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08 Ivanka Trump
The Powerhouse

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16 Sunset Strip Music Festival
Slash And Fergie Thrill The Thunderous Crowd On Sunset Blvd!

18 HW knows how to Party
Hollywood Weekly magazine launched their August 2010 issue with an industry soirée at plush Bar 210 at the Beverly Hilton.

22 Sunset Junction
To Celebrate 30 years of Diversity

50 LA Theatre Beat
HW checks in with the local theatres

25 Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz & Magic Los Vegas

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Introducing the World Premiere

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Pitching their ideas

34 Puerto Vallarta
An Extraordinary Hollywood Playground

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Editor’s Note
September 2010
Editor’s Note: We are pleased to

showcase Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. This edition features our exclusive cover story on Ms. Ivanka Trump, who serves as the Vice President of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions for the Trump

Organization and developed the 92 story Trump International Hotel &

Tower Chicago, recognized by Travel & Leisure Magazine as the #1 Hotel in North America and Canada. I wish to personally invite you, our readers, to share this special edition with your friends, family and business associates.




Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago has been named the #1 Large City Hotel in the Continental U.S. and Canada in Travel + Leisure’s 2010 World’s Best Awards. Experience ultimate luxury for yourself in Chicago or any of the other remarkable Trump Hotel Collection locations.




Number One


Ivanka Trump:

The Powerhouse
Written by Toria Gaylord


The road down real estate development is never an easy task, it is full of many unexpected twists and turns, but there was never a question of how businesswoman Ivanka Trump would handle the ride when she got behind the wheel of constructing the Trump Chicago Hotel back in 2008. She had been preparing for it most of her life. From the start, Ivanka has been blessed with an incredible business savvy and strong guiding principles that are hardwired into her DNA and her passion for the Trump brand has just paid off. Travel and Leisure Magazine

recently named The Trump International Hotel &Tower Chicago No. 1 as the Best Large City Hotel in the America for 2010 and the hotelier, designer and author speaks candidly with Hollywood Weekly about success of the Trump Chicago, her attention for detail and her love for real estate. Ivanka, Congratulations to The Trump Chicago’s number one ranking as the Best Hotel in America by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Thank you – it is incredibly exciting.

There’s so much to this property. The building itself is architecturally stunning; as the second tallest building in Chicago – and the seventh tallest in the world – it has now become integral part of the city’s beautiful skyline. Whether it’s in the guest rooms, Sixteen (the property’s award-winning restaurant) or Rebar (the cocktail and sushi lounge), the views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago River and Chicago’s historic architecture are unparalleled. Chicago magazine just named The Terrace at Trump the city’s best outdoor lounge in part because of its amazing views of the city and the summer fireworks that take place in Chicago every week. The hotel’s guest rooms and suites are spacious, contemporary and luxurious. Every guest room is outfitted with a full kitchen featuring only the finest in appliances, china and stemware. In addition to our great restaurants, guests can also order from an in-room dining menu that was the first in the country to be certified organic – or better yet, they can request that our executive chef, Frank

Brunacci, cook for them in their suite! The Spa at Trump is a 23,000 squarefoot facility that includes 11 treatment rooms, a heated indoor swimming pool, fully-equipped cardio and weight rooms and yoga and spinning studios. There are also 53 specially-designed guest rooms located on the spa level, which are perfect for a spa getaway. As the final phase of our build-out, we recently completed the River Walk, which is adjacent to the Chicago River and serves as both a gathering place and a gateway to the famed Michigan Avenue. What really unites all of these components, though, is the service. It is nearly impossible to find service as efficient and gracious elsewhere. Our guests know that Trump Chicago is truly a home away from home.

When I’m not eating at Sixteen, I love The Spa at Trump. Our signature gemstone massages feature oils from Dubai that are infused with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. That service, followed by one of our Kate Somerville facials, is the perfect way to unwind. I know you were heavily involved in the design and construction even down to the staff uniforms. My brothers and I oversaw the Chicago project – we worked closely with the architects, designers and construction companies involved to define the aesthetic and see it through implementation. We gave consideration to every detail, down to the uniforms worn by the hotel staff. I wanted to ensure that every piece was as refined as the property itself. Each look was designed to reflect the associate’s purpose and the area of the hotel in which the uniform is worn. The trick was to balance style and practicality to create a fashion statement that was understated, fluid and contemporary.

It is an incredible honor for the Trump Hotel Collection, and a testament to our vision for building and managing the best hotels in the world. Awards like these are great motivation to maintain our position, and continually strive for more.




I think it’s a combination of energy, drive and focus, asking thoughtful questions, negotiating with confidence and taking advantage of the right opportunities, even when times are uncertain.

newspapers. Generally, I’m in the office by 7:30 a.m., which is an ideal time to respond to emails or make overseas calls since so many of the deals we are doing are abroad. I have meetings and calls straight through until about 6 or 7 p.m.

dOEs yOuR dad GIVE yOu a lOT Of adVICE?
My father’s experience makes his advice invaluable, and I always appreciate his insight

WHaT Is NExT fOR yOu IN REal EsTaTE?
We have many opportunities that we are currently pursuing. Earlier this year, we opened in Waikiki, and Trump SoHo just opened in April. We are currently working on Trump Panama and Trump Toronto. Both are very exciting hotel projects that are opening in early 2011. Trump Tower Istanbul will also be opening next year.

I don’t think there has ever been a time when I imagined going down a different road, in large part because I grew up with real estate. Both sides of my family span generations of development, engineering, building and construction. Most of my formative memories include a bulldozer or a construction site!

Right now, I find myself balancing being young with also becoming – hopefully – a visionary in business. I appreciate every level of detail that goes into our projects and have a thirst for being very hands-on, which sometimes leads me to micromanage. Being a business leader also means thinking big picture and delegating.

WHaT Is a TyPICal day lIkE fOR yOu?
My calendar is always full. A big part of my job includes scouting locations for new projects, so I travel frequently. When I’m home, I usually get up at about 5:30 a.m., exercise and read through a stack of

I recently published a book called “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life”. In the book, I encourage young entrepreneurs to get out there and try different things; knowing what you love is also in part eliminating the things you don’t enjoy doing. Young people in the business world shouldn’t be afraid to be bold, work incredibly hard and ask smart questions. The level of drive that stems from passion is what will separate someone from being moderately successful to being very successful.




All it took was some killer rock music and an anxious crowd filling every inch of Sunset Blvd. to create the perfect welcome for rock favorites sung by many talented stars including Slash, the Smashing Pumpkins and even the talented and sexy Fergie! A wild, yet controlled, crowd accumulated over three days on LA’s famed Sunset Blvd., during the intense Sunset Strip Music Festival held from Thursday, August 26th to Saturday the 28th. Like always, Saturday’s performances drew out major bands, such as Slash and Smashing Pumpkin. At the last minute, ‘The Dutchess’ and Black Eyed Peas star herself, Fergie, decided to join Slash on stage to rock out a few all-time hits including Heart’s famed song Barracuda and Gun’s N’ Roses all time-favorite hit Sweet Child O’ Mine. And the fans? They were watching the most beautiful ‘Sunset’ the strip has ever offered. The larger-than-life crowd danced, threw their arms up in the air, fought for the perfect picture and sang along with the A-list singers! It

suNsET sTRIP musIC fEsTIVal
Written by Jenny Werth
was an event some fans wait for throughout the year. “Having Slash play live on the Sunset Strip is like the ultimate concert; it’s nothing like listening to a concert held in a venue like The Greek; this is so much more authentic. Truly rock music being played where it all startedon the Sunset Strip,” says Slash fan Robert Slanter. And although Slash, Fergie and The Smashing Pumpkins were among the most popular stars/ bands to sing; there was an impressive line-up of other very well-



admired bands. Among the most anticipated live performances that packed out the house were by the beloved American rapper (and actor) Common; hip-hop star, Kid Cudi; the New York rock band sensation, Semi Precious Weapons; the cover band for many hair metal 80’s band, Steel Panther and the hugely popular alternative band Neon Trees. Motley Crue bassist and main song writer, Nikki Sixx, gave a lengthy interview in The Viper Room on Saturday afternoon to a thrilled crowd (including most of the press); while new blond beauty, Candice Levinson prepared to strum her guitar for a performance with her band Warner Driv. There were vendors for everything from lemonade, diverse beer selections in the festival’s beer garden to hot dogs and complimentary cokes and vitamin water in the VIP sections. Naturally, almost every kind of alcohol one could dream of was being served in the over-crowded VIP areas. There were areas that concentrated on popular festival sponsor, Jack Daniel’s whiskey drinks; while others bartenders were happy to offer all brands of vodka and rum. All in all, a contented and often- tattooed VIP crowd sipped on cocktails as they sat in plush circular black sofas and puffed on cigarettes (and the occasional ‘green weed’)! By the end of Saturday night, many tired and-let’s be honest- drunk festival fans decided to call it a night at the nearby The London and infamous The Standard Hotel; among others, who were each offering customized packages for festival goers. Without a doubt it was yet another party in West Hollywood that will go down in the books. Until next year’s festival anyways. ROCK ON SUNSET STRIP, ROCK ON!!

smashing Pumpkins


photos: Joshua barash

photos: Irwin Jazmines

HW magazine
Hollywood Weekly magazine launched their August 2010 issue with an industry soirée at plush Bar 210 at the Beverly Hilton. I wasn’t at the event long before I realized there was something truly unique going on under the soft pools of light in this swanky hotel bar. To my left, ordering his second glass of champagne, stood a long time talent manager who had just finished explaining to me the best way to go about packaging a script. To my right sat a music marketing manager from Warner Music Group, here to scope out the artist gracing Hollywood Weekly’s August issue’s cover. Next I spotted actor and musician Mike Rossi, who can be seen all over this season of Bravo’s smash hit Million Dollar Listing, chatting up a sultry brunette obviously absorbed by his charm. Prying himself away for a moment, he gave me the scoop on his current project, Creative Collision, an LA-based arts and music movement that combines live music with visual and performance art. At a quieter corner table, up and coming writer/producer Ben Bostick discussed his latest feature film with Kristen, an entertainment news director. As the flow of guests into the posh lounge increased, so did the photographer’s flashes. Chrissy Sutphin and Tasya Swisko, account execs from Luck Media & Marketing were on hand to oversee yet another superbly executed showcase for their client Christa Borden. In addition to landing Christa, their classically trained songstress, her first U.S. magazine cover with Hollywood Weekly, they had arranged for her to belt out a few songs live with her band at the evening’s event. In the center of the room Danny Bopp, a model and pro stock car driver in the NASCAR K&N series, and his publicist posed for a few quick photos while holding court with Hollywood

Written by Tyler fascett
Weekly’s publisher, Prather Jackson. All Access Music Group editor Mark Strickland came out but kept a low profile catching up with an associate in a cozy booth near the stage. I chatted with Ramela, a movie critic, whose


spot on reviews made me rethink everything I thought I knew about modern alternative comedies. Brandon Gibson, the publicity and branding gun-for-hire who’s been ahead of trends in LA for years, made his rounds. I met manager Michael Dybnis, who summed up his client strategy with his ever-ready slogan, “I’ll keep you famous.” There were screenwriters on the smoking patio, an about-tobreak fashion designer by the back bar, and an entertainment lawyer had just arrived. At this point, I had to step back and survey the scene. Staring out over the now bustling lounge, something struck me about my company: these were the people in the business who actually get things done. I’ve been to many an event in Los Angeles dubbed under the guise of an “Entertainment Industry Party,” but the majority of these events consist of recent LA transplants scouring a lackluster crowd for anyone they think they’ll be able to hustle into furthering their brilliant (and inexplicably stalled) acting careers. To a writer who’s covered those types of events before, there’s even something olfactory about that whole scene— it’s the smell of shameless self-promotion, with notes of desperation, and subtle

hints of fraud. This event was far different. And for that matter, the only detectable scent was the mouth watering aroma of truffle oil wafting from the plates of gourmet sliders exiting the Bar 210 kitchen. Something very unique, and very refreshing was happening here. This eclectic cross section of entertainment industry professionals had been assembled by Hollywood Weekly magazine with the Hollywood Weekly brand as their sole common bond. It has been said that networking, in its finest form, exists truly as a chemical reaction. Tonight things were synthesizing all around me. Individuals in totally unrelated areas of the business were making connections. It wasn’t about back scratching and it didn’t matter if the direct benefits of their relationships were apparent. Art and business, talent and opportunity, musicians and a racecar driver, all thrown together in a pot and simmering. And remarkably it felt very organic. Publicists and PR reps mingled elegantly, while the celebrities and the suits sipped martinis and perused the pages of the Hollywood Weekly magazines that were displayed throughout the lounge. People were genuinely enjoying themselves.

Christa borden with her band


Just after 9pm the soulful sounds of Christa Borden and her band filled the posh Beverly Hilton space, and the party gravitated toward the stage. Her upbeat “Better than She Can” energized the room, and her diverse selection of cover tunes, everything from the Eurythmics to MGMT, kept us in the groove. But it wasn’t until she hit the eerie, soul-bearing notes of “Drowning” that we really got it. It wasn’t just the tragic beauty of her lyrics that had us all transfixed, but the sincerity in her voice. After her set, I asked Christa about her song writing process. She described how, “Sometimes inspiration is this mythical beast that drags me out of bed and forces me to sit at the piano in the middle of the night and sometimes it is the tiniest moment or a person I meet.” Though her muses change, she’s always looking for new ways to be inspired. I suppose deep down it is that ever present drive to get a hold of some solid inspiration, or maybe sometimes the quest for a cocktail, that brings us out to these types of events in the first place. From what I could tell on that summer night at Bar 210, no one left empty handed.

photos: Irwin Jazmines



Written by Toria Gaylord

suNsET JuNCTION to Celebrate 30 years of diversity
micheal mckinley: An Affair to remember
For the past thirty years, The Sunset Junction Street Festival has been a local fundraising institution for Los Angeles residents. Inspired by cultural diversity and human rights back in 1980, the Sunset Junction Street Festival is set to celebrate its 30th Anniversary on Aug 21-22 2010 in Silver Lake. Micheal McKinley, the event’s organizer has been a part of the festival since its humble beginnings. Known for his compassion about the event, he is excited and grateful for the festival’s success and endurance. As a long-term resident of Silver Lake, McKinley has seen the benefits and the challenges of keeping Sunset Junction alive. The festival, which is known for attracting past performers like Chaka Khan and Beck, has become a mainstay in American culture. With crowds expected to reach more than 150,000, the festival will have over 250 artists, food vendors and 5 stages with musical performances from The Whispers, Bad Brains and Ghostland Observatory. Hollywood Weekly talks with Micheal about how he feels about the commemorative year of the festival; his tireless commitment to community organizing; working with at risk youths and his love of good music.

In 1980, I moved to Silver Lake and but worked as a hairdresser in Beverly Hills. When I arrived, there was a lot of tension between the Gay and Lesbian and gang communities because many people felt we were causing gentrification and were to going uproot the residents who lived there. There was a lot of gay bashing happening at that time.

Our goal was to celebrate diversity in harmony. We talked to a number of non-for profit organizations and local businesses to sponsor and support our cause. We received wonderful feedback from the residents. At that time, there were 15 to 16 different gangs in the surrounding areas of Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz. We reached out to El Centro del Pueblo, a nonprofit organization that interacts with the gang community, asked if they would call a truce during the festival, and invited the gangs to act as security for the event.

Others and I were heavily involved in marches and peace protests for Gay and Lesbian rights in Washington DC and Sacramento. Coming from that experience, the gay community felt empowered and wanted to bring peace to the neighborhood. Therefore, we created the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance and wanted to have a block party as a way to bring the community together.

Sunset Junction festival came off smoothly. The police who had predicted we would have a blood bath on the streets, over reacted with swap teams. However, since the rival gangs acted as security, there was no violence that weekend. We thought we would only have a few hundred people show up and instead tens of thousands came out to support us.


No not at all. Initially, we did not have a grand plan for longevity. I do not think any one of us thought the festival would be here thirty years later. It was a natural progression. When we first started out, we had a disenfranchised community plagued with violence and unrest. We helped to empower the youth and clean up the community. Silver Lake is now thriving and is one of the hippest areas in the city.

King, The Ohio Players and The Whispers performing.

WHaT kINds Of CHallENGEs dO yOu faCE?
In last decade, Silver Lake has become home to many young people who do not appreciate the 30-year legacy of the Sunset Junction Street Festival. Putting the event together has proven to be more challenging in recent years. For instance, the price of admissions has been a problem. The 15-dollar entry fee has been a psychological barrier with the young people and they feel they do not have to pay it. However, we give away 5ooo free wristbands to the community to keep the festival thriving.

The Sunset Junction Alliance is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and the SJ street festival is our most important fundraiser of the year. Because of the festival, we have been able to keep other SJNA projects running. We have created a number of programs in partnership with area schools such as an after school soccer team and an at-risk youth program to help keep young people out of trouble. The SJNA also has a coffeehouse also which provides job training for the youth as well as open mic Wednesday have to help foster their musical talents. We sponsor a community beautification program in which we paint murals, plant trees and keep the parks clean.

of how the SJNA programs changed their lives. The sad part is if we ever decide to pull out there would be a huge hole left in the community. People should educate themselves more about SJNA and our mission and place in the community.

yOu aRE fasCINaTING. yOu HaVE aCCOmPlIsHEd WHaT maNy COmmuNITIEs HaVE NOT bEEN ablE TO dO. WHaT dO yOu THINk yOu dId dIffERENTly?
You know I have always wanted to work with young people. In addition, I think people can tell if you are sincere and honest no matter what levels of dysfunction. In the beginning, there were lots of bureaucracy and paperwork and we (Silver Lake residents) just wanted to create situations where we could earn money for the community and help young people. Through it all, I have learned you must be patient and be grounded and just care about people.

It is amazing. You just never know what your journey in life will be. The energy of the festival is so real and the impact its’ had on the neighborhood has been phenomenal. The Sunset Junction has been extremely popular with Angelenos and has put Silver Lake on the map. It is a nice legacy.

WOuld yOu say THE fEsTIVal sERVEs as a susTaINING fORCE IN THE COmmuNITy?
Yes. The street festival brings in lots of money that keeps the neighborhood thriving and pulls it together. Its takes a lot of patience to get newer residents to understand what Sunset Junction is. Throughout the years, we have had many people who have graduated through our program who come back as adults and parents and help with the festival because

yOu HaVE Had sOmE amazING PERfORmERs suCH as CHaka kHaN, bECk aNd luCINda WIllIams aT THE fEsTIVal. HOW dId yOu GET THEm INVOlVEd?
I have always loved music and entertainment. In the early days, I would take some of the gang youth to see the greats like Al Green and Gladys Knight because I wanted to expose them to a bigger world. Seeing these concerts made a difference in their lives. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to bring these artists to the festival. They supported our cause and wanted to give back to the community. It was a win win situation for everyone. The year is exciting we have Evelyn “Champagne”



Mercedes-Benz Magic Las Vegas


Designers and models rocked the runway in South Beach

mercedes benz
From debut lines such as former Victoria’s Secret swimwear designer Matthew Zink’s line Charlie, to tried and true swimwear faves from Jessica Simpson, True Religion, Ed Hardy and Diesel, Miami Beach got EXTRA skimpy on a nothing-but-a-bikini wardrobe during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 collections.

fashion week

Written by abbI JOHNsON

Despite torrential rain, sweltering humidity and major traffic, the chicest of the industry still made it out to Miami Beach’s hottest ticket of the year for the fashionably inclined. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim brings a hint of Hollywood to the East Coast year after year and continues to impress. Celeb sightings, including R & B singer Mya, some America’s Next Top Model contestants and of course the Kardashian sisters, kept the gossip journalists buzzing while swimwear editors from top glossy publications sat front row mixing business with pleasure while taking in beach-ready fashion and sipping mojitos between shows.

Eastern influences at Ed Hardy
Among the sea of astonishingly cellulite-free models, boldfaced names from Miami, Los Angeles, New York and beyond partied day and night at the incredible events that took over the town during swim week. International premiere luxury concierge service Quintessentially rocked the party scene with two of the most sought-after RSVP confirmations outside of getting into the official runway tents at the Raleigh Hotel. Kicking it off with an exclusive event honoring Matthew Williamson’s premiere swim collection at the famous Webster boutique, attendees were the first to shop the collection via an on-location pop up store. The following evening, Quintessentially partnered with Cast Affair and Mogul PR to present fashion shows by Cosabella, ANK and A’Che at the W hotel in Miami Beach. In an inaugural presentation, MOD Swim Week took over the infamous Nikki Beach and Mansion nightclub with a jampacked schedule of one runway show after another featuring some seriously colorful bikinis. Celebs, press and VIPs enjoyed complementary swag from designers such as Kristi Grinna, Azure Swim, Keva by Keva J, House of Jackie Brown, Hermosa Jewelry, Betsy Moss, BR Republic, We Love Colors, Boca Tanning Club, Ailey V, Plasti-Chic and more. In addition to the beachside runway blitz, the MOD Media crew hosted the MOD Swim Lounge, a fabulous gifting suite, at the W Hotel Bungalow. Extravagant gift bags stuffed with the latest and greatest in beauty and fashion swag were gifted to attendees.

sWIm 2011 COllECTIONs

Hawaiian flavor ruled at Poko Pano

Country girl chic at True Religion

Ultra-mod at Trina Turk

Swimwear hits a fashion high note on the runway with Australian label Kooey Swimwear


trade a frizzy head of hair for smooth locks with an onlocation blowout by Miami freelance stylist Rachel Paul. Mention Hollywood Weekly for a VIP discount.

lIsa buRkE
a Hot second With...
LB: I was a surfer and lived in a bikini, so I was often designing bikinis. One day while out in the ocean on my surf board it came to me to put my two passions together - ‘save the whales’ and ‘bikini designs.’ My label Lisa Blue was born, which donates a full 25% of the profits to helping protect the whales and dolphins.


HW: HOW dId yOu sTaRT lIsa bluE?
LB: I took a leap of faith and just went in totally blind. Looking back I was like a baby crossing a six lane highway. I was unaware of what a huge journey I was undertaking. But I made it to the other side and am now ready to take on the world!

1. America’s Next Top Model’s Anchul Joseph with Johanna Thompson 2. The scene backstage at True Religion 3. Entourage Star Perrey Reeves at the MOD Swim Lounge at the W Hotel. 4. Keva by Keva J at MOD Swim Week 5. Backstage glamour at Tyler Rose


LB: During the creation of Lisa Blue I searched for an appropriate cetacean protection organization to donate to. I found the Australian Whale Conservation Society to be a powerful, well run organization with upmost integrity. The AWCS is one of a number of organizations that put pressure on the Australian government so that in 1978 Australia announced its position as anti whaling both domestically and internationally. The AWCS engages with governments and organizations to bring about lasting change.

FemmeScience Body Cream was gifted to VIPS

LB: Well, I truly hope that Lisa Blue sets a trend for the future so that other companies will also adopt a philanthropic approach. When more businesses and other entities in power use their influence towards environmental issues or poverty the world will become a more peaceful place.


in Vegas
The MAGIC is in the numbers – two convention sites in Las Vegas, mazes of booths on multiple floors – and the numbers are growing. The Men’s Apparel Guild in California, which considers itself the “world’s largest fashion trade event,” stated it had a 25 percent increase in retailer registration for its August 2010 event. MAGIC hosts two events annually, one in February and one in August. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center was the site for MAGIC Menswear, PROJECT, S.L.A.T.E, Premium, Street and the POOLTRADESHOW. The Las Vegas Convention Center hosted WWDMAGIC, FN PLATFORM, and Sourcing at MAGIC, which will highlight India. Event host

Written by april moon

l largest fashion Trade Event Showcases Trends for 2010
Sourcing at MAGIC stated an anticipated 30 percent increase in size compared to the same time last year. MAGIC premiered the Indigo Gallery, described as a new platform within the Premium show “highlighting the latest in men’s denim and denim inspired sportswear.”


Famous retailers included Many California retailers and designers attended to showcase their latest lines. Doramafi, a Downtown Los Angeles staple for 15 years, showcased the jeans they say are “hot in Europe.” The mission of Not For Pot (notforpot.com), based in Riverside, is not only the promotion of medical marijuana, but for the love of stoner girls. Two models showed off the “I (heart) Stoner Girls” T-shirts. Their motto is that they are “clothing dealers,” oh, and that they love “stoner girls.” Jaime Kennedy sported their clothes in a film festival. Cutline International, based in Los Angeles for decades, showcased their line of graphic T-shirts and jeans. Billionaire Mafia, a Vegasbased company with stores in Los Angeles, featured their Croc jacket in a window display. Buckaroo Jeans, with a showroom in Los Angeles, said their 153 jeans are a top seller. In the MAGIC workroom, Los Angeles-based ZAK, next to Kanvis 215, proudly showed their





Track Suit, which they say is popular. New to MAGIC was tattoo artist Ami James of “Miami Ink” fame. He launched Ami James Ink to showcase his other artistic talents (see side story). The trend for 2010 is that Los Angeles retailers and designers are still inspired and designing for the future, and they are not alone.


amI JamEs INk
Ami James of “Miami Ink” launches line at MAGIC in Vegas Ami James is an artist. Whether it’s designing a tattoo or a T-shirt for his new line Ami James Ink, he wants to be known for all of his creative talents. So, for the past year, he has been working on a line of clothing that “goes with my style and what I love.” Ami James spoke passionately about his inspiration for his “life brand” in his booth at the Men’s Apparel

Guild in California convention held in Mandalay Bay this August. He said motorcycle riders and “a lot of rock and roll” inspire the design of his T-shirts, jeans and accessories. Ami James Ink is higher-end clothing with a vintage feel and a “great price point.”

Ami James of “Miami Ink” fame launches his new line Ami James Ink at MAGIC in Vegas. He is wearing his 1968 Easy Rider inspired T-shirt.



PuERTOHollywood Playground VallaRTa an Extraordinary
Written by Jenny Werth
Puerto Vallarta. The infamous Hollywood vacation hideaway where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton built their love nest, partied under a star-lit sky, cavorted Hollywood-style, fought tumultuously and then rendezvoused again, and again, and again. Yes, Puerto Vallarta’s got fabulous history in its veins, hypnotizing depth, intoxicating spots for escapades and a slice of nature’s most abundant playground. It’s a place where the Pacific reflects the vibrant green plant life that bursts out of each road beckoning a myriad of visitors. It’s incredible that it’s already been 40-years since the release of The Night of the Iguana; the movie that put this then-remote Pacific coast fishing village of 12,500 souls on the map and catapulted it into a movie location favorite. How times change. Make it there soon and you just may run into Bradley Cooper whose recently been in Puerto Vallarta filming important scenes for the upcoming action movie also starring Robert De Niro, Dark Fields. Still, besides Puerto Vallarta’s movie allure, the basic facts are irrefutable. It’s Mexico’s most popular Pacific Coast destination complete with crystal blue waters, picture perfect sunsets, fabulous beaches and stunning worldclass resorts. But it’s what lies beneath the surface that makes Puerto Vallarta truly extraordinary. The lush tropical jungle landscape surrounds the city in every corner making it an intricate part of Vallarta’s history, culture and development. The vivid greenery of the city’s plant life, along with the towering Sierra Madre Mountains rolling into the shores of the colossal Banderas Bay make it simply breathtaking. Not far away from the bay is the enchanting Viejo Vallarta, also known as Old Town, with its maze of cobblestone streets lined with charming inns, independently-owned restaurants and galleries which showcase local artists. Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice when walking through Old Town is the lack of modern development. The city’s original structures make Puerto Vallarta both a beach resort and authentic Mexican


city. Mercifully, you’ll find very few modern constructions of popular American chain restaurants now ever present in beach resorts such as Cancun. Sorry, no low-fat grande vanilla lattes available on every corner here- you’ll be hard pressed to find a Starbucks (a welcome reprieve). Instead, within the traditional concrete and brick buildings along the tree-lined paths, you’ll find bakeries turning out dozens of delicious pastries, boutiques with handmade clothing, relaxing sidewalk café’s, lively bars and tiny markets with unique local products. Within the windy streets of this eclectic architectural mix you’ll find one of Vallarta’s most fashionable and scrumptious restaurants, de Santos. This cosmopolitan restaurant is one of the most avant-garde in all of Puerto Vallarta packed with Hollywood-type ‘beautiful people.’ Within its adobe walls and century-old brick archways contrasted with modern, clean and simple white walls, is a place where the rich locals and trendy visitors go to dine and party the night away. This hot spot with flickering candles, soft lights and a rooftop sky bar certainly make this the ‘place-to-be-seen’ in Vallarta. Si senorita, throw on that low-back sexy dress that shows off your tan, but also be ready to suck in your stomach after eating in the restaurant! The menu offers yummy appetizers such as the popcorn shrimp and gourmet foods such as the homemade ravioli stuffed with lobster, ricotta cheese and eggplant. Not to mention the incredible wine and cocktail selections; such as the ‘Coco,’ a scrumptious drink made of Vodka Grey Goose, milk and crème of coconut. www.desantos.com.mx After a night of partying at de Santos, you’ll need a remarkable place to stay… and that’s where the truly astonishing The Quinta Maria Cortez comes into play. Just south of town awaits this exclusive Hollywood-worthy bed and breakfast. Don’t let the B&B label fool you however; this is not a simple place to just eat and sleep. Really, it’s a slice of heaven that masterfully combines beautiful antique furniture that could easily be in a French chateau, along with a dramatic design and exquisite views. This Mediterranean Villa is truly unique with its seven tiered levels built into the hotel’s white sandy beach front cliff. The brochure is right, it really is “a bit of whimsical tropical antiquity by the sea.” The panoramic ocean view all-suite accommodations do feature Wi-Fi and phones even though most people take refuge in escaping the modern world within the open walls of these villas. In the heart of the B&B is a lovely common area with sitting room, fireplace, terrace and palapa-roofed dining area. There is history within the walls of this villa that’s worthy of a book; and the villa’s manager, Jose,’ will happily tell you some of its secrets. A wedding here would render speechless any guests: guaranteed most people have never seen a setting such as this in Mexico. www.quinta-maria.com However, if you’re looking for accommodations in the heart of Puerto Vallarta that also share in a part of Hollywood-history then The Hacienda San Angel is your place! This luxurious hotel and colonial-style hacienda transports you into an exterior tropical haven and interior antique paradise with relics and paintings of museum quality. The city and ocean view Hacienda has five Mexican villas; the first two are joined to the third and fifth villa by


The Hacienda san angel

a path that winds through a picturesque terraced garden filled with climbing plants, vibrant flowers and a charming fountain. Villa four is located just across the street. Notably, Villa one, also known as Villa Bursus, was purchased by actor Richard Burton as a Valentine’s Day gift for his then wife Susan. Thus, the Villa ‘Bursus.’ In fact, you can sleep in their actual master bedroom with amazing views and a delightful breeze. The Hacienda has been beautifully restored and offers today’s most modern guest amenities found in any luxury accommodation, including a water purification system. Its old world charm is only enhanced by three

large heated pools that each immerse you into total tranquility. One offers panoramic views of the city and Banderas Bay, while another is situated right next to the romantic rooftop terrace that gazes directly over the crown of Guadalupe church. They even have their own private church, with a beautifully painted ceiling for weddings and other private events. www.haciendasanangel.com And although Vallarta clearly has a Hollywoodstandard side to it, it’s also just as sun-kissed and slow-paced as any other rural village. The sun filters through the abundant palms, kids splash in the bay, vendors hawk their wares on

cobblestone streets, the scent of roast pork and tortillas linger in the air and red bougainvillea climb over walled haciendas. At its traditional core is a pleasant plaza where kids chase pigeons and shoeshine stands do a brisk business. At one end of the plaza is the Malecon (ocean front walkway) that attracts clever locals who turn into sandcastle artists, jugglers and musicians by dusk. While on the other side, the crowned tower of Our Lady of Guadalupe church rises like a beacon. And in the distance are all the narrow, cobblestone streets that snake up into the hills where red-tiled rooftops peek from a lush tangle of tropical foliage.

Naturally, after exploring the Malecon, you’ll end up hungry for some real Mexican food! Our pick is El Arrayan, an intimate little Mexican restaurant with a lot of soul. Situated in the heart of Old Town, it’s an easy stroll from the Malecón. They do a delicious job of rescuing old family recipes using 100-percent locally produced ingredients, including the use of their corn which is milled fresh every day. El Arrayan is on a mission to change Mexican food stereotypes; such as the popular belief that all Mexican food must be deep fried with blankets of melted cheese on top. This is truly a one-of-a-kind, authentic Mexican restaurant. Your mouth will melt as you savor


Quinta maria Cortez


dishes with pre-Hispanic ingredients such as chile, cactus paddles, beans, avocados and corn. And once they’re combined with European ingredients brought to Mexico many years ago which are now staples; such as beef, cheese and pork among many others; you end up with a taste you will not soon forget. These quality ingredients have given this charming mostly outdoor courtyard-like restaurant a wonderful reputation and large clientele following. So, por favor, leave the concept of El Torito’s fried and frenzied menu behind as you sip on a tequila or an authentic raicilla (a homegrown version of tequila) with soft traditional Mexican music playing in the background. Then prepare your taste buds and savor some of their specialties; like the delicious black bean and cheese filled plantain fritters or their many different salsas (or moles) that enhance every meal. Be sure to save room for the desserts! The cajeta (caramel spread) flan is to-die-for! You can even impress your friends by bringing them a package of El Arrayan’s locally grown vanilla. elarrayan.com.mx. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s as if the native vanilla scent reaches Californians in the air! Countless people think of Puerto Vallarta as a perfect vacation spot while encompassing all the ingredients for the idyllic honeymoon. But more and more, Californians are looking to Vallarta as a place to get married. The warm weather, ocean breezes, friendliness of the people, and easy accessibility by air are all attractions. Le Kliff restaurant is one such ideal wedding location. It’s located about 20-minutes south of Vallarta almost literally at the end of the windy car-accessed road in the lush Boca de Tomatlan area. One step into Le Kliff is all it takes to understand why it’s been a perennial favorite for diners seeking extreme elegance with spectacular views. The romance of the restaurant is only enhanced by its purplish-blue sunset hues with views of the jungle and ocean surrounding the cliff-top location. Waves crashing against the rocks below and Latin America’s “largest straw palapa” (umbrella-style roof) only add to the luscious ambience. Receptions can be held right on location and the space can elegantly handle up to 200 people. www.lekliff.com Puerto Vallarta is a spectacular sun-filled oasis; even when the tropical rains fall, it’s still warm and serene. Sure, newer Mexican resort developments such as Cancun and Los Cabos may be slightly better known, but they’re also just the creations of government planners and land speculators. Puerto Vallarta’s historic heart remains pure while other ocean resorts lack any real historic atmosphere. For more than 40-years, this seacoast town on Banderas Bay has grown like the bougainvillea on its many terraces into the plush, colorful coastal escape it is today. A combination of the sights and sounds awaken your senses, much the way the wind feels as it blows through your hair. The media may scream that Mexico is dangerous every day, but, the border towns that experience the violence are far, far away from Puerto Vallarta. In fact, the only danger in Puerto Vallarta is the threat that you’ll never want to leave.

de santos



Frankly & For Real
Allow me to introduce myself. My friends call me loyal, men call me constantly but you can call me Frankie…Frankie J., that is. You won’t see me on lifestyles of the Rich and Famous but, quite frankly, you won’t see me at Wal-Mart either. I’m just your typical Hollywood hip-chick looking for love, money and opportunity in a city where it is all around and ever elusive. But isn’t that what we’re all here for? This is my column and I give it to you. Besides, what’s the fun in having something amazing if you can’t share it? Let’s be real for a moment and by real I mean, we’re gonna talk about real life, real love and real people in a town where you’re blessed when you find anything real. But when you do find it, you’d better appreciate it and hold on to it with both hands.

By Frankie J.

In this new Hollywood Weekly Column, I am interested in only the coolest products, services and experiences by the realest of people. I’m not promising to solve world hunger, and I’m definitely not a shrink, but hey, I’m gonna be frank. Actually I’m gonna be Frankie J. with you and give you the only thing I have that no one can deprive me of…my opinion. Enjoy!

Taking the work out of nutrition
So they say losing weight and keeping it off is 75% nutrition and through many experiments that I would rather not mention, I tend to agree. Eating foods in the most natural form that you can find should be a law. I was fortunate enough to grow up eating organic and all natural before it was the “in” thing to do. We lived in a one-room apartment, wore Kmart clothes and rolled in a beat up royal blue Chevy Nova (they stopped making them for a reason) but my Mom made sure she bought the healthiest foods, often from the local co-op. As kids, my brother and I longed for a snack drawer with the likes of Oatmeal Crème Pies, Cool Ranch Doritos and EL Fudge Cookies. Instead, we enjoyed natural fig bars, homemade frozen creamsicles, made from natural yogurt and o.j. and faux fudge consisting of natural pb, powdered milk and honey. We dreaded the moment our friends would say, “I’m hungry.” But embarrassed no more and frankly, I’m extremely blessed that I have adopted my Mother’s nutrition know-how. I guess you can say I was born knowing about nutrition so I am gonna hook you up with how to make it convenient in this amazing City of Choices. I have spent hours and hours logging daily calories into the Notes section on my iphone. Digging cans and boxes out of the garbage after I forgot to log the calories, but not before I threw away the chicken fat, coffee grinds and moldy pasta sauce. Fun times! Maybe I could keep up with that if I was in my early 20’s again when all that really mattered was being skinny and figuring out next Friday’s outfit. Life has happened and I need convenience but assurance that what I am eating is what they say it is and provides me with energy to run a company, 5 miles, and a fast moving social calendar. I’m not Oprah or the Queen and like the majority of us common folk, do not have a personal chef on my payroll. I’m not hating, I’m just saying.

Meal Delivery Services
Talk about freakin convenience! Holy Moly are these things a blessing for the busy woman (or man) that is asking for their food to simply show up. If you totally want to check out of putting any thought into what you eat while still following a strict diet and appropriate calorie level then this is for you. The only problem is that there are a ton of meal delivery services to choose from, especially in LA. So I researched them all and tested the 3 services that I thought encompassed convenience, deliciousness, health, and in true Frankie J style Realness.

Susan’s Gourmet - Irvine, CA (Susanshealthygourmet.com)
Sometimes it’s the little things that make me fall in love with a company or service, which is the case with Susan’s. I feel like there are a bunch of grandmas, moms and aunts nestled in a kitchen preparing these meals with the freshest of ingredients and the best of intentions. I visualize my Gramma’s kitchen on a Sunday evening as all of the women prepare a fresh meal, often with ingredients from my Uncle Herky’s garden. Susan’s does cutie little things like attaching a sheet with the Monthly Specials that include Nutritional tid-bits. The food was great and I even chose the lowest calorie option. The freshness was obvious by the taste but they pride themselves on only needing orders 48 hours before delivery time, which is awesome for those of us who have a hard time committing way in advance. If only all of life was so flexible. Meals can be very strict and customized based on calories. When ordering you have the options of quick and easy ordering where you pick the calories and they pick the meals, or pick n’ choose ordering where you pick your own meals. The meals promote good health, not just weight loss. A complete day’s meals meet or exceed the daily nutritional guidelines recommended by the American heart Assn., the American Cancer Society, and the American Dietetic Assn.


California Chef Services - Chatsworth, CA (www.californiachef.com)
Sonoma Chicken Salad, Herb Crusted Salmon and Florentine Egg Sandwich – Oh My! Everything is very personalized to you and your needs. You discuss your dietary requirements, food preferences and meal delivery schedule with your personal chef and they design meals especially for you. The personal chef thing had me at hello! The detailed questionnaire leaves no room for errors and you should rest assured that if you gag at the sight of mushrooms then those bad boys will be nowhere to be found! Owner and executive personal chef Denise Macuk has a passion for great food, and is committed to serving everyone, no matter what their diet, sensational meals. Chef Denise has traveled to more than 20 countries to study their gastronomy, and was trained at Westlake Culinary Institute in Asian, Italian, French, Mexican, and vegetarian cuisines.

and dessert tray but want guidance on where to go and what to order here are my suggestions. Just like they say Drink Responsibly, I say Eat Responsibly.

Quick Grabs
Earth Bar – Get the greens drink DAILY (it will change your life) or a power smoothie with hemp milk, almond butter, banana, blueberries and whey protein before or after an intense workout. This place is a must visit. It brought out a ton of sensations in me. Watching the worker grind up all the greens without an ounce of added artificial ingredients was so sexy and natural to me. Walking out of there knowing exactly what I was putting into my body and realizing that we always have a choice – ALWAYS made me feel so barbaric and powerful – I’m weird I know.

or needs. How awesome is that? This way you are sure to eat responsibly, considering you may not be drinking too responsibly as you and your crew work the town. Then you can hang out at the hotel bar and maybe run into a sexy rocker and you won’t have to worry about feeling bloated.

Something Sweet
Yogurt Stop -keep it simple. The yogurt is so tasty you do not even need the toppings. Get the PB and Cake Batter swirl and I guarantee it will satisfy your cravings. It has been referred to as sex in a bowl by many! You may want to take it ToGo;).

Casual – Nite Moon Café at Golden Bridge - A Spiritual Village
While you are there, take the spiritual yoga. Just make sure you do not accidentally take a front row seat in the maternity yoga class that occurs at the same time, unless of course you are indeed pregnant. The Nite Moon Café introduces yogic food to Hollywood, inspired by the ancient wisdom for your creative vibrant soul! The salad bar is my go-to choice. There are many selections of organic, whole, alive and delicious veggies and homemade salad dressings.

Bistro MD (www.bistromd.com)
The cool thing about Bistro MD is that it can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.; I mean really anywhere –even Homestead, Pennsylvania (I tested it). If only they were around during the days when I travelled for work constantly they would have prevented me from leaving each city with a few ugly friends – LBS! Bistro MD follows a scientifically formulated approach to help you rebalance and retrain your metabolism over a period of weeks, designed by busy wife and mother of four, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. It is more than just calories to Dr. Cederquist, she will not create a cuisine that was low-calorie at the expense of flavor. Thank you Sweet Caroline! The meals are frozen, so a microwave or oven is a must, but still tasty and satisfying. With over 80 different Bistro MD meals you will never be bored. BistroMD is offering FREE Shipping for all new orders. Enter coupon code LAFOOD at checkout. Coupon good for one use per new customer.

Celeb Citing
Urth Café on Melrose– ½ Urth Salad with chicken and fruit smoothie. Beautiful greens piled high with tomatoes, chickpeas, hearts of palm, pine nuts, chemical free chicken and the faintest toss of a refreshing dressing is the perfect balanced meaI. BTW, I saw Robert Redford, Jodi Foster and some other people that I should know their names but I’m kind of bad with that.

Nothing like going out with a bang. That’s all I got! Until next time. xoxo Frankie J
PS: “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art” – La rochefoucauld Preview for next month: Workouts, for real! Ask Frankie J anything! E-mail advice@xoxofrankiej.com If you have a product, service or experience that you think Frankie J would love, e-mail the information tocheckitout@xoxofrankiej.com

Girl’s Grazing
Sunset Marquis Restaurant is the perfect place to pre-game with the girlies! Check this out – Chef Burlion will prepare a seven to fifteen course tasting menu tailored to your specific dietary preferences

If you still like to go out to eat and can control yourself on the breadbasket



Third Conversation on Global Citizenship:
High-Context Communication (actions)
Written by dr. laura Wilhelm

action is eloquence.
Photo Credit: seyda kapsiz

lauraWil Intercultural

(William shakespeare)

Thus far I have focused primarily upon the role of language in global citizenship. My academic training allows me to communicate in many foreign languages as well as my own. However, life experience suggests that actions may truly speak louder than words when working across cultures.
Impersonal Western conceptions of professionalism may displease non-Westerners,

who often favor relational highcontext communication in work environments. Knowing this, I make it a point to invest time and care in cross-cultural relationship building. Over the years I have offered extra attention in many forms to extremely appreciative intercultural associates of all kinds. Facebook and other social media sites were invented to build personalized global networks that result in mutual gains based upon mutual regard. Highly competitive Western cultures typically honor the clock. However, I have learned

Photo courtesy of The salon by maxime salvador for yotam solomon.


to anticipate and to some extent accommodate tardiness and delays as a fact of intercultural life. In the West time may be money, but good will is solid gold worldwide. America is one of the most individualistic of all Western countries. From birth us Americans feel entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Here we have no problem whatsoever looking out for number one. Entrepreneurship is second nature to us. Most of us want to be our own boss and make a unique mark upon the world. In many highly collectivist nonWestern cultures, American-style assertiveness is considered immodest and therefore discouraged. With great difficulty have I tried to advise international students and clients how to “sell” themselves during interviews and presentations. These same individuals may hesitate to accept deserved awards and promotions at work. Again, awareness is a key to improvement. I can honestly say that some of the very best people in my business network are bi-cultural. The resourcefulness required to cope daily with life in a different language and culture seems to drive them forward. Their dual orientation can open doors to brilliant opportunities. Their own struggles most often foster a deep compassion for

Photo Credit: seyda kapsiz
human limitations that compels them to give back to the community. Most of all, their passionate belief in the abiding promise of the American Dream restores hope for the future. My working relations with intercultural associates have enriched my life beyond measure. All have taught me so much both in and out of the classroom. In parting, the issues I have raised in these three short editorials are only the tip of the cross-cultural iceberg. The 2000 U.S. census estimated that 53% of California alone is immigrant. The 2010 census may reveal that this number is on the rise. The global economy binds its citizens together more tightly every day. Whatever our motives, intercultural understanding can only better our actions.



If you don’t know someone in Hollywood with a screenplay, then you don’t know someone in Hollywood. Ask any waitress or valet, and most likely they’re working on the next great movie blockbuster. But, before they can thank the Academy, they have to pitch their idea to a producer, and that is where the Hollywood Weekly can assist. In this new section, we ask aspiring screenwriters to submit their pitches to be viewed by those in the industry who actually have the power to make decisions. Now sit back, relax and let the pitch begin.

God’s kids
The title for my feature film is “God’s Kids”. It is a comedy in which three deadbeats think they can solve their financial and employment woes by entering the catholic priesthood, but end up unknowingly become a part of an evil priest’s plan to destroy a declining parish for personal gain. By trial and much error our three heroes attempt to save the parish and their souls. The three main characters (Protagonists) are completely different from each other; one is a drugged-out hippie, the other is a pessimistic jerk, and the last one is quite the ladiesman. After being fired from picking up road-kill, the protagonists have hit rock-bottom. They meet a catholic priest who works in a wealthy part of town and after seeing how good he has it, they think they can do the same. The protagonists enroll in the seminary. Meanwhile, a priest high up in the diocese (Antagonist) is trying to pull off a huge real estate deal with the city to sell property where a church and school are built on, but it’s in major decline. The antagonist and his “assistant” who’s an alter boy pull the protagonists out of the seminary early, fool them into thinking they’re going into an internship program, and place them in the declining parish, where they hope that they will be the last piece of the puzzle that will drive it into bankruptcy. The antagonist and his “assistant” who’s an 18 yr. old alter boy have a low-key romantic relationship that’s quite humorous. When the protagonists arrive; they meet their pushover principal, a senile deacon, and an attractive, but innocent nun. The deacon is old and out of his mind, but he performs many of the church duties so the protagonists are also assigned duties to help out with the school. The protagonists don’t really care about their jobs; the ladiesman becomes the marriage counselor where he sleeps with unhappy housewives, the hippie does drugs and is a bus driver, the jerk is a drill sergeant gym teacher that gambles with other teachers on the students when the play games. The hippie lets his homeless drugdealer move in with them, where they screw around, trip on acid, and get into adventures around the parish. Through out the film the ladiesman and the nun develop a strong relationship. The nun reveals to the ladiesman that the parish is in deep trouble, so he convinces the others to help turn things around. They make progress, but the antagonist reveals that they’re frauds and they are excommunicated. The protagonists are out on the streets; the ladiesman becomes a stripper, the jerk is a cab driver, and the hippie picks up elephant dung at the zoo. The nun and deacon investigate what happened to the protagonists and uncover the antagonist plan. The nun tells the ladiesman and he convinces the others to save the parish. With help of the nun, the protagonists ruin the antagonist’s plan and are let back into the priesthood by the bishop. The ending fast-forwards years later; where the ladiesman and nun get married and become biblehugging Catholics with lots of kids, the jerk is an old school/pre-Vatican II type priest that’s really strict, and the hippie becomes the pope. I already have written and re-written this script. It was my final project for my advanced screenwriting class in which I received an A for my work from my professor, an ex-Hollywood screenwriter. Screenwriting was also my major. I feel my idea is unique and could create a big buzz with the controversial catholic religion being mocked through out. Contact Info Mike Carfagna Mike62Carf62@gmail.com 614-361-6506 (cell)


andrew dafoe
It was a sweltering summer day when I motored into Los Angeles. A recent film school graduate, I was wet behind the ears. Literally, dripping with sweat. My car was stuffed and roasting. It felt like I was driving a turkey as I inched south on the 405. The stale breeze from my air conditioner offered no solace. Why does the cold air always smell like a robot farted? I watched the heat rise from the blazing sea of taillights and sighed. I’d heard of “needing breaks” to make it in L.A., I just had no idea they were talking about the traffic. The Clash was playing on the radio. “Rock the Casbah!” I drummed along on my steering wheel. Mercifully, the lanes started moving again. Someone had broken down and rubbernecking had caused the gridlock. As I approached the crippled vehicle, I tried not to pry like the other nosey onlookers, but as I passed I too did a double take. The unfortunate motorist was a clown whose fire engine red clown car had a flat. Despite his painted smile, he was yelling obscenities into his cell phone and kicking the deflated tire with his bulbous shoe. I drove away thinking, there were probably 20 other clowns in that car. How come none of them were helping? L.A. is an eccentric place -- a mix of fact and fiction, achievements and failures and corn or flour tortillas. Apartments aren’t furnished with refrigerators and the entrainment industry is a tricky ramen noodle to cook. Earning my stripes, I worked my way up from being a production assistant, cleaning a Producer’s dog’s urine-soaked kennel, to being the writer’s assistant and the Associate Producer on “Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union”, a sketch comedy show that aired on Showtime. I was in the thick of it, surrounded with some of the best the industry can offer, learning, sharing ideas and excelling. I even got a shot at acting. Once, when we were shooting the first season, we needed a cadaver whose feet stuck out of a morgue drawer. I happily volunteered. I can handle that, I’ll just act natural. I yanked off my tube socks, hiked up my pant legs and hopped on the sliding metal gurney. For what seemed like an eternity, carpenters hammered, gaffers fought shadows and an army of make-up personnel fussed over how dead my feet should look. Entombed, I focused on being motionless. I started wondering if there was an award for best male carcass in a comedy series. A Stiffy? If so, I was sure to get a nod. Snapping back, I realized it was quiet. Everyone had broken for lunch and forgotten me inside. Who needs lunch? I’m a method actor and dead people never eat! Alas, like all good things, after three incredible years, the show ended and my writing feet were left only partially in the drawer, I mean, door. Unemployment glaringly highlights all that you are and annoyingly reminds you of all you have yet to become. I recognize it’s a rotten time for many and it’s tempting to turn into the Boo Radley of the neighborhood, leaving gum in the tree for curious kids, but I’m driven. I’ve kept busy, working on my own projects and I’ve bested my longest stretch without a shower by two days! People say, “If this writing thing doesn’t work out, you could do something else, like sell insurance!” No thanks. I’m committed. Besides no one wants to call their insurance guy and say, “I just got rear ended.” And he says, “Did they buy you a drink first?” Hollywood Weekly has been kind enough to provide a space for the undiscovered and overlooked, so I’m happy to shamelessly selfpromote. I’m original, relevant and dedicated to my craft. I understand that in today’s uploaded and informed society, where attention spans are short, entertainment ubiquitous and opinions increasingly snarky (even my 90-year-old Nana recently said that “Glee” had, “jumped the shark.”), great stories are needed now more than ever. I am passionate about telling those stories, making a difference and making people laugh. I believe in the equation, Funny = Money. Not funny = No Money. Simply put, I know I have what it takes, I just need a chance to make a scene. I’m no longer a sweaty new arrival stuck in traffic, I’m on my way to the party. Wonder if there will be clowns? Andrew Dafoe can be contacted at a.d.dafoe@gmail.com

Reduced Treatment for ENdgame
On a distant planet, across an open desert wasteland, a futuristic battle is raging - human soldiers fighting against a vast alien force. In the midst of the carnage, a small unit of humans is surrounded by a group of massive alien warriors. The snarling creatures raise their weapons and close in for the kill, when a translucent figure suddenly flashes overhead, materializing into a pistol-wielding blur of a human. Midair, he fires several shots into each of the troll-like alien heads, and lands in a silent crouch. This is NOMAR… It’s 15 years in the future, and one video game has risen above the rest. Boasting an active roster list of over 30 million players, it has monopolized and revolutionized massive multiplayer gaming. But it’s not played on a computer – using the next generation of gaming technology, it’s played entirely within your mind. This game awesome. is called Asgard. And it’s

The gameplay revolves around an intergalactic war between the allied human nations, and brutal alien warriors known as the DeKarr. Players are free to choose a race, a playstyle, and an avatar to embody as they join the battle on the front lines. But when a rogue group with a dark agenda decides to sabotage the game, the consciousness of over 20 million minds suddenly hangs in the balance. Unable to eject from the game world, and totally cut off from outside sources, the players of Asgard go from cocky, showboating game junkies - to a panicked mass on the verge of hysteria. Now, the fate of the world seems to have fallen into the hands of one player - NoMar. In the real world he is simply Matthew Deacon - college student, loner, a quiet kid with no significant relationships. But in Asgard he’s a hero, a team leader, one of the best to ever play the game. And as the real world descends into chaos, only he has the courage and skill to rally his team and fight to keep the whole system from crashing down. As friendships are stressed, high scores are broken, and millions around the world are holding their breath, the citizens of Asgard will discover that all they have is each other. The only question is, will that be enough? Philadelphia had Rocky, New York had Spiderman, Asgard has NoMar. But he needs your help! For more information on this material, call (818) 669-6743 – Street1144@gmail.com


addiction and demons
They told me to strip, “Take everything off, right down to your birthday suit,” she said. I followed the instructions I was given as I put on the one-piece jail suit. Check your soul in here, before we bring you downstairs, she should have told me. I am now in lockdown and the withdrawal is intense. I look out my big glass door, no bars like you see in the movies, and inmates are walking circles around the tables. No life…no expression, you can almost see their hard lives etched in the lines on their faces. I heard music in the background…Any minute they will be coming to take me to the concert, hmm…hallucinations. I had to use the toilet and as I take down my jumpsuit, I see the guard staring at my naked body. As I finish, he smiles, winks and walks away. I have lost everything; they may as well take my dignity. The night was long and painful…I prayed to God to take me. Morning rolls around….the loud KACHING wakes me up as the guard unlocks our doors with the push of a button. I’m not hungry, so I found a shower stall to the corner which seemed to be more private. I turned the water on; it’s luke warm at best. Suddenly, I feel someone washing my back, she says, “Let me help you” She pulls me closer to wash my breasts. My gut feeling is…I don’t have a choice. Lord…please help me, I don’t belong here. After showering with the help of my new BFF, my husband came to pick me up. Now comes the hard part, trying to redeem myself. My husband does not have a forgiving heart and made my life hell. He put me down, worse yet put me down in front of our kids. Suddenly I had no rights. If I were folding clothes…he would turn the TV off and say I didn’t deserve to watch it. That devastated me and couldn’t comprehend what is in the mind of someone who says that. He said I took money from the family… thought I was part of the family. What I did was clearly stupid. I gave some vicodin to a friend who had migraines. This left me short so I went to a walk in clinic and gave a factitious name. Signing legal documents with a different name is a felony. This brought the police to my house; I was arrested and handcuffed in the presence of my kids. I never felt like such a looser in all my life. I had been a good wife and excellent mom until then. Does all the good I have ever done get erased now? I feel like it does. Looking back, I see exactly what went wrong. Many surgeries, many deaths and lots of vicodin. You enter this grey area and self medicate to numb the pain and the depression. I started loosing faith in God. That was a huge mistake and made me an easy target for evil spirits. I had seen spirits my whole life and soon was able to communicate with them through automatic writing. One morning while having coffee, my thumb started to move on my coffee cup and formed letters that spelled, “Why won’t you talk to me?” We soon starting having paranormal activity that scared the hell out of us. This entity would paralyze me during the night in order to sting or electrocute my right ear over and over again. At the same time, it felt like it was kissing me between my shoulder blades and the feeling was so incredibly horrible.. I have to say, it felt like I was being rapped as much as an entity could rape a human. During the night, our bed would vibrate. During the day, our couch seemed to be breathing… it would also vibrate. Friends didn’t want to come over anymore… it freaked them out to much! One night it shoved me against the wall, it felt as if the floor was at a forty-five degree angle…I’m being assaulted by evil…this is freaking insane! What it did was trick me; I thought I was communicating with my brother, at least that is what it told me. It alerted us to upcoming danger, even helped diagnosed an illness and saved me from a blood transfusion. After speaking with a priest who said, “Feel free to call me anytime of the day or night.” refused to talk to me after disturbing apparitions… haunting upon my visit. I feel fortunate enough that ISIS Paranormal Investigators documented some events. You can view our case on their website. Scroll down…we are the twenty-second case…Westport, New York. I finally learned how to protect my family from evil. I find it so interesting that the entity told me not to write about it. I then started pouring my heart out in my blog, http://shadowofaddiction.blogspot.com/. The love and support from my followers and my family helped me see that life is worth living. Now who’s on top? Sandra Henrichs AKA Kaley Rain shadowofaddiction.blogspot.com


Je nny Wer th
Croesus Realty

8960 Cynthia St. #116 West Hollywood, CA 90069

310.278.9422 619.871.9422

“One Call Does It All”

Warm Icy Tears
The ants have built a stadium on a gold medal and they are skating on frozen tears of a little boy. They do figure skating and hockey. The boy is one of the best skaters in the city and needs the gold medal to receive a new pair of skating shoes which are given to the athletes every year. It is a traditional ceremony that the athletes attend with gold medal on the breast to receive new skates as their prize. The gold medal is necessary to prove championship to get the skates. His old skates are too small for him to wear. But his gold medal is now the place for ants’ stadium where they are skating on his frozen tears. His tears have dropped on it because he has cried while tending to the wounds of a white pigeon. He leaves his medal so as not to destroy the ant’s stadium. So he can’t skate for a whole winter. In the spring he dreams that his tears are evaporating and changing into tiny clouds. The clouds cover everything in the house, and change them into gold. He gets up and sees nothing in the house has changed into gold and there is no sign of melted icy tear on the medal. The ants have dissolved a black grain in his tears to make some ink. The Queen, who is on a wax paper, calls him. The Queen starts skating in harmony with the dancer and singer ants and at the same time with the ink made of tears, she is drawing a map which is forming by the lines of her tiny skates. It is a map of a great treasure. They give the treasure to the boy as thanksgiving. So the boy becomes the richest person in the city and the next winter he skates on his personal lake with golden skates. Reza Zardoshti

Paul d. Geyer
1) Novel Mores, Drama
Far from the typical or classic boy-meets-girl or love story, this story isn’t very romantic, at least in the traditional sense. It’s a story about sex with and without relationships and the dangers of certain lifestyles. Casual sex is used purposefully for good against the ultimate hypocrite. The story has some humor but is not superficial fluff or escapist fantasy. It will probably make some people uncomfortable (who probably won’t admit it). It doesn’t neatly fit into any genre and the characters aren’t typical or stereotypical (e.g. cardboard cutouts). Can be shot as R or NC-17 (TVMA). From my novel (xlibris.com).

2) Life Value, Drama

(most suitable for cable movie and series) People with acute health problems are recruited for the opportunity to take advantage of their situations and make a difference, contributing to the greater good. Interesting yet plausible characters (that audiences can relate to and/or care about) take on new roles and important new challenges. Unconventional actions and behavior may make this story uneasily heartwarming, possibly controversial and upsetting. Action is purposeful and necessary. May be inspiring as well as controversial or discomforting. Tailor-made for anthology-type series with new people recruited into new situations each week.

3) The Rescue, Drama
Because of an injury, two atypical criminals need to be rescued from a rugged rural locale. To be safe, they call two acquaintances (a techno-nerdy guy and a younger waitress who are strangers to each other) to help them out. They meet each other before heading to the rescue site. A deputy and her ex-navy seal husband, whose cabin they broke into, also return. Twists, turns, and double-crosses in this low-budget story that avoids clichés.

4) Chance Crossing, Drama
Why would a connected entertainment mogul be after a down-onhis-luck guy who finds himself homeless? Did his comments on suicide lead to the death of a teenager? Sometimes things are not as they appear. Two event chains cross in a story of deceptions, perseverance and compassionate people needing to be needed. Inspired by real experience. Subtle nuanced roles for good actors.


Paul D. Geyer 805-201-2410 Cell 805-890-9029 pauldgeyer@yahoo.com




don’t get so tired shopping at all of those “back to school” sales that you won’t have the energy to go out at night to partake of the exciting new first shows in the new seasons at our local theatrical venues, such as:

Garrett, it runs through October 24 at The Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7774 or visit www.plays411.com/neighbors. “Camelot” is the story of a mythical kingdom in the middle ages ruled by a king and his knights, the best of whom has a covert affair with the queen thereby sacrificing his position and jeopardizing his life. Written by Alan Jay Lerner with music by Frederick Loewe and directed by Mark Knowles, it runs through October 16 at the Glendale Centre Theatre in Glendale. For tickets call 818-244-8481 or visit www.glendalecentretheatre.com.

“All My Sons” The year is 1946. The Kellers, by all appearances, seem to be the quintessential “all-American” family, except for one terrible secret: Joe Keller, family patriarch, has concealed a great crime. Tensions mount as he attempts to hide the truth, fearful of how the repercussions will affect the lives of his loved ones, still grieving over the loss of son Larry, whose plane went down in the war. Written by Arthur Miller and directed by Edward Edwards, it runs through October 2 at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310-397-3244 or visit www.ruskingrouptheatre.com.

“Neighbors” Have you seen the new neighbors? Richard Patterson is an upwardly mobile African-American academic. The family of black actors who has moved in next door is rowdy, tacky, shameless, and uncouth. They are not just invading his neighborhood- - they’re infiltrating his family, his sanity, and his entire post-racial lifestyle. Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and directed by Nataki

“Tape” in a motel room in one unbroken period of real-time, the much-lauded stage drama, follows the interactions of three emotionally entangled characters, who must navigate through their volatile, differing perspectives of past events. Written by Stephen Belber and directed by Joelle Arqueros, it runs September 2 through September 30 at Bill Becker’s NoHo Stages in North Hollywood. For tickets call 323-769-5566 or visit www.madworldproduction.net. “Bail Me Out” Joe, a blue collar mechanic in New Jersey, minds his own business until his best friend Ray, a podiatrist, finally comes out to him, because Ray believes that Joe is the only man who can convince Ray’s lover, Shawn, a married black preacher, to leave his wife and kids to be with Ray, which is exactly what Joe tells him in


a prison cell after a bar brawl with Shawn. With Joe’s wife, the ‘un-loved’ Sherry, to Melissa, Joe’s ex-fiancé who still has Joe’s heart and his friends in between Troy, a bigoted ex-con and Jimmy, a foot-fearing dolt, Joe is never far away from people that either get him off or piss him off. Written by Renato Biribin, Jr. and directed by Joshua Fardon, it runs September 3 through October 10 at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323960-7745 or visit www.plays411.com/bailmeout. “Waiting For Godot” is a brilliant, bitter, comic portrait of the dogged resilience of man’s spirit in the face of little hope where two dilapidated bums wait for Godot, a mysterious figure who will either explain their interminable insignificance or put an end to it, as they confront that essential human dilemma: “I can’t go on! I must go on!” Written by Samuel Beckett and directed by Timothy McNeil, it runs September 3 through October 3 at The Studio C Theatre at Stella Adler in Hollywood. For tickets call 323960-7770 or visit www.plays411.com/waitingforgodot.

Playhouse in Westchester. For tickets call 310-645-5156 or visit www.westchesterplayhouse.com. “Martyrdumb” Two buildings are sequentially captured and their occupants held hostage by bomb-wielding terrorists. The first edifice is a business center. The second building is the headquarters of a government strike force, the Federal Anti-terrorist Regime Troop (F.A.R.T.). The first assailant declares himself to be the member of an obscure religious cult that worships a deity called Viknard. The background of the second attacker is more shadowy; however, one individual is strongly connected to both incidents. Written by Jason Britt and Kerr Seth Lordygan and directed by Maria Markosov, it runs September 10 through October 17 at The Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village. For tickets call 818-508-3003 or visit www. eclecticcompanytheatre.org.

“Waiting For Lefty” takes place at a union meeting of New York taxi drivers, where the cabbies contemplate a strike. It’s really a corrupt company union, and the cabbies will never get anywhere unless they form their own honest union. They await the arrival of Lefty, their elected chairman. Meanwhile, we look at intimate details of the lives of the people affected by the shattered economy: A cab driver whose wife threatens to leave him unless he stands up for himself; A lab assistant is asked by his boss to spy on an important chemist; A cabbie and his girl friend want to marry, but he doesn’t make enough money to support a family; A company spy is uncovered at the union meeting; A doctor is fired due to the anti-Semitic policies of his hospital, which also plans to close its charity ward. Written by Clifford Odets and directed by Charlie Mount, it runs September 3 through October 10 at Theatre West in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-851-7977 or visit www.theatrewest.org. “Dracula” is a chilling tale about a bizarre illness fallen upon the daughter of a doctor who owns a sanatorium in the early 1900s, and upon the advice of her fiancé, calls in the help of a professor who is an expert in the macabre - but their search for answers only leads them deep into the terrors of the unthinkable. Dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John L. Baldeston, based on the novel by Bram Stoker, and directed by Shawn K. Summerer, it runs September 10 through October 16 at the Westchester

“Misalliance” An underwear magnate and armchair philosopher’s spoiled daughter is bored with life and her fiancé until a plane drops from the sky into their greenhouse, bringing with it a dashing pilot and a lady acrobat. Soon afterwards, a man with a gun and a grudge turns up in their Turkish bath turning the rules of courtship upsidedown as everyone attempts to woo the new guests. Written by George Bernard Shaw and directed by Martin Benson, it runs September 10 through October 10 at the Folino Theatre Center in South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714-708-5555 or visit www.scr.org.

“Elizabeth Shakespeare And The Astute Detective” a detective believes that The Earl of Oxford was the true author of Shakespeare’s works, and so, via his computer, he conjures up The Bard and The Earl from their four centuries’ demise. His sleuthing brings him into conflict with Elizabeth Shakespeare, who is positive that William Shakespeare was the true author of the plays and sonnets. As the detective tries to coax her to his point of view, she


fights her attraction to him as it gets down to a duel of wits about wills and Wills, (with a little romance along the way,) which brings them to a surprising conclusion. Written by Alan Abraham Ross and directed by Chris DeCarlo and Alan Abraham Ross, it runs September 11 through October 3 at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310-394-9779 or visit www.santamonicaplayhouse.com.

Garces and directed by Alyson Roux, it runs September 17 through October 17 at the Art/Works Theater in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-795-2215 or visit www. needtheater.org. “The Phantom of the Opera” traces the tragic love story of a beautiful opera singer and a young composer shamed by his physical appearance into a shadowy existence beneath the majestic Paris Opera House. Written by Gaston Leroux, adapted by Andrew Lloyd Webber and directed by Harold Prince, it runs September 23 through October 31 at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 800-982-2787 or visit www.broadwayla.org. “State of the Union” a good-looking, charming, hugely successful and influential businessman and captain of industry, would make a great candidate for national office, or so the Republican Party of 1946 thinks as it gears up in advance for the 1948 election. The movers and shakers of the G.O.P. want to groom him to become the next President of the United States, but there is a problem: He’s a man of principles and integrity, except that the married prospective candidate is being hotly pursued by an attractive newspaper publisher, while his wife has taken note of a gallant military officer. Written by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, and directed by Anita Khanzadian, it runs September 24 through October 31 at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood. For tickets call 877-369-9112 or visit www. interactla.org. “STILTZ! The Musical” is a tale about a young woman who is willing to risk her life and losing the man of her dreams in order to save the life of her bumbling father, as she is imprisoned in an office and expected to raise the funds to bail her father out of a bad business deal. Written by Paula Miller with music and lyrics by Deborah Johnson and directed by Wayland Pickard and Doug Engalla, it runs September 24 through October 17 at the Actors Forum Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 323-822-7898 or visit www.theatremania. com. “The Reckoning” a Louisiana crawfish farm owned by an affluent African-American family, was once a sugar plantation worked by slaves, and is filled with secrets and treacheries. As the family’s fiery but aging patriarch prepares to hand over control of his estate to his devoted yet defiant daughter, secrets long buried gradually come to light, and the resurgence of an age-old betrayal will bring the family face-to-face with the family whose long-held claims to the farm and bitter desperation have made them a dangerous force with which to be reckoned. Written by Kimba Henderson and directed by Ben Guillory, it runs September 25 through October 24 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-489-0994 or visit www.thelatc.org.

“Titus Redux” an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus where a soldier, resolving to retire from a lifetime of killing on behalf of his country, returns to his family after five tours of duty in Afghanistan to bury his eldest son, but he quickly discovers that the horrors of war follow him home. Written and directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca, it runs through September 12 at The Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. For tickets call 877-369-9112 or visit http://www. CircusTheatricals.com, “Ruined” is a powerful portrayal of the triumph of human spirit in a war-torn country. Guided by music and the rhythm of life in the Congo, it transports us to Mama Nadi’s bar, a small town refuge where intimacy comes at a price. But by creating this uneasy oasis for women who have no place else to go, is Mama a protector or profiteer? Written by Lynn Nottage and directed by Kate Whoriskey, it runs September 15 through October 17 at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-208-5454 or visit www.geffenplayhouse.com. “Don Giovanni Tonight, Don Carlo Tomorrow” backstage at a regional opera house in the Midwest, the chorus of Don Carlo await their moment in the spotlight as we watch them preen and pontificate, bicker and brag, dawdle and diss, and face the unpredictable reality of life in a post 9-11 America. Written by Dennis Miles and directed by Kiff Scholl, it runs September 17 through October 17 at the Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-281-8337 or visit www. sacredfools.org. “The Web” a young man suddenly finds himself in a world of trouble when his identity is stolen and he discovers that there is another man whose life events and physical appearance very closely parallel his own, with only slight variations. Suddenly, he finds himself pursued by covert operatives, including sadistic bruisers with guns, plus a femme fatale, as he learns that the other man is connected with a Paraguayan drug ring smuggling massive quantities of cocaine. Written by Michael John

so play hooky tonight, grab the kids, text your mate, and meet up to see a show tonight - you won’t regret it!




Shaun Twiddy
Aloha, meet 10-yearold Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director. By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work. Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

New TaleNT

Hair color: Eye color: Height: Weight:

black brown 4’ 6” 62 lbs

Cell: (808) 368-7993 jntwiddy@hawaii.rr.com

email: LRUEM@Yahoo.com (310) 836-2446 Beverly Hills (773) 973-1251 Chicago

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