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La contaminación está acabando con la vida de muchas especies.

Cada día
aumenta su proporción en nuestro planeta siendo el ser humano el mayor
causante de este mal, sabiendo que el humano, el ser más inteligente sería tan
incapaz de cuidar su propio planeta... Ahora estamos en el siglo XXI, ha
empeorado las cosas ya que han inventado tantos materiales químicos que
están dañando demasiado a nuestro planeta.
La población, la basura, la destrucción de la capa de ozono son factores que
destruyen al medio ambiente. Puntos principales en contaminación, fábricas
que despiden mucho humo que contamina el aire que espiramos.
La superpoblación está acabando con las áreas verdes, el uso desmesurado
de los terrenos de cultivo y los bosques no permite la oxigenación del
medio ambiente.
Los vehículos que también despiden anhídrido carbónico contaminando el aire
que respiramos.
Quema de basura ilógicamente, los desechos tóxicos de fábricas que son
arrojados inescrupulosamente a los ríos y mares contaminándolos, llegando
hasta en ciertas oportunidades a matar a los animales y peces que viven en
ese hábitat.
La consecuencia de toda esta contaminación está haciendo que haya
un calentamiento global, se derriten los glaciales y eso provoca cambios
bruscos del clima, ocasionando tormentas que jamás han tenido tal intensidad
y en lugares que hacía mucho tiempo no se presentaban, tornados,
maremotos, terremotos, tifones…. Creando el hueco de la capa de ozono,
dejando entrar rayos ultravioletas que van directamente a la piel del humano
provocando enfermedades de la piel exactamente cáncer.

The US accumulates 40% of the world's 'environmental debt' EFEFUTURO.-
The United States accumulates 40% of the environmental debt due to
environmental damage, according to a study published by the magazine Natura
Cimate Changue. Environmental debt The authors explained in the report how
countries that have contributed to climate change to a greater extent have
acquired an environmental debt owed to those other nations that have had a
lower incidence in global warming. In addition, the study suggests that

in the United States. because they do not have the great idea of packing them in glass and make them returnable or somehow make the price of glass containers more comfortable. which contribute fundamentally to the warming of the Earth.. only one plastic bottle takes 1000 years to decompose. Researchers have estimated that the social cost of CO2 emissions is approximately 40 dollars (35. Matthew and his team calculated each country's carbon debt based on per capita emissions records since 1990.. And it is that the USA it is behind China the second country in the world that generates the most greenhouse gases. it is so sad to see how many people here do not have a bit of awareness for the environment. Here we present some figures that show to what extent the US It has responsibility for the phenomenon of climate change that scientists attribute to human activities.environmental debts . a Harvard University study estimated that each year about five percent of deaths in the typical contaminated American city are linked to acid particles in the air. Future EFE The environmentalist According to Harvard studies revealed that the United States is the country that contributes the most in environmental pollution and does not pay as much attention to that report until I lived it in my own flesh. not all his life would be enough to do it! With respect to air pollution. The departure of the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change announced Thursday by President Donald Trump has been a blow to the global movement that seeks to reduce pollution on the planet. pollution through waste or the emission of greenhouse gases . It is ridiculous to see how even apples are wrapped in plastic so that they do not get damaged. From that date.000 million tons of carbon dioxide." explained the researcher.. how many thousands of years will the world need to decompose all the plastic containers that there are? . And it is that the North American power is one of the nations whose emissions contribute most to the effects of climate change. Harvard University estimated that each year about five percent of deaths in the typical contaminated North American city are linked to acid particles in the air.which include the exploitation of natural resources. the researchers verified how emissions have increased in all the debtor countries in 250. Absolutely everything in the USA is embarrassed. Perhaps that is why Trump's decision was received as a jug of cold water by the international community. with the majority of world leaders showing their disappointment with the president. 27% of CO2 since 1850 Although at present China is the . the natural herbs that in Peru are tied with a simple league here are pregnant in plastic and there are only three dry branches in tremendous embracing.are used to decide who should pay the global costs of climate change. To establish differences in emissions and historical liability for environmental damage.. Another study of pollution by articulated matter estimates that tens of thousands of premature deaths each year can be attributed to it. like gallons of milk and orange juice. "This cost estimate shows how much industrialized countries must pay to those less emitters to face the costs of climate change or to develop their economies through carbon-free alternatives. .8 euros) per tonne emitted. they are made in plastic.

Japan (4%) India (3%) and Canada (2%). the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center determined that the United States is responsible for 27% of the world's CO2 emissions. Germany and France. which includes industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom. The burning of fossil fuels such as oil and its derivatives. are the main generators of this gas. with 25%. China is in third place (11%).39 tons of CO2 per person At present. for 160 years the United States is the largest emitter. Considering the 1850-2011 period. with 10. China is the country that most that more tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) throws into the atmosphere. Close behind is the European Union. followed For Russia (8%).64 kilotons of CO . Dell gas and coal. 16.