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Volume 12 Issue 10 FREE August 17, 2018

Pet Helpers
For The Island Connection

t came to the attention of Pet Helpers
management early morning on Friday,
August 10, that the 44,000 sq. ft.
hurricane proof (category 5) building had
been vandalized. When the management
team arrived Friday morning they found
the ceiling had fallen in on the Executive
Director’s office. Upon inspection from
Total Comfort Solutions it was discovered
that someone had been cutting a hole
through the rubber matting on top of the
roof, possibly gain access to the clinic.
The cost of getting the roofing and
leaks fixed from the holes that were cut
will range in the thousands of dollars.
Patio view at Timbers Kiawah. Photo provided. If anyone has information on who
vandalized the Pet Helpers building please
contact the City of Charleston Police

Timbers opens 17th property Department, a police incident report has

been filed.
Pet Helpers is offering a reward of

at Kiawah $1,000 to anyone who has information

on who (or whom) may have committed
this act. The offender must be convicted
to receive the reward.
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

ccording to Chris Burden, Managing Director of Penthouse expanses boast 3780 square feet with 4 bedrooms
Development, Timbers is on schedule for their October (each with closets large enough to get lost in), 4.5 baths, study,
2018 opening and are meeting sales goals for the project at entertainment room, and adjoining chef’s kitchen/dining room.
Kiawah’s west end. Timbers will compete in one of the country’s The “gathering” room is the centerpiece, with ocean views
more expensive zip codes by combining 5 star service and quality, through 5 sliding glass walls that accordion open onto a 1600
with home ownership. Three residential structures contain 21 Sq. ft. wrap around patio. The penthouses are sold in 1/6th
homes in 2 flavors, sure to impress even those accustomed to increments for $1.34 million, plus annual dues of $36,000. The
Kiawah’s top shelf reputation. budget conscious should be aware a housekeeping fee will also be
Spacious 3 bedroom residences are a comfortably large 2200 charged while staying in your Timbers residence.
sq. ft., and include 400-foot patios, 3.5 baths, separate chef’s Timbers assumes you’re on vacation while staying at the
kitchen, dining, family room, and walk-in closets. Even the properties, and don’t want to work. They clean the house, swap out
smaller “kids” room has enough space for two queen sized beds bedding and towels, and keep the place spotless every single day
with plenty leftover for wrestling matches. There are a total of 18 you’re there. They even shop for groceries and put them up before Vandals tried to cut open a segment of the
of these homes available. The price for a 1/9th share is $490,000, roof to gain entry into the building.
plus $17,000 annual dues. Timbers continues on page 7 Photo provided.

The Bookish Blonde SIAG Hosts Art Show Fishery in Full Swing
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2 August 17, 2018

Town of Kiawah Island

Lynn Pierotti
publisher BY KATY CALLOWAY and 40 benches to be installed throughout motion approved unanimously. The second
The Island Connection Managing Editor the service area. motion was made to authorize the Town Administrator to incur costs up to $50,000
Mayor Weaver inquired about CARTA

expansion on to Johns Island. Tri-County plus any attorneys fees incurred to date,
Katy Calloway he Aug. 7 Town Council meeting to be used for the cost of demolition and
was called to order at a special Link currently serves Johns Island and it is the
managing editor intention of CARTA to combine Tri-County appropriate and necessary re-landscaping
time, 10 a.m., with only 4 of the property. The motion was approved Councilmembers in attendance; John and CARTA over the next few years to create
one regional transit system that will increase unanimously. And thus the drama at 122
Wilson was away on vacation. Turnberry Drive came to a close.
ridership and routes to Johns Island.
Jennifer Tuohy Previous meeting minutes Mayor Weaver The Town Administrator’s report stated
began his Mayor’s update by declaring The 2018-19 CARTA budget was
contributing editor approved unanimously. that the communications and wildlife he had, “nothing of substance to add,” department has released its 5th video in the
except that the sentencing of former Town The second item under new business was
to consider approval to proceed with the Wild About video series on painted buntings.
employees Tumiko Rucker and Kenneth Tillerson added that representatives from Big
Alejandro Ferreyros Gunnells was to happen later that afternoon. demolition and consideration of acquisition
senior graphic designer of the property at 122 Turnberry Drive. Rock Partners would be presenting on the
Mayor Weaver planned to be in attendance senior living facility planned for Freshfields, and could not begin to predict the outcome. Councilmember Widuch reported that it’s
been a very slow process over the course of at the Planning Commission meeting on
Citizen’s comments welcomed Wendy Wednesday, Aug. 8.
Kulick to the podium, who acknowledged a year. The Town has made repeated efforts
Lori McGee to make contact with the property owner Councilmember Mezzanotte reported
the larger number of attendees, several
sales manager and a lien holder, to no avail, and at this that arts and cultural events are selling out.
residents of Turnberry Dr., at the day’s The Sea Level Rise report will be presented meeting. Kulick suggested that when future point Council feels confident that they have
completed the process to legally proceed the Environmental Committee on Aug. 14
meeting times need to be changed that the for approval and will then be presented to
Carla Foxworth public be made particularly aware. Mayor with condemnation. The property is vermin
infested and has become a danger to the Council at the September meeting. In July,
sales executive Weaver clarified that the meeting time was the KICA alligator survey was conducted,
changed to accommodate a particularly neighborhood, remarked Widuch. “You almost need a hazmat suit to be in there,” approximately 600 alligators are expected to
important agenda item that Council did not be in habitat.
want to delay, in light of the fact that Weaver remarked Mayor Weaver.
Senior Staff Writer will be at the Ruckers/Gunnells during the Town Attorney, Dwayne Green stated that Councilmember Widuch reported that
Gregg Bragg regularly scheduled meeting time. the Town will now be filing for summary the construction at Fire Station 6 near Flyway
judgment and serve by publication, to put on is now expected to be completed no sooner
With no other citizen’s comments, than September. Vacancy remains on the St.
Council moved on to the consent agenda. notice that the Town will be demolishing the
Contributors Johns Fire Department Commission. Please
The second reading of Ordinance 2018- building. Council will determine whether to
Carrie Browning-Perez acquire the entire property or just the building. contact Councilmember Widuch or Mayor
109, to address flood damage prevention Weaver if you are interested in serving.
Betsy Turner Attorneys will file for a judgment to declare
and flood hazard reduction was approved Two Quick Response Vehicles are expected
Lorna Hollifield unanimously. There was no old business to the building is worth $0 and that the Town is
Jennifer Meshanko permitted to tear it down. Following the judicial to be purchased and 1 will be stationed on
address, so Mayor Weaver moved on to new Kiawah as early as December. This should
Norman Powers business. order, the Town will be immune from liability.
The entire legal process may take 30-120 days. significantly improve the department’s
Geoff Bennett A representative from CARTA presented emergency response abilities.
the annual budget for CARTA, which Council then discussed potential costs
Dimi Matouchev and challenges in acquiring the building or Wendy Kulick closed the meeting with
John B. Nelson requires Town’s approval in accordance with a request for the Town to provide notice
State law. Highlights of the 2018-19 budget the entire property. Councilmember Widuch
Marci Shore declared his support of just taking the house of bikepath flooding from the entrance
includes the opening of the Intermodal of Cassique to Freshfields. Mayor Weaver
Barbara Radin Fox Center in North Charleston, which will and not the entire property, which KICA
will then be responsible for negotiating costs responded stating that drains have been
be open in February of next year. The cleaned out and the flooding issue should be
Lowcountry Rapid Transit line will be the and dues with the current property owner.
Councilmember Mezzanotte then voiced her resolved.
next big CARTA project, which they hope
to help fund with federal grants. System support for the same position. With no further business the meeting was
improvements and technology improvements The first motion was made to allow legal adjourned. The next meeting of the Kiawah
in the upcoming year include camera council to move forward on the necessary Town Council will be Tuesday, Sept. 4 at
replacements, the addition of 62 bus shelters, actions to demolish the property. The 2:00.

Civic Calendar
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August 17, 2018

Seabrook Island
Mayor’s Message
t the August 7 meeting regarding said highway.” In February of 1990, the
the proposed senior living SCDOT conveyed that easement to the
complex, it became clear to me Town of Seabrook Island by quitclaim
that residents continue to have a number deed. So to the extent the town has the
of questions with respect to the ownership right to construct, maintain and improve
of Seabrook Island Road, the contractual the road and to maintain controlled access,
commitment of the Seabrook Island it is the owner thereof. What it does not
Utility Commission to provide sewer own is the property on which the road is
service to the property on which the located. As far as I know the underlying
senior living facility is proposed to be “ownership interest” is in the name of
located and the potential development of Andell Development Limited Partnership,
the remaining property on either side of which at some point changed its name to
the road. East Seabrook Limited Partnership.
With respect to the “ownership” of As a practical matter, it makes no
Seabrook Island Road it is fair to say difference who “owns” Seabrook Island
that the Town “owns” the concrete and Road; all of it is within the Town’s legal
infrastructure. In 1972, (about the time jurisdiction. In March of 1990, Town
Seabrook Island was first developed) Council passed an ordinance annexing
the South Carolina Department of that “portion of Seabrook Island Road
Transportation received a “Right of Way (State Road No. 1875) lying outside the
Easement” from the descendants of the Town’s then existing jurisdiction up to the
Andell family for the “construction of intersection at Kiawah Island Parkway”
a section of State highway” 66 feet in which includes part of the traffic circle
width, a portion of which included the landscaping and the on ramp to Seabrook
roadway from what is now the Circle to Island. Accordingly, the developers are
Landfall Way. The grant of easement was required to obtain an Encroachment
expressly for the purpose of “constructing, Permit from the town in order to obtain
improving and maintaining [the highway] access to Seabrook Island Road.
. . . and the right to construct and
maintain controlled access facilities to Mayor’s Message continues on page 4

Tid e Char t
Date High Tide Low Tide
Aug 17 1:24am/2:13pm 7:33am/8:12pm
Aug 18 2:15am/3:07pm 8:25am/9:10pm
Aug 19 3:07am/4:01pm 9:18am/10:07pm
Aug 20 4:01am/4:54pm 10:11am/11:02pm
Aug 21 4:54am/5:44pm 11:03am/11:52pm
Aug 22 5:45am/6:32pm 11:53am
Aug 23 6:34am/7:17pm 12:39am/12:40pm
Aug 24 7:20am/7:59pm 1:23am/1:23pm
Aug 25 8:04am/8:39pm 2:03am/2:05pm
Aug 26 8:46am/9:17pm 2:42am/2:44pm
Aug 27 9:24am/9:52pm 3:19am/3:23pm
Aug 28 10:01am/10:26pm 3:55am/4:02pm
Aug 29 10:37am/10:59pm 4:30am/4:42pm
Aug 30 11:14am/11:35pm 5:08am/5:25pm

Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.

Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
wrong so use common sense.
4 August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 5
civic arts & events The Bookish Blond
Mayor’s Message continues from page 3
Seabrook Island Road is not a private
eastern end of Bohicket Marina.
At Tuesday’s meeting I noted that
there is undeveloped property on either
Mark Horton visits Why Seabrook?
Artist Guild
road. It doesn’t meet the state’s definition side on Seabrook Island Road that has
of a private road, and in our Development the potential to be developed. On the BY LORNA HOLLIFIELD Some of you may know that I’m a palm trees outside my window and the
Standards Ordinance it is described northeast side of the road there is a single For The Island Connection southern fiction author. My first novel, occasional crab in my front yard. And it’s
alternatively as a public road and an tract of almost 300 acres, which extends Tobacco Sun, came out last summer not too shabby. When the fairies are sleeping
“arterial” road. Our DSO provides, from Town Hall to and behind the (Google that...thank you, dear). At book I usually mosey over to Freshfields Village
property where the senior living complex hy’d you move all the way signings and speaking engagements I’m for a veggie taco at Cantina 76 or a stroll
among other things, that it is the policy
of the town to “minimize” the number of is proposed to be located. That parcel is LANDSCAPE MASTER out to Seabrook?” always asked how I come up with the through Vincent’s Drugstore just because
points of access to arterial roads. owned by Haulover Creek Development Ahh...the age old characters or the plot, and I answer the it’s so darn cute. However, in coming weeks
Company. This property is in Charleston question. I get it all the time. Why would same way every time...they just show up, you’ll probably find me in Palmetto Scent
As I mentioned at our Tuesday meeting, BY BETSY TURNER a 32-year-old extrovert choose a sliver of always have. Upon further investigation Studio huffing the “old books” scented
the Seabrook Island Utility Commission County. For The Island Connection
On the southwest side of the road a barrier island 20 miles outside of the I’ve decided that Betty’s ornery, more type candle...that’s my catnip lately.
is obligated to provide sanitary sewer city to build her nest on right alongside
service to the property on which the senior there are 4 parcels, 2 of which are owned A, frenemy, Beatrice must be responsible. So now you know the big fat WHY I
by Atlantic Partners II LLC (the same and informative program to see. Horton the snowbirds? Today, I’m finally going to Beatrice makes me buckle down and moved out to Seabrook Island. If you’re
living facility is proposed to be built. The address that why...and the short answer is,
commitment to provide sanitary sewer company which owns the property is a great teacher and a very interesting work, sometimes demanding 10 and 12 interested in getting to know the WHO,
on which the senior living complex is presenter. Everyone is invited to come see (in my finest southern drawl), because it hour days where I don’t leave the keyboard. come out to my Artsy August meet and
service to the property in question was tickles me, darlin’.
made in 1990, by agreement between proposed to be located) and 2 of which are this master at work. She floods my head with ideas for novels, greet August 28, 6-8pm in the courtyard
Heater of Seabrook and the then-owner owned by Haulover Creek Development Mark Horton was born in rural North I actually don’t know if it tickles me blog articles, or random tidbits that she’ll outside of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery
of the subject property. When the Town Company. One of these parcels is in the Carolina. After graduating from East as much as it does the two rather impish torture me with until I get them out. She in Freshfields Village. I’ll be there with
purchased Heater’s assets in 1996, it took Town of Kiawah Island; the remaining Carolina University School of Art in fairies that live inside my head and control has big goals of making the bestseller list artist, and Southern Charm cast member,
an assignment of a number of Developer properties are in Charleston County. 1983, Horton moved to New York City to everything I do. The first of these fairies and living a life like the Fitzgerald’s...a life Danni Baird, as well as other designers,
Agreements including one to provide It is important to note that the town has begin a career in advertising and design. is the beach bum...let’s just call her Betty. of beauty and boldness. Needless to say, photographers, and craftsmen. I’d love to
sanitary utility services to the property in not been contacted by the owners of these His 18 years of living in New York Betty flutters around in my mind bugging she requires a place to hide away, connect meet my other fellow islanders, so don’t be
me until I take her to the beach and sacrifice Author Lorna Hollifield.
question (water will be obtained directly properties, and we know of no immediate were spent working as a creative director with the sounds of crickets and chirping a stranger. I might even introduce you to
my own skin so she can feel the warm rays Photo provided.
by the property owner from St. Johns development plans. However, as I stated in various advertising agencies and birds, and entertain her friends who then the fairies...
Water). SIUC has always included in its on Tuesday is the intention of the Town eventually founding his own design reach in and touch her. She’s the one that business and life decisions. Occasionally come out of my fingers as characters. Once
keeps my hair blonde, my arms bronzed, Betty is a bad influence, but most of the Lorna Hollifield was born in Asheville but
capacity calculations an assumption that to engage a consulting traffic engineer to company. Those years provided Horton an Betty and I showed Beatrice the hanging
and my lungs filled with salt. time I’m pretty glad that she’s a part of now enjoys the island life with her husband,
it would provide sewer service to this help us anticipate for the development of invaluable opportunity to view and study Spanish moss, tranquil lagoons, and
It’s Beach Bum Betty that requires me. I believe fully in mixing business with Kimsey, and spunky spaniel, Miss Margaret.
property. Accordingly, the development these properties and to ensure that the firsthand the seemingly endless number piebald deer grazing by the horse pastures,
at least two sand dollar hunts per week pleasure, and not wasting days in stuffy Lorna began her professional writing journey
of this property as a senior living facility is safe and un-congested flow of traffic on of masterworks in the city’s museums she got on board with Seabrook as well.
during the blustery cooler months, conference rooms...thanks Betty. as a tourism and travel blogger, before
within the assumed capacity of the SIUC. Seabrook Island Road is maintained. and galleries. He became particularly It’s an island made for writers, and the
followed by cozy oceanside fires. Looking She couldn’t have done it alone deciding to pursue her dream of publishing
On either side of Seabrook Island Road, fascinated with the works of George pushy little pixie could feel the inspiration
forward to this tempers the sting of the though...lured me to the small paradise a fiction. Her first novel, Tobacco Sun was
the town’s jurisdiction does not extend to Inness, Herman Herzog, Frederick in the simple nature of the place, so she
Ron Ciancio summer’s end, when Betty makes me half-hour trot from the cobblestone streets published by Pen Name Publishing in 2017.
the circle. On the northeast side of the Church and the tonalist photographer agreed...let’s set up shop here. throw beach parties every weekend, and of Charleston. She needed the support of She’s also the pen behind one of Charleston’s
road (outbound), the town’s jurisdiction Edward Steichen. He was also captivated I’ve learned it suits me best to follow the
843.768.9121 hold important meetings at the club, her roommate that takes up the other half favorite blogs, The Bookish Blonde.
extends slightly beyond Town Hall. On by the realism of John Singer Sargent and fluttering wings of my little mind sprites,
the southwest side of the road (inbound), Artist Mark Horton. Winslow Homer as well as the romantic so we can catch a little buzz and watch of my brain. She needed “the writer” to and that’s how I wound up right here with
the Town’s jurisdiction extends to the Photo provided. landscapes of the Hudson River School the dolphins frolic while we make savvy get firmly on board.

he Seabrook Island Artist Guild’s painters. The experience had a profound
first meeting of the fall season effect on his artistic development.
will be on Tuesday, Sept. 18, During these years, Horton continued
from 2–4 p.m., at the Lake House and to nurture his “fine art side”, drawing,
will feature the well-known Charleston sketching and painting whenever possible.
artist Mark Horton. Horton is one of the In early 2001, he made the decision to
most popular guest artists, having done devote himself full-time to painting. He
demonstrations and workshops for the left New York City and returned to his
guild for 9 consecutive years. Southern roots, moving to Charleston.
This year we have requested that Horton is especially interested in the
Horton demonstrate the process of effects of light and weather upon the
painting the various trees found in the landscape. He paints beyond a literal
Lowcountry. This has always been a interpretation of a scene to portray nature
challenge to artists in terms of color in a way that reflects his own ideas and
selection; sequence of values, i.e. light to sensibilities while capturing the spirit,
dark or dark to light; “building” the tree, color and changing light of a place.
i.e. branches first, leaves last or vice versa; To learn more about Mark Horton and
detailing the trunk; adding shadows and his work, visit
“sky holes”, etc.
Visit the art guild’s website at
If you have ever thought about learning to learn
to paint or returning to painting, or if you more about the organization and upcoming
are even just interested in learning about events.
the process, this would be a wonderful
6 August 17, 2018
volunteer spotlight for your health

George McBean What is alternative

For The Island Connection
medicine exactly?
years, he feels right at home volunteering BY BARBARA RADIN FOX and other pain, relaxation, plantar
For The Island Connection fasciitis, allergies, respiratory problems,
at Our Lady of Mercy Neighborhood restless leg syndrome, stroke and more.
House’s soup kitchen.

Some insurance plans cover it.
McBean met Vonceil Mitchell, Lunch e have received a question about
alternative medicine from a Other types of alternative medicine
Program Manager, as they attend the include homeopathy, which is the use of
same church. He offered to help in the resident on Seabrook Island.
natural substances instead of traditional
kitchen whenever she needed it. One icy Alternative medicine is a practice of prescription or over the counter medications,
day about 10 years ago, Vonceil called medicine that is not traditional or conventional and naturopathy, which uses “natural
McBean to assist in the soup kitchen, in terms of Western Medicine. Technically, if techniques”. Another alternative medicine
and he has been volunteering weekly ever some alternative medical treatments are used treatment is chiropractic and osteopathic
since. along with more traditional treatments, this is adjustments, which are often effective with
McBean enjoys preparing the food to called complementary medicine. A relatively a myriad of medical conditions and is now
give it a good flavor and working with new medical specialty is called integrative or often covered by medical insurance.
different volunteer groups. What he likes functional medicine, which uses both types
of treatments. Often the alternative medicine Reiki, reflexology, yoga, tai chi, massage,
the most about volunteering is serving the meditation and other breathing treatments,
people. “The need is there, and I am able treatments are not covered by medical
insurance because they aren’t traditional. biofeedback are all excellent ways to reduce
to give my time,” says McBean. stress in our bodies, which then translates into
Our Lady of Mercy Community More and more Americans are using prevention of disease. Some say that stress is a
Outreach is here to provide information alternative medicine because they are causative factor in 85% of all disease.
and education on ways to support self- finding that traditional medicine doesn’t
seem to be effective with many medical An alternative mental health treatment

sufficiency for people in need. McBean is EMDR therapy, which has been
rowing up in Jamaica, George encourages people to be part of that conditions and alternative treatments are.
McBean watched his parents help Actually, the current statistic is 40% of successfully used by some psychotherapists
support to the community. Volunteering since the late 1980’s for PTSD, anxiety,
those in need by providing food to has been a fun and eye-opening experience adults in the U.S. have used one or more
families. His parents set an example for types of alternative medicine. In the rest depression and addictions.
for him.
him to serve his community as an adult. of the world, that statistic is much greater. Something that we don’t often think
In 1980, McBean moved to Charleston to If you are interested in becoming of as an alternative treatment is a dietary
a volunteer with Our Lady of Mercy There are many types of alternative
be closer to his grandmother. Five years medicine that have been in use successfully treatment. There are many diets that are
later, he relocated to Atlanta where he Community Outreach on Johns Island said to be healthy, but the whole grain/
or downtown Charleston, please contact for many years and others that have not
started a family. McBean moved back to proven effective. plant based diet may have the most studies
Charleston in 2005 after his grandmother Jennifer Meshanko at jennifer.meshanko@ showing its efficacy, especially for treating or 843.559.4109 Ext. 106. Probably the oldest type of alternative diabetes, treating and preventing heart
had open-heart surgery. Working in the medicine is acupuncture. It has been in
food and beverage industry for several disease and cancer and for many other
use in Asia for at least 3,000 years and its conditions. More and more people in recent
use along with herbs is called traditional years are demanding blood tests for celiac
Chinese medicine. It is used for all types or allergies from their physicians when they
of conditions, including any orthopedic have conditions that aren’t improving and if
the test is positive, the treatment is a gluten
free diet for celiac and other elimination
diets for other allergies.
Please send your questions or suggestions
about health related topics you would like
to see addressed in our column to Barbara
Radin Fox at foxb@bodyandsoultherapy.
com or 2045 Maybank Hwy., Charleston
29412. While we strike to provide
meaningful information, we do not give
specific medical advice. We look forward
to hearing from you!
The Seabrook Island Healthcare
Professionals Group welcomes any active
or retired health professional living on
Seabrook Island. Meetings are held on
the first Thursday of the month at the
Lake House in the Osprey2 room from
7-8 p.m.
August 17, 2018 7

The pool, under construction at the Timbers Beach Club. Photo by Gregg Bragg.
enclosed parking areas will break away
Timbers continues from cover in a tidal surge/flood leaving the building
you arrive, and will have your favorite wine unscathed, and that the 5 structures are
and/or whiskey waiting. All homes come all 14 feet above the ground. He isn’t
fully furnished and decorated by J. Banks worried about hurricanes, in other words.
Design Group, have multiple (in some He does concern himself with improving
cases) gas fireplaces, and are appointed community relations.
with Wolf, Thermador, Sub-zero, and “Development isn’t easy, and we’re
Bosch appliances. Governors Club and trying to be good neighbors. This isn’t a
Kiawah Island Club memberships are timeshare. This is deeded ownership, and
available, and membership in Timbers’ our residents build equity. Owners can
reciprocity program is automatic. sell their fraction [of Timbers] and keep
This isn’t Timbers first rodeo. They the change, if it’s more than they paid.
have developed 16 similar properties They can put down as little as 10% and
in Maui, Hokuala, Sonoma, Rancho finance the rest the way they would any
Valencia, Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, other residence. And our dues, they pay
Snowmass, Tuscany, St. Thomas, and for insurance, gas, electric, and water.
Cabo San Lucas to name a few. The [They] also cover the fees charged by the
reciprocity program provides Timbers’ community association. We pay [KICA]
residents with access to a secure website a fee per unit on our [21] residences,
where they can deposit or withdraw weeks plus an added amount for the fractional
from hundreds of listings and stay at any ownership [up to 180 pieces].
of`Timbers’ locations without the hassle “So, we’re contributing to Kiawah, but
of an agent, though they’re always ready we’re also here for the long haul. We’re
to help said Burden, an SC native. not like some developers who are going to
Burden was born and raised on get in and out as quick as they can. We’re
Hilton Head. He and his father, who going to be here, managing the property
is the Managing Director of Timbers, for some time. It’s a more relaxing way
in partnership with Oaktree Capital to develop, and we welcome residents
Management, worked together to build who want to take a tour and have a look
the first Timbers’ property in Snowmass, around,” said Burden.
Colorado in 1999. They worked apart for Asked about the future, Burden said,
the next 14 projects, but are partnering “We would love to expand,” hinting at
again to build Timbers Kiawah. “My the adjacent parcel between the Timbers
father always said, ‘Kiawah was the best tract and Beachwalker Park, “but that’s
beach on the East coast… This has been a ‘TBD.’ We have no immediate plans to
a dream, and now it’s come true,’” cited expand,” he said adding, “You know this
Burden. [area] was always going to be developed,”
Asked about hurricanes and flooding, before acknowledging one of the biggest
now so popular on Kiawah, Burden concerns for existing residents was the fate
didn’t hesitate. He said a foundation of of Captain Sams Spit.
interlaced steel “I” beams extended 55 A visit to the campus is well worth
feet below the surface and everything the trip. The bird’s eye view shows 3
else about the refuge was compliant with buildings designed for residences, all
Miami-Dade’s “stronger than it has to be” angled to display the breadth of Kiawah,
code. Burden said, “We use ‘impact rated’ instead of the usual blank stare at the
Pella windows, and they get that rating by ocean you find at other beaches. Nestled
withstanding a 2x4 fired, basically, out of a amongst the housing is a fitness center
cannon,” which gave rise to an interesting with 2 exercise rooms for adults and a
anecdote on window resilience. “tikes” room for the kids. The Beach Club
Anxious to complete the model, associated with Timbers Kiawah reclines
builders discovered the front door just in front of the other 4 structures
locked. Nothing worked so they resorted with a view to the ocean and miles of
to wailing away with a sledgehammer decking and boardwalks to the beach.
to break a window. 62 blows later Call Timbers Kiawah at 843.793.1056
they succeeded in breaking the glass, or visit for more
finishing the job, and changing the locks. information or to schedule a tour.
Burden also says the walls surrounding
8 August 17, 2018
arts & events arts & events

SIAG hosts art show and sale SINHG Evening Program

P R O C E E D S B E N E F I T S T. J O H N S
Sept. 13
For The Island Connection BY NORMAN POWERS
For The Island Connection
Artists will donate 10%

of their sale proceeds to the he Seabrook Island Natural
St. Johns High School art History Group begins its autumn
program. In addition, we will series of Evening Programs Sept.
accept any cash donations 13 at the Lake House with a discussion
to support this very worthy of Charleston’s first 200 years presented
cause. Last year, $2000 was by Katherine Pemberton of the Historic
donated to St. Johns HS Charleston Foundation.
art program thanks to the Charleston’s growth as a major port
generosity of Seabrook Island and cultural center survived 200 years
artists and Mary Whyte’s of social and political upheaval, not to
matching funds. The Guild’s mention the Revolutionary and Civil
donation allowed art students wars. Ms. Pemberton’s presentation,
at St. Johns to increase “From Walled City to Reconstruction,”
their breadth and depth will use period maps and illustrations to
of experiences in painting, outline this dynamic period in the city’s
Sea Island Morning, oil on linen, by Gary Kunkelman. drawing, printmaking and history.

ceramic techniques. Ms. Pemberton is Manager of
he Seabrook Island Artists Guild We invite everyone to view beautiful Research and Education at Historic The Nathaniel Russell House.
will hold its third annual fundraiser paintings and stunning photography,
Charleston Foundation, whose staff she Photo provided.
to support the art program at St. meet our artists, watch them create their
Johns High School with the cooperation unique pieces, and be a part of helping joined in 1996. She is also an adjunct History Of John’s Island,” presented by
of distinguished watercolorist Mary local students experience artistic creation professor for the Clemson/College of popular historian Doug Bostik, and in
Whyte who will match all donations. through their school program. Charleston graduate program in Historic November with “Carolina Maroons -
The show will be held “On the Green” Preservation, and has served as co-chair of Exiles Of Slavery,” with Ed West of the
at Kiawah Freshfields Village. Seabrook For more information on the Seabrook the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force. Her Summerville-Dorchester Museum. All
artists and photographers will exhibit Island Artist Guild, its workshops, classes, principal research interest has been the Seabrook Island residents and their guests
their art, and demonstrate their painting and guest artists’ demonstrations, please visit fortifications of colonial Charles Towne. are welcome to attend. There is a $5 charge
talents throughout the day. our website, SINHG Evening Programs will for non-SINHG members. Visit
continue in October with “The for more information about membership.
August 17, 2018 9
on the water

Fishery in full swing

Michelle Boykin from Jackson, Tennessee caught a 7lb redfish with a mud minnow on a popping cork in the Cooper river. Photo by Geoff Bennett.

BY GEOFF BENNETT an 18"-24" fluorocarbon leader from the cork to a size deadly for trout and can't be torn to bits by little bait
For The Island Connection 1 circle hook. When your cork drops under water, reel stealing fish. Menhaden fished live on the bottom with
until you feel the weight of the fish and then lift the rod big circle hooks are great for reds and sharks. Fresh cut

tip. Mud minnows, shrimp and artificial shrimp all work menhaden or mullet put out a scent trail that few fish
ur fishery is in full swing with lots of bait and well as baits. can ignore.
an incredibly diverse mixture of fish to target. Topwater is a fantastic option when you are starting early. See you on the water!
During August, it will be key to get out early Try to get to your spot just as it is becoming light. Fish will
to beat the heat. You’ll not only be more comfortable For a decade, Capt. Geoff Bennett has operated
strike topwater lures based on the commotion they make
fishing in the morning but also more productive. The Charleston Charter Fishing providing light tackle charters.
on the surface and aren't able to see that the lure isn't a real
high temperatures in the afternoon can put species like Clients choose from a full menu of fishing options with
struggling baitfish. These lures work well for trout, ladyfish
trout down. You may lose some sleep but launching at charters tailored to their desires. USCG licensed and
and redfish. Heddon's Super Spook Jr. lures in chartreuse and
first light has plenty of rewards. insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing a safe and
black or red and white are the ticket.
Popping corks are very effective this time of year. You enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages. For
This time of year you'll want to carry your cast net more information, call Capt. Bennett at 843.324.3332,
can catch so many different types of fish: redfish, trout, not only for shrimp but also for baitfish like finger mullet
flounder, ladyfish, shark etc. I use a weighted popping visit his website at or email
and menhaden. Finger mullet under a popping cork are him at
cork so I can increase the distance of my cast. I run
10 August 17, 2018
mystery plant

Swamp thing
For The Island Connection

the fabulous voodoo lily, which when growing in beaver-ponds. The plants grow
blooming, produces a smell that reminds from massive rhizomes buried deep in the
most people of a dead rat. (Or maybe 2 muck, and hard to extract without getting
dead rats.) Our friends in New England wet and dirty (believe me!). The shiny
will be familiar with the amazing “skunk bluish-silver leaves sometimes float, and
cabbage” (Symplocarpus foetidus), which sometimes stick up in the air. The leaves
blooms really early, often producing are a foot long (or more) and covered with
enough heat to melt the snow through thousands of tiny, pointed hairs, which
which the flowering plant emerges. Hikers "repel" water…thus the leaves are always
and naturalists in the Southeastern USA dry. (Dribble some water on the leaves and
will be familiar with our native jack- you'll see. The drops will dance around on
in-the-pulpit, a philodendron relative, the leaf just like mercury rolling around
which is a fairly common woodland herb, on a smooth surface.) The flowering spike
starting to bloom now. All the members is bright yellow, with prominent reddish
of this family maintain their tiny flowers coloration below that. Unlike the other
in a narrow spike, which is surrounded by species in the family, our mystery plant
a modified, leafy bract. We went over this lacks a spathe. The individual flowers are
in my botany class just the other day: the really tiny, just like with its relatives. The
spike is called (in botanicalese) the spadix, flowers are more or less embedded within
and the surrounding bract is called the the soft spadix. The flowers at the top end
spathe. of the spadix produce only pollen, and the
This week's mystery plant is a member of lower flowers are the fertile ones. After
the philodendron family. It belongs to a genus it finishes flowering, small bluish-green
containing only a single species, distributed in berries form where the fertile flowers
most of the eastern USA from New England were, on the spadix. The ripening fruits
through Kentucky and Tennessee, south to develop below the waterline, as the stalk

ne of the best-known plant be high climbers or residents of the forest Texas, and most of Florida. curls around and hides itself in the cool,
families, which has its species floor. This family provides us, of course, It is a showy aquatic species, often dark water. (If you do find this plant,
spread nearly throughout the with philodendron, and also a large spotted in big patches in blackwater don't be tempted to chew on it. Its cells
world's tropics, and well into temperate number of familiar houseplants, including streams or swamps, or at the edges of old contain plenty of calcium oxalate, which
regions, is the philodendron family. What spathiphyllum, calla, pothos, monstera, rice fields near the coast. I’ve often seen it can cause burning and swelling.)
an amazing group of plants! All basically calladium, dieffenbachia, aglaonema, [Answer: “Golden club,” “Never-wet,” Orontium aquaticum]
herbaceous, there are species which may "Elephant ear," "Lords-and Ladies," and
August 17, 2018 11
book review

Local author releases 2nd in series

For The Island Connection

details of the missing secret treaty.

With only a five minute window of
opportunity when the treaty was left
unguarded and with limited access to the
outside, there are only handful of possible
Blalock is unaffected by anyone
doubting her abilities.
“I see what everyone else sees, but I
think what no one else has thought,”
she states with confidence, bordering on
smugness. She doesn’t disappoint. Her
father would be proud.
Fans of Sherlock Holmes can never
get enough of him, and will not be
disappointed in reading this mystery, that
resurrects his spirit and is done in “Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle” style.
A third book in the Daughter of
Sullivan’s Island resident and acclaimed author, Leonard Goldberg. Photo by Steve Rosamilia. Sherlock Holmes series is already being

he game is afoot once again for professor and physician at UCLA. story is narrated by Dr. John Watson, Jr., crafted by Goldberg.
Joanna Blalock, the daughter of The first in the series, The Daughter who is now married to Blalock. Dr. Goldberg’s series of medical
Sherlock Holmes, in A Study in of Sherlock Holmes: A Mystery was A secret treaty signed between England mystery thrillers, featuring nurse Joanna
Treason. The book is the second in the series released in 2017, and first introduced and France during the WWII is stolen Blalock (who we now learn is an ancestor
by Sullivan’s Island’ s own, USA Today Joanna Blalock, the previously unknown from the country estate of Lord Halifax, of the daughter of Sherlock Holmes in
best-selling author, Leonard Goldberg. prodigious progeny of the legendary Scotland Yard. Local authorities hit a modern times), have given him critical
Goldberg is a native of Charleston, sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. wall in finding the missing treaty. With acclaim as a USA Today Bestselling
who spent summers on Sullivan’s Island As in the first novel of the series, Dr. international tensions rising, they ask for novelist and his books have been featured
as a boy. He spent most of his career as a John Watson, Sr. and Watson, Jr., join the help of Dr. John Watson, Sr., and only in publications such as People magazine
physician on the west coast, as a clinical Blalock in helping solve the mystery. The reluctantly entrust Ms. Blalock with the as “page turner of the week.”
August 17 Island Connection Calendar September 15
ONGOING WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House which includes all bait and fishing rods. Saturday shelters nationwide on Aug. 18 for the WHERE: St. Philip Benizi Catholic visit Caldwell at the dog park. Event is free
WHAT: Beachfront Lights Out WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Every tournament produces 3 winners WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market fourth annual Clear the Shelters animal Church (for Mass), Applebee’s Grill and with park admission. Beverages (including
WHERE: all seaward, beachfront MORE INFO: Family tours start on the which will receive a tournament shirt, bait, WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool, adoption drive. The Shakin’ Martinis will Bar (for Dinner, Fellowship), both in FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 beer) available for purchase. Visit
properties half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 bucket and bragging rights. Questions call 2024 Academy Rd. play live music while Kona Ice serves up Monck’s Corner. for details.
WHEN: 9 p.m.- 8 a.m. pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours, 248.719.0076. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. cooltastic drinks. Papa John’s Pizza will WHEN: 5 p.m. (for Mass), 7 p.m. (for WHAT: Black Ink Festival, speaker
MORE INFO: US Fish and Wildlife historic games and toys in the garden. MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- be there with purrfect pizzas, fun and Dinner, Fellowship). reception FRIDAY, SEPT. 14
Service discourages the use of outdoor for information WHAT: Timbers Kiawah Concerts in the round farmers market, highlighting games, raffle prizes will be available from MORE INFO: All Catholic single men WHERE: Halls Signature Events, 5 Faber
lights when not required, in order to and to purchase tickets for the date and Courtyard produce and locally produced goods BarkBox, the Charleston Riverdogs and and women, age 50+, are cordially invited St. WHAT: Moonlight Mixer
protect nesting sea turtles. When on the museum house you would like to attend. WHERE: The Courtyard between Hege’s and foods. Live music, kids activities. more. to join the Tri-County Catholic Fellowship WHEN: 6-8 p.m. WHERE: Folly Beach Pier
beach at dark, use red filters on flashlights. and Java Java (Freshfields Village) for details. Group, especially for this occasion. Call for MORE INFO: A welcome reception for WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
Artificial light such as flashlights without WHAT: Kick-it at Bohicket WHEN: 6-8 p.m. TUESDAY, AUGUST 21 info 843.556.3578/843.708.2885, or email Black Ink Book Festival Keynote Speaker MORE INFO: Shag the night away. DJ
filters are prohibited on the beach at night. WHERE: Bohicket Marina MORE INFO: Join Timbers Kiawah in Third Saturday of Terri McMillan. Tickets are $65. Guests Jim Bowers will be spinning the oldies
This includes flashlights on phones as well. WHEN: 6:30 p.m. The Courtyard every Wednesday for live the Month WHAT: Biscuits and Brews will meet Ms. McMillan receive a copy of and beach music. Beverages, food, and
MORE INFO: Face painting, a balloon music with Chris Dodson, outdoor kids WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee WHERE: Commonhouse Aleworks, 4831 TUESDAY, AUGUST 28 her newest novel, I Almost Forgot About snacks will be available for purchase
Mondays artist, DJ and sand art bracelets. Co- games, local art and beverages provided WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah Ohear Ave. N Chas. You, and enjoy fine wines with Chef Matt on-site. Outside alcohol, beverages, and
WHAT: Family Trees sponsored by The Town of Seabrook Island by Timbers Kiawah. The series will run WHEN: 9-11 a.m. WHEN: 3-6 p.m. WHAT: Artsy August Sip & Shop Greene’s house-made charcuterie. The coolers are prohibited. Advance purchase
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, & Bohicket Merchants Association. For through Wed., Aug. 29. MORE INFO: This free event will feature MORE INFO: Beer, Food Trucks, WHERE: Freshfields Village reception will benefit The Charleston is recommended. A paid chaperone
3673 Maybank Hwy. questions call Todd at 248.719.0076. antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and raffles and biscuit baking contest. Use WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Friends of the Library. For info visit is required for ages 15 and under. $8
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. (beginning WHAT: English Conversation Club any other cool cars. Coffee and other the spent grain at Low Tide and bake MORE INFO: Hosted by Sweetgrass in advance//$10 on site (if available).
Aug. 13) First and Third WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library refreshments available for purchase by Java your best biscuit. Contest to be held Plastic Surgery, Southern Charm’s Danni for details.
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the Tuesdays WHEN: 2 p.m. Java Coffee House. If you have any specific at 5 p.m. For more info contact Dawn Baird and author Lorna Hollifield present THURSDAY, SEPT. 13
process of clearing title for heirs’ property WHAT: The Charleston County Public MORE INFO: Practice speaking English questions about the event, please contact Kahley at or call an evening full of artists, designers, food, SATURDAY, SEPT. 15
Library Bookmobile with a small group. Beginners to advanced 843.531.6157. wine giveaways and shopping. WHAT: SINHG Evening Program
by defining the family tree. For more Bruce Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.
WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s learners welcome. A children’s program WHERE: The Lake House WHAT: Beyond the Big House Tour
information or to make an appointment com.
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. and/or craft will be provided during the THURSDAY, AUGUST 23 THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 WHEN: Refreshments at 7 p.m., program WHERE: Tour starts at the Gaillard
for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036
at 7:30 p.m. Center
MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the club meeting. Registration is not required; FRIDAY, AUGUST 17 WHAT: Facebook 101 WHAT: Instagram and Snapchat 101 MORE INFO: Charleston’s first two WHEN: 1-4 p.m.
WHAT: Farmer’s Market first and third Tuesdays of the month. The call 843.559.1945 for more information.
schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 WHAT: Margaritas and Mulligans WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library hundred years presented by Katherine MORE INFO: Presented by The Slave
WHERE: Freshfields Village
& 17, August 7 & 21. Thursdays WHERE: Seabrook Island Racquet Club WHEN: 2-2:30 p.m. WHEN: 2-2:30 p.m. Pemberton of the Historic Charleston Dwelling Project, the Charleston
WHEN: 4 - 8 p.m.
WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and WHEN: TBD MORE INFO: Explore the major features MORE INFO: Explore these popular Foundation. Seabrook Island residents Gaillard Center and Historic Charleston
MORE INFO: Shop locally grown organic
Wednesdays Activities MORE INFO: Fundraiser for Water of Facebook, like Timelines and the News mobile photo sites and learn how to share and guests are welcome. $5 donation for Foundation, tours of Charleston historic
produce along with specialty food products,
WHAT: Kids Fishing Tournament WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House Wellness Mission. For more information, Feed, as you discover how to connect with pics and messages with your friends and non-SINHG members. For details visit homes feature the lesser accessed back
delicious treats, fresh seafood and Lowcountry
WHERE: Bohicket Marina WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. contact the Racquet Club at 843.786.7543. old friends and make new ones. Review followers.Registration is not required. For buildings and work lots. For tickets and
crafts. Or come hungry and enjoy BBQ, take-
WHEN: 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. MORE INFO: Family tours start on the security settings and learn how to manage info call 843.559.1945. info visit
away dinners, sweets and more.
your friends lists, too. Demonstration only. WHAT: Yappy Hour
MORE INFO: A Fishing Tournament just half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 SATURDAY, AUGUST 18
Tuesdays for kids ages 4-14. Two rounds of fishing. pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours, Registration is not required. For info call FRIDAY, AUGUST 31 WHERE: James Island County Park
Arrive at least 15 minutes before your historic games and toys in the garden. WHAT: Special Needs Prom 843.559.1945. WHEN: 4 p.m.-sunset
WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and WHAT: Music on the Green
desired round. It’s only $7 per participant for information WHERE: R.L. Jones Center, Mount MORE INFO: Live music by Jeff
Activities WHERE: Freshfields Village
and to purchase tickets for the date and Pleasant FRIDAY, AUGUST 24
WHEN: 6 - 8 p.m. WHEN: 6-9 p.m.
museum house you would like to attend. WHAT: Reggae Nights Concert Series MORE INFO: Summer concert series
MORE INFO: People with special needs,
their families, friends, and caregivers are WHERE: James Island County Park wraps up with a performance by Encore
WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn WHEN: 7:30 – 11 p.m. Band featuring motown, oldies and Top
WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, invited to a spectacular prom-themed
celebration. Beverages, food, and snacks MORE INFO: Relax and enjoy traditional 40 hits. Guests are encouraged to bring
Freshfields Village live reggae from Amani Smith and the blankets and chairs to this family-friendly
WHEN: 6-8 p.m. will be available for purchase on-site.
Advance ticket purchase is recommended. Give Thanks Band and enjoy traditional event.
MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz live reggae from NDKA in a beautiful
every Thursday evening in the lounge of Photo ID is required to gain entry. A
the Andell Inn Hotel. Drinks and food registered chaperone is required for ages outdoor setting. Bring your chair or SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2
15 and under. Registration is available by blanket and rock the night away. Food,
available. No cover charge. 843.793.6050. beverages, and souvenirs will be available WHAT: Seabrook Island Artists Guild calling 843.795.4386. Fee: $4/$5 on site;
for purchase. Outside alcohol and coolers Show and Sale
free for chaperones and ages 3 and under.
are prohibited. Band is subject to change. WHERE: Freshfields Village
Thursdays & Sundays Gates open at 7:30 p.m. and music begins WHEN: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
WHAT: Live Music WHAT: Clear the Shelters- Dogtastic
at 8:30. Admission is $10; free for ages 12 MORE INFO: 3rdannual event benefits
WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar Family Fun Day!
& under and Gold Pass Holders. St. Johns High School. Meet artists,
WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. WHERE: Pet Helpers
watch them create and help local students.
MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines WHEN: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 Cash donations accepted and will be
by the glass every day. For details visit NBC and Telemundo stations across the
matched through the generosity of local country will team up with hundreds of
WHAT: Mass, Dinner, Fellowship watercolorist Mary Whyte. For more info
14 August 17, 2018
financial focus

Time to put excess cash

to work?
For The Island Connection

ou’ll always want to base your Some people hold too much in cash,
investment decisions on your own waiting for interest rates to rise, or as
needs and goals. But there may be protection against the risk of a market
times when you might consider adjusting decline. But holding excess cash involves
your portfolio because of risks and its own risk, the risk of not investing. So,
opportunities. Now may be one of those if you have your cash needs covered, you
times. may want to consider investing any excess
Here’s some background: In recent cash.
months, the Federal Reserve has raised To determine if you are holding excess
short-term interest rates several times, and cash, you'll need to review your entire
given its generally favorable outlook on the cash situation. For example, do you have
economy, it has indicated it may continue enough cash, or cash equivalents, to create
bumping up interest rates gradually an emergency fund of three to six months’
over the next year or so. The Fed doesn’t worth of living expenses? This fund can
control long-term interest rates, but these be vital in helping you pay for things like a
rates often follow the lead of short-term major car repair or an unexpected medical
movements. However, longer-term rates bill without dipping in to your long-term
haven’t yet risen as much as shorter-term investments. And, of course, you need
ones, which means the difference between enough liquidity to provide for your
short- and long-term rates is relatively lifestyle, including your regular spending
small, historically speaking. needs: your mortgage, utilities, groceries
and so on. Also, you may want to set aside
enough cash for a goal you want to reach
in the next year or so, such as a vacation.
some people But if you have taken care of all these
hold too much needs and you still have excess cash, you
in cash, waiting may want to consider putting this cash to
work, possibly by investing in short-term
for interest fixed-income vehicles now being issued at
rates to rise, or higher interest rates.
as protection And keep in mind that regardless of
where interest rates are going, bonds and
against the other fixed-income investments can offer
risk of a market some key benefits to investors. In addition
to providing a source of regular income,
decline these types of investments can help reduce
the effects of volatility on your portfolio.
While bonds can, and will, fluctuate in
value, they typically can provide more
This doesn’t mean you should make stability to your portfolio and tend to
drastic changes to your portfolio. You still behave differently than stocks over time.
need to stick with the asset allocation that’s After years of historical lows, shorter-
suitable for your situation, which typically term rates now have risen to levels that
involves owning a certain percentage of are more attractive to investors. Take the
growth-oriented vehicles, such as stocks, time to review your situation, perhaps
and a certain percentage of fixed-income with the help of a financial professional,
securities, such as bonds. However, if to determine if taking advantage of these
you do have space in the fixed-income rates may be appropriate for you.
part of your portfolio, you may find the
higher interest rates offered by short-term Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor
bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs) to with Edward Jones, located at 1505
be attractive. To take advantage of this Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more
opportunity, though, you will need to information, call 843.886.9229 or visit
have the cash available to invest.