed the overdraft facilities. Since banks started working. steps were taken to regulate the banking organization. The Bank borrows money at a lesser rate of interest and lends it to the borrowers at a higher rate. The banks in order to earn profits could not keep adequate reserves for meeting the demands of the customers for cash. order or deposits for meeting the demands of customers for cash and the rest they could easily lend. The commercial banks perform so diversified functions that it is almost impossible to define the word bank. draft. In Economics terminology we can say that they allowed the overdraft facilities to their depositors. in development of banking. Bank cannot lend all the money that has been deposited with it.´ Banking System ³Bank is a pipeline through which currency moves into and out of circulation. In order to create confidence among the people. there was then too much confusion in the banking system. As far as the law is concerned. Bank of England was established in 1694. A conference was held in Nuremberg in 1548. They allowed the depositors to draw over and above the money actually standing to their credit. The first central bank was formed in Geneva in 1578. commercial banking has passed many phases. The responsibility of issuing of notes is now entrusted to a central bank of each country. Banking services . It was decided that a bank should be set up by the state.´ Bank accepts deposits and repays cash to its customers on their demand. Banking Companies Ordinance 1962 defines the term banking as following: ³Accepting for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits of money from the public repayable on demand or otherwise and withdrawals by cheque. which should streamline the banking organization and technique. The failures on the part of the bankers to return money caused widespread distress among the peoples. This was the FOURTH STAGE. It is thus a profit-lending concern. It has to keep a certain portion of the total deposits in cash with them in order to meet the cash requirements of the individuals and business concern.

Agency Services Functions 3. goods could only be exchanged by barter (trading one good for another). current accounts. Without this flow. which is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. money would not be available to borrow. and credit cards). Commercial Banking and its Functions The commercial banking has been developed into an important sector economy. by supplying customers with the basic mediums-of-exchange (cash. General Utility Functions . Enabling the flow of money from savers to investors is called financial intermediation. can be divided into following categories. 1.serve two primary purposes. and it is extremely important for the growth of economy. This in turn allows the economy to grow. which a commercial bank performs. It is a service-oriented organization. by accepting money deposits from savers and then lending the money to borrowers. Second. which performs numerous functions. The functions. which are: First. banks play a key role in the way goods and services are purchased. and businesses would not be able to expand. banks encourage the flow of money to productive use and investments. savings would sit idle in someone¶s safe or pocket. Without these familiar methods of payment. Basic Functions 2.

Current/Demand Deposit b. Basic Functions These include: 1. so bank is not ready to give interest on it. Running Finance b. Term Finance c. These deposits are fixed for a particular period. e. Commercial banks also pay an interest on these accounts. And bank receives the higher interest from the borrower for the long term loans offered. medium term and for long term. c. Making Advances and Loans Bank also advances the loans to the merchants and charges the interest. Fixed Deposit 2. Accepting of deposits Some people have excess money and they want to deposits it to some honest man or an institution which can give them some profit. a. increases with the increase in the fixed deposit period. Collection of Cheques Interest rate . Project Finance Agency Services These include: 1. a. So the first function of commercial bank is to receive deposit there are three types of deposits. Some people deposit their excess money in the current accounts and they can withdraw their money deposited in this account at any time during the banking hours. It is the major source of its income.These are classified as following. Saving Deposits d. An important thing related to it is the varying interest rates for the different period deposits. It also issues the loan for short term.

4. This is very popular concept in the modern world and widely used in the business community. Buyer will sign on the bill. Issue of Credit Cards 4. So now everyone can secure his precious metals like gold. Collection of Bills 6. Acting as trustees or Executors 7.2. he will take it to the bank and will receive the money by discounting the bills. If seller is in need of money. silver. In other words buyer will accept the responsibility of that amount. 2. and bank charges a very nominal . Supplying Trade Information 2. Collection of Dividends 3.. Cheap medium of exchange By issuing cheques and drafts bank provides cheap. Transfer of Funds General Utility Services These include: 1. Foreign Exchange Business Some Other Important Functions of Commercial Banks: 1. Custodian of precious articles Banks also provide lockers for the safety of precious articles. The seller will write a bill to the buyer and there will be an order that after one month the buyer will pay the amount to the seller. for example one businessman purchases anything from another person and promises to pay after one month. 3. The commercial bank also may rediscount it from the central bank. Transfer of money The commercial bank is very helpful in transferring the money from one place to another by issuing the drafts. Execution of Standing Instructions 5. etc. Purchase and Sales of Securities 4. Issue of Travelers Cheques 3. medium of exchange. Discounting of Bill: Commercial banks also discount the bills and facilitate the business.

These were as per detail given below. Investment On behalf of the customers all the banks also make an investment in different companies and industries. 880 Million and advances were Rs. y y y Pakistani Banks Indian Banks Exchange Banks = = = 02 29 07 The Pakistani banks had total deposits of Rs. Letter of credits are issued by the commercial banks for the foreign payments. 6. Facilitating trade activities It also provides the finance to the foreign trade. The story of non-scheduled banks is not different. It collects and pays on the behalf of the customers. And banks receive nominal charge from the customers. Commercial Banking in Pakistan (Past and Present) At the time of Partition the total number of commercial banks in Indo-Pak subcontinent was 38. These banks had 213 branches at that time. Purchase and sale of securities The commercial bank purchases and sells the securities. 9. Acting as a trustee If a client directs his bank to act as a trustee in the administration of a business. Creation of credit It also creates and extends the volume of credit. 7.charge for this facility. 5. 10. Agency services Commercial Banks also perform the duty of an agent. . 8. for itself and sometimes on the behalf of the costumes. the bank performs this responsibility. 198 Million. Theses 2 banks were scheduled banks. The number of these banks fell to 106 from 411 with the reduction of branches to 69 from 487.

The government seems to be conscious about improving the efficiency of banking sector in Pakistan. In 1991. there were 33 commercial banks in Pakistan 14 being local and 19 foreign. abolition of credit controls and further developments in capital market have also led towards a more competitive banking environment. in 1974. as the most efficient banks would survive while the less efficient will be driven out of the market. improving management and increasing earnings. However. Private Banks and foreign banks are working in Pakistan. The need was felt to establish a sound banking structure to strengthen the financial sector of country. the banks were nationalized and five major banking companies were made. The regulated and nationalized banking system created an industry structure where competition was unknown to management of the banks. Following is a tabular presentation of all the banks which are working in Pakistan: Banks and Financial Institutions working in Pakistan .This situation was not proper for the development of country. National Bank of Pakistan was established. Then in 1949. Furthermore. strengthening asset quality. Private Banks and foreign banks. interest rate deregulation. Pakistan¶s banking sector was heavily regulated in most of the areas of activities. Quaid-eAzam himself took initiative and interest and as a result. It started with the privatization of state-owned commercial banks and induction of new ones from private sector to establish a market-based banking system. Till the end of 1980s. Pakistan moved towards liberalization and financial sector deregulation in 1990. By the end of 2001. The market for banks is diverse in Pakistan comprising nationalized commercial banks (NCBs). 53 commercial banks including NCB¶s. Now in 2008. 24 being local and 19 as foreign. The deregulated and increasingly competitive environment poses a challenge in terms of efficiency. Considerable efforts have been made in this regard which include enhanced capital adequacy. Forced by the structural reforms agenda and the desire to strengthen its financial system. two banks Muslim Commercial Bank and Allied Bank of Pakistan were privatized. In 1993. the number of banks has increased to 43. on 1st July 1948 State Bank of Pakistan was established.

First Women Bank Limited The Bank of Khyber National Bank of Pakistan The Bank of Punjab Islamic Banks 1. The Royal Bank of Scotland Limited JS Bank Limited Allied Bank Limited KASB Bank Limited MCB Bank Limited Askari Bank Limited Mybank Limited Atlas Bank Limited NIB Bank Limited Bank Alfalah Limited Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Limited Bank Al Habib Limited Crescent Commercial Bank Limited Soneri Bank Limited Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited Faysal Bank Limited United Bank Limited . 2. 5. 12. 4. 7. 10. 11. 15. Bank Islami Pakistan Limited Emirates Global Islamic Bank Dawood Islamic Bank Limited Meezan Bank Limited Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited Private Banks 1. 14. 17. 2.Public Sector Banks 1. 3. 2. 3. 9. 16. 4. 5. 6. 13. 8. 3. 4.

19. 5. 3. 7. 2.) The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Limited-Pakistan Operation CitiBank N. 8.A. Albaraka Islamic Bank B. 7. Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited SME Bank Limited Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Micro Finance Banks/Institutions 1. 3. 4. 4. 5.C.18. Khushhali Bank Limited Rozgar Microfinance Bank Limited Network Microfinance Bank Limited Tameer Micro Finance Bank Limited Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Limited .S. Habib Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Foreign Banks 1. 2.G-Pakistan Operations Development Financial Institutions 1. 4. 6. House Building Finance Corporation Pakistan Kuwait Investement Company Limited Pak Brunei Investement Company Limited Pak Oman Investment Company Limited Pak Iran Joint Investment Company Saudi Pak Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company Limited Pak Libya Holding Company Limited China Investment Company Limited Specialized Banks 1. (E.C.O. 2. 6. 2. 3. 4.A Pakistan Operations HSBC Bank Middle East Limited-Pakistan Deutsche Bank AG-Pakistan Operations Barclays Bank PLC Oman International Bank S. 5. 3.

Saving mobilization: The commercial Banks namely United Bank Limited Pakistan. The First Micro Finance Bank Limited Sources: State Bank of Pakistan and Finance Division Roll of commercial bank in the economy development of Pakistan: Banks play an important role in the economic development of country.6. Advances short & medium terms loans for financing of the development projects both in the private & public sectors . The State Bank of Pakistan is at the apex and all the commercial Banks have to follow the rules of State Bank of Pakistan. Financing of development projects: Banks & other financial institutions like ADBP. & National Bank has opened Branches in urban areas & rural areas to mobilize savings of people.So they helping to accelerate the rate of progress (Economic) in the country. Creating climate for capital formation: A developed baking system stimulates the growth of economy by creating favorable climate for capital formation in the Country. which vary from time to time. and PICIC etc. Help of State Bank of Pakistan in achieving monetary publishes: Commercial Banks under the supervision & guidance of the S. Enhancing trade activities: The credit institutions collect the savings of people & make them available for facilitating the trade activities both inside & outside the country. Role of the banking sector can be judged by the following facts: 1. 4.B. Habib Bank Ltd. Assist in planned development: .P help in implementing & achieving the objective of monetary policy. IDBP. 3. Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd. 5. 6. 2.

P to maximize the limit of finance. The depositors instead of having a fixed return on the deposit will share in the profit & loss of the Bank. thus assists in the planed development of the Country. . under an Islamic economic system. In order to maximize profit they have the incentive from S. The profit & loss scheme arrangement is the alternative to interest. which is since on the experimental basis in Pakistan. 7.B. An organized Banking system keeps balance between the liquidity * profitability.Commercial Banks are profit-seeking enterprises. Profit sharing scheme: Commercial Banks receive surplus balance of the households and business & pay interest on the deposit of client.

U. Pakistan  Employees 9. EPZ Branch. Bokhari  Branches 1039 Domestic.K  Representative Offices Tehran and Cairo  Subsidiary United Bank AG Zurich.500 . 1959  Chairman His Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan  Deputy chairman Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez OBE  President & CEO Mr. Switzerland  Associated Company Oman United Exchange Company. 15 Overseas Branches  Joint Venture with NBP United National Bank Limited . Atif R. Muscat  Offshore Banking Unit Export Processing Zone. Karachi.Overview of the organization  Date of Establishment November 7.

46% shares of the Bank through the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) disinvested 25. pesticides and agricultural implements. Qatar. A Full service bank: UBL provides its customers a complete range of banking products and services including retail banking. modaraba management. 1. corporate and institutional banking. United Kingdom. It has an extensive domestic network of 1. Chundrigar Road. have branches in Bahrain. UBL enables farmers to buy good quality seeds.History United Bank Limited is a banking company incorporated in Pakistan and is engaged in commercial banking and related services. trade finance and consumer finance. The bank operates 1. UBL further fosters the individual welfare and well being of the common man by lending house building finance and loans to set up small businesses. I. Karachi. The Bank's registered office and principal office is situated at State Life Building No. UBL has played a leading role in the dissemination of Computer Technology in Pakistan and is dedicated to the promotion of sports. fertilizers. The Group is engaged in commercial banking. During the year.078 branches reaching virtually every segment of the Pakistani economy. Agricultural loans: UBL¶s agricultural loans on easy terms and conditions to small-scale land owning farmers boost the country¶s economy and yield greener harvests. UAE. UBL. the Government of Pakistan (GoP) which was holding 44.078 (2006: 1. Small Business Scheme: .044) branches inside Pakistan including the Karachi Export Processing Zone Branch (KEPZ) and 17 (2006: 15) branches outside Pakistan. superior quality seed and fertilizers. It lends to farmers for the purchase of tractors.00% of total shareholding of the Bank in the form of Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs). United States of America and Yemen Arab Republic. I. Community services: UBL is committed to the welfare of Pakistan. The domestic branch network currently includes 5 Islamic Banking Branches. asset management and trustee ship services. A household name: UBL's brand name is well established. The bank is listed on all three Stock Exchanges in Pakistan.

Towards this end. UBL sports complex: In addition to providing professional banking services. Lahore and Rawalpindi. gas. the leading user of Computer Technology in the Banking Sector has set up most modern facilities at Muzaffarabad. UBL has over 1000 branches collecting electricity. Staff college of UBL: The UBL has three staff colleges. These centers are equipped with state of the art hardware and audio-visual aids and are manned by experienced professionals.Under the Small Business Scheme. hockey and flood light courts for tennis and basketball have been provided. . UBL is providing loans on easy terms to those who wish to set up their own small-scale business. the bank has already constructed a big sports complex in Karachi. the bank continued to play an important role in the promotion of sports in the country. and now plays a leading role in the dissemination of Computer Technology in Pakistan and is proud to be a part of the Government¶s Computer Literacy Program aimed at preparing the younger generation to meet the challenges of tomorrow. These colleges are at Karachi. and Sheikhupura for imparting training to the educated youth under the Government¶s Computer Literacy Program. and other utility bills like demand notice for telephone connection during business hours. UBL. the country will move steadily towards economic self-reliance. established in 1964. which are generating banking trained personnel. As more and more people start their own industrial units. Consumer banking: Utility bill collection: 1. This scheme is aimed at spreading prosperity in the country by reducing unemployment. Azad Kashmir. 1978 and 1977 respectively. UBL computer training institute: UBL is a pioneer in the computerization of banking in Pakistan. These staff colleges are providing facilities of training to the employees of the bank so as to meeting the growing need of the banking field and coping with the changing environment of the country. where all types of facilities for sports like cricket. telephone and WASA.

For this purpose some of the branches have been equipped with this online facility. Almost all the branches have special utility bills collection counters with sunshelters and drinking water. UBL accepts cheques for payment of utility bills. 4. Separate booths for utility bill collection are available at all major cities for the convenience of the public.2. 5. . 3. Branches in all major cities have electronic bill collection machines. For the customers¶ convenience. And now-adays UBL management is trying to launch on-line banking system in all over the Pakistan.

Agha Hassan Abidi decided to open a Bank different from others. The Head office of the Bank was established in the New Jubilee Insurance House. Necessary formalities completed for obtaining registration certificate from State Bank of Pakistan to perform business activities. Mr. fourteen commercial banks were merged into five big banks. After passing through all these formalities on 7th November. Saigol family owned it and Agha Hassan Abedi was its first managing Director. So consequently on 21st December 1974 Commerce Bank and Union bank . 1959 United Bank Ltd came into existence as a Schedule bank. It had posted a profit of 0. Privatization 4.000 and issued and subscribed and paid up capital of RS 10. It was registered as a joint stock company. The bank was incorporated with an Authorized Capital of Rs 20.000.000.Brief history History of United Bank Limited (UBL) The history of UBL can be divided into four main Phases: 1.I Chandrigar Road Karachi. I. Nationalization 3. Formulation 2. to provide modern facilities to trade and industry and to promote thrift and habit of saving amount common thereby stimulating the economy as a whole. Today Formulation of UBL: In June 1957.7 million in its first year of operation with just eight branches at Karachi. Nationalization: As a policy of nationalizing the banks. 00.

with 21 interested parties. 2001 and was finally concluded in October 2002. acquisition of account statement and many more from more than 350 online branches. UBL online Now access your account from 71 cities across Pakistan. Countrywide Instant Cheque Clearance: Submit a cheque in Karachi and get it cleared in Peshawar within minutes. launched in June 2001. With online banking services. This signaled the strong confidence reposed by these investor groups. stop payment. Sale proceed was Rs 12350 million. deposit. without any hassle. you can get your cheque cleared instantly. out of the UK and Abu Dhabi Group (ADG) from the UAE were finally the winners at a record price. It was impacted by the adverse developments of the September 11. Our network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like cash withdrawal. UBL now offers 9-5 NonStop Banking service at more than 450 branches across Pakistan. in the improved governance of the country. . Privatization of UBL: UBL was the largest privatization attempted by the government of Pakistan. the economic potential. 9-5 Non-Stop Banking: Banking at your own convenience has been made possible. payments. The consortium comprising Bestway Group (BG). the banking opportunity and the existing management of the bank. UBL today: Today the bank has taken progressive step and: Change the logo The United Bank Limited (UBL) management has launched its new corporate identity and changed its 44 year-old-logo following its privatization. Mushtaq Ahmed khan Yousafi took over the charge of UBL.was merged with the UBL. Mr. which left stage only three bidders.

Click n remit This is one of the easiest ways to remit money from USA to Pakistan Money Direct This remittance facility has been started to facilitate transfer of money from UK to Pakistan. Consumer Financing You as an individual can gain and benefit the most through UBL Consumer Banking. With the introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer is even made easier and is just a click away. Make payments or receive payments within minutes using our online facility. efficient and attentive personalized banking services a unique banking relationship experienced by each UBL client. In UBL you get friendly.Instant funds transfer: Funds transfer was never this easy. .



³To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders´.

Mission of United Bank Ltd.
Our mission is to: Set the highest industry standard for quality across all areas of operation, on a sustained basis;  Optimize people, processes and technology to deliver the best possible financial solutions to our customers;  Become the most sought after investment;  Be recognized as the employer of choice

Organizational structure
Organizational Hierarchy chart
Hierarchy President

Senior Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Assistant Vice President

Officer Grade 1

Officer Grade 2

Officer Grade 3

Operational Staff

Structure of Management: .

Aameer Karachiwalla SEVP/Group Chief Financial Officer .Board of Directors Name His Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez. Ashfaque Hasan Khan Director Mr. OBE. HPK Mr. Muhammad Sami Saeed Director Mr. Amin Uddin Director Mr. Bokhari Designation Chairman Deputy Chairman President & CEO Mr. Atif R. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey Director Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir Company Secretary & Chief Legal Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari Director Mr.

Being in the cotton belt and that too in Ghalla Mandi. under the kind supervision of Mr. UBL Ghala Mandi Branch is directly controlled by UBL Shahi Road Branch. LIAQUAT PUR: A brief introduction of the branch Mostly in United Bank Ghala Mandi Branch the general banking exist. UBL GHALLA MANDI BRANCH. RYK.My internship program My internship was assigned at united bank limited Ghalla Mandi Liaquat Pur. Officer Grade 1 Officer Grade 2 . G.M branch deals with transactions of millions per day. Branch Hierarchy Total staff consists of 18 employees. Malik Khalil (CSM).

.Officer Grade 3 Clerical staff Starting and ending dates of internship I have started my internship at UBL Ghala Mandi Branch. 2008. Liaquat Pur on 18th August. 2008 and finished my internship on 8th October.

For fixed deposit only that application form is needed this is prepared manually. customer's master file. he compares customer's signature with the signature on the cheque for avoiding fraud. In case the contract is acceptable to both. title of A/C. Banker uses this card at the time when he receives the cheque. applicant A/C no. PROCEDURE The procedure begins with the punching of account opening form to the customer file i. After opening a saving and current account every applicant's data is entered into the computer to maintain a safe record and application form is properly filled so that it can be available when necessary. Checking officer is responsible to Tele the manual application form with the computerized A/C opening file. because most of the procedure of fixed deposit is done manually. A/C type. then it is the time to open the account formally. .Departments OPENING OF ACCOUNT DEPTT. Manager has every right not to accept this contract if he is not satisfied by the details provided by the customer. Along with the form a card for specimen signature is also supplied to customer. This register is maintained for each type of account and the A/C no's allotted serially. The manager records the necessary details into this register and allots an A/C number from this A/C opening register. The signature specimen card contains three signatures of an applicant.e. Single Account Opening Application Form is available for all types of account. branch code. To open an account the customer have to meet the general banking manager with an introducer (the person who is going go introduce that person in the bank) and get an application form used for account opening. it will be attached with an application form.

Minimum Deposited Balance. An individual who can fulfill the requirement of bank can open this A/C. Minimum Deposited Balance. The requirements for this type are National Identity Card Photocopy. Individual II. We can call it a personnel or individual A/C. III) JOINT ACCOUNT: In case of joint A/C applicant mentions that how much person will operate A/C. Registration certificate. along with the application form other requirements needs satisfied. memorandum and articles of association and balance sheet etc. Account Opening Form. Joint III. I. The requirements for this type are National Identity Card Photocopy. Private Limited V. Sole Proprietorship VII. Account Opening Form.TYPES OF ACCOUNT Though in theory there many types of accounts but commonly account operators can be classified in one of the following categories. Instruction are given for joint A/C such that the account shall be operated by anyone or . Minor I) INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT: Only one person can operate this A/C. Public Limited VI. agreement among partners and Commencement of business and private registration. II) PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNT: For partnership A/C. Letter of Kinship (Photograph requires only for illiterate people) etc. Partnership IV. resolution of board of directors.

VI) SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP ACCOUNT: Sole proprietorship account is an account that is opened in the name of the company that is owned by a single person and only that owner is allowed to have transaction with the bank in terms of withdrawals. The requirements for this type are National Identity Card Photocopy. VII) MINOR ACCOUNT: In Pakistan Minor person is one having age less than 18 years and that person is not feasible to have an individual account with the bank.more. Minimum Deposited. V) PUBLIC LIMITED ACCOUNT: Public Limited A/C type of account is opened in the name of the businesses having Public limited concern and mostly medium business enterprises open such kind of accounts. All the board of directors have to submit the declaration regarding the account operator on the company pad and with the rubber stamp with the signature of the all the members of the board of directors. and Declaration regarding the operator of account. In case funds are borrowed by the company all the directors approval is necessary rather not only the authorized partner who can be the operator of the account. Additional Signature Form (For Joint Account). All the board of directors have to submit the declaration regarding the account operator on the company pad and with the rubber stamp with the signature of the all the members of the board of directors. Account Opening Form. Letter Kinship. Balance. For that particular reason account of minor person can be opened with some mature person it is a sort of account . In case of any change in director's bank must be informed regarding that. In case of any change in director's bank must be informed regarding that. IV) PRIVATE LIMITED ACCOUNT: Such type of account is opened in the name of the businesses having private limited concern and mostly medium business enterprises open such kind of accounts.

The following staff member is performing their duties with patience and hard work. . books.opened for a child by his/her guardian. Until the age of 18 of minor his/her guardian will be allowed to withdrawal transaction with the bank and his signature will be verified for payment not of the minor. ledger of account: y y y y y Cash received voucher sheet. This department works under the accounts department and deals with cash deposits and payments. CASH DEPARTMENT In cash department both deposits and withdrawals go side by side. Crossed Cheques: They are not payable in cash at the counter of the banker. While making the payment of cheque. Cash Payment: The instrument that can be used to withdraw an amount from an account is the Cheque book. This department maintains the following sheets. Cash paid voucher sheet. Cheques can be of two types: Open Cheques: They are payable in cash at the counters of the bankers in accordance with the practice of the bankers. but can be collected by only the banker who would credit the proceeds to his customer's account after realization. special attention must be given to the following important points. Paying-in-slip Cheque Book Cash balance book Cash department is performing its job completely through computers.

Two signature of the recipient of cash on the reverse of the cheque have been duly obtained Amounts in words and figure should be checked and it should be confirmed that there isn't any discrepancy in the amount written in figures and words. A/c/no. balance after posting. If in the Cheque there may discrepancy regarding any of the aspects described above the Cheque is returned to the customer for rectification. Dates of Cheque have been checked. The cashier easily and quickly see whether the amount being withdrawn so exceed the balance or within the balance. The Cheques should not be stated as post dated. there is need to fill in the paying-in-slip giving the related details of the transaction. There are two portion of the paying-in-slip. the deposit is not entertained until the customer removes the discrepancy.Drawer's signature have been duty verified from the relative SS card after affixing the rubber stamp of "signature verified" and putting the initials by the verifying officer. the cashier fills in the "Cash voucher received . particulars. On other hand if the Cheque is valid in all respects. The paying-in-slip serves as a voucher to update to computerized transaction ledger. If the amount does not tally with the cash given. the cashier enters the necessary inputs in the computer and posts the entry so that account balance is updated. Cash Receipt: For depositing the cash into customer's accounts. When manger posts these entries. On the other hand if the two amounts tally. This paying-in-slip contains the date. The cashier responsible to receive both the paying-in-slip and cash from the depositor. The transaction ledger is only updated by paying-in-slip and Cheque. The cashier check the necessary details provided by the paying-in-slip and accounts the cash and tallies with the amount declared in the slip. The depositor signs the one part of the paying-in-slip one is retained by the bank to show an acceptance of the entries made in the slip. A/c title. amount being deposited and details of the cash. computer automatically display the balance before posting the transaction amount.

closing balance. computer display before posting balance and after posting. Opening Balance of Cash + Receipts . transaction code. One part of the slip is then returned to the customer and other is given to the computer operator. he then signs the ledger and put a mark of cancellation on the voucher. After posting these entries. if the entries in the two documents tally with one another. After the verifications from the checking officer. This voucher no. The cashier fills in the voucher no. Then the cashier send both to the accountant who verifies all the entries in the two documents. manger receives the voucher. detail of cash payment and received in figures. an account. Checking officer receives this voucher and the compute output transaction ledge. A/c title. the cashier fills the voucher no.Payments = Balance . if the entries in the two documents. On every transaction computer generates an output of transaction ledger. Then cashier posts the transaction entries in computer ledger. If both are tallied. the manger authenticates the two by singing on the two documents and posting stamps on the slip. transaction amount. This ledger contains the A/c no. cash day till the closing of the sheet. CASH BOOK BALANCE: At the end of the working day cashier is responsible to maintain the cash balance book. he manually inspects the entries of ledger and voucher. denomination of government notes (Currency). opening balance. voucher date. A very important check is that the dates mentioned into the two documents must be the same.Record Sheet" and assigns a voucher no. The consolidated figure of receipt and payment of cash is entered in the cash book and the closing balance of cash is drawn from that i. voucher no. He assigns the stamp "POSTED" on the voucher to show voucher transaction entries are posted. The cash book contain the date. cash entry in the related type of A/c and he posts his initials on both part of the voucher. starts with one and continue by serial increments of one for each day till the closing of the sheet. an account of. to both the transaction being made in the sheet and the slip.e. It is checked by manager.

The closing balance of today will be the opening balance of tomorrow.will be deducted every month. the difference between the rates borrowed and lend from their spread or gross profit.200/.other wise Rs.If the balance in the account falls below the minimum requirement then a flat charge of Rs. These types of deposits are also exempt from compulsory deduction of Zakat.150/. account holder's name. They borrow from one person and lend to another. code number and full address. DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT: Bank deals in money and they are merely mobilizing funds within the economy. but there is requirement of maintaining the minimum balance of Rs. This department maintains all formalities of the accounts and account holders like it account name. the client is allowed to deposit or withdraw money as and when he likes. TYPES OF DEPOSITS: Different types of deposits that are treated in UBL are described as follows: CURRENT ACCOUNT: In this type of accounts. PLS SAVING BANK ACCOUNT: This type of account is for those persons who want to make small savings. Manager checks all the books maintained in this department.50/. This department is one of the most important departments of the bank. These deposits are liability of the bank so from the viewpoint of bank we can refer to them as liabilities.5% on 1st of Ramzan each year on the minimum balance declared by the central Zakat committee (This year it was declared . This type of account is opened with a minimum deposit if Rs. 000/ made in the account once in a half year. Zakat is deducted @ 2. Usually the businessmen open this type of account and the bank pays no profit on it.

A notice is given to the depositor on a prescribed from two weeks before the Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) falls due. traveler's cheque. this may be with interest provided with the depositor has agreed to keep this amount with the banker for some fixed period.Rs. Accounts may be opened in US Dollars. firms and companies of local or foreign origin. The depositor may withdraw his deposit at any time by giving seven days notice to the banker. The receipt is signed by the officer in charge and the bank manager. whether resident or non resident. A fixed deposit receipt is issued in the name of the depositor. CALL DEPOSIT: Call Deposits are the sorts of deposits. Bank or any other agency cannot enquire or raise any question about the sources of funds. and EURO. FIXED DEPOSITS: In this type of account a certain amount is deposited for a certain period such as six months. Deposits in FC Accounts may be made in the form of cash. The interest is allowed on fixed deposit varies with the period for which the deposit is made. pound Sterling. which are deposited with the banker against any tender. can open foreign currency accounts all foreign currency accounts are interest based and are not PLS based.29000). . This is with out interest deposit. one year. requesting the depositor to withdraw his money or to renew his deposits. FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT: All persons. SHORT NOTICE TERM DEPOSIT: This kind of deposit is for a short period as the name indicates. This type of deposit facilitates the trader to withdraw his amount with interest of the deposited period. Tax is deducted @ 10 % on profit paid to the depositor irrespective of the amount of profit. two year or longer. deutsche marks.

Drawer Drawee Payee . After the issuance of a bank draft. . In UBL demand drafts are categorized into two forms one is for the amount of Rs. But if DD is crossed then payee must be the account holder of Drawee branch. As an additional precaution the draft should be protect graphed across the face of the same. There is no limit for CASH withdrawls. it is written request on specifies DD application form. It is known as " Protective Crossing" or security notation. There are 3 parties to the draft. it is handed over to the applicant and its advice containing the particulars of the draft is sent to Drawee branch for their necessary information and payment of the draft on its presentation. REMITTANCES DEPARTMENT: BANK DEMAND DRAFTS (DD): A bank draft is an order instrument issued for the payment of certain sum of money to or to order of certain person and drawn on one office of the bank by another office usually. All the details must be written neatly and clearly in ink.Issuing Bank . It is not necessary to be an account holder of payee in Drawee branch. While issuing a draft it is necessary that the draft should be free from alternation.deposited in foreign current Accounts by the customer.The named person to whom the payment is to be made.The bank on which the draft is drawn. In case the protect graph is not available a sum slightly in excess of the amount payable must be written in red ink preceded by the words "Under" or " Not over". Where request is received by the banker to issue a bank draft. Any amount at any time can be withdraw form these accounts. He may be an endorsee if the draft has been endorsed properly.5000 or below and the second is for the amount greater than 5000. .

then it comes to Drawee branch through clearing and following entry is passed: Dr.HO A/c 2. The Drawee branch on receipt of the advice credits this account. . Following entry is passes after receiving advice.DD Payable . .Payment of Demand Draft: The payment of demand daft may be executed in two possible ways. Dr. On receiving the DD credit advice (IBCA) at the drawee branch. Payment before the IBCA is received (EX-advice). .DD Payable 3. it passes following entry: Dr.Payee account on Cash 4. Dr. All drafts drawn on the branch are routed through the general ledger account "Draft Payable" of the bills payable account. Practical procedure regarding the payment of DD in United Bank limited is summarized. Drafts are to be retained as debit voucher to the relative account when a draft has been paid. Following entry is passes after payment. . . .HO A/c Cr. The original DD is to be retained by Drawee branch in each of the above mentioned cases and serves the purpose of the debit voucher.DD Payable Cr. After issuance of DD. A record of the situation pertaining to the payment or otherwise of a particular DD is maintained in the DD payable register at the Drawee branch.Cash Cr. . In DD is presented In other bank. 1. The branch which issue DD is called originating branch.

Signatures are always verified on all drafts drawn on a branch. 7.000/8. Mail transfer advice is sent to the paying branch where it is treated as a credit voucher because money only transfers in the account of payee in paying branch. 5. .HO A/C 5. In case the advice has not been received.Cr. such amount/balances are remitted by means of mail transfer. Documentation: . payment of a draft should be made after receipt of a corresponding advice. Mail Transfer: Sometime a constituent of the bank wants to transfer funds from one account to another. or a non-constituent wishes at remit funds in a particular account maintained at some place with a branch of the bank or when the accounts are transferred from one branch to other. Payment should be executed through the approval of the manager at the Drawee branch who should satisfy himself with the authenticity of the draft in term of signatures and otherwise. Normally. The particulars of draft should be entered in DD payable register. The draft paid ex-advice should also be debited to the demand draft payable account. On the receipt of advice from the drawer branch. The draft when paid should be marked in the DD payable register. signature should be verified and test verified if the amount of draft exceeds Rs. 6. The procedure for issuance of a mail transfer is the same as discussed for the draft except that the applicant is provided with the memorandum for money received from him for issuance of a mail transfer on the particular branch of the bank.

Of TT Amount in words & Figure Commission Uni-Remote: Uni-remote is another application which has two main points: o funds transfer o funds debit . to the Drawee branch of the bank. A tested message is sent to the drawee branch followed by the confirmation copy.y y y y y Issuing Branch Name & Code Beneficiary Branch Name & Code Number of MT Amount in words & Figure Commission charged Telegraphic Transfer (TT): Generally mail transfer advice reaches the Drawee branch next day when courier arrangements exist. For telegraphic message. bank charges one additional expense of Rs. However when it is sent through post offices it usually take 2 to 3 days to reach its destination. the tested message is given on the telephone. demand that this funds should be transferred from one place to another through the quickest means. In such cases transfer of funds message is passed on though a telegram. 100/from the customer. But sometimes an individual whether customer or no. Documentation y y y y y Issuing Branch Name & Code Beneficiary Branch Name & Code No. ordinary or express. In case the payee immediately requires the payment.

Because in which there are no chances of lose or fraud. But it has some ³limit´. So for a big amount of currency debit chances of farad may be occurs. This helps us to transfer funds from one location to another in some seconds. Only those persons which has there own account can fund debit.Funds transfer: Funds transfer from one (UBL) branch to another online branch. y y y y y In this way following security will be remaining from employee Point of view. So this is also ³free´ application for customers. Signature verification is necessary. Funds debit y y Funds debit is another feature of uni remote. ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT: Accounts department handles all the activity that is happening inside the branch. So this is the simple over view of (UBL) ³uni-romote´ application. They have to keep view of all the transactions and have to determine that in the . It has ³no limit ³we transfer required money from one (UBL) branch to another online (UBL) branch. Only one million rupees allowed to debit. In which we debit Funds as an employee need. Branch conformation is also necessary.

They also have to keep into account all the expenditure of the branch like the stationary. locker number and signature of client as well as the officer. LOCKERS: Lockers are provided just for valuable customers. he has to first open an account in the branch and along with that he has to submit the application for the locker opening. Customer who has some valuable goods as jewelry. Lockers are of three types as gives below Lockers Size Fees Security . When client want to open the lockers. Lockers available at UBL: In every branch of UBL lockers facility to the client to provide them secure place for the precious goods as jewelry or any other things as a safe custody. They are responsible for preparing the monthly reports of the branch and have to provide state bank with the report required. Officer first open the locker with master key and then client operate the locker by using his/her key. date. pages for print. tea used in the branch. Operation of Lockers: Whenever any one who is locker holder visits the officer first match the signature put down the initial information in the lockers register as time of operating the locker. any equipment purchased like printer or mouse etc all the small and big expenditure are kept into account by them. Bank gets a specific fee for the lockers annually for different types of lockers. they hire a locker in the branch that is the safer custody.transaction right sources are used for debits and credits and if they find any discrepancy then they are authorized to make amendments and if the case is serious then branch manager get involve in it. Only the key of locker holder can lock the locker. ornaments or other valuable documents.

Small Size Lockers Medium Size Locker Large Size Locker Extra Large Locker Rs.2000/Rs. To get the locker facility clients has to fill a form that is application format that contains all rules and regulations regarding to obtain a locker specimen signatures card is also signed by both the persons and terms and conditions are also negotiated with the client have some extra instruction for operation the locker.2500/Rs.1500/Rs. if the client do not pay the fee the will inform him for the payment of annual fee but if the fee is not paid. Bank assigns a password to every client for secrecy. . bank can call their lockers and took action for law suits. A locker fee is recovered in advance when the year is completed bank fee is charged next year when the client comes to operate. He can tell the bank and can get that facility. In case.4000/- A refunds security is also taken from the customers at the time of issuing of lockers. Locker number and key number are not the same for safety purpose.2000/Rs. For availing the locker facility client has to open the personal account in bank.3000/- Rs.3000/Rs. For each locker holder the bank requires another person for operation of locker in case of death or any other accident that person can operate the locker.1000/Rs.

Documentation of Consumer Cheques: All the cheques collected are first categorized into Credit Cards Auto Loans Personal Loans Cash Line Having categorized. To anticipate the approval of cheques. Signature: Drawers signature must be clear. According to all I learnt through listening. Right in the morning cheques collected from the drop box simply flood over my table. Figures: Amount in words and figures should match.CLEARING DEPARTMENT Outward Clearing My experience at Shahi Road Branch started from the clearing department. They are: y y y Date: Cheque should not be post dated or out of date. viewing and questioning is summarized below. For the verification of the prescribed loan number. following ledgers are credited Credit Cards Personal Loans Auto Loans Cash Line G3540223 G3540627 G3540601 G5610014 (Head Office) Verified cheques are then validated before being documented into the drop box collection sheet for our daily drop box collections record. we need to validate some important specifications of all the cheques. . firstly loan number of each cheque is verified.

Posting of the Consumer Cheques For clearing. Amount Document No. y There should be no over writing in every thing penned. Cheque No. Intercity clearing cheques for consumer departments are not entertained y Payee¶s Name: Payee¶s name should be written. and after entering the posting date. Now all the cheques are credited in the clearing schedule in their prescribed ledgers. we opt for second option in Banking category. All the filtered cheques are then entered into the collection sheet in which following information is entered. Credit Cards G3540223 Personal Loans Auto Loans Cash Line G3540627 G3540601 G3590991 (Miscellaneous) Credit Cards Cheques: G3540223 During the posting. All the documented consumer cheques are then posted into the system. Name of bank Name of Customer Loan No. we opt for single entry option. following fields are keyed in . and endorsement should be as per the beneficiary of the cheque. clearing date and transfer delivery date.y Intercity: Cheques must not be of other cities.

Debit/Credit Account Number Bank Branch Credit Card Number Cheque Number Amount Personal Loans Cheques: G3540627 During the posting. following fields are keyed in Debit/Credit Account Number Bank Branch Transaction Type (Loan Repayment) Auto Loan Number . following fields are keyed in Debit/Credit Account Number Bank Branch Transaction Type (Loan Repayment) Personal Loan Number Cheque Number Amount Auto Loans Cheques: G3540601 During the posting.

Customer Accounts: During the posting. on clearance. following fields are keyed in Debit/Credit Account Number Bank Branch Cheque Number . they are transferred to head office (G5610014.Cheque Number Amount Cash Line Cheques: G3590991 (Miscellaneous) During the posting. Tr # 60) where all those cheques are credited to their respective accounts. following fields are keyed in Debit/Credit Account Number Bank Branch Cheque Number Amount Cash Line Cheques are posted into Miscellaneous Sundry account when they are forwarded for clearing and.

In other case. upon . it's either sent in intercity clearing or as OBC (Outward Bill Collection). if cheque is of city other than Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Dispatched to the Stamps in each case is as follows Types of cheques Local . Following the completion of posting of cheques. * In case further modification is required. modify and reject it. As soon as entry is accepted. so separate add lists are prepared and enclosed with the cheques in the NIFT envelopes.Amount After entering the details into the system. an add list is prepared to calculate the total amount of cheques which is further cross-checked with the clearing display on the system. it can be done at clearing modification option under clearing schedule.Consumer Stamps over cheques y y Crossing Clearing Crossing Clearing Crossing Clearing Intercity Clearing Endorsement Received Payment Local ± Commercial y y Payee's Credited Account Intercity y y y Payee's Account will be Credited realization. Intercity is presented through NIFT whereas OBC is either sent through Courier or desired branch of the bank. we can accept. As cheques can be either of Rawalpindi or Islamabad. computer generated document number is assigned.

which show total amount of clearing as per day. We go into the banking option and in transfer.000 are supervised. debit and credit vouchers are made. . we debit all the respected accounts. All the vouchers are signed by the designated officer and all the entries over 50. Returned Cheques All the cheques which are returned. They are debited back in the clearing schedule. due to any reason. upon Cleared Cheques Now the next day when clearing is confirmed by NIFT. respected accounts are debited.OBC y y Crossing OBC Number Payee's Account will be Credited realization. are then reversed. All the returned cheques are documented in the cheque return registers and all the account holders of returned cheques are charged with service penalty. Same is the case with intercity and OBC cheques. In documentation.

Their main work is to pin point the mistake and communicate that mistake .ICU Department: ICU stands for Internal Control Unit. They normally do Internal Audit of the branches. They check all the activities of the departments of all the branches inside hub. It is a department in the hub branch that keeps in view the activities of all the branches that lies inside that hub.

means in case of Zakat deduction there is only law in Muslim Countries. This software is programmed in ORACLE 9 language earlier this system was in COBOL. . Information: Technology Department: In the banking sector UBL introduced computer for the first time. UNIBANK system is only used in Pakistan or it is on national basis because of different laws of country it is viable only in Pakistan. Software that is used in all the computerized branches of UBL in Pakistan is UNIBANK System +2000 software. After pointing out the problem they want that branch to rectify the problem if immediate action is not taken than they have authority to inform about the attitude of the branch to the head office Karachi.from the originating branch in black & white form. In the form of sheet they let the branches know about their mistakes like low commission is charged or wrong check is passed.

 Retrenchment cases  Complaints and its correspondence  Fraud & Forgery cases  Mandatory Leaves and its observance. Human Resources Department  Transfers & Postings  Scrutinizing bills (Hospital Bill)  Staff Deceased cases & its Correspondence  Retired employees Cases & its correspondence  All staff legal cases & Court at Multan & Lahore.  Staff leaves and other related staff matters . This department helps in providing the statements to the different departments of the bank and the pass book that is provided to the customers so that they can have a view of their balance and the activities that they perform with the bank can also be getting through this department.In this system all the activities that are related to the banking is feeded and this department has access to all the data that is related to different branches.

efficient and attentive personalized banking services .a unique banking relationship experienced by each UBL client. Goals of all Staff  Monthly Statement of Staff  Disciplinary Action Cases Consumer Banking: You as an individual can gain and benefit the most through UBL Consumer Banking. In UBL you get friendly. You can utilize the following services         UBL Drive UBL Address Uni-Saver UBL Business Line UBL Cash Line UBL Credit Cards UBL Money Buying a home .

"UBL Address will change industry norms by providing innovation. UBL plans to expand the market by its vast distribution network" Bokhari said. people & processes". which offers loans to build. which is launched by UBL as their first consumer product on may 27 2004. . The government as well as the State Bank is encouraging banks to come up with affordable & accessible home financing schemes to fulfill the rising demand of housing due to rapid urbanization and lack of adequate housing units in the country "Consumer finance is one area that we see tremendous potential in this country. The housing sector is a fundamental pillar in the development of the economy. and we have invested a substantial amount of resources and capital into this effort. So far Banks have been focusing on a few major cities only and there is a huge market that remains untapped. we will see the results going forward in the next 12 months" Mr. buy. Bokhari said. The PAYS feature of UBL Drive is a powerful tool for the consumer whereby the customer can design his own repayment plan. This has been possible due to the investment made in systems.UBL Drive: UBL Drive is a car financing scheme. There is a huge potential for Auto Loans. options and flexibility unmatched by any other bank. In sha Allah. or renovate homes. He can either pay higher at the beginning with installments reducing in subsequent years or start with lower installments and increase subsequently. UBL Address: UBL Address is innovative consumer banking product.

UBL Address has been designed with the single-minded focus of providing an affordable substitute to rising monthly rentals so consumers can get the security & peace of mind they deserve". Be it trade. Special Features are. . With no joining fee and an accompanying complimentary cardholder for your convenience."True to our vision that our customers come first . UBL Wallet has been designed to exhibit the best in features and facilities. Because at UBL. yet gives them optimum returns. This Wallet holds all the cash in your bank account. With UBL Wallet you can withdraw cash at ATMs any time. UNI-Saver: UBL Uni-Saver Account is an innovative way of serving customer's banking needs. as well as look & feel. Mr. y y y Daily Profits on your daily balance Higher returns on higher balances Attractive rate of return Services UBL WALLET (ATM Card): UBL Wallet ATM / Debit Card is all the convenience & security you desire quality you deserve. or make cashless purchases at outlets through the Debit Card facility. business or personal finance. the UBL UniSaver allow maximum flexibility to their customers. you come first. Bokhari concluded.

or you can simply pick up the telephone placed next to every UBL ATM and be instantly connected to our customer service representative via a hotline. Nine Supplementary cards UBL Wallet also gives you the facility of having up to 9 supplementary cards issued against one primary card. which continues to expand by the day. regardless of whether their branch is online or offline. You can call our contact centre at 0800-11-825 (Toll-Free). Moreover. Into any of your UBL accounts . UBL Wallet is part of the 1-Link switch. 7 days a week. 24 x 7 Toll-Free Contact Centre UBL's dedicated staff is at your service 24 hours a day. which is a fast expanding ATM network of more than 12 banks.All the Cash You Need UBL is the only bank that offers the ATM and Debit Card facility to all account holders at all UBL branches. UBL Wallet Your ATM Card ATM Network: UBL already has its own network of 53 ATMs. This allows you to use your UBL Wallet across Pakistan at more than 300 ATMs Funds Transfer: UBL Wallet allows three kinds of instant funds transfers through UBL ATMs from your UBL account: 1. All supplementary cardholders will be able to conduct ATM/Debit transactions and will share the transaction limits of the primary card account.

which offers connectivity at more than 1600 outlets across the country.000 With UBL's state of the art online banking. you can access your account from more than 350 branches located in 71 cities across Pakistan. Into any pre-linked UBL account 3.000 20. Card Type Gold Silver UBL ONLINE: Annual Fee (Rs. ensuring complete security of your transactions. The Debit Card facility is being offered in association with the Orix network.000 100. Human Assistant: For the first time in Pakistan. or fill up your car tank without carrying any cash. the amount from the cardholder account is instantly transferred to the beneficiary account. since only you are aware of your Personal Identification Number (PIN). selected UBL ATMs feature a Virtual Human Assistant.000 500. you can shop all you want.) ATM Debit Card Funds Withdrawal Transfer 40. eat all you can. Simply use your UBL Wallet for direct debit from your bank account. who guides you in conducting your ATM transactions. A debit transaction is conducted only when you type your PIN into the Point of Sale (POS) terminal located at the retailers' premises.) Primary Supplementary 500 300 250 150 Daily Limits (Rs.000 50. Security: Your UBL Wallet functions on a PIN (Personal Identification Number) based system. You can use your UBL Wallet to conduct a debit transaction at any outlet in Pakistan that displays the Orix logo. Your account gets to travel . Your debit transactions are safe and secure.000 300.2. Into any other UBL account On confirmation. UBL Wallet Your Debit Card With UBL Wallet as your Debit Card.

Salient features of online banking are:      Cash Deposit Cheque Encashment Stop Payment Account Statement Funds Transfer (Account to account / IBCA) Tezraftaar Free Doorstep Remittances With-in the country or from abroad. UK and US. Best of all. TezRaftaar offers all overseas Pakistanis the fastest and the most convenient delivery of their`:' money to their beneficiaries in Pakistan. we are poised to offer you service almost at your door step. TezRaftaar is completely cost free and is available at all UBL branches along the Bank's Network in the Middle East.with you and can be accessed throughout Pakistan. Nalka Kohla or Mandara. UBL offers the most efficient and price competitive service. . be it Karachi. With our large network of branches. Now UBL enables you to do all the following transactions in minutes through designated online branches. UBL's new remittance service.

UBL was the pioneer in introducing Rupee Travellers Cheque facility in Pakistan. It works 24 hours a day. UBL has brought a very Reliable. HAMRAH: UBL has always been at the forefront in identifying and meeting the financial needs of its valued customers. UBL has . "Hamrah" Rupee Traveller Cheques are the ideal and safest way of carrying cash when travelling anywhere in it business. as early as 1971. trade or personal needs. In continuation of the same tradition. seven days a week and it is inexpensive too.000 UBL "Hamrah" has been designed keeping in mind. Speedy and Secure web based remittances product with the convenience of remitting money to your dear ones in Pakistan from the comfort of your home / office. property. both convenience and security .Benefits y y y y Fastest delivery to your given address in Pakistan Doorstep delivery by authorized courier or credited to the recipient's account Free of charge transfer service Open to all including those who are not UBL account holders Click N Remit: United Bank Limited has revolutionized the concept of remittances to Pakistan. Simple. 10. UBL in the shape of "Hamrah" Rupee Travelers Cheque enhances this facility for the convenience of its valued customers by offering denominations up to Rs.

At that time. In 1996. Money Gram has a world -wide agent base of over 29. So go ahead and start the search for your dream home because with easy and affordable installments you need not think of renting a house when you have hot UBL Address. which is quick and reliable and allows customers to send money world wide. The Money Gram service will enable our customers to send and receive funds in 10 minutes.000 agents.Money Gram Payment System Inc. a data processing company. Money Gram Payment System is based in Denver USA. UBL is providing MoneyGram Service through its dolrteytic branch neovork: Key benefits: y y y y y Reliable and Secure Fast and Convenient Value for Money Expanded Network Free Message service Buying a home Why rent when you can buy? Buying a home of your choice has never been so easy. With a maximum financing limit of 80% you can easily buy a house or apartment that best fits your requirements. FDC was owned by American Express. which allows customers to transfer funds around the world within minutes in over 130 countries. . There is call center located there. Money Gram is a 10 minute person to person money transfer service. Money Gram: The Money Gram money transfer service was started in 1988 by integrated Payment Service a US based division of First Data Corporation (FDC).was floated on the New York Stock exchange. it handles transactions for all non-automated agents and answers queries from customers on a 24-hour hotline. providing its customers with round the clock televerification of "HAMRAH" traveler's Cheques.a 24-Hours customer help-line.

³Ab Hui Kamiyaabi Meri Manzill´. Now. With UBL Business line. UBL Business line credit line is here to solve all your cash flow problems. It empowers you to take control of your finance. UBL Cash line takes care of your cash requirements. you can now take your business to greater and newer heights. and achieve the level of success that you truly deserve.10 million with the help of which you now focus on your business expansion and growth. UBL Business line is a running Finance facility that not only provides funds for growth but also enables you to capitalize on profitable opportunities.000 without any security requirements. With UBL Business Financing facility. UBL Credit Card Welcome to the world of UBL Credit Cards the most exciting and vibrant credit card brand in Pakistan.UBL Business Line UBL Business line a complete solution to all your Business Financing needs. Used Car Financing . UBL Cash line is aimed to make your life easier«ZINDAGEE ASAAN. Whether you are a salaried individual or a businessman. We offer you a range of innovative and exciting cards that is not only powered by the security of chip but also enable you to personalize it any way you want« New Car Financing UBL Drive allows you to drive away in your own car by making a down payment of just 15% and to top that with low monthly installments. UBL Cash line UBL Cash line is a flexible loan that provides you cash up to Rs. You can utilize up to Rs. now you will surely say.500.

it¶s financing facility that gives you Cash on your car. online environment UBL e-statement: .000 (PKR) and payoff up till 5 years.With UBL Drive you can buy favorite used car (up to 5 years old) at the most affordable rates. convenient and secure method of accessing bank accounts on the internet. the personal installment loan from UBL provides you with power. Other Services: y y UBL Net Banking UBL e-statement UBL Net Banking: UBL Net Banking is an internet banking portal offering a simple. you can get up to 75% of your car value. UBL Money UBL money. financing the education of your child or enjoying vacations abroad! UBL Money caters your needs handsomely. Just give us the opportunity and let us serve you best. Control convenience and the flexibility to manage your financial requirements and realize on your dreams. Its never being so easy to access and manage your finances in a secure real-time. It¶s about buying new furniture or marriage expenses.000 to 500. Cash Your Car UBL Drive is not a car loan. You can borrow any sum between 50. We know what you need at what time.

UBL is pleased to announce the launch of the UBL e-statement facility which it easier for you to get your statement of accounts and automated transactional debit/credit alerts right into you inbox. Commercial Banking Agriculture Products Small Business Schemes Investment and Saving Accounts UBL Basic Banking Account UBL Business Partner (Current Account) PLS UniSaver PLS UniSaver Plus UBL Rupee Transaction Account (PLS Saving) y y y y y y y y .

the country will move steadily towards economic self-reliance. we will always be shadowing you. This scheme is aimed at spreading prosperity in the country by reducing unemployment. Walk in to any nearest branch of UBL. we speak for you. enter the world class bank and let us serve you with what you need. UBL has so much to offer. UBL BBA holders can carry out two deposits and two withdrawals each month as per the bank policy. we offer you the most beneficial and secured financial investment and saving options. Small Business Scheme Under the Small Business Scheme. For small and middle size investors. As more and more people start their own industrial units. UBL Basic Banking Account Exempted from Minimum Balance charges. When you talk. You live the way you want. UBL has developed a YOU attitude to understand its customers well. UBL is providing loans on easy terms to those who wish to set up their own small-scale business. Through 24hrs ATM . so much to deliver. You can choose from the following list of accounts anything that serve your needs best. Investment and Saving Accounts: At UBL.y y y UBL UniFlex E-Transaction (Current Account) UBL Profit COD Commercial Banking To stand tall among the world¶s leading banks.

we know what you need. 100 million to Rs. we offer the ultimate option. With unlimited deposits and withdrawals. PLS UniSaver Plus Big amounts earn you big. UBL Orion and other exciting consumer products. they can carry out transactions as and when desired. more profit rate will we offer. With deposits starting from Rs. 25 million to Customers are liable to maintain minimum balance of Rs. 100 million Profit Rate* 5.00% 5. 250 million 5. we offer 5. Remember! We are not just a business. we offer you convenience of UBL net banking. 25 million Rs. UBL Wallet. 25 million. we make it bigger for you. PLS UniSaver offers you semi annually profit disbursement with profit being calculated upon average monthly balance. but with PLS UniSaver Plus. Balance per month Rs. 10000 to avoid the minimum balance charges until and unless they are exempted from it. PLS UniSaver Let your savings earn you bucks. UBL Business Partner (Current Account).10% Rs.20% . UBL Business Partner (Current Account) For our regular customers.00% but more you put in. Avg. staying in the daily withdrawal limit. we are your caretakers.

500 million 5.Rs.a. or at office or anywhere in the world. even Chicago. all are seconds away from you. 250 million to Rs. Now sitting at home. Tokyo.25% 7. Sydney. E-Transaction (Current Account) In the era of glooming computerization. we offer you a wide spectrum of world-class electronic services and banking products each time you log in. UBL Uni-Flex Have couple of thousands spare? Come invest in our UBL UniFlex Accounts.5% With UBL UniFlex. Use your account like a regular account plus use the premium . Internet has turned distance into time. over your daily savings. 500 million 5.0% 7. we serve you with fix profit rates at maturity. and we have turned your account into a shear pleasure.30% Above Rs.50% * Profit rates are for the month of July only UBL Rupee Transaction Account (PLS Saving) Have your money box at UBL! Put in your savings and let us earn you 5% p. we will make you earn handsome. Amount 1000-50000 50001-100000 100001-200000 Profit Rate 7.

50% 12. UBL Profit COD Make fix investment with us.75% 13. You love surfing.75% 15. choose your profit option.75% 16. Stop imagining. we offer you the following rates: Deposit Products 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years Tiers & Rates 8.25% p. Statements and much more. and we will serve you the best rates in Pakistan.a. What if you earn at 16. Alerts.75% 14.50% 9. come invest in our Certificates of Deposit! At maturity.25% 15.50% 11. Instant Shopping. Instant Bill payments.25% 13.25% 8.Internet & Mobile banking services for Instant Fund Transfers. come surf with UBL. Instant Mobile top ups.25% 14.25% .

You can choose according to your need. individuals and sole proprietors. debit their accounts as many times as they want.000 500. Not only can this. through more than 925 ATM machines. We offer . Closing Balance at month Insurance Limit (PKR)* end (PKR) 1 ± 10. Every time you shop.000.000 250.000 500.001 ± 500. So UBL now offers enhanced Free Accidental and Disability Insurance Certificate coverage to all existing and new account holders. you're in a mess! Let UBL Wallet Visa ease your shopping.000 100.000 10.001 ± 100. Shop around and pay your expenses directly from your account through UBL Wallet.000 UBL Wallet VISA Imagine you are shopping in a big mall and you are ever so watchful about your cash in your wallet. we care about those too who are dependent upon you.Complementary Services Insurance Certificate UBL not only cares about you.000 1.001 ± and above * Terms and conditions apply 100.

Card Annual fee (Rs.000 50. We are here to help you pay miles away. Live your life at your finger tips.000 Silver 300 Moreover. Just type in commands and at your ease.) Daily Limits (Rs. UBL Orion µBuy W100! (Message tone) Dear customer your voucher # is 1456894525796324 Thank you for using Orion¶ Your finger tips might have not been that powerful before.000 20. So surf around and feel free to shop.000 250.000 Gold 500 250 150 40. running around for mobile cards and queuing to pay your utility Bills is no longer a part of your life.000 250. the convenience and excitement of Internet Shopping is also available at UBL Wallet VISA ATM/ Debit Card.) Debit Funds Transfer Funds Transfer Type Primar Supplement ATM y ary Withdraw Card al Spend (From UBL to (From UBL to UBL) other banks) 250.000 250. .000 100. buy mobile cards and pay your utility bills. With UBL Orion Mobile Wallet.

UBL is surrounded by many competitors it has an opportunity to aggressive marketing to increase its business. 3.SWOT analysis Strength 1. Weaknesses 1. Governmental support to export will increase trade activity. Government is taking very bold steps to promote IT in Pakistan UBL has an opportunity to improve in IT stock exchange is very volatile and takes immediate effect so in times of crises conservative investors turns to saving deposits. so bank should boost the product development and increase the range of facilities offered for customers. UBL has got a well reputed online system in most of its branches. . Bank has its own international branches in major countries which provide it each to go for trade facilities. Bank is not introducing new products these days. The human resource department is well developed at corporate level which takes lot of time to hire personal at permanent level. Opportunities 1. Bank has diverse business division which makes it easy to work with customers. The bank also has ATM facility in most of the branches as 24 hours banking is now the trend in Pakistan. 3. 2. 3. 2. 4. 5. Bank is providing quick credit services to all the customers in which relationship manager plays important role who is continuously in touch with customer. Privatization has increased the work level at operational level but their pays have not been increased with same rate. Remittance department is working very efficiently in transferring the funds to peoples due to this system 2.

legislation. and the Value of Dollar. . Economical factors: Economic forces also have a significant impact on Business Operations. There is major effect of economical factors on interest rates which directly effect the investment and savings by the people. Technological factors: Technological forces include scientific improvements and innovations that provide opportunities or threats to Businesses. and Court judgments. When we talk about the UBL then these factors can directly effect. 2. As I have observed on Friday 9 of September there was a strike against new policies and rise in petrol prices announced by the Government directly affected on the organizational activities no one was allowed to enter or exit from the bank.Threats 1. as well as the decisions rendered by the various commissions and agencies at every level of government. Number of competitors has been increased during the few years like Standard Charter Bank. UBL is the Market Leader and is using the latest technologies which positively effect on the bank and is considered as one of its strengths. PEST Analysis Political Factors: Political factors are the legal forces include outcomes of elections. These changes present both opportunities and threats to an Organization. The rate of changing in technological factors varies from industry to industry. inflation. As we consider the impact of growth or decline in GDP and increase or decrease in interest rates. Increase in interest rate will affect the borrowing capability of business.

Social Factors include: 1. Additional forces of macro environment PoliticalLegal Forces Tax laws Attitude towards product innovation. and consumer activism International trade Regulation Consumer lending regulations firing.Social factors: Social factors include traditions. Societal trends 2. careers. UBL always tries to refer to the concepts that hold society in high esteem. Demographic trends UBL also en cashes Social Factors and performs many promotional activities to promote its products. Values. Lifestyle. promotion. and pay Expectations from the workplace Energy costs Automation Life expectancies Unemployment rate Rates of new products introduced Concern with standard of life Monetary Policy Focus of research and development expenditures Social Forces Economic Forces Money Supply Expenditures on research and development(government and industry) Technological Forces . and society¶s expectations of business. Societal trends.

But for such cases customer must be reliable one otherwise you are putting yourself in trouble. Involve your supervisor whenever you feel there is deficiency but client is trusty one and he will fulfill deficiency in future. Formal procedures like approval for credit will take lot of time from Karachi headquarters so in order to maintain smooth follow of business activities required documents are collected from customer and facility is provided and formal process is completed after some time. Customer need surplus satisfaction so during dealing show that it is best offer you could subsidized for him otherwise market rate are to much high.Conclusion & recommendations for improvement Learning from Organization: As far as working environment is concern every employee is supporting and hard working and try to maintain pleasurable environment during work even hectic environment of operation management is not as much hectic as it should due dynamic and interesting personality of Mr. Shamas ul Haq Virk. Try to have informal or friendly relationship with key decision maker because informal relationships work more as compare to formal relationships in this field. 3. something informal which I learned: 1. . 2. Try to provide maximum possible simple and quick solution to your customers because he has lot of work to do. 5. It is not necessary that everything could be learned similar the case was there. branch manager but he knew how to get work from his employees. If your customer came to know about your competitor services which are less costly as compare to yours then provide him relaxation for some time period because sooner or later he will forget those options and then you can play game according to your rules. 4.

I would take steps in order to minimize the threats of substitute products and services. I would take steps in order to improve customer service to increase the bargaining power with customers. Ensure that all its present and future activities are conducted risk free. 3. . If I were the manger: 1. 4. 4. 2.Suggestions for the organization: 1. Develop plans and procedures and provide resources to successfully implement this policy and for dealing effectively. 2. & its customers feel it best place for investment. Minimize its environmental impact. I would take steps in order to minimize the harmful effect causing by the industry. 3. Provide environmental. technical training to all employees and other relevant persons to enable them to carry out their duties properly. 5. I would take steps in order to minimize the rivalry among the existing banks. Ensure that all its activities should support the overall economical condition of the country. 5. I would take steps in order to minimize the in-house politics. as is economically and practically possible.

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