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Dear Mr _____or Mrs ,

Under the instruction of my Client named BHARATH JAJU
Proprietor of shop M/s Vinayak Traders, shop no.4, JT Towers,
Urdu Gali, Pathergati, Hyderabad. I serve on you this ‘Legal Notice’,
informing you as follows:-

1. That, when you had visited my Client’s shop in the month of

__________ and purchased DRESS MATERIALS AND READYMADE
PUNJABI SUITS with bill no. For Rs . . for payment
side of 45 day agreed by both and you had issued a cheque,
bearing No.__________ and No. drawn on ___________Bank
dated___________ , for part payment of bill amounts of Rs.
___________and in my client’s favour in lieu of the payment of the
goods purchased from my client to you, of against amount of
Rs._________ with interest of 18% per annum after 45 days of bill

2. That, my Client had deposited the said Cheque in his Account, in

the __________ Bank, during the period of its validity on__________,
which was returned unpaid to my Client on___________, on account
of ‘Insufficient Funds’ in your Bank Account, to meet the demand
stated in the aforesaid Cheque. (Xerox copy of the Memorandum
dated____________ issued by the said Bank, is enclosed for ready

3. That, it appears that in order to cheat and defraud my client and

without any intention on your part to pay my Client, the aforesaid
payment of Rs._________, you had deliberately and intentionally
issued the aforesaid Cheque, knowingly that it was bound to be
dishonored, on account of ‘Insufficient funds’ in your bank Account.
4. Under the aforesaid facts and circumstances, through this legal
Notice, I on behalf of my client, do hereby call upon you, to pay my
Client, the aforesaid amount of Rs.__________ on or before
______________, failing which my client shall initiate legal
proceedings for the recovery of the said amount and shall also
prosecute you under section 138 of the Negotiable instruments act
and you shall be liable for the costs of the proceedings also.

5. Copy retained .
Unfeigned Regards,

Amarlal Jaju
Advocate , High Court of AP & Telangana
Encls: As above
Under the instruction of my Client