In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot ... they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man into mystery and jargon, unintelligible to all mankind, and therefore the safer engine for their purpose. – Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Spafford, March 17, 1814

Bishop Eddie Long New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia Twitt @ @newbirthmbc http://www.newbirth.org/

Steve and Sandra Long Vice Presidents Catch the Fire Ministries, Directors CTF Canada Twitt @SteveLongCTF www.catchthefire.com/

Dominionists such as Bishop Eddie Long and Pastor Steve Long are dangerous to your personal freedom and liberty
Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandals - Accuser Jamal Parris Calls Pastor a "Predator" and "Monster" Bishop Eddie Long's Ex-Wife Claimed 'Vicious' Abuse During Divorce Sorry Rick, but Walter is as bad as they come. He has been disciplined by several churches in his past for rebelllion and blames every and all churches he has every been a part of. - Pastor Steve Long April 25, 2006) Senior Pastor Steve Long $ 50 million lawsuit - Defendant Walter Kambulow calls Pastor “a Slanderer, Thief, Perjurer, Criminal and Demon from Hell" The current Dominionists in Christendom demand that members submit to the almost absolute authority of their anointed leaders, who are supposed to be Apostles! http://www.scribd.com/doc/38649037

What do liars do? They lie and praise themselves including the demonic “Catch The Fire”: We are forming CTF World, which is an apostolic and authoritative network. John and Carol Arnott, Duncan and Kate Smith, and Steve and Sandra Long, will oversee all of the CTF Churches, as well as be resources to the nations. These CTF Churches will follow the Campus model that has made Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) a great success. They will become leaders in their own nations with a goal to change the culture around them, and to have influence in the areas of religion, media, government,family, educations, business and the arts. http://www.catchthefire.com/world Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) is not a great success but Toronto Airport Church of Felons or Fools DEMONS FROM HELL

TACF/CTF is practicing Dominion-ism and advocating the 7 mountains of influence propagated by C.Peter Wagner and the NAR http://www.the7mountains.com/tag/7-mountains/

Eddie Long Takes Break from New Birth Pulpit
Post by Anthea Butler Scandal-ridden Bishop Eddie Long has temporarily stepped down from the pulpit of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to take care of "family issues" -- his wife Vanessa's filing for divorce from the troubled prosperity preacher. After some confusion in the press about whether First Lady Long had withrdrawn the divorce request, her lawyer confirmed the filing of divorce papers, and said that any further statements, if any, would come from her lawyers. If the divorce goes through, it will Long's second marriage to end in divorce. His first marriage ended with claims of maltreatment and a "violent and vicious temper" exhibited towards his first wife, Dabara S. Houston. Meanwhile, Bishop Long was left to address the issue before his Sunday congregation at New Birth, and a gathering of protesters holding "Bishop Long must go" signs in front of his Atlanta megachurch. According to the blog PimpPreachers.com, a group of protesters were "Occupying New Birth" and demanding that Long leave the church he has pastored since 1997. At its peak, New Birth boasted 25,000 members, a figure that sank as Long was accused of sexual abuse and assault by young male congregants last year, claims Long settled in

secret in May. The Occupy group passed out flyers which read, "The People must rise up and occupy the pulpits, the tithe money bank accounts and portfolios of the clergy class." The group says it represents an organization based in Memphis called Commission Holding Religious Institutions in Sacred Trust, (CHRIST). Inside New Birth, Eddie Long told his congregation that "Imo take a little time off to work with my family." You have to wonder why it took his wife's divorce filing for him to finally make this decision. Claiming that Vanessa was his "spiritual rock," Long said, "I love her, I love my children, we're gonna work it out." Long characterized his stepping down as "not stepping down, but stepping up," ostensibly to take care of his family, and also told the church, "I'm your father and she's (Vanessa Long) your mother." Clearly, it took a payout of millions of dollars, lawsuits, and a divorce filing for the good Bishop to figure out that it was time to get out of the pulpit. For a man who consistently preached about the roles of men and women in marriage, Long's track record is dismal. Worse, he may be lying not only to his parishioners, but to himself, about who he truly is as a person. One hopes that this time away from the pulpit will provide Long time not just to heal his family, but for him to find out who he really is, and stop fleecing his flock in the process.

Eddie Long Has Apostolic Authority Over 79 Churches in Georgia and More Nationwide
Rachel Tabachnick Wed Sep 29, 2010 at 11:45:37 PM EST

Kingdom Now or 'Dominionist' theology has resulted in a shift in many charismatic churches to authoritarian leadership.

Bishop Eddie Long may or may not be guilty of the charges of abusing his authority and having sexual relationships with four young men. However, the current Dominionist trend results in congregations where members are supposed to submit to the almost absolute authority of their anointed leaders, a change that removes the congregation as a balance or check to the power of the pastor. Long claims spiritual authority over more than his New Birth mega-church in Lithonia, Georgia. He is the 'apostolic authority' over churches in The Father's House network, including 79 churches

in Georgia alone and a total of approximately 275 in 38 states. Many evangelical churches are shifting away from their traditional democratically governed structures. A model for making the transition was the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, formerly led by Ted Haggard (who defended Long in broadcasts over the weekend). Haggard wrote his 1998 book The Life Giving Church as a guide to pastors in making the transition to what he and his colleagues dubbed 'New Apostolic' churches and networks.

When Haggard's scandal became public it was not his New Life congregation but his apostolic Overseers who had the authority to remove or discipline him. According to Article Thirteen of the bylaws of the nonprofit corporation (as of 2001), the "sheep" or congregants never pass judgment on the shepherd; only the Overseers have authority over him and "may discipline him in any way they deem necessary." Ultimately Haggard did not follow their instructions in his rehabilitation. Last year when Haggard started a home prayer group, C. Peter Wagner was quoted in Charisma magazine in November 2009 as stating, "Haggard should receive approval from apostolic overseers before leading people in prayer and worship. My reservation is that he has not followed through completely on apostolic protocol."

Haggard was a partner with C. Peter Wagner in pioneering the New Apostolic Reformation and building the World Prayer Center. Wagner not only founded the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), one of the many hundreds of apostolic networks around the globe, but was a major figure in popularizing and giving legitimacy to these new authoritarian church structures. Once a church has shifted to this model, the pastor can no longer be hired and fired by the membership but becomes the authority over his flock. Only his overseers or spiritual authority figures can remove or discipline him. In

these networks an apostle (or bishop in some cases) provides spiritual or apostolic "covering" over others. (Near the end of the article I describe the process through which a number of African American Baptist ministers came to be called bishops. The designation was already in use in some Pentecostal denominations.) In his 2009 book Watch This! The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism (available to download on Kindle), Jonathan L. Walton describes Eddie Long's shift to an authoritarian church structure.
According to the bishop, the democratic systems in place at Baptist churches, featuring management by the traditional deacon or trustee boards, are ungodly governmental structures that are outside God's order.

... In Long's theological framework, the church in God's order, like the family in God's order, is run, not democratically, but according to divine authority and the concepts of respect, submission, and obedience. ...Bishop Long dissolved the various boards at New Birth and wrested desision-making power from the trustees and deacons. Bishop Long believes that on the day he changed new Birth from a traditional Baptist polity to his own church, no longer allowing a deacon board to "grip the purse strings" or accepting for himself the role of "the hired preacher," he became the "true pastor" of the congregation. Walton goes on to describe how Long is called "Daddy" by many in the congregation. But Long's status as father extends far beyond the megachurch in Lithonia. The Father's House and Long's Global Apostolic Council From the website of The Father's House:
"The Father's House is a ministry that is intended for Senior Pastors who are led to submit themselves under the spiritual covering and apostolic authority of Bishop Eddie L. Long."

This model requires tithing (payment of ten percent) into the leader's network. The website for Long's The Father's House network list the benefits and responsibilities of "covering" provided by Long. Some of the requirements of those being "covered" include:
-Lead a church that is legally incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) and submit a copy of your certificate. -Covenant to pray for Bishop Eddie L Long and The Father's House Ministry Sons and Daughters. -Covenant to tithe into The Father's House.

Tithing means donating ten percent, but I'm not sure in this case from what this ten percent is being taken; whether it refers to a tithe of gross or net income and if this refers to the pastor or his church. Certainly it indicates

that the spiritual sons and daughters are expected to make monetary contributions to their apostolic authority or spiritual father. The Father's House list member churches in states across the nation. In addition to the 79 in Georgia, there are 21 in Alabama, 31 in South Carolina, 26 in North Carolina, 14 in Florida, and many more in other states. In 2009 Long registered his Global Apostolic Council, Inc. and throughout 2009 and 2010 anointed bishops and ambassadors for the network. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Facebook website featured the following description and photo of the ordination of Bishop Kim Brown which took place earlier this year:
June 30, 2010 was a night we will ever forget. In all His splendor, the God we serve showed up, laying His mighty hands on our spiritual father, Bishop Eddie L. Long and the newly consecrated Bishop K.W. Brown!!! It was such a joyous occasion, marked by the splendor of a God who always does exceedingly, and abundantly above all we could ever ask! In the presence of Bishops from all over the country, including the Global Apostolic Council and other invited guests, we watched in awe as our very own entered the ranks of the highest office of government in the church.

On Long's Facebook site, one of his members recently asked if Long would explain the meaning of the Global Apostolic Council during a service. Tithing Up Long is not the only pastor to employ the idea of receiving tithes from those under his spiritual authority. John P. Kelly emphasizes tithing to those above you in the spiritual pyramid in New Apostolic Churches, a 1998 book edited by C. Peter Wagner which explains this emerging model for evangelical churches. The book's jacket describes the New Apostolic Reformation,
"..the grassroots phenomenon in which God is raising up churches and leaders worldwide for the last awesome push to fulfill the Great Commission."

Contributors to the book included Wellington Boone and Bill Hybels. John Kelly now heads the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) which was founded by C. Peter Wagner. Kelly describes the need for pastors to have apostolic covering like that provided by the Antioch Churches and Ministries he founded, which he claimed to be in 46 nations at that time the New Apostolic Churches was pubished. Senior pastors were instructed to tithe to the level above them, not back into their own church:

If they tithe to their local church, they are tithing back into their own paychecks...

...Many pastors will declare they have a covering, but the question is, do they tithe to that covering? By tracking the tithe, we can literally track the order in the house of God. Our local churches also tithe, but they tithe for a different purpose. Instead of tithing to their spiritual covering, they tithe to the network for global impact and a global harvest. Apostle Kelly is pictured leading prayer sponsored by the Metro Apostolic Network in the Newark, New Jersey City Council Chambers in 2001. Newark has an extensive apostolic network which now claims to have a 'prayer warrior' assigned to every street in the city and to be a model for other similar city 'transformation' programs. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine was listed as an apostle in Wagner's ICA network, but apparently became disillusioned after the Todd Bentley scandal in 2008. (Bentley was leading a healing revival that was drawing thousands to Lakeland, Florida, but during the revival was discovered to be cheating on his wife, among other things.) In a March 2009 article titled Reclaiming Genuine Apostolic Anointing Grady writes,
Some charismatic apostles became mini-popes who carved out their fiefdoms. Suddenly the independent charismatic movement had more invasive authoritarianism than the denominations these pastors abandoned 10 years earlier.

In some circles apostles demanded total allegiance from the leaders who were "under" them. Some required a policy of "tithing up," creating a monstrous organizational structure similar to a spiritual Amway. So-called apostles with huge "downlines" made exorbitant amounts of money. One leader even offered pastors the opportunity to become "spiritual sons" by contributing $1,000 a month to his ministry.
Despite Grady's frustration, it is clear from the article, and many others since, that he is still dedicated to the concepts of the New Apostolic Reformation, as is Charisma publisher Stephen Strang who has also been an ICA apostle.

Note that I am not implying that Long is part of Wagner's network. Dominionist ideology spreads far beyond Wagner's immediate circles and is the foundation for numerous apostolic networks throughout the country and the world. Long works closely with a number of ICA apostles as well as pastors in other networks, but it appears that Long may be at or near the top of his own particular structure.

John Kelly is also head of the International Christian Wealth Builders Foundation which works to prepare for the 'great wealth transfer' prophesied by the movement and to aid in the "advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth." This is not redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Dominionists are diehard free marketers who rave against the country's supposed decline into Marxism. Wishful progressives have described the charitable and faith-based work of some dominionists as a return of the social gospel, but these dominionist forcefully reject any association with the social gospel, describing it as socialism. The wealth redistribution that they are referring to is a future windfall that will go from the ungodly to the godly, a belief that the New Apostolics share with many prosperity doctrine or Word of Faith preachers. Part Two in this series includes Wagner's presentation of Long as a model for gaining influence in government and taking 'dominion' over a city through charitable enterprises. Sarah Posner's God's Profits describes some of Long's primary mentors including the late Earl Paulk and Mark Hanby. Although I have read suggestions in chatter in the blogosphere that Long's spiritual authority is T.D. Jakes, I have not found anything reliable that would indicate whose Long's Overseers would be, or even if he has Overseers. As mentioned earlier, there was a point in time when Long and a number of other Baptist pastors made a decision to take on the title of bishop. A group of pastors broke away from the 8 million member National Baptist Convention USA, the largest denomination of black Baptist to form the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship. They were led by Pastor Paul S. Morton, who had been raised in Church of God in Christ (COGIC), a Pentecostal denomination which has bishops who oversee geographic regions of the country. Eddie Long was one of the original pastors who worked with Morton to form an association that would blend components of Baptist tradition with charismatic practice. The group held their first convention in New Orleans in 1994 in the Superdome with over 20,000 people in attendance. The new organization differed significantly from Baptist churches in both adopting charismatic practices of speaking in tongues and laying on of hands, and also in introducing the positions of bishops and elders. Baptist churches are traditionally independent and nonhierarchical. As stated in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Long's leadership in the organization helped launch his career and as his mega-church and associated ministries grew, he no longer needed to rely on the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship. Despite the repeated use by the press of the term Baptist to describe Eddie Long’s congregation, one could argue that the church is Baptist in name only. Numerous other Missionary Baptist churches joined the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship and quite a few are now part of Long’s The Father’s House network.

Long's legal issues will continue to be in the news but hopefully there will also be some attention given to the role that Dominionist theology is playing in creating an environment where pastor's have absolute and unquestionable authority over their congregants. http://www.talk2action.org/story/2010/9/29/234537/872

Bishop Eddie Long - Dominion Theology and Disdain for Separation of Church and State
Rachel Tabachnick Thu Sep 30, 2010 at 12:11:46 AM EST

This is a continuation of my previous article on Eddie Long's 'apostolic covering' or spiritual authority over pastors of approximately 275 churches in 38 states who are instructed to tithe to Long's network, The Father's House. Following is coverage of Long's Dominionist theology including video of Long's participation in a 2004 prophecy made by one of his overseas 'spiritual sons' claiming that his New Zealand network would take over that nation within five years. (It didn't happen.) "Mythical" Separation of Church and State

Like the apostles and prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and other Dominionist networks, Long does not believe in separation of church and state. And similar to the NAR prophets, Long believes that God gives messages directly to him to pass on to his flock. In his book Taking Authority he states,
God has strongly communicated to me His displeasure with our nation's growing acceptance of the mythical "separation of church and state" heresy. I am convinced this socalled separation was never the intent of our nation's founding fathers - it is merely a device fraudulently created by an errant Supreme Court totally apart from historical precedent, tradition, or even the will of the people.

Also, like many other New Apostolics and Dominionists, Eddie Long is known for his extensive charitable work. And also like the New Apostolics, this work is at least partially intended to provide access and gain authority over government as mandated in dominion theology. Dominion over Religion and Government In an article titled "Let's Take Dominion Now!" (and also in his book Church in the Workplace), C. Peter Wagner describes Eddie Long as providing a model for city 'transformation.' Wagner quotes Long's book Taking Authority,
The New Birth congregation finances and operates vital support programs in the city and pumps large sums of money and thousands of volunteer hours into key areas such as youth offender intervention programs, public school programs, and support and outreach programs for homeless women and children. We are involved in every aspect of life, and we

are making a major impact in the Atlanta metropolitan areas.

This, in turn, is causing us to gain major footholds in the city infrastructure, . . . the criminal court system, public high schools, the Georgia State Senate, the United States Senate, and even into the White House itself. . . . When you are a politician in a major metropolitan area, it isn't wise to dismiss or ignore a highly unified, committed, and motivated group of voters exceeding twenty-two thousand people representing almost every voting precinct in your city. Long has indeed gained extensive influence in government. Long's charities received a million dollar grant through George W. Bush's faith-based programs. Long also clearly has a great deal of influence with his local government authorities. In Taking Authority Long describes being invited to lead a religious rally in a local Dekalb public high school after one of the school's students was stabbed. He describes the Dekalb County Public Safety Commissioner as telling the students,
"Here we are in defiance of the Supreme Court, calling on the name of Jesus Christ."

Long continues,
I preached for twenty-five minutes. I began by telling the students, "God told me to come here because He has chosen Southwest DeKalb [High School] to be His kingdom of high schools." I told them that God had ordained them to be a special group of students and that we had gathered together to sanctify that ordination.

At the end of that seventy-five minute "motivational assembly," students came forward by the hundreds to confess their faith in Jesus and to receive prayer. As you can imagine, the legal director for the Georgia office of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was not pleased... Like others who have embraced dominion theology, Long has a dualistic worldview in which he is in a spiritual war against the forces of evil and, like most NAR leaders, Long believes that this includes a powerful and demonic gay lobby. When speaking to his congregation this past Sunday, Long described himself as being like David fighting Goliath. BlackChristianNews.com has already posted an article claiming that the charges could be a satanic assault against Long.
Is this a targeted attack by homosexuals? With that said, and in light of the fact that the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy was not repealed on yesterday, could this be another satanic, vicious homosexual attack against a prominent man of God who has stated that 'homosexuality is not God's way'? In our opinion, if this is the case, "fellow brethren", Christian leaders, such as T.D. Jakes, Tommy Barnett, Tony Evans, Myles Munroe, A. R. Bernard, Kenneth Ulmer, Samuel Chand, Paul & Jan Crouch, Mark Chironna, Gary Oliver, Jeff Rosensweig, and others who know Eddie Long and his character, should stand up, use their influence, and make a statement to defend this brother against these charges. Long stated in his book Taking Authority,

Any leader inspired by Satan to lead a rebellion against God must also strike out at the foundation of God's order in the earth. It is not accident that the church is being pressured to come into agreement with powerful gay lobby groups or face the consequences. Every segment of governmental power, from the Congress to the executive branch to the Supreme Court, is being lobbied, pressured, and wooed to support the anti-Christ, anti-Bible gay rights cause.

As described in Part One of this article, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) has followed Long's path to fame and fortune. The same AJC article quoted in Part One describes their investigation in 2005 which found that Long had received 3 million dollars in compensation from his charities, "nearly as much as it gave to all other recipients combined during those years, according to tax records." Long's response as reported by the AJC,
"We're not just a church; we're an international corporation," he said. "We're not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can't talk and all we're doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around the world. I pastor a multimillion-dollar congregation."

Talk2action co-founder Frederick Clarkson, along with Chip Berlet, Sarah Diamond, and others, have warned about the threat of Dominionist theology since the 1980s. At that time Reconstructionism appeared to be the prevailing source of the spread of Dominionist theology and it is still a major factor including in the current election cycle with a number of candidates embracing Reconstructionist ideology and leaders. However, as Clarkson pointed out in the mid 1990s, Independent Charismatics were rapidly being drawn into the Dominionist camp at that time. Sarah Diamond's 1989 book Spiritual Warfare described the role that charismatic `shepherding' or 'discipling' plays in the larger Religious Right and in politics. Shepherding was popularized beginning in the early 1970s by the Ft. Lauderdale Five including Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince, Don Basham, and Ern Baxter. Diamond describes shepherding,
... that individual Christians, in order to grow as 'disciples of Christ,' needed to submit themselves to the teaching authority of a 'shepherd,' in the form of a man 'older than them in the Lord.' They taught that through submission to authority in all areas of one's life the Christian would develop a personality that would successfully recruit and convert new believers. Barring catastrophe, the exponential growth through `shepherding' would eventually enable Christians to rule the world.'

Shepherding became so radical that members were having to get permission from their shepherds to date, marry, or even purchase a car. As Diamond explains, members were having to bring their checkbooks to cell group meeting to prove that they tithed. Diamond continues,
"In 1975 Pat Robertson spearheaded a public assault on the five leaders of Christian Growth Ministries [ministry of the Ft. Lauderdale Five]. He was furious to learn that one of his secretaries was making long distance phone calls to her shepherd and that some of the '700 Club' phone counselors were assisting callers in finding shepherds."

Diamond quotes memos sent by Robertson to Christian Broadcasting Network staff,
The so-called 'submission-shepherding' cult is vastly worse than anything I could have conceived of...

...In these cells, each member is under total domination by the shepherd. The shepherd can forbid the husband and wife from living together.... When one man said he would not be under subjection to any man, he was told, ` you will be ruined spiritually, financially, and ruined physically.'" Robertson banned shepherding from the "700 Club" but the ideology was only temporarily suppressed. By the 1980s it was back, only rebranded as 'discipling' and without the shepherding label. As Diamond states, shepherding was made "somewhat less personally oppressive" so that it could be used as a political tool by the Religious Right. She describes Dennis Peacock as one of Bob Mumford's disciples and the spiritual authority for thousands of `sheep.' Peacocke played a major role in the Coalition of Revival which produced "Worldview Documents" or Dominionist guides to for taking over education, law, media, government, entertainment, and all areas of society and government. These were the forerunners of the current Seven Mountains campaign. Dennis Peacocke's Strategic Christian Services began holdings conferences called "The Convergence" in 1999. The Convergence website states,
We have dropped out of the left/right game, which makes us difficult to pigeonhole. (If you can categorize people as left or right, you no longer have to deal with what they are saying.) We will address human issues from a "Third Way" - the biblical Christian point of view.

For his opening address at The Convergence, Dennis Peacocke, president of Strategic Christian Services, called the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness to task for their dissemination of lies in this century through such influential men as Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, John Dewey, and Karl Marx, to name a few.... "We are a Marxist nation," thanks to Dewey and those who wanted to "force the world from the stranglehold of Christian Education."

Besides Dennis Peacock, keynote speakers at the first The Convergence in 1999 included Eddie Long. The ultimate goal of dominionism is to eradicate separation of church and state and to take dominion over government, as clearly indicated by one of Long's overseas spiritual sons. Bishop Brian Tamaki in New Zealand claims Long as his 'spiritual father.' Tamaki leads Destiny Church network with churches in Aukland, Brisbane and nine other cities. Tamaki made the news in New Zealand in October

2009 when he held a ceremony at which 700 male members of his congregation swore a "covenant oath" of obedience to Tamaki and were given rings to wear on their right hands. Tamaki issued a church document titled Protocols and Requirements Between Spiritual Father & His Spiritual Sons filled with the type of instructions one might expect when being coached on meeting royalty. Tamaki and his Destiny Church network had previously made the news by protesting the nation's Civil Unions Bill and prophesying in 2004 that Destiny Church would "rule New Zealand" within five years and make it the first nation "to be under the governance of God." He was joined on stage after this proclamation by his spiritual father, Eddie Long, who applauds Tamaki and says at about 1:52 into the following video,
"He made a declaration that in five years you shall be ruling and reigning in this nation. That means you control the wealth, that means you control the riches, that means you control the politics, that means you control the social order, that means that you are in charge. Touch your neighbor and say, `It happens because of order.'"

This is a prophecy which failed to be fulfilled despite Tamaki's launching of a political party. Tamaki is quite prominent and in the nation’s Reader’s Digest Poll has topped the list as the least trusted person in New Zealand. Canada's Benediction Blogs On notes that after the 700 men swore oaths of allegiance to Tamaki, New Zealand’s cult watch listed Destiny Church as being in the "danger level." Earlier this year a number of members walked out of a service at the network's Brisbane church. Note Eddie Long's use of the term 'order' in the above quote as well as quotes in the Part One of this article. As usual, it takes a scandal to draw attention to what is happening in the world of religion, as noted recently be Talk2action co-founder Fred Clarkson. The legal outcome of Eddie Long's current scandal is important, particularly for those involved and their families, as well as for the New Birth congregation and Eddie Long's spiritual sons and daughters around the globe. Hopefully the media attention will also become focused on the dangers of Dominionist theology to churches throughout the country and to pluralistic society. If the press is willing to look a little deeper, there is a story here which really matters. http://www.talk2action.org/printpage/2010/9/30/01146/2160

Palin's Churches and the New Apostolic Reformation

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal

by Wally Lion on Monday, August 2, 2010 at 5:11pm

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. The plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat. “Yes, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long and their Solicitors Aird & Berlis through their real criminal acts circumvented the process because they could not win their false $ 50 million lawsuit which purpose was to silence or destroy Walter Kambulow for exposing them to be liars and thieves and now perjurers and criminals. How Christian of them?” And according to the Criminal Code of Canada in the section on "Misleading Justice", everyone who commits Perjury, Fabrication of

Evidence and Obstruction of Justice before any Superior Court Justice is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years! Subject: The Canadian Prophetic Revival Conference Saturday night was pathetic. There was no shaking going on as the head shaker Stacey Campbell just stood still. There were all kinds of empty seats all over Place was not full even parking lot not full . The meeting was a joke not one scripture was heard to night. No Bible No GOD! Dear stranger, liar, slanderer, thief, and perjurer founder and Pastor John Arnott of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, The Demons from Hell, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott, Steve Long Fred Wright are continuing their unrepentant crime wave of thievery, fabrication of evidence, perjury and obstruction of justice and dragging innocent Walter Kambulow in court again. But this time they cannot do things in secret as the whole world is now aware of their continuing criminal deeds and activities just like their friend and scoundrel Benny Hinn, who thought he could get away with a secret love affair in Italy! http://www.scribd.com/doc/33446103 But what does one expect from sons of hell, con artists, hypocrites and deceivers! Not truth, integrity and repentance? The Enquirer photo about Benny Hinn and Paula White is captioned: “Rome Italy July 13, 2010 Benny Hinn and Paula Hinn hold hands as they leave Rome’s Hotel Hassler during their romantic getaway” and states: “….We caught the couple walking hand-in hand out of the Hotel Hassler, where Pastor Hinn was booked into the presidential suite under a false name, on July 13…. ….Hinn and White spent three nights at the ritzy Rome hotel, where Hinn checked in as David Salomon. …. ….While in Rome recently, Hinn was not wearing his wedding ring. One observer said he “acted affectionately” toward White, taking her hand as they strolled through the streets. Hinn “seemed very happy, at one point wearing a big grin as he left the hotel” where he and White were staying, the eyewitness added In my opinion I am sure that Suzanne Hinn was behind all the exposures as she was upset and had lost weight and became a blond to please Benny and knew she was losing her husband to Paul White! Divorce proceedings can get very nasty and there is nothing like the fury of a woman scorned? So again who is John Arnott and the Toronto Airport Church of the Fools or Church of the fools fooling by being liars, thieves, criminals, perjurers, scoundrels and deceivers? No one but themselves and other fools like them! http://believersjourney.blogspot.com/2010/04/21st-century-golden-calfand-new-age.html

Besides having “Kundalini Demons” and being “wolves in sheep's clothing” one of the things I dislike about the Third Wave and Benny Hinn is their false, useless and generic prophecies that never come to pass, never mind their demonic threats and curses! Speaking of your friend Benny Hinn, the adulterer and scoundrel, who has an affair with the divorcee Paula White, I am suggesting to all my friends that we NOMINATE BENNY AND PAULA! THE BEST CHRISTIAN SOAP OPERA OF 2010? http://www.scribd.com/doc/34879987 Did you see that the Toronto Star did a nice article about Benny http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/839668--is-healer-from-torontomaking-a-love-connection-with-fellow-preacher as well as the Tampa Tribune http://www2.tbo.com/content/2010/jul/26/paula-white-benny-hinn-denynational-enquirer-repo/news-breaking/ It’s hard to believe that we have in Toronto Canada, an Evangelical Pentecostal Church whose members and leaders ship are liars, thieves, deceivers, perjurers, criminals and con men! This is not a fairy tale but a sad reality and many are now aware (2, 800 reads and going) about what Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott, Steve Long and Fred Wright are and about THE $ 50 MILLION LAWSUIT TACF JOHN ARNOTT STEVE LONG VS WALTER KAMBULOW http://www.scribd.com/doc/33446103/ Job Anbalagan Thangasamy wrote to Maria Kent on this particular church and stated “there is a clear line of demarcation between the true ministers of God and the false ministers. God commanded the prophet Jeremiah to pull down and destroy and to build and plant. We have to pull down and destroy the Babylonian Kingdom which captivates the thousands of the people of God. We have to rescue the people of God from this kingdom. Dear sister, first prove that these people are "servants of God"! Of course, we love them by praying for them and by ministering to them. But they do not listen to us but take us to the court of law. What we have to do with them? We have to unmask them and show their true colors.” I also wrote to Prime Minister, Attorney General and Honourable Gentlemen and members of the News Media, and asked the question as to why would Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long before 20 Superior court justices of Superior Court of Ontario, fabricate evidence, commit perjury and obstruct justice in their $50 million lawsuit against Walter Kambulow and swear under oath that Mr. Kambulow was a member of their church, was divorced and had destroyed the ability of TACF’s pastors to function as pastors never mind the church? Obviously they are demons from hell, sons of hell, liars, perjurers and criminals, who have no integrity and said and did anything in secret to protect their “cash cow” their nonprofit charitable corporation. For sure they are not Christians because

Jesus Christ the author and founder of the Christian faith never instructed his disciples to behave or do things contrary to the criminal code of Canada! And they are definitely wolves in sheep’s clothing just like their friends Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Richard Roberts and Karl Strader! So for how long can Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and John Arnott. “The Demons From Hell, can masquerade as Christians when we all know they are liars, scoundrels, thieves, perjurers deceivers and criminals? YES HOW CAN SO CALLED MEN ON GOD MEN OF INTEGRITY DELIBERATELY LIE AND PERJURY THEMSELVES IN A LEGAL DOCUMENT UNDER OATH TO THE SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE IN A CIVL MATTER ABOUT THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED? They are not men of God, men of integrity but liars, thieves and perjurers who used and use their personal family owned and run Pentecostal charity to pay off their own mortgages and buy themselves new cars And to stop a lawsuit that had not gone according to plan and became a $ 100 million dollar liability, the scoundrels and perjurers John Arnott and Steve Long and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship presented to Justice Trotter that Mr. Walter Kambulow was not in attendance , was continuing to slander the Plaintiff, was divorced and Sandra Kambulow his wife was a third party for the Plaintiffs. The reality was that Mr Kambulow had not been invited to the September 19, 2008 trial and was not slandering the liars and perjurers but only telling the truth about them! And as a result based on false and untruthful perjured information and presentation such as the defendant was divorced and his wife was a third party, and the use of an unauthorized private letter from the defendant to his spouse and wife, Sandra Kambulow, Justice Trottier issued an order striking out Mr. Kambulow’s Statement of Defense, assigned court costs of about $ 60,000 to be paid by Mr. Kambulow, making an order striking out Mr. Kambulow Statement of Claim against TACF, and making a permanent injunction against Mr. Kambulow making certain remarks in respect to the Plaintiffs that they were liars and are perjurers (a matter that has been brought forth to the Attorney General of Ontario and Law Enforcements throughout the country as well as to other Government officials!) So John Arnott and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship as Evangelical Pastors and Christians could they tell us why is all right for them to lie, slander, perjure, steal, fabricate evidence, commit perjury and obstruct justice concerning innocent Walter Kambulow and request of numerous Justices of the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice that he be incarcerated in a civil $ 50 million lawsuit? Is all this something that Jesus Christ instructed them to do to a Christian and is it a demonstration of the Father’s love and forgiveness that they are always preaching about? Never mind their support and mentoring of the scoundrel and alleged healer Todd Bentley who divorced his dying cancer

stricken wife and married his mistress! Mind you John Arnott who is also supposed to be a healer has his second wife dying unhealed in Germany. And Pastor Jack Frost also died unhealed of cancer even though Senior Pastor Steve Long prayed for him and many prophesied that he would be healed! Yes something is drastically wrong with their so called healing ministry! So what can Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship renamed Catch the Fire and John Arnott who are liars, scoundrels, thieves, perjurers deceivers and criminals offer the world never mind Toronto, Canada? Nothing at all especially considering they are devoid of integrity just like their friends are including the scoundrel Benny Hinn (http://www.scribd.com/doc/17673980, http://www.scribd.com/doc/34879987 ), the Sorcerer Todd Bentley (http://www.a2zbookdepot.com/wolves.pdf ) and the criminal Strader family (http://crooksaog.tripod.com/)! Yes it’s public undeniable knowledge that none of these wolves have any integrity Yes John Arnott and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship were in secret very vocal in about 20 court appearances before Justices of the Ontario Supreme court concerning their $ 50 million dollar lawsuit and now as the hosting church Dr. Paul’s Jesus Calls Prophetic Conference and as Super Prophets and Super Apostles they have no reason to be silent about their criminal, immoral, hateful and unjust deeds and actions but can give the public a full explanation and account of their hypocritical evil and wicked behavior and deeds! Otherwise the whole conference is just a sham and gives more people another reason to mock Christianity and ministries like Jesus Calls who are indirectly supporting wolves in sheep’s clothing by hosting their conference at TACF. http://jesuscallscanada.ca/register/canadaconference.asp And yes being criminals themselves it only makes sense that John and Carol Arnott would be friends with the criminal Strader family of Lakeland and the pedophile Todd Bentley - birds of feather stick together . So John Arnott obviously has no problems being a liar, a perjurer, a criminal, a thief, and supporting those who do such things contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada! Who can deny what Jacob Prasch posted about the Straders and Todd Bentley and their friends at http://www.moriel.org/articles/discernment/church_issues/delusional_world _of_mark_stibbe.htm? No one! Now Mark Stibbe has promoted the ‘Third Wave’ sequel of Toronto and Pensacola in Lakeland, Florida . Lakeland pastor Stephen Strader admits it is the continuation of the Toronto and Pensacola phenomena. According to various news reports, The Florida District Attorney believed Pastor Stephen Strader to be as guilty as his brother Daniel, but obtained a RICO conviction on his brother Daniel, now in prison until 2036 after defrauding elderly Christians out of $3 million dollars. Strader was convicted as a professional

racketeer under RICO laws. RICO anti racketeering legislation is used in the prosecution and sentencing of professional gangsters engaged in various forms of organized criminal activity. These are the Strader brothers. Strader brought in a criminally convicted Canadian homosexual pedophile named Todd Bentley to conduct his counterfeit revival. Bentley was imprisoned for the homosexual molestation of a seven year old before being commissioned to lead the Lakeland pandemonium. Bentley has meanwhile filed for a separation from his wife which by Canadian law is the first step to divorce. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Bentley has a history of adultery excluding him from ministry that has been covered up and has once again become involved in a yet another improper extra marital relationship. Yet it is this same Bentley that Wendy Alec of the so called 'God Channel' has defended labeling those critical of him and his carnal antics as being of the devil, and it is this same Lakeland hoax that Mark Stibbe and St. Andrews Chorleywood promulgated aggressively. Bentley was exposed on national TV in the USA on the ABC Nightline broadcast for being unable to medically document a single claimed healing. Some of those pronounced healed at Lakeland have however since been medically documented as deceased, and a statement by Arnold Palmer hospital likewise contradicts claims of a resurrection from the dead as bogus. That the ‘Fruit of The Holy Spirit’ according to Galatians is ‘ekreitei’ “Self Control” not the lack of, never mattered to proponents of Toronto or Pensacola. That such Fruit is also ‘gentleness’ does not matter either as Bentley kicks old ladies in the stomach and baptizes people in the name of ‘Bam’. Christ’s own clear and unambiguous warning to avoid those like Bentley who claim His physical return before the ‘parousia’ and revelatory visitations from a healing angel named ‘Emma’ (there are no manifestations of angelic beings as women or as agents of healing in God’s Word) could hardly matter to someone like Mark Stibbe. It is well know by police and social services that pedophiles frequently profess a religious conversion in prison as a parole stunt and then seek work in scout groups, schools, youth camps and churches in order to get near children. Although Bentley fits this profile, we do not have any evidence of any recent homosexual pedophilia by this self-disfigured heretical freak, however current verified information certainly exists in the public media about his taking his wife to court for a separation and his more recent history of adultery. But even if he did undergo an authentic regeneration and become a Christian, many ask why he would then say The Lord led him to cover his body with an array of disfiguring tattoos that give him the appearance of a rather freakish goon? Even if his sexual perversion was prior to becoming a Christian as he claims, that is not true of his openly confessed mentor, sexual predator Bob Jones, whom Bentley lauds and endorses. Jones preyed upon women sexually in lewd acts as a ‘prophet’. Why would anyone serving

Jesus endorse the ministry of a sexually immoral preacher who misused Christian ministry to perpetrate his perversions and who according to The New Testament has no biblical right to be in ministry as he is not above reproach? These are the deranged antics of Lakeland we are speaking of and these are the kinds of people we are talking about; an assortment of perverts, swindlers, drunks, homosexuals, demonstrable false prophets, and even a tattooed criminally convicted pedophile child molester turned adulterer filing separation procedures against his wife. This is the whacky world of Mark Stibbe. Check out Not Innocent http://www.a2zbookdepot.com/xxcrxxoxxoks.pdf or http://crooksaog.tripod.com/ Liars and Perjurers in Revival John Arnott and Todd Bentley http://www.a2zbookdepot.com/revival.pdf Rev. Karl Strader – Senior Pastor http://www.christiannews.0catch.com/strader.htm Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing http://www.a2zbookdepot.com/wolves.pdf And so why do the leadership and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship destroy marriages, families and churches, sue a Christian for $ 50 million dollars in secret and request of many justices that innocent Walter Kambulow be incarcerated in a civil matter? Because they are not true Christians but “Demons From Hell,” sons of hell, and sons of disobedience! Otherwise if they were true Christians and men of God they would be healing marriages, relationships and people and Pastor Jack Frost would not have died prematurely even though he was prayed for by the slander and senior Pastor Steve Long! Jesus warned us about the leadership of TACF or Catch the Fire when He said in Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 7:16 "You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 7:17 "Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 7:18 "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Speaking of bad fruits, Mr Arnott you had also claimed that your movement was a “Toronto Blessings” but in reality from your deeds and those of your supporters it was a “Toronto Curse” for the end results in people lives who got involved with the demonic fire at TACF was not a blessing but a curse as testified by James on November 27, 2009: A close friend who is very well known locally, informed me a few years ago about a number of his close friends who got involved in the Toronto. They wanted to get the “IT” because they said they needed it. His contacts in Newcastle are quite substantial and he usually knows what going on and were. He would inform me of people he knew very well and what happened

to them. Marriages that suddenly got into difficulty. People with health issues. One individual who he had not seen for months and met casually on the high street, Informed him that he had just come out of mental health ward. Some had suffered from depression. The common denominator was their involvement with the Toronto. I cant give you exact numbers or details. It could also be argued that these issues could have been there before their involvement. But if the Toronto was genuine then you would expect to see some form of Healing and restoration. The long term involvement has done nothing for such cases. Like a local pastor who was carrying on an adulterous relationship with someone in his congregation. Quite often it is what should happen that is not being seen. As my friend explained many of those who got involved were close friends and suddenly they refuse to hear. Friendships were broken. I have also heard of Testimonies from People who needed to be delivered after their involvement. I am also aware that this movement has affected people differently. Some more harmful than others. Individuals who I am aware were involved at the time, have never shown any greater spiritual benefits from their involvement. If anything it is status quo. http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2008/06/13/the-troublewith-patricia-king-joshua-mills-todd-bentley-the-propheticmovement/#comment-59378 And there are many others including Sally Richard who testified about her INVOLVEMENT WITH, AND DELIVERANCE FROM, THE „TORONTO EXPERIENCE‟ who will confirm that there is nothing wonderful about TACF or CTF http://www.scribd.com/doc/28159890/Deliverance-From-Toronto-Curse Pastor John Arnott, could you also tell us who are ordinary Christians and who don’t lie, divorce, steal, fabricate evidence, commit perjury and obstruct justice, how Pastors John Arnott, Steve Long, Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship who do these evil and wicked things can be considered men of God never mind super Apostles? Something is drastically wrong here and it’s not with Walter Kambulow and or any of his friends including Gordon Williams, Dr. Pat Holiday, Dr. Joy Makahonuik, Kevin Gibb, Barry Bowen, Randy Tan and many others! So how can Vindictive, Vicious, Venomous Demons From Hell, Evangelical Pastors John Arnott, Steve Long, Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, who have no integrity and practice perjury, fabrication of evidence, obstruction of justice, thievery, and slander, preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? They cannot because they are devoid of integrity and dishonest, deceived, duped and demonized! But it’s not surprising considering these scoundrels supported and mentored the Demon From Hell and Sorcerer Todd Bentley. (See Liars and Perjurers in Revival John Arnott and Todd Bentley http://www.a2zbookdepot.com/revival.pdf , How Pastors Get Rich http://www.cultwatch.com/HowPastorsGetRich.html ,The Pathetic Movement http://www.christianresearchservice.com/The_Prophetic_Movement.htm)

Speaking of lack of integrity and scoundrels, their friend Benny Hinn is also a chronic liar who constantly tells the news media that his ministry financial books are open to all to inspect but he always finds a reason why he cannot make them available to the news media. (See Dubious faith healer lying Benny Hinn exposed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpNPQ6SLmpA ) And the $50 million immoral and criminal lawsuit by Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship a Christian non profit charity along its founder/pastor John Arnott and Senior Pastor Steve Long against a total stranger, Walter Kambulow, which was illegally terminated before Justice Trotter by fabrication of Evidence, Perjury and Obstruction of Justice brings about many unanswered questions! Question as What were these liars, perjurers, and criminals really afraid off? Why would any charity not only practice SLAPP but have on retainer one of Canada’s Top Litigation Specialist and attorney, Howard Winkler, who is also Jewish as well as totally immoral and has no qualms about lying and playing every dirty trick in the book? It’s amazing the so called men of God including so called Apostle John Arnott would orchestrate by remote control a lawsuit that was heard by over ten Superior Court Justices in over twenty court appearances by Aird & Berlis representing Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship with a “Statement of Claim” that was made under oath and was full of fabrication of evidence, lies, perjury, unsubstantiated allegations and words twisted and taken out of context. And Aird & Berlis on behalf of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and John Arnott and Steve Long made numerous requests to different Superior Court Justices that Mr. Walter Kambulow be incarcerated in a civil matter because he refused to bow down to these so called men of God who are nothing but liars, thieves, scoundrels and criminals! The hypocritical demons from hell, John Arnott, Steve Long, Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, who have committed numerous acts of fabrication of justice, perjury and obstruction of justice contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada, need to repent while they still have a chance because Jesus said in Revelation 21:8 "All liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone." And one thing that God really hates is hypocritical preachers who practice lawlessness and He has promised to tell them “ depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!”(Matthew 7:23) Yes, criminals, cowards and con artists such as John Arnott, Steve Long, Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship have no creditability out in the open in the real world in society out in the open! And that is why they do things in secret! Their friend Benny Hinn, the scoundrel, also preaches the demonic wealth transfer theology telling the dumb sheep to give their largest and best seed faith offering so God can bless them richly! They are nothing but frauds and thieving scoundrels! Yes, only criminals, cowards and con artists such as John Arnott, Steve

Long, Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship would have a secret trial on September 18, 2008 before Justice Trotter to obstruct justice avoid the liability of a counter suit, and not allow an innocent defendant Walter Kambulow to have his day in court and in the process again committed fabrication of evidence, perjury and obstruct justice? They are not men of God but common criminals who should be charged, tried and incarcerated for their real crimes against the Criminal Code of Canada. Yes, to stop a lawsuit that had not gone according to plan and became a $ 100 million dollar liability, the scoundrels and perjurers John Arnott and Steve Long and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship presented to Justice Trotter that Mr. Walter Kambulow was not in attendance , was continuing to slander the Plaintiff, was divorced and Sandra Kambulow his wife was a third party for the Plaintiffs. The reality was that Mr Kambulow had not been invited to the September 19, 2008 trial and was not slandering the liars and perjurers but only telling the truth about them! And as a result based on false and untruthful perjured information and presentation such as the defendant was divorced and his wife was a third party, and the use of an unauthorized private letter from the defendant to his spouse and wife, Sandra Kambulow, Justice Trottier issued an order striking out Mr. Kambulow’s Statement of Defense, assigned court costs of about $ 60,000 to be paid by Mr. Kambulow, making an order striking out Mr. Kambulow Statement of Claim against TACF, and making a permanent injunction against Mr. Kambulow making certain remarks in respect to the Plaintiffs that they were liars and are perjurers (a matter that has been brought forth to the Attorney General of Ontario and Law Enforcements throughout the country as well as to other Government officials!) Well unlike the liars, slanderers, perjurers, thieves, and criminals Pentecostal Pastors/Executives John Arnott and Steve Long of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and friends, Walter Kambulow is a "man of integrity" who slanders no one but tells the truth to everyone including Justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of Ontario. And there is no defense against the truth but it just has to be proclaimed to the whole world including the fact that Dan Strader the son of a Pentecostal Preacher is “Not Innocent. Even the dishonest Plaintiffs men devoid of integrity and of unscrupulous character used the term alleged defamatory words in regard to the defendant because they were not proven to be defamatory or slanderous! So why do lying thieving criminals and preachers as John Arnott Steve Long and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship who preach on restoration and restitution don’t practice which they preach? Because they are not only hypocrites but like many preachers today they love taking money in from the sheep but not giving out money to anybody even though Jesus Christ whom the claim to serve clearly told them: Like 6:35 "But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High.

For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. 6:36 "Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful Mr Kambulow as a victim of a real crime has the right to demand from John Arnott Steve Long and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship restoration for all that they had stolen from him and restitution for all the hell they had put him through! And just like Dan Strader was found to be guilty of his crimes and it not innocent so are John Arnott and Steve Long are “not innocent” of their crimes of perjury, fabrication of evidence, obstruction of justice, and being devoid of integrity and honesty and are definitely not true men of God but are to be charged with their crimes including perjury before different Justices of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario which is a very serious crime under the law? And Mr. Kambulow has the right to demand that the Government of Canada and Ontario through its various institutions including law enforcement and criminal courts ensure that true justice is served and these criminals be put behind bars where they belong! It is to be noted that in Brampton Court, Mississauga, Ontario, before the Honorable Justice Sprout on July 17, 2008 TACF's Litigation Specialist and attorney, Howard Winkler, told the Justice that “because the Plaintiff Mr. Kambulow filed a defamation lawsuit against TACF it had had the effect of cancelling out their lawsuit!” So John Arnott, Steve Long and Toronto Airport Church of the Flesh now had to do whatever needed to be done to extricate themselves from a $ 50 million dollar lawsuit that had not gone the way they had planned! Yes, according to the Criminal Code of Canada in the section on "Misleading Justice", everyone who commits Perjury, Fabrication of Evidence and Obstruction of Justice before any Superior Court Justice is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years! So considering the fact that perjury, fabrication of evidence and obstruction of justice in an Ontario Superior Court in Toronto BEFORE Superior court justices by Born Again Evangelical Pentecostal Pastors/Executives John Arnott and Steve Long and a Christian non profit charity Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship are very serious criminal offenses and they are included in the criminal code and phrase "everyone", these scoundrels are to be investigated and prosecuted for their real crimes and incarcerated! And what kind of Gospel do DEMONS FROM HELL unrepentant John Arnott, Steve Long Fred Wright and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship who committed and supported fabrication of evidence, perjury and obstruction of justice contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada preach? A false gospel that

is based on lies and is tied to money and the demonic wealth transfer! So it’s not surprising that two key advocates of “Wealth Transfer from the heathen” was the phony Dr. Pat Francis (http://www.patfrancis.org/) and her friend Peter C. Wagner (http://www.globalharvest.org/peter.htm) who had a seminar at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship about this concept. (Wealth Transfer Theology Is Demonic http://www.scribd.com/doc/29618734) Even the scoundrel and soon to be a divorcee, Benny Hinn says Yes, a wealth transfer is coming! In fact, the Word of God tells us that “a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just” (Proverbs 13:22). The house of the wicked loses; on the other hand, the house of the righteous flourishes: “The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish” (Proverbs 14:11). That is definitely a wealth transfer! The greed of these TV preachers has no limits and neither do their lies! My friend Gordon Williams who, unlike John Arnott and Pat Francis, graduated from a University with not only “Master of Divinity Degree” (M. Div) but from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, has appeared as a guest on numerous local and national Radio and Television Talk Shows in Canada and the United States and had been on the staff of “100 Huntley Street”, Canada’s National daily Christian television ministry sent me a very interesting memo exposing the fraudulent Pat Francis in reply to my query about her and the transfer of wealth theology! From: walter kambulow [mailto:walthope@cogeco.ca] Sent: January 1, 2009 6:28 PM To: 'Gordon Williams' Subject: What is your opinion of Dr. Pat Francis who believes in the transfer of wealth theology? Dr. Pat Francis Through her local and international ministries has reached millions of people with the message and mission of hope. Dr. Pat is a graduate of the University of the West Indies in the medical field of Radiography. She is also a Certified Psychotherapist and holds two Masters degrees and a Doctorate from Christian Life School of Theology, Columbus, GA. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. What is your opinion of Dr. Pat Francis who believes in the transfer of wealth theology? She is in bed with John Arnott and is going to be a speaker at their Pastors and Leaders Conference - Changing Cities and Nations Pastors and Leaders Conference - Changing Cities and Nations January 20-23, 2009 Toronto, ON Most of these Third Wave preachers don’t want to do any physical work and want money to come to them because they are lazy and parasite!

Walter From: Gordon Williams [mailto:gordwea@rogers.com] Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 3:48 PM To: 'walter kambulow' Subject: RE: What is your opinion of Dr. Pat Francis who believes in the transfer of wealth theology? Hi Walter: I have known Pat Francis ever since she started her ministry in a mid-week house meeting. Her educational qualifications are not what she claims. First of all, she became a member of the Evangelical Church Alliance Ministerial Fellowship and completed the Correspondence Course so she could be ordained. If she took a course in radiology that simply means that she is a technician. She is not a credited Psychotherapist licensed to practice in Canada. The Christian Life School of Theology is not an accredited school. It looks like it is one of 3 schools on the same location. She certainly is not a Certified Psychotherapist because that takes a long and supervised education for many years through a recognized Medical School. I checked out the Christian Life School of Theology which is not a certified school and it’s courses are not that good. Her degrees from the Christian School of Theology were probably done on-line and had no real university or seminary level education value. It amounts to a fraudulent education. Honorary degrees mean nothing except to puff up a pastor’s ego and make him or her’s self-importance get exaggerated into full fledged pride. Proof of this seen in her involvement with John Arnott . I am never impressed with people who want to tell us about the “millions” of people whom they have reached through their so-called ministries when there are so many more casualties caused by their leadership. The transfer of wealth theology is just another of those of whom Jesus warned have allowed “the cares of the world and the delight in riches“ (Matt. 13: 22) choke the word. Prosperity teaching/gospel ends up in hell (Jas. 5: 1 – 6). The vultures (sometimes translated eagles) always gather together to prey upon the body (Matt. 24: 28)They are not greedy for souls to be saved, people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Healing and deliverance and needs to be met. Happy New Year in Jesus Christ, Gordon Birds of feather stick together in all kinds of weather? So why should anybody be surprised that Dr. Pat Francis is a fraud and a phony? They should not! Yes Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship aka Toronto Airport Church of the Flesh renamed Catch the Fire aka Church of the Fools will be known as the Church of the Felons because you cannot have in a normal society

executives and members of a nonprofit charity organization contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada commit numerous criminal acts of perjury, fabrication of evidence and obstruction of justice before numerous Court Justices of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Otherwise the Canadian criminal code is not only a joke or a farce but now anybody can flout the code with impunity and be devoid of accountability! And this is exactly what John Arnott, Steve Long and the members of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship did when they sued a stranger for $ 50 million dollars and requested of numerous Superior court justices that Walter Kambulow be incarcerated in a civil matter!
Walter Kambulow http://tinyurl.com/2b7at7k http://walthope.tripod.com/ http://tinyurl.com/33kctf4

Twitter updates from John Arnott in one week show him working hard to push the Signs and Wonders Conference but they are still demons from hell DEMONS FROM HELL http://tinyurl.com/35axvdx

Twitter / JohnCarolArnott
Twitter updates from John & Carol Arnott / JohnCarolArnott. JohnCarolArnott: Wes Hall from @ihopkc getting blasted in the Holy Spirit! http://twitpic.com/2s0yi6 Saturday, September 25, 2010 9:44 PM JohnCarolArnott: Having an awesome conference Signs & Wonders in Toronto. Randy, Andres & Wes Hall are amazing. Finish tonight with Wes Hall from IHOP in KC Saturday, September 25, 2010 6:06 PM JohnCarolArnott: Just about to speak on character today. Saturday, September 25, 2010 3:44 PM JohnCarolArnott: Getting ready to speak at the afternoon session. #signsandwonders Saturday, September 25, 2010 2:12 PM JohnCarolArnott: @randyclarkga is just about to speak tonight. Signs, wonders and healings! #signsandwonders conference Friday, September 24, 2010 6:53 PM JohnCarolArnott: Great preach Wes @ihopkc http://twitpic.com/2rj7ge Friday, September 24, 2010 1:32 PM JohnCarolArnott: Forgiveness is the key. A lady just got healed after suffering from 40 years of pain from a car accident. Thank you Jesus! Thursday, September 23, 2010 5:25 PM JohnCarolArnott: Yay! Carol's speaking on healing through soaking.

http://twitpic.com/2r97ff Thursday, September 23, 2010 3:25 PM JohnCarolArnott: Ready for the start of a conference with @randyclarkga, Wes Hall from @ihopkc and Andres Bisonni. Expecting big things! #signsandwonders Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:06 AM JohnCarolArnott: LaRed @ctftoronto. Going to be an exciting and challenging week. Friday, September 17, 2010 9:15 PM Wolves in Sheep's Clothing http://www.scribd.com/doc/33784302/ THE REAL PROBLEM http://tinyurl.com/23jh5jd BENNY HINN THE SCOUNDREL http://tinyurl.com/2dtubzf Christian protection racket http://tinyurl.com/28rwjkk Rodney the Fleecer http://tinyurl.com/343w372 Third Wave is Dangerous, Deceptive And Demonic http://tinyurl.com/288apq7 False Holy Spirit Conference http://www.scribd.com/doc/35527597/ Laughing Clark http://www.scribd.com/doc/35148050 TO STEPHEN STRADER http://tinyurl.com/27cxz43 Lakeland-Revival http://www.scribd.com/doc/34189317/ Todd Bentley: Lakeland Liar interviewed on ABC Night line http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMAVPXPx6H8 LIARS AND PERJURERS IN REVIVAL http://tinyurl.com/34cmz2p http://www.scribd.com/doc/33780391/ Signs, Wonders & Miracles http://www.scribd.com/doc/33782544/ Todd Bentley John Arnott False Prophesy and Prayer http://tinyurl.com/2eyec74 The Spirit http://tinyurl.com/2c36fqu NOT INNOCENT http://www.scribd.com/doc/33762241 NOMINATE BENNY AND PAULA! THE BEST CHRISTIAN SOAP OPERA OF 2010? http://tinyurl.com/38gkbza Wealth Transfer Theology Is Demonic http://www.scribd.com/doc/29618734 FAILED PROSPERITY http://tinyurl.com/35msnwl The Pathetic Movement http://tinyurl.com/24m6p2p Gold Dust http://tinyurl.com/38ehkwg Solution financial problems http://tl.gd/634hr1 THE DEVIL’S CHANNEL http://tl.gd/63c041 Personal Freedom http://tinyurl.com/2fg63wk http://www.scribd.com/doc/38075133/Demons-From-Hell

Ex-pastor found guilty of theft, faces 90 years in prison

Friday, October 1, 2010 02:52 AM


Former pastor David A. Thompson cost World of Pentecost Church as much as $1 million. The former pastor of World of Pentecost Church faces up to 90 years in prison after a Franklin County judge convicted him yesterday of misusing church funds, falsifying financial records and filing fraudulent tax returns. David A. Thompson, 47, showed no emotion as Common Pleas Judge Stephen L. McIntosh found him guilty on 22 counts and not guilty on one count. The judge issued his verdict four weeks after a nonjury trial ended on Sept. 2. McIntosh scheduled sentencing for Dec. 1 and ordered Thompson confined to house arrest until then. The courtroom was crowded with about three-dozen spectators, including many current and former members of the East Side church that lost as much as $1 million through Thompson’s actions. “The biggest casualty was not financial,” the current pastor, Doug Girton, said outside the courtroom. “A lot of people lost faith.” The congregation continues to pray for Thompson and his family, Girton said, “but the truth needed to be dealt with.” “A lot of healing has to be done on both sides,” he said. “The biggest part of forgiveness is getting it out of our hearts.”

Thompson’s ability to take as much money as he wanted from two church accounts he controlled was at the core of the prosecution’s case. Girton, who was an assistant to Thompson, said the church pastor no longer has control over funds. Thompson, of Mistover Lane in Canal Winchester, headed the church at 3431 E. Main St. from 1995 to 2007. Assistant County Prosecutor Jay Moore said Thompson used much of the money to pay off personal credit cards and support a lavish lifestyle that included luxury automobiles. Thompson never claimed more than $44,300 in annual income on his state tax returns. During four hours of testimony a month ago, Thompson insisted that he didn’t improperly use the funds for personal expenses, but he conceded that he gave false financial reports to church members, took out mortgages against the church property without telling the congregation and obtained one loan with a fraudulent document. McIntosh convicted him on nine counts of money-laundering, seven counts of filing false or incomplete state income-tax returns, three counts of tampering with records and one count each of theft, forgery and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. The lone not-guilty verdict was for a count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity related to an allegation that Thompson used church funds to install a swimming pool at his home. Prosecutors said the amount Thompson stole was difficult to pinpoint because he controlled the accounts and mingled the funds. The judge is expected to calculate a figure and order restitution at sentencing. jfutty@dispatch.com

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