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John McCandless STEM Charter School

Math 8- Mrs. Compise
2018-19 Course Syllabus

Course Overview
This accelerated course is aligned with the 8th grade standards as described in the California Common
Core State Standards. Coursework is compiled mainly from ​Eureka Math​ curriculum, and I will
supplement with problems from Interactive Math Program curriculum.

Students are expected to ​actively participate.​ Active participation includes bringing materials, attentive
listening, checking work when solutions are presented, volunteering to present, asking appropriate
questions and doing math when work time is provided.

All students will demonstrate age appropriate maturity and responsibility by:
● Organizing a binder with all assignments completed, labeled, and sorted into correct locations.
● Turning in assignments on time every day in class
● Coming to class prepared
● Actively participating in all activities

Grading Policies
Assignments will be graded with points. The points will be categorized and weighted as follows:
Homework/Classwork 30%
Presentations/Projects 30 %
Tests/Assessments 40%

Letter grades will be assigned as follows​:

90% - 100% A
80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% – 69% D
Less than 60% F

Make-up work:​ can be turned in on the day of return from an excused absence for full credit. Extended
absence will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Late Work:​ will be accepted for full credit from excused absences. ​It is a student’s responsibility to
collect all missing assignments the day they return.​ Late work will be accepted until the end of the unit.
Homework that was not done, or plagiarized will not be accepted.

Make-up tests​: Students have ​one week​ to make up any missing tests.
Test Corrections: ​Students will have the opportunity to raise a low-test score by correcting missed
problems as additional homework. In addition to correcting problems, students must explain their
mistake. Students can receive up to 10% credit.

Course Rules/Procedures:
· Students will be in their seats, ready to work when class begins
· Students will ​be prepared​ with all appropriate materials –
workbook, calculator, composition book or binder and writing utensils.
· Students will be expected to treat the people and the materials in the classroom with ​respect​.
· Homework will be done in pencil​ for credit and all c​ orrections will be done in pen
· Stamp sheets will be collected to be graded on the day of the Unit test.

Communication: ​Information about this class can be accessed through Mrs. Compise’s website at​. Mrs. Compise will send messages through the Remind app. Join the
Remind class at ​​ .

Supplies Provided by the Teacher:


Supplies Provided by the Student:

Binder- 3 ring, 1-inch
Pencils – All homework should be done in pencil
Colored Pen - Homework and test corrections will be done in pen
Calculator – Scientific
Parent/Student Acknowledgement

Math 8
I have received, read, and understand the course syllabus.

Student Name:​ ______________________________________________________

Student Signature​:​ ______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name​:​ ______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature​:​ ______________________________________________________

Date​:​ ______________________________________________________

Honor Code
In signing this form I declare that I understand what constitutes PLAGIARISM in this class. Specifically, I
agree that all work presented will be of my own and created solely by me, and that the consequences
associated with cheating and/or plagiarizing will be an automatic “F” (zero) on that assignment, as well
as disciplinary action in accordance with LHS’s Academic Integrity policy stated in the Student
Handbook. This includes any class assignments, tests, written homework or reports. Doing work for
others is considered cheating and will be treated in the same manner as turning in work that is stolen,
copied or plagiarized.

Student Name​:​ ______________________________________________________

Student Signature​:​ ______________________________________________________

Date​: ​______________________________________________________